Lil Wayne dead at 29

Lil Wayne, 29, died at his home in New Orleans Wednesday after overdosing on PCP.

Lil Wayne dead at 29
Lil Wayne, 29, died tragically at his Louisiana home on Wednesday, December 28.

New Orleans– Fans mourn the loss of Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., the artist better known as ‘Lil Wayne,’ who died early Wednesday morning at his home in New Orleans.

Lil Wayne has died from fatal injuries caused to himself after a massive overdose of the popular rage drug PCP.

Lil Wayne was pronounced dead at 6:59 a.m. EST. Cause of death was listed as “fatal injuries caused to himself after a massive overdose of phencyclidine.” Sources close to the musician suggested Lil Wayne may have taken too much PCP, a popular party drug, and done severe damage to his face with his hands and sharp knives. He was 29.

Lil Wayne is survived by ex-wife Toya Carter and four children.

Lil Wayne’s charity,, suffered financial losses after rumors that Wayne borrowed money from the philanthropist organization without returning it, marring the charity group with exactly the negative image of black society from which volunteers work extensively to protect children.

Key assets of Lil Wayne’s estate are expected to be turned over to, an organization that helps prepare young black inner city youth for the trials of tomorrow.

In his lifetime, numerous lawsuits were filed against Lil Wayne. While these were mostly for copyright infringements and intellectual property theft, he also owed millions of dollars in royalties to scores of people, many of whom were never repaid.

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Okay, I know y’all lying cuzz THIS SHIT WOULD OF BEEN ON THE WORLD NEWS! ASSHOLES! If the YMCMB group here about this, y’all mouthafuckers GETTING SUED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over and over again.
If he was dead, the World News would publice it.
He is a rap legend and up to now on the top and he ain´t jumped off yet.

Hes a rap legend. does that mean he can finish a 2nd grade coloring book yet? rap is the dumbest form of music. its not even music. its black people with their pants falling off their ass talking fast about women and drugs. they are disrespectful and borderline ignorant. but guess what? you dumbasses will call me a hater because you’re just as fucking stupid and have no legitamate argument in your defense.

Actually he passed thru school with flying colors, and he got his GED after leaving school to start his music career. U may say this and that about him, how he is “stupid” and whatever, but he is on the forbes list making more money in a year than u will in your life. Beat that bruh bruh

Real hip hop is about true poetry experience life lessons all this new shit they coming out with is bull shit but the few real artist are intelligent black people that speak their struggle thru music. Rock and roll is nothing but pill popping slit your wrist kill yourself and anybody else in the house music

FML aye, If this is true or not, it doesn’t matter I’m just braking down crying.. To think that the guy thats changed my life from his songs have died and to die at the age 29 that too young. iloveyou Lil wayne ! REST IN PEACE <3

whoever hates him is a gay fag lil wayne is the BEST! but if what this says is true maybe his soul rest in peace!!!! if not keep it up bruva

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Really!? Lil wayne aint deas like cuz if he was they wouldnt b talkin about him comin out with a new album in like may so every one tht is talkin sh** on him just STFU! K?k Now I’m out Dueces!!<3

I hope with all my heart that he’s still alive. It bothers me so much to even consider him being gone. And to all his haters, SHUT THE HELL UP AND FIND SOMEONE OR SOMETHING ELSE TO HATE ON!!!!! He is too GREAT to have to deal with stupid, bored people who have nothing better to do than talk shit. I love you Weezy:-)

Well, Im not a wanna be musician who has no talent and only appeals to dumb black people and wanna be white people. “ohhhh thug life” grow up. listen to real music why dont you?

That gos to show it dont matter if u alive or dead people still going to talk bad about u people u never knew .Andthat very disrespectful the shoe will be on the other foot soon.See you then .

I really wish this was true. if you ask me, this guy is talentless. 76% of all his music is edited with autotune and shit. and he takes all the fame. This guy is an asshole. plain and simple.

You know just curious y the human race can look at another life and laugh if they could b hurt sad or dead people just make me sick if you don’t like him shut up and if you do then do what ya do but if ne of this is true all the crap u people talk think how his loved ones feel and think how your loved ones would feel if you died and someone said the crap your saying about him its just sick

No, there is no Twitter in the afterlife (obviously). They’ve got somekind of stand-in doing Lil Wayne’s tweets until the family is ready to release the news. This is a leak site.

Considering the article was posted on 28th of December and the cause of death was incredibly strange on the 9th of January at the same time as he posted on twitter 3 days ago and just posted a message to a fan 6 hours ago from now on facebook.

Haters be hatin but stop messing around with silly fucking rumors.
Srsly, gtf out of my life

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Search on google eminem dead 2011 he’s not dead because he’s still making songs and they reckon he died in a car crash BULLSHIT

death isnt somthing any of you should be fucking joking and laughing about, who the fuck cares if u dont like his music its an opinion that honestly no one gives a fuck about because about 100000000 people do. buthes still a person. he still matters , all of you going to bash talk and say u wished he was dead. this could be people talking about u. fucking people

hey umm everyone I really don’t see why everyone is so pissed off let the haters hate its them who have nothing better to do. He’s not my fave but I’m not about to say I’m glad he’s dead or I wish he was dead thats just not right. Soo yeah K bye oh and btw i do like some of his songs :) so I hope he’s not dead.

i love Lil wayne and if he died im gonna be soo sad and people that dont like him dont write on here you must like him enough tpo go through the trouble… seriously he is soo talented :)

Wtf ! comes from the person that has no talent at all . lil wayne is considered the fuckinqq best rapper next to eminem♥
so fuck off mothaafuckaa !

Put they dick in they mouth so its FUCK WHAT THEY SAY ! – lil wayne♥

Man everbody laughin at this shit its really not that funny even if u didn’t like his music atleast have the desency to respect him othe mans a human being nun there’s just nun funny about tha man dying

hes not dead you dumbfucks. it would be all over MTV &the news &facebook &twitter by now. i havnt seen one thing relating to his death. everything that i see they say its a hoax. so idk do some research.

that’s fuck up to talk shit about him…love ya lil’ wayne …….fuck ur hater .they mad cause they ain’t making money like u

jakes a fucking hater cause he lives in a box and goes to the public library to get on the internet and lil Wayne lives in a manchine and gets his I phone 4 to use internet

This mofo ain’t dead. Because this shit would be over the news and all the radio stations. Get the fuck out of here. When I hear it from something else then ill take this statement back. But untill then stfu

lol cant believe yol ppl believe this shit of weezy or shall i say lil tunechi being dead its just sum crap article written by sumone who doesnt have a life or rather cash

lol cant believe dat yol ppl belive this crap of weezy being dead or shall i say lil tunechi ,this article was jst written by someone who dsnt have a lfe or shall i say moola?lmao nigga if u short on cash jst shout out dnt be making sum crazy shit

I actually thought this happened. :/ But now, i see that it was sosme low-life! Fuhhhhk, yall be trippin’ weezy will never die! :}

every body want a wayne dead,been there resurrected somany times,HELL don’t want me but stop playing hoe games 4 u die.

Fuck all of you that wish he was dead he was the best rapper alive and fuck all of you fag ass dudes ur all gay

dude, just chill the fu** out. you know what stop hatin my boyfriend loved lil wayne so just quit the hatin.

***haters are my motivaters*** but sadly not in this case. so just calm it down. ight? good.

YMCMB u stupid fuks. False claims of both Drake and Wayne were set out saying they were dead. Typical media bullshit, typical ignorant people. You make me sick to call myself human.

I really hope he isnt and to the person who said u lived beside him I
Hope thats true. I really luv lil’ wayne and when ppl started to tell
Me this I cried my eyes out. And haters plz stop hating! Didnt anyone
In ur family tell u if u dont nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all.
Bless your hearts.. Really! I love you lil’wayne!

Okay listen u haters he is not rlly dead so stop the BULLSH** and also u all saying stuff about niggers needs to stop cuz that is y the world is going to hell and im not black if u r wondering so suck it!

Fuck lil wayne he’s a fggot live or dead he’s a retterded nigger who raps in circles with no point to his music at all if he died we all be better off

if you dont like lil wayne dont say shit cuz you dont know him and well i gessus its a good thin to say that your the fucking faggot! god dumbass!

