Everyone is turning into a sociopath:

Personality disorders are a significant, and highly sought after, social distinction in American society. But so-called “experts” warn increases in mood disorders pose a threat to public health in the United States, and probably elsewhere – surely there are other places – but who fucking cares about them?

Mental illness is cool

Very cool kid
I’m depressed!

Romanticizing school shooters is not only fun, it’s profitable, too!

While the over-pussification of American society has pushed down crime rates overall, mass murder and public shootings have dramatically increased.

Raleigh T. Sakers instituted a rule to be followed by all news desks, from CNN to the Internet Chronicle, that in the event of a mass shooting, each publication is then expected to dig deep into the sordid, abuse-enhanced backstories of such losers as those douchebags from Columbine, or that incel from 4chan, or Barron Trump.

Then we publish it: style

Not enough people know how sexy it is to shoot up a school, according to Dr. Angstrom Troubadour, Chief Researcher at the Lebal Drocer Institute of Brooding Evil.

This has not stopped anyone from turning into a sociopath, Troubadour said, adding that there is “no hope” for the future.

“I’m OCD,” Troubadour mocked. “I’m bipolar. I’m depressed. Oh, I was molested by a babysitter.”

Everyone’s depressed, at least in America, Troubadour said. As long as you aren’t actually depressed, it’s cool as shit to be depressed!

Troubadour delivers babies into the world, and works hard to keep them from acting like ignorant little bitches.
Dr. Angstrom Troubadour delivers babies into the world, and works hard to keep them from acting like little bitches about it.

Leading experts from the Boulder, Colorado University of Like Whatever Man say school shooters reflect Millennials’ rejections of societal norms. University fellow Susan Crabtree blames the increase in sociopathic disorders on growing pressures from modern economic mainstays.

“When you live in a capitalist society such as this, it’s just gonna fuck you over in the end,” Crabtree said. “There’s people out there today still working in the same conditions that once made Upton Sinclair’s dick hard. Have you seen what customer service does to people?”

Children are sooo fucking special

We reached out to today’s youth and asked them what’s the big deal with you little idiots? Like why are you all acting like you have depression when you’re actually just useless, boring, uninteresting underachievers, like your friends?

"I acted depressed for a while because I thought it would make me appear cool, deep, and introspective. That didn't work, so now I appear in black and white photography, smoking a joint." --Jenna, 17, is now considered cool among her peers
“I was all dissociative for a while because I thought it would make me appear cool, deep, and out-of-reach. That didn’t work, so now I appear in other people’s black and white photography smoking a joint.” –Jenna, 17, is now considered cool among her peers
"Actually, there's a lot of unseen pressure coming from within. I am just a baby, but I've already risen to the level of Captain. I wanted to paint nature scenes. And I sometimes wonder, 'What if?'" --USAF Captain Fournier
“Actually, there’s a lot of unseen pressure coming from within. I am just a baby striving to pay my bills, but I’ve already risen to the level of Captain in the armed forces. I once wanted to paint nature scenes. And I sometimes wonder, ‘What if?'” –USAF Captain John Fournier, 15 months old
"The only sounds louder than the voices in my head are the terrified screams of my victims." --Tommy, 13
“The only sounds louder than the voices in my head are the terrified screams of my victims.” –Tommy, 13

Dr. Troubadour said that in his 30-odd years of conflict resolution, he believes narcissists and sociopaths are an increasing public annoyance, but hardly a health hazard.

If instances of personality disorders continue to arise, he admits, it could be time to institute a mandatory mental health purge, and begin eradicating bloodlines that can’t suppress the urge to appear brooding, moody or introverted.

Sakers looks to another approach:

“We have enough music. We have enough tortured artists. We already got enough fuckin’ poetry. Write some god damn fucking comedy or get the fuck out of my timeline. You’re not made for this business. You’re weak! YOU NEVER TRANSCENDED! Now go back in there and suck your momma’s titty til you’re finished cooking because I don’t need to get shot up while I’m at the god damn opera.”

Raleigh T. Sakers, Lebal Drocer, Inc.
Raleigh T. Sakers, Lebal Drocer, Inc: “Get the fuck out of my office.”

