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Descent into Anonymous

Part 1-Lulz from Anons

Anonymous is the go to collective of hackers for media outlets that want to drum up fear for internet freedom. The weapon of choice for Anonymous is a distributed denial of service attack, also known as DDoS. DDoS works by overloading a web server to the point where it can no longer function for a few hours. Nothing about it is very threatening in reality.

I’m writing this in a public library, sick with paranoia that these preteens around me are Anons. They look like Anons. In Anonspeak an Anon is a member of Anonymous. Anons will deny they are a member of anything. This is just the base of the inside-out pyramid of contradictions that form the body of Anonymous ideology.

Anons are far above the lowly label of group. Anonymous prefers the self-gratifying label of ‘hyper-consciousness.’ In truth, most Anons are a collection of sub-conscious slaves, sucked in by ingenious propaganda. Anonymous might be the latest development in bot net technology. A bot net is kind of like a large bank of computers that can be drawn upon for a DDoS attack. Hackers used to have to write computer viruses to create a bot net. Anonymous is like a bot net that is spread and maintained by viral ideology.

Anonymous is easy to get sucked into. I became obsessed myself. I don’t blame these kids for wanting to be activists, I understand that. Defiance is the appeal. Yet it doesn’t take a lot of insight to see that the true feature of an Anon is not activism or defiance. It is submission.

I’m an expert troll with over a decade of experience. In AnonSpeak a troll is a highly honorable position of power. A troll disconnects himself from all preconceived notions and creates a narrative that is designed to outrage others. Trolls feed off of lulz. Derived from the older acronym LOL, which means laughing out loud, lulz has a deeper connotation of self-satisfaction. I wrote a masterful opinion piece, every detail designed to outrage Anonymous and challenge as many of their ideologies as possible. I published it to AnonNews and traffic to my web site increased 50-fold overnight. It was cake. In AnonSpeak, cake is something that was just too damned easy.

If only I could have dropped it there. There were too many lulz to be had, too much cake for the eating. I had drawn myself into their twisted virtual world.

Part 2-Descent

My magnum opus of trolling art rocketed to the top of the list of least popular stories on AnonNews. The piece was entitled “Why Anonymous is completely irrelevant.” Among other things, I criticized AnonNews for putting up advertisements and using PayPal to take donations. Within a day, the ads were down. AnonNews began to accept donations through a different service, too. The commentary on AnonNews was the most delicious kind of troll food. They were “butthurt” to say the least. The lulz were more addictive than any drug I have ever taken. There was too much troll food for any single troll to eat. Some began eating the scraps, even adopting my pseudonym ‘Kilgore Trout’ when it suited them.

This public library computer lab is the type of place that Anons would congregate, in my imagination. There are the furtive whispers of children, defective fluorescent lights. The lightly clattering keys and snapping mice beat out a modern tribal rhythm that seems to be somehow perfectly in step with the disorganized light show. Insane thoughts have been planted in their heads, silently manipulating the vacillating children subjects into organized action.

I played my ego, speaking of my many talents and the cake that influence over them was. I even issued a press release to warn Anonymous how easy they were to hijack while taking credit for doing so. I was the lord king glutton of trolls, overfed and over read. I’ll even share my favorite piece of troll food. Some anon rightly accused me of pilfering from Vonnegut, and said that I did not live up to the name of Kilgore Trout. I still go into uncontrollable fits of laughter at the idea of not living up to Vonnegut’s alter ego, his exercise in brutal self deprecation.

I didn’t sleep, I missed work. When I did work I would break into hysterics, unable to stop laughing about how much power I had over these morons. It had all started out as a joke, but I could sense my influence, it was something tangible. I changed from a being of flesh and blood into a virtual body comprised of nothing but lulz. Every affectation and trait that defined the super hero “hyperconsciousness” these children had built their cult around invaded my being. I had become their own hideous reflection.

Part 3-Westboro Baptist

Westboro Baptist is a cult run by Fred Phelps that uses strategies similar to trolling so that it can sustain itself. They go to soldiers’ funerals and call everyone there a bunch of fag lovers. When the fists fly, they profit. Anonymous posted a press release promising DDoS attacks on the activists at Westboro Baptist shortly after my influence had risen. Westboro Baptist responded by posting their own press release on AnonNews. It said quite simply, “bring it on.”

I went on the warpath. These were my lulz, not Fred Phelps’.  I was in charge here, not some shitty church. I began to meddle with these children’s minds. I dropped my pseudonym. I was Anonymous, hyperconsciousness in the flesh. I spread rumors that Westboro Baptist Church had posted the threat themselves. I began to call anyone who disagreed a WBCfag and accused them of infiltrating Anonymous. Within a few hours, multiple press releases reflected this twisted version of reality and reinforced the point of view that had descended from my hegemony. All attacks were called off, and I celebrated my victory over Fred Phelps and Anonymous with a 40 oz. for me and all my friends.

Even then, I had continued to accept the idea that there were no leaders. Yet as someone who had found the method to exercise control over Anonymous, I began to see evidence of an invisible hand.

