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Dr. Troubadour Accused of Running Fake News Boot Camp to Train Boys to Become Fake Newsmen

Troubadour is accused of amassing a child army
Troubadour is accused of amassing a child army.

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubadour is being detained in a mobile diesel therapy unit en route to Cuthbert, Georgia in the Southeastern US, after documents tied him to a Lebal Drocer executive responsible for the stillborn deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in South Carolina, and who is sought in connection with an illegal “Fake News Bootcamp” where children are taught to write dangerous forms of Internet satire.

Georgia state authorities are seeking to question a prominent hate speech historian, Raleigh T. Sakers, who they suspect trained dozens of malnourished children to commit mass disinformation campaigns in their communities.

In addition to the defamed Lebal Drocer University professor Dr. Troubadour, recently released court documents accuse Sakers, the mysterious corporate executive behind the Lebal Drocer Uranium Waste Spill of 2011, of training children whose ages range from 16, all the way down to toddlers, to write lies, fabrications, and publish fake news under the guise of satire.

A Forced Product

Area man visually defines lost concept through ironic failure to do so

The purpose: To inflict harm by unleashing unrest, laughter, and disinformation upon the masses

Since the spring semester of Fake News For Fuck-Ups, Sakers’ students have come away jaded, sardonic, and world weary. Ready to attack our clean civilization.

“May you proceed into the world holding a mirror up to society. And may your mirror be concave, harness the power of the sun, and melt down your enemies with a fiery stare.”

–Plaque outside R.T. Sakers’ abandoned Cuthbert, Ga. office

Sakers, who is also accused of exploiting the poor and disenfranchised for personal gain, has absolved himself of all guilt.

But them Georgia boys was watchin’

Children are underfed and sent to bed without dinner, until they come up with something funny. |
Children are underfed and sent to bed without dinner, unless they write something funny. At a website where ‘mistruths are punished by mutilation or death,’ the kids walk a high wire between impressing their editors, and offending them with tepid trash.

Cuthbert Sheriff Richard Petty said, “We had learned the occupants were most likely heavily armed and considered satirical extremists.”

The court papers show that Sakers, author of the self-help series “Transcendental Man,” is heir to the  Lebal Drocer fortune, and hates fake news, as well as the so-called real news.

Georgia police executed a search warrant for Sakers and his estate after video surfaced of kids crying to be fed, while being forced to type on outdated computers in a hot crawlspace between two trailers.

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‘@Kilgoar 9h
the thing that really irks me about infowars is that they use free speech protections for satire as a legal loophole through which they can scaremonger and deceive people. this is in my opinion a grave threat to free speech’
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i don’t remember you

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