Anonymous releases ‘Apesgone’ malware into Ethereum’s blockchain


INTERNET — Crypto markets took a steep dive, Saturday, after news of a novel type of malware, which researchers are classifying as a blockchain worm, reached the press. Apesgone is named after a viral tweet from @toddkramer1, who lost his NFTs to the virus. The Apesgone malware spreads through blockchain transactions, corrupting vital information and effectively destroying the cryptocurrency forever.

The hacking collective Anonymous took credit for releasing the virus into the Ethereum blockchain, Friday, issuing a press release on pastebin announcing “Operation CryBro.”


Ethereum inventor and Yogi, Vinay Gupta, said “Now’s not the time to sell! With the virus destroying so many tokens, their value is only going to skyrocket.”

Gupta stressed his optimism about the future of crypto in the face of an all-out assault by the world’s most feared hacking collective. “This thing, apesgone, it will eventually wear itself out, just hold!” Gupta began to chant and moan, “HODL HODL HODL. I GOT DIAMOND HANDS.”

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Let’s face it, nothing’s going to be popular forever except Elvis, The Beatles, and Jesus … AND ME

anonymous is destroying NFTs, for the new year! great job:




what a heartwarming thing to see all of anonymous come together for this one, i love the holiday season

OH so now you decide to poke the nest of vipers/bears/snitches/junkies/ciapuppets/all around dramalama queen crazies ……

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