Despite the lack of support, Anonymous was insistent on attacking Westboro Baptist. A DDoS attack was impossible because I had scuttled the mass interest. Instead, a small group or individual gained root access to Westboro Baptist’s web servers and defaced them. All the power I had gained was gone as easily as it had come. Someone was surely pulling some strings from behind the scenes, employing a kind of virtual secret police to get the job done.

Part 4-The Hegemony Strikes Back

I know they’re going to come after me. The threats have been mounting. They’re going to deface my web site and publish all my e-mails and chat logs. I’m ready for it. If Anonymous was more grounded in reality, they would threaten to murder me.

Anonymous bears all the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime. First of these is the derisive labeling of enemies. Anons call me a namefag. Namefag is of course Anonspeak for enemy. The group of allies I have made are called moralfags. This is also Anonspeak for enemy. I pity these exploited young men that have been tricked into hatred.

Anons believe that anonymity protects them from the government. This is a fantasy. They also believe it can protect them from outsiders who would hijack their movement. What a joke! I committed my most vile acts of influence by assuming anonymity and abusing the nature of these weak young men. The hand that silently manipulates these kids knows that preaching anonymity, anarchy, and nihilism keeps them shackled with totality. It keeps out new ideas and new leaders. Their naivety is exploited just as in any totalitarian state.

Anonymous is manipulated by propaganda. Every press release is punctuated with the following mottoe:

We are Anonymous

We are legion

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect us.

Press releases appear criminal and intimidating. They use fiery language and incite anger. They make Anons feel part of something not only important, but bad ass. These kids go and tell girls at school that they are Anons in the hopes it will get them some action. Hell, it might even work. Oh, baby, won’t you wear that Guy Fawkes mask while we dry hump?

The insecurities and fantasies of Anons are also exploited. The pervasive use of ‘fag’ in Anonspeak plays on the young men’s uncomfortable sexuality. They are frustrated living in a world where adults control them, so they slip into a false reality. Here, Anonymous is a godlike super being that they can worship and be a part of. It is a kind of personality cult constructed around a hyperconsciousness that is lifted straight out of science fiction. These kids DDoS Egyptian government web sites and then take credit for the entire revolution. The propaganda compares Anons to protesters in the streets. They are fed the lie that one day Anonymous will bring freedom to everyone on Earth. It is a very pleasant fantasy.

Anonymous shows every sign of being manipulated by somebody. I know what kind of mind is behind Anonymous. It is the pet project of a genius with an unnatural ability to create viral ideas. He or she has carefully crafted Anonymous just to take it for a joyride. To this person, the power from Anonymous is its own end. Yet I would also consider the possibility that Anonymous has been carefully engineered by a government or multi-national corporation. To them, Anonymous is only a means to quicken the erosion of internet freedom, an imminent threat to their power.


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From the beginning of describing something that Is an opinion is an epic fail, secondly sir, you make no sense or even bring sense by stating that children call themselves anon to get action, I do not think you understand the basic concept of what anonymous is, which Is why in other words you decide to try to bash on what we stand and fight for, this has been a pathetic attempt to troll anonymous, when in fact you have only accomplished writing a story that only 4 people have considered a “like” on Facebook, and in fact the 4 people whom liked this article could be one or many members of anonymous, meaning you sir are just writing for the sake of believing that many people will listen, for the fact that you yourself can go back and be proud of the work you have put into this, for the fact that you have not encountered an anon or maybe you have. Your ideas alone on this article are humorous to me, they make not only me but a lot of the anonymous community will find this funny. Just because you think you know anonymous doesn’t mean you in fact are right about us. But sir, all I can do is applaud you now because all you have accomplished is writing a story about something you know not of. Welll done sir, bravo.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Expect Us.

Anonymous is not just some club. Anonymous has incited rebellions, protected the weak, removed the tyrranical, and defended the rights of free speech. Some “club” also wrote the Constitution of the United States, and look where that went.

okay, i am willing to admit that you have helped defend free speech its what i used to admire about anonymous, they believed in the right to free speech and the people’s right to choose what they want. “Anonymous has incited rebellions, protected the weak, removed the tyrannical” in the first part of this statement you seem to have confused “incited” with “helped with” ANONYMOUS DID NOT INCITE ANY FUCKING REBELLIONS ANYWHERE, they certainly helped (i assume your talking about egypt) dont get me wrong but to take credit for the entire FUCKING REBELION means not only are you incredibly stupid but your ego is also so big its off the scale

so the guy claims he has a website that he posted in his article..

lets deface the shit out of it

this guy is like ” i used a bunch of cry babies to bring more traffic to my site, im the best, but the group is stupid”

yes we are capable of so much.

I didn’t bother with the article, just went straight to the comments – it’s the best bit as always. More funny comments please…….

well i still dont know what anonymous really is about but ive got a feeling ur article is just trying so hard to prove what theyre doing is useless. I say your article is way more useless than you think.

Please .. you must of used a muck-spreader to formulate this article.

Big up Anon. Keep up the good work.

Peace always.

