Heartbleed infects 98% of internet and was designed by NSA, says Chinese President Xi Jinping

BEIJING — Heartbleed, the most dangerous state-crafted cyber weapon since stuxnet, is a virus that infects nearly every device connected to the internet, and it was crafted by the NSA as an offensive weapon according to a statement from Chinese President Xi Jinping. Heartbleed designer and government contractor Kevin Mitnick corroborated President Xi Jinping’s statements, […]

Ancient interstellar tracking beacon spotted on Mars

OLYMPUS MONS — Final and incontrovertible proof of intelligent alien life was photographed by Nasa’s Mars Curiosity Rover, Tuesday, and even the most skeptical scientists are hailing it as the biggest scientific discovery in the history of mankind. Aliens remembered only as the Nephilim in Hebrew texts or the Annunaki on Mesopotamian clay tablets intervened […]