And if you died we would all be better off too. And how you gone call him a faggot. Darling?? He gets more pussy than you ever thought bout getting!!! Get over yourself!!!

Lil Wayne is dead. Looks like an end to this seemingly endless loop. Yeah he was memorable and his fans seem to be upset. Arguably one of the best MAINSTREAM Afro-American rappers of the 00’s. But so were the Jonas Brothers and Justin Beaver. People die some deserve it (cough), others don’t. At least I don’t have to worry about any new albums idk how long I can take it if he were alive. I’ve bought three albums to try and listen to. Might as well have bought a sandwich instead. I guess I have to live with feeding his addiction. Rap is gay stop conforming to a fad. Makes you look like a mindless ignorant follower. Buy a good Job For A Cowboy CD or White Chapel album. Then see how ‘hard’ Weezy really is. He’s a bitch. Ra

lil wayne is not dead. all you hatin ass bitches are just mad because waynes got more talent in his left thumb then you bitches do in your whole body!stop hatin it aint pretty..and it does no good hes still gonna be killin it nd makin the money nd your still gonna be sitting your lazy bum asses at the computer hatin on other people who has what it takes to make it!

Lil Wayne Isnt Dead Dummies He Has Never Been Dead It Says He Died 2011 His Song Would Be Out In Febuary. His New Song Mirror With Bruno Mars That Was Posted ! Week Ago So All Yhuu Dummies Hes Not Dead. If He Was I Would Be Tearing. Cause I Got Tickets But Hes Not And Im Still Going And Its Not On The Newa So He Apperiantly Not Dead! Think For Once People!!!!

I can’t belive it so many people say he is he isn’t if he is my prays go out to his family that is sad I love lil wayne

tooo those who think lil wayne is dead … Welll dooo fuk ur self .. Diggg a hole for self while at it ohhh nd a extra one for mum … !!!!!!!!!! Young money muDerfuckerrr

Holy shit…can any of you dumb fucks spell or put together a sentence with out typing lyke dis yo, lil weezy iz notz ded yo, fuck you make every one who likes rap music look fucking retarded…. Lil wayne Is not dead… Stop feeding the bullshit , stop saying omg I’m crying my baby died…. He doesn’t know you…i bet your a.fat filthy flat bitch…he doesn’t give a shit about you …all he caress about I’d you buying his record, get off hid dick fucking dumbass people

This is sooo fucking stupid lil wayne is not dead! I seen him in a concert like 3 weeks ago yall fucking pathetic because he is the best rapper that have ever walked the earth! He will live on forever because he is not a human and even when he is gont he will still be around yall pussy ass bitches might not like him but in a couple hundred years your forever great grandkids will be learning and listening to the legend that dude is so fuck off and watch him live on

Forever weesy f<3

Good god I swear when im reading these comments I can literally feel my IQ drop. If these are the type of fans he has I hope he dose die, but only because all of them would commit suicide “cuz he da besst raper ever”. Go choke on a cyanide pill.

STFU ALL OF YOU.. hes dead oh well. if hes alive praise the lord.. But we dont wanna keep hearing it. god. its not official

im am better then lil wayne i stick pencile in his nose with my raps he not good rapper he sing same thing over over and over again herro i much better lisson to these tracks bitchh my name lil china man look me up or die fool, peace out bitches. BYAWWWWW

Weither he is dead or not give the guy some space! He is just like us just he is a very good singer and makes tons of money! Oh well come people maybe he just needs to get away from all this bullshit and talk! So give it up and let the guy be in peace! And if u don’t like his music keep it to urself cuz their are people out there that love his music!

How could he be fucking dead he played at the 2012 grammies and it would be all over the news if he was fucking dead and go fuck ur selfs who dosent like lil wayne

all yall need to shut the fuk up lil wayne aint dead, And for all you haters instead of talking shit go fuk around with someone eles if you don’t like him fukin don’t talk about him damn. Grow tha fuk up and get a life HATERS ARE WEEZYS MOTAVATORS, So blow it out you ass….. Good day! ;)

yall people omg LIL WAYNE DID NOT DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lil wayne dead not in the news died up crack head dies its “illuminati induction ceremony” or was it the super bowl that was that or tattooing an ice cream on my face i cant remember 3+332+whinteys age= ARMAGEDDON. AND ufos.

all of you are funny as fuck some people will be in denial for a long time mabe he is dead mabe not if he is he will come back from the dead no problem hahahahahaha damn thats w3hats up dueces

Dear Chronicle,
On a similar note,, Lil Wayne news reads like a gossip column. Despite being one of the most popular rappers in theworld Lil’ Wayne still struggles to stay out of trouble, not to mention prison.  Here’s a brief biography on the southern rapper, as well as the latest Lil’ Wayne news reports…
All the Best

you guys are seriously immature.. LIL WAYNE IS NOT DEAD.. SO GROW THE FUCK UP ! all you guys hatin’ on Lil Wayne, are just motivating him more.. wow , smh .. grow up .. ! <3 Lil Wayne is amazing and all you haters can suck it :)

Really guys you are so fake and immature to put a fake death page about lil wayne…Lil wayne is still alive and going hard at everything he does :)

All You Guys Need To STFU And Get A Life Little Wayne Is Not Dead Kayy It Would Be ON Bet The News And All That Shit Just LIke They Did ABout whitney houston Kayy Thxx

Yeah… Everyone who posted above is ignorant and needs to go back to school. Learn proper english and get a job. No one cares about ‘Lil Wayne’. He’s a druggie and makes too much money doing something pointless.

Something pointless!?? I would love to see you do half the shit he did singing wise. rap is one of the hardest things to sing… The beat, the words, the rhythm, so no i disagree i have a lot of respect for his music

He had no talent. He didn’t even write his own raps he’s a fucking a joke. With that bring said Rest in Piss lil wayne and if your not dead then hurry up and do the world a favour and coke on birdmans dick and die : DDD

no he dont if you love muice and you dont want to stop and you geting a whole lot of money what well you do yall need to stop becase you or other people dont no if hes died or not so stop talking all that you not a pop star you mad you dont got no money dont get mad becase he do

I hope he is not he is amazing with his talents he presents to us OMG I hope is still with us im so upset about this rumor I hope its not true I LOVE YOU LIL WAYNE

You “all” are fucking retards, take a few seconds to read over what you type. Shit most computers have spell check, if that doesn’t fix it then that’s saying something. Even if Lil Wayne is deas who cares. Do you really think he gave a fuck if any of you died? No probably not. Get over it, besides all that he died of a drug over-dose. What does that say? Piece of shit in my book, get all pissy if you want. Every productive citizen of the U.S. probably agree with me 100%.

hey retardd if ull read over ur “comment” u made a lot of freakin mistakes so just chill ok he is the best rapper this world has ever known so SHUT YOUR FACE AND LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! k? thank u.and if he realy is dead i dnt kno wat ill do im extremely crushed rite now…god bless him and his family.

HES NOT DEAD!!!! And for all of you haters, he was an admirable character just because he did all of this. Seriously. Look at his paycheck. I bet it’s ALOT better than yours! You should atleast respect him for his talent. Could you rap like that? I don’t think so. And you people really need to go back to school. You spell like 10 year olds. I’m 12 and I spell better than you people, pathetic much?

Hey you, you are so stupid. Are you actually taking this article seriously? Quit crying, and realize that this is in the “successful troll is successful” section. And by the way, it doesnt really take much talent to speak into a microphone.

You 12 and you think you know what it takes to be talented? If rapping random words that make no sence is talent I know parots that could do that… He had no talent, he couldn’t sing/rap worth dick, and sucked at guitar. Quite frankley he was a shmuck that didn’t deserve a thing. I mean really a druged up felon isn’t anything worth anybodys time of day. And since when does everything have to be trolling? Do you know what it even is?? People these day’s think somebody saying something funny, lying, telling the truth isn’t trolling it takes a little more than assuming your. “Trolling”. Idiot

Haha!! (: you idiots make me laugh!! He makes more in a day than you will make in 5 years!! Good luck, cough, cough, NOT!!