“Anonymous shows every sign of being manipulated by somebody. I know what kind of mind is behind Anonymous. It is the pet project of a genius with an unnatural ability to create viral ideas. He or she has carefully crafted Anonymous just to take it for a joyride.”

That’ll be you then eh Kilgore.

Anonymous is Anonymous and this is Anonymous we are Anonymous they are Anonymous who is Anonymous we are Anonymous because you are Anonymous only until we are all Anonymous will we all be non-Anonymous only until we are all non-Anonymous will we all be free .


Cool story, bro. Amirite?


I think this guy spends too much time on 4chan, and not enough time doing something productive. This article probably took him a hundred or more trips to the dictionary to find big words that will make him feel smarter, because he knows what he is actually saying with his writing is making him sound retarded.

Right… Beautifully written, you’re a gentleman and a scholar sir, however… I can see very clearly that you, are the one who is a quivering adolescent, intimidated by an organization of, not “government’ operatives, no sir… Something much more powerful. Anonymous is the organization of an individual, decentralized group of anonymous identities, that collectively vindicate the IDEA, that individual privacy, and free speech are fundamental principals that serve humankind, for the better… Shame on you, FOOL!!!

*eyeroll* at Geofag who is now as writing this still living in his parents bsmt posting on incel and proud boy forums.

Well, I lol’d. This is true, Anonymous can be controlled, I’ve done it myself, anyone can. I think that’s the point. Anonymous is a big schizophrenic troll that trolls bad people, good people, corporations, dictators, 12 year-olds and even itself once in a while.

But thus far I’ve only participated in ops that I personally agree with and only to the extent I’ve wanted to, which is why I never participate in the hive. I guess I have a sense of self-worth and boundaries. Peer pressure doesn’t affect my decision-making.

Now I think it’s your turn to get trolled, badly.


You seemed desprate for some more lulz. They’ll come back to bite you in the ass.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Expect Us.

Why? If he’s like any other troll he’ll eventually go away and if not there will soon be a press release concerning his admittance to a mental hospital. Either way this problem will fix itself with no interference from the rest of the world.

This is why I am king of the trolls. I can tell you I’m trolling. I can tell you nothing here is true. Still, you can’t help but give me all this delicious troll food! Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

lololololol ur right dude this is definitley waaaay to much troll food 4 1 person, it’s like fucking trollsgiving

oh and btw: yes, you won at trolling. cake for you my dear!
sadly, you still are a moron – just as everyone else writing in here :)
hugs and kisses

I enjoyed reading this. You have some valid points, and I find your speculation quite intriguing.

Anonymous as an “organization” definitely has flaws as you have demonstrated, which would be ripe for manipulation by corporate and government interests.

Your analysis of the character of anons is also pretty accurate in many cases, I think. But certainly it’s not true across the board.

I was sitting next to him when he wrote this. Would have done something about it, but it enhances my epic rep.

“I’m an expert troll with over a decade of experience” PMSL

Couple of errors:

1) Namefag and Moralfags are not ‘enemies’ simply terms used on 4chan to describe posters; namefags for using a name or tripcode (often called a tripfag) and moralfag is someone prone to whiteknight tendencies.

2) The hackers who cracked WBC are as new to Anonymous as most of the Facebook recruits that have joined operation payback.

Otherwise I quite enjoyed the article, although Anonymous is far more critical of itself than you are. You should read the Dramatica entry.

Not sure what to expect as retaliation, but I would say it will be far more threatening than a DDoS. If the internet detectives find you then you can expect the hackers to penetrate you. And if you don’t feel some RL intimidation I’ll be quite suprised. Enjoy your cake ;)

Ah, and I thought the troll food had dried up. More sexual imagery from powerless children…So I’m going to be penetrated, or “raped” like HBGary was? There is nothing your powerless hyperconsciousness can do to harm me.

i credit my best work to anonymous… i am nobody, anybody, everybody… this author does not know or describe me in any way… i do not know a single other anon….i am anonymous…. i target and do as i please and on my schedule…

Congrats, you are a troll. Why is this a good thing?

Also, I wish to correct you, you didn’t technically troll Anonymous, as Anonymous can be anyone anywhere there’s still 99.99% of the world you haven’t trolled yet.

You’re insights into Anonymous being perceived as a god have been suggested before, by many people From many different backgrounds. The difference between Anonymous and a conventional god is that you can see evidence of the works of Anonymous all round the world. Peole find comfort in religion, maybe this is a similar thing to religion. I wouldn’t really know, seeing as how I am not religious but whatever. Food for thought maybe?

Any finally you have been drawn in as well I fear. ‘Expect us’, from the last line of their moto has been assimilated by your memory very well. I can see the obvious paranoia in your writing and I pity you for it. This article was an attempt to rid yourself of the paranoia, to try and regain power over Anonymous as a whole. As a whole Anonymous does not care for you or your article. If it did then I would bet that your fears will be realised, your site pulled apart, your identiy released and your life pulled apart. Maybe that’s what you need to rid yourself of this phobia, proof that anonymous can do what you think, to justify your apparent insanity.

TLDR? I pity you.

