John Cena dead after "relentless cyberbullying"

INTERNET — John Cena, twelve time heavyweight champion and professional wrestler for the WWE was found dead Wednesday morning. Investigators said Cena drank a gallon of bleach after cyberbullies targeted him with “life ruining” tactics and death hoaxes. Detective Greg Samberg, who is investigating Cena’s case, issued a threat to the bullies at an impromptu […]

Secret contact with intelligent extraterrestrials proven by leak, says Julian Assange

INTERNET — Julian Assange came forward with documents hacked from the CIA cloud database which prove “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that extraterrestrials have been in contact with the CIA since 1973, when one of their ships appeared outside Skylab. During launch, Skylab’s solar array was damaged as an aluminum heat shield was torn […]

Algorithm Jamming and the "future" of art

There’s little doubt about it — except in this article’s fake linkbait title — algorithm jamming is the present stage of the world’s most popularly viewed “art.” An inhumanly vast body of algorithmically generated nonsense exists and exposes you to advertisers, an entertainment industry completely devoid of any entertainment but the shred that exists in […]