How Can I Alpha Up?

Whether you like it or not, the invisible hand of the sex market is stroking off alphas all over America
Whether you like it or not, the invisible hand of the sex market is stroking off alphas all over America

“One must take the Red Pill to escape to reality, outside of ideology, specifically Feminist Theory, the dominant ideology which suppresses all forms of masculinity. This is a force that acculturates mostly white American men into a standard ‘beta’ mindset and engenders an equal level of mutual respect and communication with women, resulting in the eternal friend zone effect. I took the Red Pill, and I entered the sex zone.” The sacred testimonial ~ Red Pill Bible.

How can I be alpha? Maintaining ‘frame’, redpill jargon for inhabiting the superior demeanor, is truly how one enters the highest echelon of breeding males, alphas. Red Pill’s description of the field and its interactions is mostly sound, and can transform determined betas into plate(wowan)-spinning(multi-fucking) alphas, especially with the application of daily weight-lifting and protein slime sucking procedures. The virulent upwelling and increased support for the counterfeminist ideology is buttressed by open misogyny, not just the implicit objectification of the plates.

Won’t people make fun of me? Statistics gathered by Gallup show that 94% of believers in Red Pill Theory have considered or attempted joining the military, and many believe the ideology was funded and designed by a black-budget military recruitment program. Red Pill has continued to swell at virulent, exponential rates. By their own theory, the sex market is at the historically best point possible for alphas, since Feminists and beta-indoctrination are at all time highs. It may not be long before the reborn Feminist-proof alphas crawling all over the streets transform the sex market back to something like what existed before feminism took hold, so you better get in on that whole scene quick before the sex market is re-saturated with alphas who will then be expelled, like newly hatched Zerg warriors, to infest and then replace the Islamic State.

What does this all mean for Geopolitics? In Russia, they make fun of our men. A country of betas with the best weapons in the world can lose it all to a few alphas with some balls to really do something big. Pussy Riot cannot save you. Only the Red Pill could save you, but it was all a lie designed by military social engineers to put some fight back into our population. Real alphas don’t need that fake masculinity funded with billions of black budget tax money going to waste and wrecking the economy. Real Alphas take Red Pills, Blue Pills, and acid. It triggers an ideology-based alternative to the original reality that is personal rather than influenced by Marx-style trans-historical deterministic fluxuations on the Sex Market. The revolution must begin within, before a beta can even ascend to sex-having beta status. God Bless you, and Alpha Up out there.


Jeep to manufacture all new 2015 model Patriots in only the color white

The all new 2015 Jeep Patriot comes in an untainted, never-mixed white color.
The all new 2015 Jeep Patriot comes in an untainted, never-mixed white color.
The all new 2015 Jeep Patriot comes in an untainted, never-mixed white color.

TOLEDO – Racial tensions have retracted to a flaccid normal in the wake of a massively lawful shooting that took place in Ferguson, Missouri.

But the shooting of an unarmed American teenager six times (including a 360 no-scope killshot) smack in the middle of a suburban street did not go by without controversy: many argue the unarmed teen stole snacks from a bodega, which makes the murder even more legal, and still others believe the police did not do enough to disperse rioters fast enough, causing horrendous traffic jams for local workers (that is, people with jobs who are too busy to protest every time the cops do their job), and one American company is poised to implement a policy that they say “will eventually pave the way for easier daily commutes for everyday Americans.”

In a press conference this morning, Jeep announced that from Ferguson onward, they will only offer their 2015 Patriot model in one color: pure, powerful white.

“We have seen the future,” said Jeep CEO Mike Mannley from the Toledo Throne Room high atop Jeep’s manufacturing headquarters, “and the future is white in front of us.”

Jeep served reporters in attendance unlimited fresh water from Lake Eerie. During the presentation, they coddled the news media, allowed them to leave their cameras on all day, and asked each female reporter if recently they lost weight, because they look great.

“After watching the events unfold in Ferguson,” Mannley explained, “I think we all can agree that this animalistic behavior—protesting, looting, essentially just blocking traffic—might be okay for a wildlife refuge in Africa, but our American infrastructure – our pavement laid by generations of God-fearing Patriots – is reserved for gasoline intensive sport utility vehicles, and high performance petroleum-based tires.”