Regards, Ember

I got linked this page by my psychology lecturer and asked to have a quick look at it. This gentlemen might need psychological help in the near future, this is no laughing matter.

Ember, the delusions I express here are common among those who are drawn into Anonymous or any other cult-like group. Hence, the title.

But have you paused to think why it has affected you so deeply? Why you, among a select few has obsessed over it? The timidness in your responses already tells me the truth. You dont hate Anonymous, you hate yourself at this point in time. You expressed in another post an interest for Anonymous to have a conscience. You pity them as I pity you. Both of you need salvaging. These are not insults, this is not abuse nor ignorance. I honestly fear for your mental health. This ‘cult’ has corrupted you to take pleasure in their practices, as I once did. If you dont break free then who knows what could happen to you. I dont and nor would I wish to endure it should the worse come to pass. I might join the forums incase you need me. Not to doubt your abilities but even the mightiest soul can break.

Good luck friend, I’ll be in touch should you need me =]

Well this is hilarious. I would have expected a less mature offensive from an individual who declares to be the ‘leaderfag’ of Anonymous. Man up Sigmund, this attempt to challenge the mental ability of a single anonymous individual is pathetic. If you cant take on one of us then you cant take us all on.

An egotheistic religion is a belief system that says all people are a part of god, but in the sense that the the collective will of the people (usually of that religion) controls what the universe is and is not. People who enter normal religions do so because it gives them hope, sometimes not even that, sometimes it’s just comfort, the rock in the sea around which they can build a port for when the storm comes, the thing they can find some stability in their lives from, even when their isn’t any. People enter egotheistic religions because it makes them feel powerful, it makes them feel as if the world is theirs to shape as they see fit, so long as there are enough like-minded people with them. That is anonymous, and it is a terrible thing. No one pays attention to you guys any more, hell, going anonymously on almost any forum nowadays gets you labeled a “trend following moron” even if you say that you have no connection to the group itself.

I live in the real world.
I am an individual, I do not hide.
I shine the light on those who hide in the darkness, but do not shy from it myself.
Not all light is good but that is no reason to extinguish:
The Sun

Trolling or not he has some valid points, Anonymous has a symbolism similar to government,militia, an cult groups across the globe.Look up Pyramid Scheme. The whole headless suit,cutie-pie swagger motto smells of Nazi idealism force fed to eighteen year old script-kiddies without ideals of their own.No single person commenting on this article has any power in the group of Anonymous. You’re not apart of a movement of freedom you’re slaughtering the very “freedoms” you claim to protect. Freedom in a real form would have allowed his article to go free of your harassment,bias and slander or childish opinion’s based off what other “anons” would do. You’re freedom fighter mentality has you blinded, you’re just wayward bee’s without a queen who watched hackers one to many times. you belong to nothing but a movement with its own political agendas. You can only remain anonymous for so long before the law of averages claim’s its prize your anonymous existence and exclusion from the group leaving you alone. Enjoy your latest trend of internet fads.Your whores controlled by the pimp of pimps, false ideals and misinformation. Your claim to fame is DDos attacks, the lulz in that alone screams immaturity at the highest level. Real political outlets seek change not DDos strikes.Sadly the hippie movement was the last revolution America will see.

We are Anonymous only by name

You could argue that it’s “trolling” to bestow conflicting evidence on any situation, shining light on a subject to reveal its blemishes. If this angers people, maybe it’s trolling. Maybe satire. Probably truth.

I share your pessimism. I worry that the social revolution of the 1960s was the last of the backbone we’re going to see in America. But then again, maybe our throw-away reality TV culture and the accompanying redneck “WE ARE THE BEST” shit will die off and pave the way for a new awakening, where even lazy disgusting people will form the most basic of convictions – a platform on which the intelligent can launch a true revolution.

This, anyway, is my utmost hope. All my chips are in.

Bakery, your words are always welcome here.

Also, thanks: for you have inspired me to comment on one of our stories.

You could also say that freedom is the ability to write this, and it’s also freedom to slander it..etc. freedom of the press, freedom of speech.
Freedom to try and get people to stop doing what you don’t want them to do..whether it’s right or wrong.

“Freedom in a real form would have allowed his article to go free of your harassment,bias and slander or childish opinion’s based off what other “anons” would do.”

So freedom is the repression of countering opposing beliefs? Nice to know.

To use your logic: “Freedom in a real form would not have allowed his[sic] article to be published as it opposed the view of someone else.”

You absolute dolt.

‘u want to be’? I think you mean ‘you want to bet’. Maybe you should get Opera as an internet browser, I hear it has a spell check for you =]

Still, poor spelling aside, I cannot accept that challenge for three reasons. I am an individual and therefore not Anonymous. The second reason is that you didnt specify a challenge. Finally the third reason is that this is a pretty pathetic attempt at trolling ;).

