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Barack Obama's personality cult

Democrats will regurgitate every word of Barack Obama’s as if it were their own. His personality cult has grown through war and propaganda to rival Stalin.

Ask any Democrat about Bradley Manning. This is probably what they will say.

You don’t have to graduate high school to understand that by uttering the words “He broke the law,” President Obama has overstepped the powers granted to him by the constitution. My memory of 5th grade civics is a little distant, but I think it’s the judicial branch of government that gets to declare when the law is broken.

It’s important to understand that this is a civil issue and not a military one. There is absolutely no evidence that any members of the military have come to harm because of Bradley Manning’s alleged leaks. Not only that, but the leaks in question were not sold to our enemies. They were revealed to the entire world. This is the only proper context from which to view Bradley Manning’s alleged crimes. In such a context, the leaks can only be described as civil disobedience. The media, the military, and Barack Obama himself have told every possible lie to obscure the proper understanding of this issue from the general public. Those within the Obama administration who speak out are purged.

Ask a Democrat about why Barack Obama decided to escalate war in Afghanistan. They will most likely tell you that it was completely necessary in order for us to win. Thanks to Bradley Manning, we know this is a lie. The idea that innocent civilians suffer most from war is now fact. No civilian or soldier on either side wins this kind of war. Should that really be a state secret?

Ask a Democrat about Libya. They’ll tell you we’re just doing what the UN told us to, keeping Gaddafi from committing genocide. They regurgitate Obama’s bullshit as if it was their own. Oh, there are no boots on the ground — just special forces and CIA. Gaddafi doesn’t need his meager air force to continue genocide. He has plenty of artillery to indiscriminately shell rebel-held cities. He still has plenty of tanks to crush his citizens.

We, as a people, must remember the economic benefit of expending bombs and using up fuel. It means more money for big business. America doesn’t have much of an interest in Libya except that gigantic corporations stand to profit. Should public opinion support a ground war, we will have it. Barack Obama’s voice for hope and change will continue to infect humanity with death and condemn those who stand for true change.

It’s interesting what information Bradley Manning holds in the recesses of his shattered mind. Obama knows that Manning has a network of supporters in every level of government and military. For Manning, this has meant months of humiliation and cold, sleepless nights. Bradley Manning’s silence has protected American dissidents from a Stalinist purge.

“Well, as long as Obama says its okay.”

4 replies on “Barack Obama's personality cult”

Anything said about Democrats in this article holds true two-fold for Republicans. Not to mention mostly false.
Obama would probably make a better Republican than Democrat.
1. Escalating a war. (Bush)
2. Being against Wikileaks. (FOX News)
3. Invading a country to support big corporations. (Cheney)
4. Stalinist purge. (Bush- via telephone tapping, etc.)
5. Torture. (Bush)
Sounds to me like something most Republicans would be in favor of.
Just ask about any Democrat about these things, I can almost guarantee that they will be against it.
If you replace the word Democrat with Republican in this article, it would make perfect sense.
Oh, and by the way, ANYONE CAN SAY IF SOMETHING IS BREAKING THE LAW. Am I authorized to call a murderer a law-breaker? Obviously.
Is the President allowed to call someone who gives top secret government information to a third party (illegal by the way) a law-breaker? Yes… HERP DERP.
This author is an idiot!

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