Our precious bodily fluids must not be adulterated by the virulent savages we got running loose down in Missoura.

– Jeep CEO Michael White Mannley

Jeep’s decision to apply their “whites-only” policy to just the Patriot model is said to be the first phase of a unanimous decision by their board of all-white directors to steer marketing in what they see as the right—or white—direction.

Phase Two will reportedly see their popular “Cherokee” model changed to a more “appropriate” name. While nothing is yet confirmed, a leaked list of contenders for the name changed include: Redskin, Gas Huffer, and the all-new Jeep Squaw Hopper. The company is keeping quiet about a “Final Solution” in the works, but as one anonymous factory worker at the Toledo Complex put it, “Let’s just say we may finally be heating up that industrial strength oven…”

The Patriot is one of Jeep’s most popular and patriotic models. It remains to be seen whether a move to all-white Patriots might alienate the growing majority of non-white minorities in this country – but sources close to the industry hope so – if only for Detroit’s sake.

But as we here at the Internet Chronicle say: If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.

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Police ‘Desperately Outgunned’ by Nonviolent Criminals, ‘Obama Study’ Shows

Roanoke County Va. police officers cower behind one of only four humvees.
Roanoke County Va. police officers cower behind one of only four humvees, and await public insurrection.
Roanoke County Va. police officers cower behind one of only four humvees, and await public insurrection.

WASHINGTON – Raped by images of rioters menacing barely-armed peace officers, President Barack Obama received results from a comprehensive review of the Department of Defense program which hands down military-grade equipment to police departments in need.

What the study found was concerning: Obama said the shocking results of his study revealed police departments are not receiving enough decommissioned body armor, mine-resistant trucks, flashbang hand grenades and silencers, and forces nationwide are “desperately low” on illegal fully automatic rifles.

Executive of Freedom James Clapper said the findings deliver a staggering blow to police forces across the country operating in a culture of growing intimidation and fear.

“We’re taking their legs right out from under them,” Clapper said in a statement. “Without the advanced weaponry they need, our boys in blue are powerless to overcome ecstasy and pot dealers poisoning our youth from behind their videogames and Led Zeppelin regalia.”

Clapper said police forces are unable to escalate many situations beyond baseline paranoid hostility.

“Just the other day, one of our men went in without a gas mask and lost his bearings in a cloud of marijuana smoke. He couldn’t even shoot a dog that was asleep on the rug, threatening the safety of our fellow officers.”

Clapper concluded that “more guns, not less” is the only way to satisfy “a police officer’s natural bloodlust and desire to kill,” without the added responsibility of proper training and moral integrity.

Chief of Roanoke Police Department Rambo H. Atesic said his officers are dragging their knuckles around like apes, beating their chests in a savage display of impotent rage, setting up daytime checkpoints just to menace motorists in 5 o’clock traffic.

“Roanoke, Virginia just placed 1,000 package orders of midnight-black flak jackets, ski masks, rape sticks and explosive hollow-point rounds that spray awesome radioactive sand all over a crowd of demonstrators,” Atesic said. “So naturally, they’re itching to use it. Hell, I can’t fucking wait to shoot a dog, let alone some meaningless colored person.”

Atesic’s pupils dilated as wide as the iris, and a tiny flame flickered behind his hollow gaze.

“Our boys’ dicks are harder than Donkey Kong and there’s niggers that need oppressing,” Atesic surmounted. “Don’t take their guns away right when they need them the most. No sir, boys. We got a war to win. Now get out of my face with your camera, before I fucking kill you.”

NSA Leaker on Ferguson Internet Outages — "We pulled the plug"

NSA's HATEFINGER has been deployed to quell  the spread of "virulent domestic unrest" in Ferguson
NSA’s HATEFINGER has been deployed to quell the spread of “virulent domestic unrest” in Ferguson

INTERNET — The NSA, seeing that the flow of data into and out of Ferguson, Missouri was inevitably leading to a nationwide anti-police revolution, “pulled the plug,” as an Anonymous NSA leaker told Internet Chronicle. The active weapon, codenamed HATEFINGER, overwhelms domain name servers, which act as interpreters for internet protocol addresses and make up the most vulnerable part of internet infrastructure. Network Scientist Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador said, “Oh if the NSA wanted to drop the whole internet with domain name server attacks, I’m sure it’s well within their capabilities. Snowden’s shown their capabilities far exceed such a simple attack.”