The word ‘fag’ means nothing to me. It is a word. Get over it. And to Pseudonymous (the writer of this pathetic article), I say that manipulating young men is a pretty fag-ish activity. You feel you are powerful, yet there is someone pulling your strings as we speak. You are a puppet. Everyone is.

fag fag fag fag douchy douchy fag bag skank sack slut muffin megaSoreAss pussy quit your crying
“yet there is someone pullings your strings”
bitch you sound either high off your ass or you have downz, fag

Yep, you’re right. I’m high. Definitely. Oh wait, I’m not a ghetto-a** like you, and I’m actually going to do something with my life, not smoke weed all day. And don’t come crying to me when you get busted and put in jail either.

rolf im in all ap classes in high school and just got a full ride to college. good try sir. also i smoke weed DAILY and still ace my calc exams. HA

Being bound by these so-called rules and order that you’ve created will be fatal. You fall for such easy tricks
because you’re bound by pathetic rules and ties of obligation.
The “Freedom Of The People” anonymous speaks so highly of is their greatest strength yet it will also be there biggest downfall. For example, anonymous is a group that stands for people and their freedom. Putting that into consideration, if and at all anonymous will slowly but surely encounter a group that will go against there so called “Freedom”. If the attacks on the playstation network weren’t anonymous doing then I am sure this “other” group is as I have said before slowly but surely coming. And of course they won’t be bound by rules of freedom for the people as it has already been clearly shown with the playstation network and the theft of personal information. Of course I am sure anonymous is prepared for this and the consequences that will arise as a result of their “Freedom”? Because if these unintended consequences help to create new worlds; who will bear the blame for sins committed? Who will take the punishment and who will measure it out?

As long as you have a choice, you’re not sucked into anything. Remember that, it’s your choice whether you join AN or not. However, most of the governments moves are against what you’ve chosen. You, as part of the people, have all the right to tell the government how you feel, and what you expect from them. And 99% of time, you’ll get jailed if you disagree with them. I don’t see where they give you a choice there. Well, maybe I’m wrong, they do give you a choice, “follow us, if not, leave the country or go to jail”. Yeah, the choice is yours.

we watched a video in gov class sponsored by the gov that was along those lines “follow us, if not, leave or go to jail.” it was about the draft card all 18yo males have to fill out, they tried to make it seem like a patriotic thing to do, or the right thing to do, whilst telling us reprocussions of disobedience (jail, no college, no family, no future, rofl). it was 35 min long, pretty much the one message throughout

I think it boils down to choice. The goverment should not get to nosy. I mean it is on a power Trip alot. The best way is to be humble I mean it says in the bible pride goes before a fall. You know I understand the goverment has a job to do. I am a patriot and I love my country (U.S.A). But we are for alot of the wrong things such as abortion and homesexuality. When you go down that road the country is going to fall. I mean america is realy in the gutter and something is realy wrong with the picutre. I mean I think the goverment is going down becuase they have forgotten about Jesus!

Well, evrything here is “not false”, yet not to be taken as a true anyway.

Anonymous is an organic auto-organized movement. I find it to be very interesting as a concept. Also a a force to defend freedom.

What I don’t like about the anonymous movement, is the image they built. The anonymous “graphic and message design” makes me thinking of some people feeling like if they had a bigger dick with a fearsome with mask. This makes the Anonymous looking like a “power”, even a “mafia” of bad guys that dominate the net.

This is the wrong message to send when you atempt to defend the freedom of people.

The anonymous didn’t need to build such a strong image. They needed to have some points or raliement wich makes clear that there is movement. Yet, the most important was to make clear that this movement does not have a single voice. To make clear that when one anonymous tell something, this is not necessarily the voice of the whoole movement.

To be clear. The anonymous are communicating as if they were still organized as an 1.0 movement, with a leadership and a single voice. Anonymous completly missed what should be the communication of a 2.0 auto-organized movement.

People who lauched anonymous are random channelers, acting on the way they were used to see what communication is. They were no real reflexion so that a professional of image design could have lead. So that the movement as grown on his own, going with this erectil communication as a mater of fact.

This is working great as collecting members, because the anonymous communication makes the people who use to it to feel more powerfull. As a matter of a fact, people like to feel powerfull…

Yet, seen from the exterior. This is a very very bad message to be send to people. People feel like being in front of one powerfull power wich present himsemf as a bad guy.

This is even a theat to the image of the whoole activistes movement. Were people does not necessarily comply with the semiologic values that can be feeled in the big bad white masked guy.

So, if Anonymous here are willing to hear this proposition, from a sympathiser of the activistes movement and design professional…

– Anonymous communication should express the plurality of the movement.
– Why are all the masks looking the sames ? People in anonymous are not the sames !
– Why is the logo looking like an instutional logo ? Is anonymous a governement ? What about multi-nodes, auto-organization, organic way of acting ? Where are the real Anonymous values in the logo ?
– Why is anonymous looking a bad guy ? Is someone who take strong actions to defend liberty is to be considered as a bad guy ?
– Does anonymous really want to scare the people they defend… or does anonymous want to make pression on governements ?

I say it again. The current anonymous image is good for collecting members who like to feel powerfull. Yet it is very bad making people understand what is hacktivism and what it is fighting for.