All of u need 2 calm down!!! He definitely isn’t dead but the fact that some if u guys think his dead and ur arguing bowt sumfin so pathetic an not finkin bowt his friends an family is disgusting!!! Ur bad-mouthing sum1 dat u dnt even know an how many of u saying he has no talent or dat he dnt deserve wat he gets 4 singing an rapping into a microphone can actually sing urself??? Wen sum1 dies u need 2 make sure u don’t take da piss outa dem whether u enjoyed wat dey did or not. Oh an btw, it is called slang-texting not bad-spelling!

Did he really die i’m super confused some people are saying
I really wanna know… He has a lot of talent i don’t know why
People are saying he has no talent when he may have more
Talent then you doo i love Lil Wayne …. Haters need to stopp
With their bullshit if he was really dead it would have came out on
The news & don’t you think everybody would be talkong about
It ??

You need to shut your mouth cause you don’t make sence att all if lil wayne is dead let him rest in peace already f****

Wow everyone on here has fuk all nice to say
If u died would u want thos shit on a website
all written bout u? Give it up already …….
take dem shoes of yah teeth n stop runnin yo
Mouth – weezy

the wizzy is jst a devil tht will never die bt he will be roasted by the hell.all i cn say is that”good luck to him on his journey to hell’yours in truth guyz.

yo u all hatin 4 nuthin if lil wayne piss u off so much then ignore him i like his music well i dont mind it but man i forget he even exsits like everyday cause i aaint immature enought to let 1 soul effect my life… like. grow up and move on.

he is not a fucking devil anonymous maybe u r a fucking devil lil wayne is so fuckin sexy i love him yall people because u guys r boys but us girls r in love with him wezzey i love u dont let stupis ass people get to u

People! Listen! This is made up. This website made this story up. Now stop spreading rumors about it! He’s not dead. Mkay, that’s all, bye, fools(:

Okayy, so first of all, Lil Wayne is NOT dead.
Second of all, why the fuck would someone make something that sinister up about him?
And Third of all, do people really hate him that much to have to make up dumb ass rumors like that.? Like come on people grow the fuck up, just cus you havent acheived goals as high as him doesnt mean its alright to make shit up.? The fuckers who made this rumor up is gonna feel real bad the day that he actually does die. Weezy is a very accomplished person and obviously has been through a lot in his life. Just cus you dont like his music or whatever your reason may be doesnt mean you gotta cause hell by saying hes dead and talking mad shit on him. He’s the greatest rapper I know of and no matter what any one says I will always think that. I justb wish some immature fucks like the one who made this rumor up would actually pull their head outta their ass and realize what theyre saying.
I love Weezy, nuff said.

ii dontt believee hee iss deadd ! andd ii wontt belivee ehtt !?! ii lovee lil waynee , likee peoplee sayy , googlee liess all thee timee !

right.?! some people are soo immature. i heard bout this the other night and i thought it was true. but it’s not (:

anonymous your name should be fucken pussy. Stop talking shit cause one day somebody is gonna stick there foot up your ass.He is so fucken good that my preschool sista litsens to him so stop hating you haters all know that he is a reflection of wat you wanna be okay so for now go suck your dick until he dies (wich will take years and by the time he dies your dick will be completly of)

weezy for life we love you homie

Fuck all u. Lil Wayne sounds like a retarted child. He should be dead. Fuck u lil Wayne for life. Kiss my ass. Its all about legendary rapers. He’s not the best one alive. The best rapper alive is dr. Dre. Its all about deathrow and n.w.a. 2pac, biggy smalls, Dre, Snoopdogg, ice cube and lil bow wow and easy e. West coast. Fuck blood

yo’bro, shut up! LilWayne is thaa’ shit.&&he aint fuckinn’ dead. Because, if he died, i would be thaa’ motherfuckerr to know! So, bro if you dont fuckinn’ like him, then why you searchinn’ to ee if he died.? Huh? You think your goinn’ to not like Lil Wayne? Everyone loves LilWayne, no joke! My grandma knows every word to his songs! Ha, so get over your self, and stop beinn’ a haterr, haterr. k.?

lil wayne is fuckin great if you dont like him then stop sayin shit about him cuz i am pretty sure u guys couldnt do any better then him and u wouldnt say it to his face lil wayne is the shit :) so haters shut up if you dont like him then y do u listen to his music it makes you sound retarted

he can’t be dead that would be the most craziest thing every i can’t bileive it. i won’t bileive it!!!!!!!!!!!!

lil wayne isnt dead i fucked him last night no but seriously he is dead i seen him getting his black ass raped by crystal myth tweekers while trying 2 spit out his shitty rhymes he is defintly in a ditch ass raped n fucked and still fucking gay

his rap sounds like a cross between a retarded walrus and a aptleptic seagull the only time he ever got shot was with his bf’s load he will b remember like a that handicap kid with lice onn the school yard

hes an African American for one …two before you go hatin on somebody learn how to spell fucking shoulder dumb ass retard

you all are flippen idots…… & whomever used the N bomb as a negative derogatory statment about being in Hell, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!, don’t be a hater. Thank goodness the is still with us, he is the same age as me. STOP POSTING FAKE DEATH REPORTS.

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fukung stupid tell me where you live? we are gonna bit your ass and fuking kill your mother and rape her before she dies lol she is gonna get raped by a black person i bet she would like that!!!!

damn bitch y u gotta hate on lil wayne jus cuz he gets money nd u sit on yo ass wit not a damn thing but yo mathafuckn right to speech, so when u get yo weight up den say something other den dat sit bac nd shut dat none sense up cuz u look real stupid posting something like dis, but i can bet anything dat a black dude took yo girl cuz now days dey not into u white boys, yall r not in style no mo….nd i bet if a black dude walkd up to u would u say dat to his face??? hell naw so get real BITCH!! lil wayne is da greatest!!! i love me some brothers!!!

TThat gos to show it dont matter if u alive or dead people still going to talk bad about u people u never knew .Andthat very disrespectful the shoe will be on the other foot soon.See you then .

Um for all you racist ass people lil Wayne dead or not you can kiss every black persons ass and their anus cause y’all racist assholes just want attention cause you parents don’t love you the way they should … go get counsiling bitch don’t take it out on African Americans cause we on top the mother fuckin world bitch and i hope all you die a quick and easy death cause the faster you die the faster you can go to hell

For real look at what your saying. Your on top on top of what. Your porch step fuck you and get real

People need to chill out about this its just a rumor and for all the people that are saying negative things about African Americans are just ignorant. If you have nothing better to do with your life than bash other ethnicities you are a sad individual. As for the black people fighting with the trash dont give them the satisfaction of getting under your skin because thats all they want

I can’t believe some of you people. The racist stuff your writing on here makes you look stupid, not cool.

R.I.P Lil Wayne.
Im sorry some of these people dont have sympathy…i like to kno what happened to freedom of speech. Just because someone believes something doesnt meen you can go off telling what to believe. Just keep your comments out.
Ok thank you

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ok? diz shit is it real or is ita fake death i dont get it first i heard he was over dozed but then i heard he had been xhot in the face wtf i think its bullshit -_-

I am not dead Nigga please I am alive and well and making way more money than you will ever see in your lifetime I am in the studio regularly making music and having a good time I didn’t overdose on no pcp who ever wrote this blog must be one dumb blind broke ass son of a bitch I suggest to the writer of this blog to check when my next concert is okay my next performance Okay! to whom ever may believe this oh well you need to get out more! I am Alive and I still wear my girl pants and Jump around like I have adhd! YMCMB youn mulah babbbyyy

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Vrooom On A Yamaha Chromed Out 11 Hundred
What I’m Doing, Getting Money, What We Doing, Getting Money
What They Doing, hating on us, But They Neva Cross
Cash Money still a company, And Bitch I’m The Boss
And I Be Stunting Like My Daddy, Stunting Like My Daddy
Stunting Like My Daddy, I Be Stunting Like My Daddy
I’m The, Young Stunna, Stunting Like My Daddy
Stunting Like My Daddy, I Be Stunting Like My Daddy

More lyrics:
All about Lil Wayne:

Bitch I’m Paid, Thats All I Gotta Say
Can’t see you Lil Nigga, The Money In The Way
And I’m, I’m Sitting High, A Gansta Ride Blades
If You Ain’t Gone Ride Fly Than You Might As Well Hate
Shit I Gotta Eat… Yeah, Even Though I Ate
It Ain’t My Birthday But I Got My Name On the Cake
(Shit) Believe That, If Ya Mans Wanna Play
Imma Fuck Around And Put That Boy Brains On The Table
Pick ’em up, fuck ’em Let ‘Em Lay
Where I’m From We See A Fucking Dead Body Everyday
Thats, Uptown, throw a stack at ‘Em
make a song about me, I’m Throwing Shots Back At ‘Em
Ya bitch on my pipe, And She Like A crack addict
And She Saw Me Cooking Eggs And She Though I Was Back At It
I Grab The Keys, Hoe I Gotta Go
I Got My Motorcycle Jacket And My motorcycle loc’s

When I Was 16 I Bought My First Mercedes Benz
I Must’ve Fucked A Thousand Bitches And They Girlfriends
White Leather, Hot New Pair of Rims, Brand New Pistol With The Trigger Like A Hair Pin
Big Work, We Don’t Need Scale Man, Big Papers Say G’mornin To The Mail Man
What you Now Bout Putting Bricks In The Spare Man, I Can Stuff A Coupe Like A Motherfucking Caravan
I’m In My Zone my form is So Rare Man
If there’s a throne, you’re looking at a chairman
How You Want It, Show Me My Opponent….Show Me My Opponent
I’m Still Balling, A Bullet Gotta Get Me And I’ve Never Been A Pussy Cause My Hood Never Let Me
A Made Nigga Got Made Niggas Wit Me
I am a Motorcycle Boy So I’m About to pop a wheelie

I get money hoe fuck what you talkin’ ’bout
Straight out the slaughterhouse straight out the dragon’s mouth
Fire you can’t put out tires are standin’ out
The coupe look pigeon-toed I be in a different mode
I be wit’ them different hoes No I mean them different hoes
I mean them Weezy bumbaclot different hoes
And as far as terrific goes
They kiss that dick wit’ no mistletoes
Diamonds and pearls and pussyholes snortin’ coke til they nose bleed
I’m sittin’ high on them inches I’m in the nosebleeds
I’m on a paper chase until my toes bleed
Then I get on these beats and let my soul bleed
I put ’em in ya head and watch the holes bleed
My rag always red like when them hoes bleed
Now that’s coldbleed I mean cold blooded
And I’m so southern that’s why my leather so soft

OK, start with straight shots and then pop bottles,
Pour it on the models,
Shut up bitch, swallow,
If you can’t swallow,
Shut up bitch, gargle,
Straight up out that water with my Mark Jacob goggles,
I’m fresher than a motherfucker
Yeah I’m a motherfucker,
No I won’t take your girl, but I shall take her tongue from her,
Can’t you tell I’m in love woman?
Like no other woman,
Oh, I’m sorry sweetheart,
I thought you were my other woman

I tell her “now goin’ pop that pussy for a real nigga”
I already know that life is deep but I still dig her
Niggas is jealous but really I couldn’t care less
I’m in hell’s kitchen with an apron and a hair net
Devil on my shoulder, the lord as my witness
So on my Libra scale, I’m weighing sins and forgiveness
What goes around, comes around like a hula hoop
Karma is a bitch? Well just make sure that bitch is beautiful
Life on the edge, I’m dangling my feet
I tried to pay attention but attention paid me
Haters can’t see me, nose bleed seats
And today I went shopping and talk is still cheap
I rock to the beat of my drumset
I’ve been at the top for a while and I ain’t jump yet
But I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit
Now jump up on that dick and do a full split

Yeah, I tell her “now go on, pop that pussy for me”
Haters can’t see me, but them bitches still looking for me
And you could take that to the bank and deposit that
Put your two cents in, and get a dollar back
Some people hang you out to dry like a towel rack
I’m all about “I” give the rest of the vowels back
I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine
Eat her ’til she cry, call that “wine and dine”
Try to check me and I’ma have ‘em checkin’ pulses
They say choose wisely, that’s why I was chosen
Rocking like asphalt, it’s the cash fault
Looked in the face of death and took its mask off
Now I like my house big and my grass soft
I like my girl face South and her ass North
But I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit
Now hop up on that dick and do a full split!

Fuck all u racist mofos. Whoever wasted their time posting this can eat 800 sick dicks. #YMCMBforlife

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Wow, you guys need to learn to fucking spell. Goodness and learn some grammar…GET FUCKING EDUCATED!!!

Good riddance to another piece of fecal matter. When will society at large realize that savage Colored beasts like Lil Wayne are intent on destroying yet another generation with their glorification of the gang culture, illegal gun possession, drugs, and out-of-wedlock “birfs” (sic). The Negro is the bane of civilized society, wherever present they squander social services intended for “those in need” purchasing bling, luxury cars, large flat screen TV’s, malt liquors, cognac, and illegal drugs. We must cleanse our communities of these feces colored vermin failing to do so will result in our White enclaves becoming just another ghetto haven for the criminal gene bearing Black beasts.

you douchebag. even if he didnt die hes a person and deserves respect, esspecially if he did die. what kind of a fucking person are you? i think you wanted me to post a reply pissed off about how controversial the statement you made is. You are NOT white and right you are a disease of society.

Look at white people that do the exact same thing you ignorant prick! You need to get a life and maybe if you stopped focusing your time on being such an racist pig, you yourself would be more successful. (By the way I AM WHITE)

This is so wrong. If you did that stuff, i wouldnt judge you. That is why America is a FREE country and people have the RIGHT to do stuff. You didnt even know him, and he could be the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Just because they are a different color doesnt mean ANYTHING! I bet you someone who is of dark color would never say that about white people so you are the one who is being the “vermin”. So shut up and let people live the way they are ALLOWED to live.

I love freedom just as much as the next guy, but there are some people who just shouldn’t have rights. I’m sorry, but Lil Weezy was a ghetto thug with lyrics that proved black people are fundamentally inferior to whites. I realize that’s a tough pill to swallow, but what kind of sub-human “musician” preaches hate like Little Wayne did? I’ll tell you: other coloreds – who emulate him because not only does criminal activity course through their veins, they lack the creativity most whites are born with, and the sensibilities to do anything but ceremoniously reproduce trash. Monkey see, monkey do. Sure, they’re allowed to live that way, just like you say. They’re just going to be made fun of for it because, like you said, this is a free country, where I’m free to hate niggers.

Im going to say this to every ignorant inferior white person who thinks they are better.
“This statement is so true. That’s why I’m a Black man That is the CEO of AT&T. I just came across this and thought I should let you know that I make more money than you, have a nice family, dog, great neighborhood hood and can afford time and electricity. So go back to hill billy nation in your dirty trailer park. A learn to be a good boy. Also your NASCAR event is on. See that AT&T car? Yeah i own it. By the way, I’ve talked to Obama due to him having AT&T phone plans throughout the family. I was offered a job with. Should i Take the job, request a track for your IP and subnet mask and have you arrested?
Hmmm. Have fun. Poor poor (and i mean poor) boy.”
You see, your playing with the big boys. You can deal, or no deal. Either way, society along with your hill billy sister that you most likely had sex with 5 minutes ago, wants you to end your life. Just due to your ignorance. BY THE WAY NIGGER MEANS IGNORANT. WHICH MEANS-uneducated. YOU..posting what you are saying along with all the other racist, makes YOU a NIGGER. Basically. No matter who you are, you are a nigger. Case/set/ solved. I also went to Law school. I could sue you and win in a heart beat. I wouldn’t even have to walk in the court room.

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Have a time zone problem my dear ditch digger? I see you have to think about your statement there. Well, I’m off to make more money for the family. Go ahead and say what you like. God only knows your a worthless monochromatic egotistical hill billy hiding behind your computer, ejaculating to your little sister and mother, while talking about Lil. Wayne. Seems you do like us huh? Haha. Well, have fun with your retarded baby. Maybe my boy David here can tutor you. Be sure to bring the Hand sanitation. I’ll tell him to bring disinfectant. He’s a student teach for Health and chemistry. You think that will be good for you to learn? You have to pay to learn. The price will be- oh wait…you’re to poor. How sad. So Sorry.