Now that Ferguson protesters are to blame for nationwide internet outages, the public has lost sympathy for their cause. “It wasn’t enough that they had to loot and mess things up for everyone,” Gerald Darey, 56, of St. Louis said. “But now I can’t get on my facebook or my other, more important web sites that I pay good money to view. I’m about to lose my mind and just run out in the streets like an animal, myself, with my hands up in the air.”

Critic of the government and supporter of the Anonymous insurrection, Dr. Cecilia Darwin, refused to blame the protesters for triggering such dramatic clampdowns by the government and instead pointed her finger at the government clampdown itself, saying, “This is yet another case of militarized police, or more specifically, policified military. The NSA is supposed to be a code-breaking wing of the military, and by deploying HATEFINGER on the US populous this is a clear use of the military for domestic policing. The founding fathers intended, with the most-neglected amendment, the third, that military shouldn’t be brought into civilian populations to police or control, because they saw what happened at the Boston Massacre and they didn’t want that to happen again. But in Ferguson we see this happening every day, and because the founders obviously failed in phrasing the third amendment in a way that would withstand the test of time, now we have the military in our computers, in our streets, and maybe citizens aren’t forced to house them, but the effect is just the same. War on the streets of the homeland, war inside our domestic communications devices. This has to stop.”

Henry Rollins Commits Suicide

    Henry Rollins committed suicide after a torrent of hatemail for his criticism of Robin William's Suicide.
Henry Rollins committed suicide after a torrent of hatemail for his criticism of Robin William’s Suicide.

INTERNET — Henry Rollins, also known as Henry Garfield, was found dead in his home Saturday after his stomach tragically burst. Rollins angrily denounced Robin Williams for his recent suicide, saying, “I no longer take this person seriously,” but doctors say his ruptured chest was full of viciously chewed hate mail from Robin Williams fans.

Henry Rollins will be missed for his interesting addition to the classic American Hardcore band Black flag, even though he felt the band never really made it, saying “Flag never assimilated will with the Hollywood Punk scene.” Rollins was known in the music scene for his daddy issues, famously phoning up Ian MacKaye, a grandmaster of angry white man hardcore second only to Jello Biafara, to ask for permission to join Black Flag. MacKaye approved.

Not only was Black Flag an outsider in its milieu, but Rollins was an outsider, a mere replacement within Black Flag. The band, and Rollins especially, were targeted for abuse everywhere they played. Rollins himself admitted, “I got bottles bounced off of the head — after a a while, you become very wary, ready for someone to fuck with you — you get into you-versus-me situations. To this day I take shit.”

No one ever really liked Henry Rollins, especially his spoken-word stuff, and he will most likely not be missed by anyone except maybe four people at the most. Robin Williams was definitely more popular, his suicide overshadowing Rollins’ by far.

Depression Quest: A controversial review

Depression Quest: The game about depression for people who aren't depressed
Depression Quest: The game about depression for people who aren’t depressed

INTERNET — Recent controversy over several blogposts from the anonymous ex-boyfriend of author Zoë Quinn alleged that Quinn promoted her work, Depression Quest, by exchanging sexual favors with powerful “gaming journalists,” who then helped her promote her game. However, at least one of the allegations appear to have been dismissed as little more than veiled slut shaming in the virulent, twisted form given by a pathetic ex-boyfriend. A major complaint among the chauvinists piling on Quinn is that the game is barely even a game and no fun at all. In some yowling sex-deprived voice, they all say something like, “She must have been prostituting herself for that to be popular.” The veil for their attacks is their interest in protecting the sacred objectivity of gaming journalism, something which is not even at stake, as the reviews of her game fall in the realm of criticism or opinion.

Like many others fascinated by this absurd non-controversy, I fired up corporate-controlled Steam and downloaded a free copy of Depression Quest, hoping that by reviewing this video game I could restore my castrated manhood. Clocking in at 105 megabytes, I expected something more involved than the retro web 1.0 visuals that looked lazy juxtaposed with repeated appearances of the Netflix logo. An ominous epigraph from David Foster Wallace boded well, and the introduction played up the game’s potential descent into depression with trigger warnings and a link to a suicide hotline.