I hope that if some other designers, acting in the Anonymous movement, read this, they start thinking on starting some evolutions in the Anon image.

Sorry for the bad english. Have a nice day all.

You have no idea what you are talking about.
You are using Anonymous to show off.
You have never been an anonymous.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

wow … why would anyone spend so much time on writing a shit article like this. The person who wrote this gets a point for the lulz and trolling, nice job there, but he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

What job do you have in The government? (

What makes you think that anonymous is supported just by some idiot kids? And what makes you think there are not learned people who can see what they are trying to do while anonymous say that they have no ideologies? Whatever they say, it “is” a movement, and it is natural that this was initiated by some people, but the important thing is that they do not claim to be leaders, they do not show up. What they try to do is to create an internet public who can learn to do something with no leader to order them around and then take back their freedom from the governments. The attacks themselves are not important, the important thing is people to know that they can fight, and they do not need leaders for that, that they just need to take action together. It can take decades, but if anonymous is successful enough, people will eventually learn to take action, and not just in cyberspace. On their own -together.
Moreover, it is you and some other “anons” that create leaders. Well, you have no right to tell that people are idiot when they write things with hope even if they are ignorant. This power you speak of, it means nothing to me. In my eyes, you are just a guy who lost hope and forgot/or have never known why you were protesting. From an outsiders eyes, you just seem to have become intoxicated in your dreams of power. However, power does not lie in individuals, it lies in the legion.

Greetings, citizen
I Am Vanessa, but you may call me The Azure Chimera. Anonymous was started by me as a pet project in psychology and mob mentality, and i have swayed it to fit my purposes for years. It all started when i was grounded by my stepfather for half a year for telling him how i felt. I wanted to rebel, and I knew I wasnt alone, and i wanted to start a revolution. It was perfect, and it still will be when we are all gone. Anonmous is no group, Anonymous is a feeling given structure, an idea in a cybernetic flesh. although i have now outed myself from Anonymous, it is yet another move in this careful game of chess i have created. all the pieces have begun falling into their places, and i have grown tired of leading these lemmings around. These “children” need to guide themselves in activism. the AnonOps pages, which i run with your help, shall remain open and up-to-date. please continue the messageof anonymous.

Normally, i would allow Mr. Brown to cover my decision, take the fall. I am not going to this time though. I am not Barret Brown, but I commend him for taking my place. I was simply the beginning

If you were the founder of Anonymous, you would understand it better. Anyone who is with Anonymous that truly understands it would never come out and say “Yeah, I did this” or “I did that”, and certainly not the “leader”.
They may not always employ the most focused or effective methods, Anonymous is clearly for the good of the people, whereas you are clearly only interested in yourself.
You are very clearly a fraud trying to discredit and demoralize Anonymous. It will not work. Not completely.
Those who are swayed by your post here truly are lemmings, and those who can see the glaring differences in your mind and the mind(s) behind Anonymous will do whatever they were going to do regardless of your post. You can only lie to people who can’t find the truth.

Everyone is Anonymous, whenever you post on a website without giving your name, you are Anonymous. We are all Anons

I am laughing my ass off
the most successful troll post ever makes successful troll possibly the most successful troll of all time

You have successfully pissed off everyone who would care.
I am in shock and awe.
teach me

I too am getting the feeling that Anon is working as a false flag. It won’t take much for the corp media to beat the drums of locking down the internet for ‘national security’ reasons.

I genuinely think you are poking your ill-witted finger into a particularly dark void, buoyed by the lack of reaction you keep making noise for your own satisfaction.
It’s only a matter of time until a particularly sharp pair of teeth takes off your entire arm.
I doubt when you were growing up you would have chosen attacking a mass hacking organisation as your contribution to society, so why keep up this shit? Reflect and find a better way to define yourself.

You seem pissed off buddy, calling people morons and wannabes..? 3 replies in 10 minutes and your all butthurt, now that’s trolling. Don’t be mad because we as a collective do everything better than you do.
Unhappy with the system, join and make a difference.

Lulz “hackfaq proof” I didn’t expect an intellectual response and I expect your next editorial will contain the same teen angst and low hanging fruit of insults. Congratulations, you’ve defined yourself as the very personification of low morals you claim to hate. My work here is done and that truly was cake.

actually I haven’t written an article about anonymous yet, because I agree with rebellion and revolution.
I don’t remember claiming to hate any morals (or lack there of) of the collective anonymous.
Do you just make this shit up as you go?
You’ve basically written my first anonymous article for me.
You’re the personification of some of my issues with anonymous. More on that later though, I promise:)

Dude, Cess Poole didn’t even write this awesome article that trolled you into making veiled threats against me. Congratulations, you’re dumb. Lack of reaction? You must be blind.