The problem is YOU, “White apologists” that cause the Coloreds to act the way they do destroying communities.

what year are you in that your posting this racist bs? for your information just to set the records straight, im a kinesiology student at york university, we study the socio economic factors of our society and guess what? the majority of people that are stuck on welfare and do nothing with their lives ARE WHITE!!!! and guess what? im a white woman with a beautiful mixed son, and i guarantee hes going to become someone successful and so am i, so keep ranting your racist crap!

Sure more Whites are on welfare BUT “per capita” MORE Coloreds receive welfare despite being only 18% of the population and they’re on the dole for generations unlike Whites.

For the savage, illiterate, drug addicted, criminal gene bearing Black beasts it’s all about “gibs me dat”, they want cellphones, food, shelter and cash paid for by taxpaters to finance their wasteful lifestyle after all a large flat screen TV, luxury car or bling is more important than purchasing food or saving to get out of “public housing”.

look at the date.. it sais that he died before new years and you guys are just learning about this now… im sure that it would have been on the news MUCH sooner than 4 months later

I wonder how long it took these so called racist….
Aka (inbred redneck Nazi adolf Hitler wana b kkk
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This statement is so true. That’s why I’m a Black man That is the CEO of AT&T. I just came across this and thought I should let you know that I make more money than you, have a nice family, dog, great neighborhood hood and can afford time and electricity. So go back to hill billy nation in your dirty trailer park. A learn to be a good boy. Also your NASCAR event is on. See that AT&T car? Yeah i own it. By the way, I’ve talked to Obama due to him having AT&T phone plans throughout the family. I was offered a job with. Should i Take the job, request a track for your IP and subnet mask and have you arrested too?
Hmmm. Have fun. Poor poor (and i mean poor) boy.

Silly nigger the Not-So Secret Service has ALREADY visited MY home and I’m still here, they left with their tails between their legs. You and your bi-racial, Bisexual nigger PresiDUNCE will fail in your atempts to act and live “White”. You, “Rich Man” have been deemed “INFERIOR” and the penalty for that offense has been determined and it will be enforced.

He’s not fkn dead u monkeys!!!Go fuck urself. Lil Wayne, French Montana and wiz Kalifa are the fkn best and all those other sickguys but eminem sucks ma dick…

The dude talkin about OBAMA IS BLACK, HE IS A FUCKIN MUSLIM. Are african americans MUSLIM?. NO. So STFU wit that OBAMA SHIT. NIGGA.

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This statement is so true. That’s why I’m a Black man That is the CEO of AT&T. I just came across this and thought I should let you know that I make more money than you, have a nice family, dog, great neighborhood hood and can afford time and electricity. So go back to hill billy nation in your dirty trailer park. A learn to be a good boy. Also your NASCAR event is on. See that AT&T car? Yeah i own it. By the way, I’ve talked to Obama due to him having AT&T phone plans throughout the family. I was offered a job with. Should i Take the job, request a track for your IP and subnet mask and have you arrested?
Hmmm. Have fun. Poor poor (and i mean poor) boy.

lil wayne is not dead!!!!! in the past three months there have been 7 rumors of his death while he was in jail ppl tried to say he died in a car crash!!!!!!

White n right wats ya stress,pple lyk u should hv bn long dead…am proud to be an African gurl with a rich cultural matter what,we r all one,its just da colour of d skin,,,,,so white n wrong STFU n say somthin reasonable…

Shut up you $hit colored nigress, you can’t spell or form grammatically correct sentences and probably speak “ebonikz”. You have been judged “INFERIOR” and have nothing of value to add to this discussion.

So lil Wayne isn’t dead?? Right? I’m tired of getting told oh lil Wayne is dead and that he over dosed on PCP.

You racist people on here are only mad because their daughters have mixed kids and the sons and grandkids are sagging and rapping and doing everything us niggas our doing……. U sound truly ignorant considering Biracial Babys almost outnumber any other race….. I’m mixed my papa is black and my mother White and sadly I grew up listening to ignorance like this from my moms side but my dads side loved me unconditionally, racism is not realistic it’s 2012 get your old nigga hatin ass a life and open ur eyes to the world because I know some white boys that would tear your ass apart for saying some ignorant shit like and people wonder why so many white kids are killing they parents they knew along time ago their parents weren’t shit….. Oh and maybe u should do some research Biracial Babys are the prettiest duh!!!! White Ain’t always right

Ok to everyone here… Don’t bash rednecks because all the ones I hang with listen to lil Wayne… And to the asshole who is bashing lil Wayne grow the f@*k up being racist just shows ur ignorance…… I’m white and redneck be sure the help not racist… I love my rap music and so do the other rednecks I hang with……

Tricking trailer parks into thinking
Believing, deceiving themselves
That there’s a higher power,
That dwells inside each Mountain Dew
Infested Mind, that speaks at Sally Sue
With erect and infected lines
Spittin’ some game, talkin’ so lame
She’s so impressed, I must confess
I was one of you.

Meanwhile . . .

We who populate this raw red mile
Of Tennessee who think we seen
The inner city of downtown Newport,
Where we pump gas, hoop holler n snort,
And listen every so often in style
To Billy Jean and Michael Jackson,
The Blackest people on whom we keen,

Tupac, Biggie Smalls, we lost ’em all,
We sport their t-shirts, big and tall
Around the mall, throughout school halls
They hatin’ – They hatin’ – say it with me y’all

We’re bred to breed, eat collard greens,
We’re tough enough, yeah we’re so mean
We wear blue jeans and snakeskin boots,
What a hoot, the American Dream!

ICP, ODB, pump that bass in yer four wheel drive!
Hell yeah boys, we’re so alive,
Let’s make some noise, let’s never strive.
Let’s chug a Pepsi, on your momma’s dime.
Gotta lime in your Corona, you’s a worldly find!
You a corporate slime? You makin’ art?
We don’t take too kinda that around these parts.

Holy shit man, just a sec here, could it really be?
I tell ya what, She got one fine butt
N I’d sure like to eff’er
But she ain’t cheap, son, no sirree
That’s grade A meat,
She’s a prime heffer.

Now what was I sayin’ oh yeah Obama!
That Muslim with a Kenyan momma,
Who elected Osama?
Who needs health care?
Boy all I need’s to skin me a bear
Make a fine rug to go with this here chair!
These hippies sayin’ get us out,
Buddy I like the war, I want some more,
Give them sandniggers their fair share
From Eastern Iraq to the African shore.
Now I know I’m sounding defensive
And I don’t mean to sound pensive,
But you just can’t let radical Islam be
Cause gas is expensive n freedom ain’t free.

Oh look here
Now we’ve done bored the womenfolk
With all this heady political babble,
Listen to me rabble! On and on I swear
Oh! Baby don’t go nowhere,
(Some people can’t take a joke.)
Stay right there n do your hair,
We goin’ out later! to cruise the roundabout
And baby I’ll get you some smokes
Because I really truly positively do care
Even if I drink, shout and beat the kids
It don’t mean I ain’t always somewhere
To exploit you and the girls that keep us on welfare.
Baby I don’t know why but I’ll love you
Until the very day that I die
For as long as I buy that little white lie,
Until there ain’t nothin’ left to do but sigh
And I go up with Jesus to his castle in the sky.

No redneck listens to rap. you’re deffff not a redneck cause all my faggoty ass friends are redneckk yooo

you are all a bunch of idiots. Go sit by the mailbox and wait for the check to come. What a future!

