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Snowden unveils secret surveillance mission of X-37B

Plans for the X-37B revealed by Edward Snowden show the military’s attempt at total global surveillance of the entire Earth’s surface.

INTERNET—Edward Snowden, hacker and NSA leaker, told reporters Sunday that the United States Air Force plans to deploy hundreds, if not thousands, of production variants of the X-37B spaceplane to maintain constant and total worldwide real time video surveillance.

Snowden told reporters, “In another few years the X-37B will be renamed the SR-76, and planners hope it can carry up to seventy surveillance satellites per orbit, deploying them strategically for constant video coverage of an area the size of Texas. Because the SR-76 is reusable, designers plan for at least fifty launches in the lifetime of each of the spaceplanes. Black budgets I’ve looked at call for the purchase of at least seventy SR-76 space planes to justify development costs, so we can assume that the aim is total surveillance over all populated sectors of the earth’s surface.

The huge data storage centers built by the NSA will be able receive and store these surveillance videos indefinitely, leaving no event on the surface of the earth outside of the permanent gaze of law enforcement and the US military, decades or centuries later.”

Supporter of the US Government and former engineer for the Army, Jebediah Kermon, said, “If it saves just one soldier’s life, it’s worth it. We can’t be caught with our pants down. The Space Race never ended, and we’re really winning, now.”

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