What we do in our spare time for cheap lulz doesn’t define us. I doubt when you were growing up you envisioned writing threating comments on a satire webstie you deem so unimportant.
We are all about freedom of speech and anti-censorship, we aren’t however down with the means by anonymous acheives some of its goals. For example, the LOIC. Also we aren’t very pleased with the vast number of morons, whether on youtube or 4chan, that pretend to be in the group to appear interesting because in reality, they aren’t.
Also, drugs.

internet faggots! a bunch of fat ass internet crawling geeks with psuedo-intellectual glasses. lulz

haha, blind minded article and pretty funny anytime, anyone has an opposite opinion is a “troll” and ya i’m sure some are 12yr old kids but not all. obviously some do not see the full scope of an idea. :( pity

You can’t arrest an idea, bro! You can’t arrest freedom! We Are Anonymous. We Follow The Pack. We Are The Hivemind. We Are Philosophy School Dropouts.

Can’t change anything so try to change nothing. Can’t say anything so repeat empty phrases. Don’t mean anything so try really hard at it. Multiplying by zero still gives you zero? Multiply WITH MORE ZEROS. Still got nothing? Read a book.

Stop writing to us. Write to people with the power to change something. We’re tired of you fucking losers sucking around the – if we missed the point then why are you still sitting on your ass telling me about it? Get up out of your computer chair and put your money where your mouth is you snotty little fuck, or else stop wasting my time and go crawl back into your mother’s vagina and undo yourself.

This response is to the article itself, I have not bothered with the comments.
I have spent some time researching Anonymous and they appear to be doing some good work. It will quickly become apparent that I agree with their overall ideology.
I have no doubt that any modern means of communication that Anonymous employs will inevitably be infiltrated by (at least) the US government, as well as likely several others.
This, to me, is a testament to, if not the current power of Anonymous, the potential.
If Anonymous weren’t making some sort of progress, the government would leave them to, what you seem to regard as trivial work.
As with any “Hive Mind” there will be drones. In fact, the vast majority of any “Hive” ARE drones and the hive would struggle without them, even if they are occasionally misguided and their human nature leads them beyond the bounds of the agenda(s).
I understand the paranoid compulsion to think up the possibility that Anonymous is government-run to make a case for censorship of the internet but I think it more likely that they started as “hacktivists” and it is infiltrators like yourself that are perverting its nature.
I am not pretending not to notice that some of Anonymous’ actions (and/or announced future projects) seem like they would be irrelevant/ineffectual, such as the “Attack on Facebook” (which I have actually heard was scrapped, but “possibly” picked up by others). I feel that would be simply cutting one head from a hydra…
Most importantly, for everyone concerned: NOTHING you post on the internet is anonymous. Everything tracks everything. Everything feeds into everything else. If the “leader”(s) of Anonymous were truly the “genius”(es) you give him/them credit for, they would communicate through physical mail and/or face-to-face rather than electronic means, to prevent such pretenders and infiltrators from screwing with the plans.
(I am in no way associated with Anonymous, these are merely my opinions based on the research I have done on this group)

@ geo can rap (and others as it may apply)…
From a combat veteran of over 30 years of military service (1978 to 2009)—“Just say NO!” Resistance is Victory. Join a local militia. Defend your family-clan-tribe-circle. Study history and home school your children well.
Hua. Airborne. De Oppresso Libre! Aye! Captain Anon. ;-)

The author of this article is seeking attention. He feels excluded, and exhibits classic symptoms of butthurt. This happens often when one seeks validation within an internet community and is rejected by social consensus. Conviction that the community is at fault rather than the rejected individual leads to malice, contempt and ultimately dissatisfaction when the community fails to acknowledge their ‘error’.

The author is not a troll. He just really, really wants to be.

That is all that deserves to be said.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Thank you for allowing me to flatter you by attempting to troll you. You are truly the world’s greatest troll.

imitation is the highest form of flattery.

until comments are changed.

you know I am correct, even though you attempt to conceal it from others.

you seek admiration, not outrage.

you are not a troll

I am sorry I upset you. I did not realize you were so easily trolled.

Would you like to share muffins?

I am sorry but every one knows muffins are troll poison and while I thank you for all the troll food you have given me today, I will not take your troll poison.

This thread is fun,… Several people who argue about which one of them is the troll and several people that are feeding them randomly

The nation is divided, half patriots and half traitors, and no man can tell which from which. True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.
Anonymous is a world movement. This is there message.

i think is is more like half patriots and half patriots. the issue is that people have different views on what that meant ans the two groups hate each other. half of them think the government is normally right and the other half thinks the people are the important part. i am assuming that you are calling the government group the traitors but the truth is that they just don’t know better (just like the guy that wrote this article)

I think the beauty is that say what you will anons are that which anyone person can expess full and utter opinion and possible truths. I am completly unbiased with anonymous. REASON WE ARE NO ONE WE ARE EVERYONE WE ARE ANONYMOUS! You can’t and here is the beauty blame a group or stop a group that stands for what we the people need and are truly intitled to (FREEDOM) YOURS TRULY I SPEAK FOR THE JUST.

wow aren’t you clever, how long did it take you to think of that witty little comment. you think you are so smart to use sexuality as an insult don’t you? because calling someone gay is SOOOO insulting. it is the ignorance of people like you that we in anonymous are trying to fix, i am truly sorry that the public education as failed you so badly but we are trying to fix it.

we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forgive
we do not forget
expect us.

anon out.