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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When Smoker does end up leaving Luna for someone he met on twitter like he left his ex for Luna after Liam died to get his hands on the memorial fund, his new girlfriend will do to Luna what Luna spent a year online doing to Smoker’s ex of 17 YEARS.
Liam would be so ashamed and disappointed in his ex girlfriend Luna how she’s turned out after his death. Liam a real activist while his ex and her new husband Smoker stalk the Internet for women to harass, threaten, sexually harass, and threaten to rape them and kill their kids.
What kind of a horrid woman (Luna) knows, enables, supports, and is part of sexually harassing one of her female friends (Melinda) so her husband (Smoker) can social engineer one of his wife’s friends (Melinda) away from the Llama of Truth TWITTER ACCOUNT. smh
Remember when we subtweeted many months ago how we knew what Smoker did to Melinda sexually harassing her to get her away from the Llama of Truth account without naming names and what his wife Luna would think. Smoker subtweeted back that his wife knows everything.
This is the guy who lied to his girlfriend of 17 YEARS he wanted her to pay for his plane tickets for “job interviews” he was flying out to. He instead flew around Canada and the United States having sex with women he met on twitter and buying drugs. *slow clap*

Im wondering who the apologies were made to bc it sure as fuck wasnt Melinda. And if Luna is so worried about the effect of her social media on her residency… then maybe her Husband should stop tweeting that he wishes women would get raped.
What kind of a wife does nothing and allows her husband to tweet to other women he was going to rape them and wanted your kids dead? The shit Luna would subtweet against us, Smoker’s ex, and others accusing everyone else of being “petty.”

MrsLKershaw Replying to
If memory serves me correctly they were beefing around that time so its possible and also likely he went after her for revenge. I remember him bragging on Twitter about fucking Shmoops ex in the asshole. Sorry to be so blunt but those are the words Smoker used.

Why would Smoker want to emotionally manipulate Shmoop’s girlfriend after her split from Shmoop? Was Smoker trying to get information out of her to use against Shmoop and Rustle League? WHAT would he do with the info and WHO would he give it too?

Look what Smoker did having sex with Liam’s girlfriend Luna after Liam’s death in order to get his hands on the memorial fund donations. I was told thousands had been raised but only a small fraction spent because he was cremated.

Ya heard that everyone. Smoker thought he could take on SHMOOP and all of Rustle League seeking revenge on Shmoop by having sex with his girlfriend to see if he could get information out of her on Shmoop and Rustle League to use against them.
6:30 pm · 5 Nov 2018

“Anonymous, because none of us are as cruel as all of us.”

Leah Kershaw 19hrs
Thank you to everyone who has sent us encouraging DMs or shared their stories about Smoker and his sleazy ass. <3
(Doesn't this remind all of us of Archer and Lulu and their past game playing.)

I only lurk the drama, I’m a winterfag …. AND don’t shoot the messenger.

Statement From Commander X
Monday – October 22, 2018 6:00 PM CT

Greetings —
Recently I suffered a great loss in my personal life. I went through a period of deep grief, followed by what might well have been a mild nervous breakdown. After suffering with the resulting severe depression for two months, I adopted a street rescue puppy here in Mexico named Xander. Consequently, I am doing much better. It’s really hard to remain self-destructive with a little miracle like him staring you in the eyes.

Over the past decade, I have journalized my odyssey within the Global Collective called Anonymous. For those who are familiar with my story, and/or have read my books – you know it has been extremely harrowing. I am exhausted in a way that simple sleep can not cure. And I have lost so much that a little puppy is literally all I have left. I have decided my choice is binary. Either I take a break, or I quit forever. I have decided on the former, and so Itoonnounce an 8 month vacation – beginning today.

I am postponing the scheduled drop of my third book, “Exiled For The Mask: The Story Of Anonymous Golden Eagle” – for one year. The new tentative date for release is November 5, 2019. It makes no sense to try and rush the writing process, and frankly I am too beat down to do a good job of it right now. I want to make certain I do this amazing story justice. And I need time to heal.

I will spend my time building up my new life here in Mexico, training my new puppy – and finishing my third book properly. I am not “going dark”. I will still be on social media, although far less. I am still at the other end of whatever messaging service you’re used to finding me. I will still be checking my E-Mail daily. But I will not be doing any work in activism at all. I must lay that part down, and focus just on myself and my Xander.

Many of my fans, supporters and friends have known in more or less detail the ordeal I have recently suffered. Many of you have reached out with encouragement and occasional financial support. I have not really thanked you for this properly. You all have my undying gratitude. For those of you who follow and support me online, have no fear. This is not the end of X. Far from it, it is more likely just the beginning.

I’ll see you all in 8 months. Until then I suggest you take a long look at those around you that you love and care about, and remember that they can be gone forever in the blink of an eye. Also remember, we can not save the world if we can not even save ourselves. I love all of you, even the haters. You are all a part of my story, and I treasure every one of you.


Okay it Novembet 7th. Who wants to take bets he’ll still be writing this piece crap same time next year.

Twitter needs some dramalama other then a dead or something to do with covid19. Like I know some Indian Hackers hijacked the Lulzsec account stole millions bitcoin from the 99% so other than that not much has happen. Hell even Barrett hasn’t ODed yet or no one has knocked off Hector. Pretty boring considering it’s the end of the world. No satire, no Lulz (ya ya fishfag hates that word but hey when in Roman. Oh they let poor Chelsea out finally, hopefully Assange still never sees the light of day. I am hoping covid19 takes him out. It deprives the US govt of their bullshit and gets rid of a pesky Russian asset.

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