I front like him but y’all shut the hell up you fucking bithes I know y’all is some hoes who try to get some Dick like ahhhh but no lie my cud said it feel good then a mug add me on face book kaitlin blakemore

I can’t beilece what I am reading. How can people be so rude towards another race. This is horriable and u need to shake ur fucking head. We are equal no matter our color gender. U racist sickle make me sick and just for saying rude ass things u should be shot in the face and pissed on.


lololol but im sure you call Caucasians white folks or “white boys” and pissed when humans refer to you as ” that black guy over there” shake your own head and learn how to spell you fucking mongoloid. lolol at ” U racist sickle <<< lol sickle cell animia is what i thought of . wanna know why ? because you cant spell you fucking stinking bastard. now shut yer whore mouth and read the news lil wayne got killed by bird man . for anti gay remarks and refusal to kiss em . kiss em faggot.

you guys are dumb cause he was at the grammys like 3 weeks ago and corrrect me if im wrong the grammys were in february not december and he was there so honestly SHUT THE FUCKK UP

Seiously people need some damn lives these days. Everyday someone has something new about how this celebrity died this way and that one died that way. Seriously if you have nothing better do with your time then to rash on someone who is making a living whether you like they’re work or not then seriously please take a massive amount of pcp yourself and do us all a favor a die. It’s not lil’ Wayne’s fault you’re a loser or which ever celebrity you feel like attacking nexts fault that your life is shit. You want a better life and have the money they have go work for it like they did. And for the racist fucks, go die in a hole. I’m white, my family has helped every race out there to try and find a better life. I have a black brother. My family has done foster care. We’ve had every race in and out of my house and we treated them with the respect they deserve. So much damn ignorance these days. This shit is fucking un-necessary. I also don’t give a fuck what anyone has to say about my opinion.


we all know lil wayne aint dead!!!!!!! annd he was at the grammys in frebruary dumb fucks!!!!

he dead yo i was just at his house . mad flowers n shit piled up high. tshirts n greygoose bottles all over the place,

All you people saying he was at the grammys that was in febuary on the 26 and it says he was pronounced dead on the 29..


what the fuck lil waynhe is NOT dead he’s fucking tweeting mother fuckers and im sick of all this shit going around about all these celebraties its fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!SPETIAL MESSAGE FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO BE DIPSHITS : dipshits of the world i have found a way better name for you…mother fuckers…NOW go and put your new name to good use and go fuck all your mothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bitch I hate when ya’ll stupid ass bitches wanna call somebody a nigger. A nigger is defined by ignorance or by lack of knowledge there of…NOT BY COLOR OR RACE…LMAO!!DUMMIE!!! ya’ll white bitches fucking blacks and having black babies n you got da nerve to speak..bitch plz….tanning beds and butt augmentations cannot help u bitches…NIGH BOW BITCHEZ

lil wayne was at the grammys in february 2012!!! this article was poster on December 28th 2011!!!!! His video “YU Mad” was the latest video up until new years day. A little while after, He has released 5 more songs!!!!!!! I mean seriously!!



It’s people like this that make this world such a shitty place. Seriously we should all grow up and look beyond the color of someone’s skin. As for me I love all yall and wish nothing but the best. So please don’t take life for granted and learn to love each other.

Fuck all niggers must die!!!!!!!! WHITE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN NIGGERS MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you reacist fuck tards, you will never rule us anymore. You can call us nigger or any racist black name you want to, but just remember we are not and will never be your slaves anymore. Come on give it your best shot just say it.Just know while your wasting your time on the computer trying to find us niggers, we are making 3x as much money as you mentally ill angry tards right now. Like I slavery will not happen again and if it does I guarantee you it will not be us. Look how long its been from now till the day slavery ended. A huge gap huh? So what are you going to call me? A nigger? An African? A monkey? Whatever you call us, just know it will make us stronger. Do you not realize that all the pain you put us through only makes us better? Or have you ever heard the good side always win and evil loses? You racsist bastards wouldnt even have a chance in today’s world to start a revolution for slavery again. The Government would be the first to make that descision and of course we would not put up with yalls bull shit. So go on with all that mess. If your so angry at us being better than you racsist crabs then get your lazy asses up and go do it. You cant be better just by saying I will rule a nigger,lynch a nigger, or kill a nigger over electronic devices. I wish I would find you KKK members out somewhere trying to find us! Yall wouldnt even get a scratch off of us.

Nigger is a figure of speech,alot of black folks get mad after hearing this. If it bothers you than your just as ignorant as that word? Truth hurts. So hush! Just let them be. God gave them a mouth,but forgot to give them soap to wash it often also. Shows this is not true, Lil Wayne is very much alive. Hate fake reports, Also whats with all the racism and hate here. To hate someone because of their color of skin or race shows you must have a terrible life because people of all color and races are beautiful and equal.

no man you are some fat white fuck from upstate ny . wanna know how i know >? i backtraced your fuckin ip address so shut the fuck up or i will drop your dox.
let the man rest in piece.

fuck u all u pussy ass haterz… im white and i treat black ppl the same as i treat white ppl they r no different!!! some ppl just need to grow the hell up… and wtf?!?!? Tunechi is not dead he was at the fucking Grammys dumb fucks…. Now fuck all u haterz and have a nice day…

You can love me or hate me,
I stay hate free…
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (better known as Lil Wayne)

no…………….. he was so amsing he was to young he was a good porsaon an or raper put it ether way no………… see why your not sopposed to over dosse i love and remember you ._. lil wayne

fuck all you haters talkin shit about rap… its your right its not music… its more than that it is a culture and its not all about drugs and shit and ya some of it is but that doesn’t make it bad… sorry but last time i checked this is 2012 and rap is the biggest music industry sorry if you 6-12 years old and you stuck on people like Miley Cyrus and shit but they arnt perfect either… prity sure shes a whore and does drugs and she sounds like she is gargoling my balls when she sings so fuck off and leave lil wayne alone and leave rap alone… before yall start juging and shit go and listen to some of drake and wiz khalifa and shit and u will under stand that rap is also about having a good time and giving people something to belive in… plus stop hatin on lil wayne because i dont know if saw the part where it talks about his charitIES but i did…

fuck all u bitch haters
YMCMB niggas and YOLO

Ya’ll really are ignorant. He is seriously not dead. It was a rumor made by someone on twitter….again. Damn, stfu with this arguing, it’s also ignorant.

Wow, I’m half black. But I don’t look like it. I’m 14 and you guys are how old? Really are you being racist?
Were all human no matter what colors we are & btw, just to state a fact: Lil Wayne is not dead, let me repeat that LIL WAYNE IS NOT DEAD. :) and by the way you guys start being nice, or you’ll all go to HELL. I’ve was raised to to say that but the way you guys are talking on here is horrible. People talking about different races like that make me sick to my stomach, I don’t understand how you do that. What did we ever do to you? Correct me if I’m wrong but we should be the ones hating you because you guys whipped us for no reason at all? Start paying attention in History, but that’s the past all you racists out their. GROW UP and stop calling peoria names over the Internet, it doesn’t make you look cool, if it makes you feel good obviously you guys have a problem and need help. :) I’m done here, lovess. <3
-this mature 14 year old that's not racist. :|

Ppl sayin they black, ppl sayin they white.. kinda sickening really. I’m this, I’m that. Tryin to find themselves in this mess of a categorized small minded world.
People have to start understanding that us humans are all different because of certain things like the living close to the equator, we need dark skin to survive the sun, like how the moon and tides affect how tall some people can grow and how smll some people are, more northern people have less pigmentation in they skin because there is no need to fight off the strong UV rays of the sun. Think on a larger scale people. Think big.

Im peurto rican and italian. Fuck white people.
I hope all u fucking haters choke on ur next meal and die so u can’t support your fucking family u dumb fucks

i dont believe this shit until i hear it on the news or something like that so all you haters out there need to shut the fuck up and get a damn life lil wayne is the best there ever is. keep doing your thing weezy

All of you that hate lil Wayne can fuck off as far as I’m concerned because he didn’t right the song best rapper alive” for nothing oh and he’s not dead

Wow…first off…I don’t know if Lil Wayne is dead or not. For all of his family, friends, and fans, I sure hope not! But for everyone to be dropping the fbomb and threatening eachother on a public venue is ignorance in it self. Nobody is perfect. We are all HUMAN…WHICH MEANS WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES! As far as racism toward one another, well only we can be responsible for what comes out of our mouths and our actions. So if you are on here instigating each other…have at it, but OWN IT. We have read the history books. We all know what went on. We can’t take responsibility for things that happened before we were even a thought in our parents mind. I can hold my head high and know that I treat every person (no matter the color of their skin) the same way. Last, someone made a comment about tanning and butt injections lol. Well, I am half mexican but admit to going tanning before a vacation. Also, I have a small butt which I actually like and get many compliments on…even by black men…and the compliment is always appreciated!

hey baby u wanna post sum pics of dat ass just use and post a link we’ll enjoy it and gib u lots a compliments

Not true is it on the news no and this would be real big its not that y do u believe. War u here all the time

Talk about why ppl raciest…….well for one everytime anyone does something or something happens to a black person its always a race issue with u ppl……u get all the help why cuz if anyone else gets it its a race issue ……well I say get the hell over yourself u weren’t my slaves why shld we feel guilty for something that happens b4 I was alive……n as far as the president goes well I wld think of something else to b proud of for sure!!!!!

hahahahahahahahhahaha this is do people publish such rubbish?? He died last year you say??? hahahahahahahah you are nuts , my man is alive kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i just seent this shit on the news . damn msnbc cnn fox . even my local town . has in on here. WOW. can’t believe he died like that.




