Your keyboard is spying on you

New sonic keyboard technology uses your computer’s built-in microphone to monitor the sounds of your individual keystrokes, logging everything you do, according to new research conducted by Dr. Angstrom H. Troubadour and his team of unpaid graduate students. This intuitive method of eavesdropping combines new with the old by “listening in” on audio footage through […]

Germany stopped sharing internet surveillance info with the NSA because both nations use the same spy software

BERLIN — Germany’s surveillance agency, the BND, used to spy for the NSA in the the United States. They stopped, however, when news broke they were sharing their communications with USA, which pissed a lot of people off. “A row” following bad press in the German government seems to have put a stop to certain […]

NSA to codify ongoing Fourth Amendment rights violations

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Our watchful overlords have decided it is better not to discontinue illegal domestic spying, but to instead make domestic spying legal. The NSA spies on its citizens, which is illegal, as indicated by their desire to legalize it. A bit of context: The collection of private data did not start with governments. […]