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Automated psyop bots jam the efforts of #GamerGate campaigners

#GamerGate has been silenced by big internet powers.

INTERNET—One of many thousands of psyop bots, named Eliza R. Barr, was uncovered Thursday morning after ensnaring at least twenty non-abusive supporters of #GamerGate in time wasting discussions with computer generated questions similar to what a psychoanalyst might ask.

An unknown party deployed this army of psyop bots to draw #GamerGate campaigners into long, pointless discussions, diverting their energies away from useful campaigning just as the controversy went viral. In this way, most of their voices were almost entirely compromised.

Similar propaganda, psyop, and censorship weapons are now for sale by private contractors and are often rented out to corporations or foreign dictators to help them cover up for bad publicity or wage war.

Wikileaks tweeted to #GamerGate campaigners, pointing to Google as the power behind the controversy. The implication is that Google recently made a foray into cheap and accessible alternatives to the overpriced and inferior psyop weaponry created by defense contractors, giving even mid-level gaming publications tremendous capability to deploy effective countermeasures against campaigns that could completely destroy their companies.

A hacker known as Sabu was responsible for hacking and releasing documents from HBGary, a contractor developing similar weapons, and Barrett Brown, who has now been held for over two years on related charges, first publicized the nature of such “sockpuppet armies,” naming them Metal Gear, after the popular video game. Fox News, in conjunction with the FBI, unveiled a suspect story in which Sabu suddenly shifted character after a mocked-up raid.

More likely, both Sabu and Brown are long-term actors employed by the CIA in its strategy of instigating and magnifying conflict in their own weak spots, this time cyberspace, in order to justify the perpetual increase in institutional power.

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