-im guessing you are black…. due to the terrible spellings
also you call lilwayne a “raper”i thought he was a “rapper”
whatever he dead now -editor.


HE IS DEad ok . im so sad he dead yo.
i seent it on the bet and the new my nigga.
i seent it yo .
fo realz son.

I don’t think lil waynes dead he is too big almost as popular as 2pac if its true a lot of people around the world would be really sad and miss him I kno I would… I love u lil wayne

Motha fucka he aint dead niggas it would be on the motha fuckin news getcha motha fuckin heads outcha asses and fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lil wayne aint dead yall mutha fuckers should get a godamn life . he performed at da gramies on feb. so how could he have died dec u guys r fkin retarted .

im done

HE ain’t he was dead, they would have played all music by LIl Wayne! JUSt like they did with Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Also it would be all on the radio and all on the television!!!! SO ALL YA WHO SAY LIL WAYNE DEAD GET A FREAKIN LIFE…….

lil wayne is`nt dead because they would have said it on the news and they would have played music about him and they wound have said it to everybody and on youtubes so dont try to be like him cuse he is not dead so buy you haters

my nigga lil wayne aint dead they did the same article about eddie murphy not too long ago ymcmb for life


The ducking man pro formed at the fucking grammy so how the fuck he died in december ┌П┐
Take that u haters

Bitches, assholes, fucking lie’rs if u ain’t got a fucking ass clue of what the hell your talking about
don’t say shit about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lil Wayne ain’t dead ya’ll hear.
so shut the fuck up

wayne is not dead and who ever started this u r a fuckin ass oh and u must be a wayne hater so who ever the fuck u r get a fucken life

Lil Wayne is not dead lol it was would be all over the news by now and on Wikipedia, besides this is the same site and guy that said Akon died and he’s also still alive, complete bollocks haha.

what i say, ur 11 and your suppose to NOT fuck dudes at that age, ur suppose to go have fun with kids your age, not fuck em. stupid kid just cuz u fuck doesnt make u cool, and it makes u a hoe if u keep tellin evey one that u fuck. so shut up and be a kid again…damn

He’s not dead. And I’m not gonna say I wish he was. I’m not like that. But I hate his music. It irritates me. But some of my friends do. So everyone, shut the hell up. Seriously. Its personal opinion about what kind of music you like. So no, I’m not a hater. I’m just stating the plain truth. I don’t like his music.

klil kid wtf u doin go play with other 11 year old kids, u shouldnt be doin that grown up shit. If u say u are a grown up imma slap u. Shit what happened to our kids these days… smh

i say, sry to his fam if he did, however im not overly sad about it cuz he stole, Young Jeezy’s thunder back on the early 2000s. Im a big jeezy fan and if it wasnt for Weezy, Jeeszy would be the biggest thang right know. How know maybe more people would know how Tech N9NE was. Lil Wayne stole the spot light from a lottta good rappers that nobody know about. So its a good thing for upcoming rappers that know they can try to make a name for themselves but it is a lose on the hip-hop world if he did die. So dont be mad at me im just staying what i think.

his not dead he gust made a song in feb. just cuz u cant rap don’t b haten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

WETBACK are u serious u act like a fucking little kid nigga i swear ur words don hurt us they just make us stronger ^.^ nigga we Mexican we dont give a shit :)

lil waynes not dead wat the fuck dum ass hes alive and niggas hating on him you go head and suck a dick south side all day blood

wat the hell. c dats y i hate haters. all haters n snitches can suck a dick n die for all i care. but he aint dead if he made the song mirror. plus i made a song to that beat. it goes hard. but uhhh. dont be hatin on my mufuckin favorite rapper plus my nigga. so for all yall who’s saying he dead. yall can suck my dick to da left.cvl!!!!!!!!!

ohh fuck ass niggas hatin on my nigga. fuckkkkk YYYAAAAALLLLL. BITCHessssssssss!!!!!!!! SAY IT PROUDLY. BBBBBBIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCCCHHHEEEESSSSSSSSS.


All of u that hate lil Wayne can suck motherfucking dick I hate haters there retarded I miss him to death in a non gay way

everyone im not dead everyone that thanks im dead needs to fuck off and everyone that likes my music im in my hospitial bed right now i got shot 3 times one in mmy arm one in my back and one in my leg

Wayne man if you are gone i will miss your music dog but there is to many confusion in california and im the stupid guy who try to help every angle the importance of respect and knowlege i see eminime and everyone still doing it yep this rap game is crazy my name is sinh thaodara i send a message back then and ask if you wanted to rap at the white house if you come to san diego ask for sinh much love and respect but im walking around sometime its all good everyone is cool with it just dont disrepct any race or gang to tell you the truth i love san diego so come drink at the charger game

Haha fuck all you haters everywhere but if Chris Brown TI New BOYZ and those other black singers hate him then not them..

Well fuck he ain’t dead stop FCKN majing up lies just say your jealous and well understand okay?? Stop being so immature little bitch go fuck yourself…

Lil Wayne ain’t dead. Whoever made this was a f***ing idiot. Lol how was he found in 2 different houses? Louisiana and New Orleans lol get a life people and stop hating. Lil Wayne is the sh*t.

yall dumbass believeing this shit and think its real but its not cause he created the carter 4 and he was in Drak’s “take Care”

if lil wayne not dead were think the hell he is . his in the hospital
hey lil wayne my mother luvs ur songs

Lil wayne was a good songer + has was a good man he had kids to care for but dead of PCP sometimes you have to some thing !!!!

first of all, that song has been out since BEFORE carter 4 dropped, which was well before this was written. second of all, that songs sucks so much dick, brazzers is offering it a role in an upcoming movie.
he’s dead, get over it

Ok first of all ima mexican n it dnt mtrr if chu had slavez or nt datz bs 2 b tlkn bout black ppl n btw if chu didn’t kno WHITE ppl were de first2 start saggin der damn pantz nt blackz so stop hatin n git da hell oua it!!!….n whitez wore der pantz lik dat in prison so de guardz wudnt kno dey were gona go fuk sumbody dat waz der sign so it wudnt b obvious. Also I thnkiz fukn bs how chu whitez can tlk shit bout blackz wen chu dnt kno shit ur self apparently if chu didn’t kno erabody waz born white dumbass!! N no blakcz ant jealouz der proud of der color n yez white iz a fukn color so git da fuk oua it….de only thin chu whitez got 2 b jealouz of iz dat der black,jus cuz dey diff color dnt mke chu any btrr den anybody else n chu rly needa git oua ur selvez bc nobody thnkz highly of ur ass nowayz n chu whitez jus jealouz bc chu ant black now stop fukn bein racist n git oua urselvez nobody wantz2 hear ur racist commentz n in fact most blackz n mexicanz work harder den chu white zbc all chu do iz sit on ur ass n expect sum1 to gve erathin2 chu n I love lil wayne so STFU!!!THXZ BUH-BYE

all of u are fuckin pussys lil wayne aight deid he a beast nigga cant die motha fucka he the best and if he did bird or drake would say something

OK if lilwayne is dead how come he hired me on to young money and helped me with my new song Rack City? i geuss i was just on ACID right? HATAS

If Lil wayne was dead wouldn`t they put it on the news!!! An wouldn`t Lil waynes little brother Lil Twist say somthing? Ya`ll all sum liers and yall need to stop saying that. Hes the greatest arist in the world and thats that. CieraMonee<3

this shit dumb ass hell….yall so fucking stupid…he is not dead..because if he was i would be dead to. because i love him so much

For one Mr.anonymous you are fucking stupid deid isn’t spelled that way fucken dumb ass it’s spelled dead not deid k. If your going to type
some thing at least spell it right and aight isn’t spelled THAT FUCKEN WAY

man fuck dis shit he ant died if he was it would be on the news not a gay ass little website so wen it on mtv ill believe it till den fuck yall yall sick bitchs

you are a dumb ass how dair u say that to lil wayen he is not gone h can come back to life and restart cause you bitch anonymous fuck u did you hera that fuck youuuuuuuu. lil wayen lover 4 lifeeeeeee

lil wayne is alive and he always will be. when he dies it will be the end of the whole world. and the person that made this website should go fucking jump of a bridge. dumb fuck, everyone loves lil wayne and the world would be over without the BEST RAPPER ALIVE

I love how people change their name on this to TYGA. Or LIL WAYNE. bitches, you aint none of them! like theyd even visit this mutha fuckin site.. Youre all just dumbasses tryna say that hes dead. I respect yall that suporrt him, and not tryna be him. DONT BE A FUCKKKIN FAKE M.F!!!

