Uncontrollable Patriotism


I love my fucking country. And my country loves fucking me.

That gray-haired fellow is absolutely right.

While I don’t agree with his decision to name people specifically (note: I don’t care who he actually named), I find it difficult to disagree with this man on all but one issue. The notion that politically-minded Americans willing to give campaign contributions to honest politicians will somehow outweigh the collective corporate dollar is, like Paul Jay suggested, Utopian. It’s just so far from realistic that we could give enough money to enough candidates to turn the tides against the forces that be (and cheat to exist).

It was so funny (creepy) to me when campaign people came by my house seeking campaign contributions on behalf of Obama, after it was already so clear that he had the best media team in the Presidential history. How is that? Lotsa fucken money, folks. More than all of us put together could ever have come up with in order to stop him.

And it’s a well-known fact of politics, as well as the main reason people hate and distrust Washington, that corporations have a lot of money they’re willing to spend on people they know will protect their interests – and there are sleazy assholes willing to betray their countrymen by accepting it (and still can somehow sleep at night). Well, it’s nice to see someone stating it so poignantly and my only hope is this kind of articulation becomes mainstream. How that will happen without “big media” – or without big media hijacking the movement is beyond the scope of my imagination.

Please, Gods of Reason. Rescue us all from this sea of shit, and get me off the boat of feces. Or, stand up and think for yourselves, America. But don’t look to me; for even as a man of peace, I see no peaceful resolution.

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We need our own large-scale media outlet. As I’m sure you know, most companies are, at the least of their corruption, biased, whether it’s to a company or a political party. That bias is passed on to their viewers. Can we blame the viewers for being ignorant? I’m not so sure. Most of those people work 6 days a week from 8-6 (or w.e) and have families and finances to worry about. If they even began to realize they were being screwed, their lives would likely unravel. Also, the media outlets, and not just fox, abc, nbc, anything owned by viacom, do an excellent job of disguising their intentions as “for the people.” Personally, I would like to believe them, but that ship has sailed.
So is it too late for all those middle aged, tax paying voters? You tell me. Our revolution doesn’t have to a bloody one, but it’s going to require a whole new level of creativity.
I guess the biggest question, is even at our best, do we even stand a chance of holding a candle to the corruption that is “the system” as we know it? Doubtfully.

Dear Chronicle writers:
I love your site, as do many people. However, that is because the site is cleverly designed to attract people with similar views to your own. I don’t think you should change a thing about it. But.. I think you have a chance of reaching people that don’t share your outlook. Yes, they need to think for themselves. That should be your message. But they need to know that although they think they are thinking on their own, the subliminal bigotry is thinking for them. They need to be aware of that fact.
Good luck to you, sirs, and may Set always watch over you.

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