Gamer retires from life as time consuming Diablo III career takes off

Roanoke, Va.– 28-year-old Kroger clerk Jim Hannahan stopped going into work when he realized being a cashier at the supermarket was not only beneath a level 60 Legendary Monk, but cut directly into game time. What at first he believed might be a rough transition came more naturally than expected, Jim said. “I used to just […]

Diablo III – It’s prettay prettay prettay prettay . . . good

The American gaming male automatically degenerated into an alternating cycle of hardcore gaming and furious, repeated bouts of masturbation Tuesday after Mother Blizzard released her tepid seed into the yawning, fertile womb of jilted fantasy gamers who have already seen enough WoW expansions to make General Patreus reconsider an extensive Iraq strategy. The most celebrated […]