I don’t see why everybody’s so fucked over this lil faggot dyin. He didn’t do nothin special. When I see Little Black Wayne died in the news, I see just one more dead ass Nigger, like Trayvon. Good riddance!

Wat a joke if he was dead I guess I saw his ghost at his concert the other night like what the fuck is wrong with you people live your life and let him live his stop hatin and go make a life for yourself instead of hatin and talkin shit all day

lilwayne cant b dead hes tha bestrapper alive theze muthafuckin websites r lien i awayz thought of lilwayane dis iz bullshit stupit intrenet fuck it lilwayne iz not dead i repet i hateb it dat they lien but i hate it lil wayne

Lil Wayne Aint Dead.. He Died Like 9 Times Hes Like A Cat.! I Dunno Why Err’ Body Sayin Shit When They Dumb As’F.!

Mother fuckers weezy ain’t dead quit talkin shit about something u don’t even know nothing about FUCK DA BULLSHIT

WWeezy clearly ain’t dead, yo..-.- If he was dead it’d be all over the place and considering my friends and I are huge fans of his I’m sure we’d know. I’d know because people would be running up to me yelling, “OMG! Ricky did you know Lil’ Wayne died?!” Yeahh.. He didn’t die fuckin’ faggot…-.- [IMG] [/IMG]


who ever hates lil wayne must be gay who do you like justin bieber that little fuckin fag like the haters ;)

I knew you was not dead. I love you too much for you to be gone . keep on wit your buisness(: I was guna cry for my life if you died…. ILY annd you my favorite



if this is wayne i would be so honor if u check out my music or email me on [email protected] n i would send u my music or i would free style for u i really dnt care< anyways i just wanna say u n drizzy are beast in tha music rap n music indusrty ya change tha game straight up n are beyond talented well keep doing ya thing#OVOXO

Are people really that stupid that they think an obituary of someone that has the status like lol Wayne has would be as poorly written as this? For real?! You don’t see the actual cause of death for quite a few weeks and all that bullshit about him messing up his face with knives wouldn’t be in there or how he “treated his women.” the person who wrote this probably got their journalism degree at walmart: give it back, quit talking shit, and step ya game up. Report actual facts, not fantasies

what up yall it’s tyler the creator. he’s not dead im pretty sure he’s alive and shit. but these faggots have got to get it together. i did martians vs goblins with this nigga its too early…..

you people thinz lil wayne is dead fuck ya niggz how thinz that but he his not dead beuaes i saw haz at the maimia gamez at bosten bow maimia out but tyga sunk you niggz sunk dick if you like tyag

lil wayne aint dead its jst sum dum ass madafuckerz who r hater dat say he is dead coz they aint got any thing better to do than to sit nd trash tolk shit abt artists nd i got 2 thing to say to them haterz fuck u niggaz nd stop being bitches hu go around nd spreading lies abt artists.

It would be a god given miracle, if someone on this thread if someone could speak proper ENGLISH on here. you all look retarded. Well fuck, im TWELVE and i can speak english better then all of you. and i pray that little wayne dies, every night. I hope the community of fans like you, die with him.

I agree and he reppin for a gang he never been in he is a studio gangsta bitch witch you probly dont know what that is so i tell you a fake ass bitch who is only hardcore in a studio

He need to die im reppin for kelly park compton crips hell he aint a blood he a fuckin bitch who sucked cops dicks in jail

yo my dude i aint sayin u aint Crippin Cuz i gotz Crip luv 4 all my nationwide rip rydaz bKut just incase u didnt kno Crips dont spell fuCC wit a ck at the end Cus dat stand 4 Crip-killa dats how slobKs write & wen u nspell anything wit b u gots 2 put a K bKehind it Cus bK stands 4 bKlood killa iight Cuz all C’s is Capital 2 my nigga so 4example kick back in Crip would bKe spelled kiCC bKaCC iight – juss look up CRip on wiki &go down 2praCtiCes &u’ll C iight juss thought you’d kno Cuz from 1 Crip 2another bKro keep it CraCCin dawg soo-bKlue fuCC piru & fuCC slobKs in general

& yo juss inCase u in sChool or sum shit lik dat & u have 2 spell a word wit ck just say Crip Kingdom after u rite it c- CRip k-Kingdom so it down Count against ur bKlue strips iight Cuz rollin 20’s rollin 30’s rollin 90’s rollin 60’s I DONT GIVE A FUCC CRIP IS CRIP & I REPRESENT 4ALL MY RIP RYDAZ NATIONWIDE “wats CraCCin Cuz” slobK killa till tha death of rollin 20’s east side CRip till im in my bKLue Casket & yo either if wayne wasnt gon die now he was gon die later 40glocc, dresta, fab,spida loc, bg.knocc out wouldve came after his pussy false Claimin ass tlkin bout wats poppin 5 yea rite more like wats droppin 5 CUs real niggaz kno its all bKOut tht 6poppin 5droppin or 5 slobKin

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&remem6er nigga who r true where 6lue Cuz SOOOO-bKLUEEE !!!!

hey yall all it iz is rumors…. dat get pple into tryna knw wat there tawkin bout wen somethen isnt even true..weezy iz nt dead. lyke ol dude said it will b on the news of course. theyll announce it on the bet music videos in the morning. or somewhere else on tv. Young Weeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy babe

Wad up writer?Why ya’ll mudafukas wish thiz genuis dead,if u hate him kip it personal okay,wizzy has got more life to spend than ya’ll mudafukas.

LilWayne Is Not Dead Fuckinn Dum Ass People Old Muzzle Face Ass People Whyy Would Yall Even Makee A Statement Likee Datt He Is Nott Dead Whyy Would Yall Start A Roomer Likee Datt I LOVE YHU WAYNE Dont Die On Yhur Fanss Bro Do Daa Riqht Thinqq Who Eva Did Diss Wronqq Roomer Im Fena Firer Yall Up Basketball, Volley, Glossy Head A** Cotton

lil wayne aint dead dey needa get off of here wit all dat lien dey doin you shouldnt lie like dat about peoples life its very messed up but what goes around cums around so yall will get wat you are asking for

why the fuck are you people lying about my nigga lil wayne becuz for a fact he anit people nedd to stop lying.he is my favorite singer can lose fans like that and no one will ever use your sites ever again.

Weezy ain`t dead yall b$$$$s.He is alive if he was dead it would be on and in the news,newspaper,enquior and everyone that I know including me would be crying.I didnt get to kiss him yet.And yall tha th are saying he dead yall just jeoules as hell.He HOT

lil wayne is an amazing rapper, one of Gods greatest.
he is very creative his words come from his mind almost all his shit
is free style, but all this bullshit about him being dead.. i think everyone would kno if he was.
all of you just need to get a life and stop yelling at each other over the internet over some bullshit some idiot wrote for the attention, and plus he probably just wanted to see what dumbasses like you would have to say about it.
LAtER :)

I cant wat those pricks are say cos u bitches wanna kick him bt while he will be back he gonna break ur legs.

I cant believe wat those pricks are saying cos u bitches wanna kick him bt while he will be back he gonna break ur legs.