It might be wrong to classify Depression Quest as a game or even as an interactive fiction. In interactive fictions like MUDs or text-based dungeons, players respond to a textual world with text commands, participating, in a sense, as a writer of a story within the framework of an already-created world. Depression Quest, however, has a much more limited interface and is closer to a choose your own adventure paperback.

It takes about twenty minutes to read through Depression Quest, and the reader is given a few choices at the end of most frames. Each frame is a roughly page-length second person story about the painful banality of a depressive’s everyday life. While there are some evocative vignettes of the interiority of a depressive, most especially in family scenes, I found myself scanning over repetitive fragments of cliche or stereotypical thought patterns of any depressive. The protagonist is an empty container who cannot bring himself to work on a project that is never described, but constantly referred to.

The protagonist’s depression is charted by three textual scores at the bottom of each frame, one rating the depth of depression and the other two tracking cumulative visits to the therapist and use of medication (A combination of depression and medication, I assumed, was the only way to win). There seems to be no continuity at all between frames, which creates a disorienting effect that contributes to the unpleasantness and fragmentation of a depressive’s everyday life. However, at one point I found myself wondering if the cat the protagonist adopted had disappeared, only for it to appear a few frames later to console him. In the last syrupy-sweet frames, the protagonist whispers to his totally clueless girlfriend that he’s depressed and seeking help, and then he honestly tells his mother that he is feeling well.

I would have liked Depression Quest much better if it hadn’t come off as a doctor’s prescribed program for how to deal with depression, although there were a few times when calling in sick to work or vegging out on Netflix did relieve the depression score. At its best, Depression Quest does achieve the goal stated in its introduction by evoking the interiority of a depressive to foster understanding, but much of this is undone by the kind of stereotypical advice it takes to win. I found myself wondering if anyone could ever empathize with the game’s empty narrator and his unspeakable project when continually steering him away from depression with the kind of glib advice that is never advisable to foist onto a depressed person. I assume if I went back and truly inhabited the mindset of a depressed person, I would lose and the story would end with suicide, but then again perhaps I (or the writer?) approached the text wrongly by treating it as a ‘game’ that needs to be ‘won’.

It is little wonder that this minimally game-like text that purposefully inspires icky unpleasant feelings in its readers has received so much scorn from gamers, but I could not at all connect the story to the controversy over its author’s personal life, except that it has achieved some moderate popularity and chauvinists out there can only rationalize this with some kind of sexual conspiracy. As a first foray into writing forked path narrative, it’s not a bad effort and even interesting in concept, but I have no desire to go back and explore all its corners.

Ferguson Body Armor Fundraiser backed by Infowars, Anonymous

Alex Jones was known for spearheading the "truther" movement and uncovering the truth behind every lie the government tells.
“The police will never target you once you get Islamic Nation Body Armor.” – A. Jones

FERGUSON –Thousands of internet users were drawn into a body armor fundraising drive for protesters in Ferguson, in what has been exposed as a covert astroturf campaign that may be directed by body armor salespeople.  Alex Jones, who has recently doubled down on ads for body armor, claims that Ferguson is a “staged race war” that has been controlled by Black Panthers and Islamic Nationalist terrorist groups acting as patsies for globalists in yet more fake theatrics to increase the rate of the omnipresent clampdown on Liberty. Anonymous hackers promised to donate stolen bitcoins to the cause, pouring millions into the purchase of full body armor suits. It can be said as a fact that the plans for a full-on race war are finally going through and the plastic FEMA coffins are going to start filling up, and soon.

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, weapons expert, laughed at the suggestion of body armor for protesters in Ferguson, saying, “Militarized police would be using high powered assault rifles at close range, making body armor little more than a preposterously unsubtle provocation. If the protesters want cost effective self defense they should follow the lead of other militarized civilians across the world and refuse to identify themselves as a possible combatant. IEDs and AK-47s are low cost, covert solutions for self defense against any modern armored infantry unit such as the Ferguson police department.”