Formally known as the Federal Reserve Wire Network, Fedwire is a Real Time Gross Settlement Funds Transfer system operated by the Federal Reserve Banks that enables financial institutions to electronically transfer funds between its more than 9,289 participants (as of March 19, 2009).[1] In conjunction with the privately held Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS), Fedwire is the primary United States network for large-value or time-critical domestic and international payments, and it is designed to be highly resilient and redundant. The average daily value of transfers over the Fedwire Funds Service in 2007 was approximately $2.7 trillion, and the daily average number of payments was about 537,000.[2] 2009 figures show a value of 631 trillion dollars in transfers originated in Fedwire.

If you do no bad we mean you no harm, may our positive work on this world continue, despite the ignorance of fools like you.

we are anonymous,
we are legion,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,

Not actually a bad point, you know, but you seem to be missing the point. Anonymous, to quote a popular simile, is a group in the same way that a flock of birds is a group — we make an impressive sight as long as we’re headed in the same direction.

The notion that Anonymous operates without any leadership is ridiculous, of course. The idea is that there is no formal leadership — no identifiable figurehead, no powerful leader to smear or arrest. Certainly, you can manipulate and control us — it’s our function to be utilized in this way. Anonymous proposals and plans of action are picked up entirely based on the wishes to the group as a whole.

Your mistake is in identifying a single webpage, which is run by a very few individuals by necessity, as synonymous with the movement as a whole.

It is the strength of the movement: when we win, it’s a victory for the movement, but we cannot be defeated — any Anon you best is an individual with no rank of status.

If this was some manner of a troll post — well, your intent is inconsequential, because it addresses a crucial point that all Anons must understand: We operate without any leaders. The result is the opportunity for any one of us to take leadership when needed, but a safeguard against any one of us being able to become established.

Several typos and grammatical errors are located above — this anon was tired but felt that the point needed to be made. Apologies.

source? you just seem like an angry fuck to me. show m one bad thing the new anon has done in the past 2 years (i am not talking about the fucked up 4chan branch i am talking about the political hactivist branch) not even operation Scientology was bad they were helping to fight for FREEdom of religion and keep the church of Scientology from charging member FEES to be part of the belief system. you can’t HONESTLY believe they are no good can you? your argument about them using words like “fag” is just ignorance. if you actually knew anything about anonymous you would know that there are two branches the 4chan trolls (that you are describing)and the political branch that has been doing a lot of good in the world for about a year and a half so far. don’t be an idiot. if you want to change the wold then make sure you know what you are talking about first, else you will just be meet with resistance from anons like me.

in short: learn yo shit.

united as one,
divided by zero,
we are anonymous.


This troll will win the U.S. presidency and defeat Obama: Anonymous
Want to make a real difference, get off your ass and get a job, then become a share holder and change from within. Register to vote, contribute to a campaign for candidate: Anonymous, WRITE THIS NAME AS A WRITE IN CANDIDATE: ANONYMOUS

big joke of an article written by someone with no clues no knowledge just wannabe-inside-bullshit… keep your thougths and words inside your head dude… just lame and disinformationed…. :P

That is, without a doubt, the greatest load of hogwash I’ve read in a long time. You can’t be taken seriously!…Uninformed, one sided, trash. And I’m 50. So no teen wanabe here dude.

“I played my ego, speaking of my many talents…” And there you go. You weren’t in it for the cause. You did it for the lulz. I haven’t been a teenager for several decades. Anon are no longer only hackers. Anon posts about preventing war (Iran) and such things. Really important issues, like supporting Syria. Yes, Anon has grown, is growing and is evolving. Many of us even have a social conscience, and clear views of justice. Some of us even do it – oh simply imagine, not possible! – because we have compassion for our fellow humans – even for strangers we’ve never met.
Yes, I can see why you abandoned Anonymous…

“Anonymous shows every sign of being manipulated by somebody.”…

I’m not an Anon… My face has been seen on more than enough hacker meetings & conferences. Mostly in the background, I admit. I am not Legion.

I am not a cracker: I do not DDOS or deface websites. I am what is known as an ethical hacker!
I’ve been an ethical hacker since I got my first computer, now more than 30 odd years ago. Knowledge is power.

However there are those who are too stupid to possess knowledge, or are too dumb enough to invest in knowledge. They are known as the money Legion – they do not know nor do they create. They just buy and consume. To them money is possession, and possession is power. The money Legion believes that they can buy their way into the world. They hate truth. Truth is inconvenient to them. Truth can harm them by exposing their dirty little and big secrets. They believe in lobbying. They believe in bribing. They believe that their money entitles them to rule the world, and impose stupid rules such as ACTA, PIPA and SOPA. And they expect that they can convince the world into buying their bullshit…

The money Legion can not face a faceless enemy. An enemy with no face can not be fought. That’s why they need a face of men. Recognizable names and faces, faces that can be accused of false crimes, indicted, processed by undue rule and trial, and condemned to be put away for some time in the (mostly idle) hope that resistance will have been broken.

Anonymous has no face. Anynomous has a mind, a collective mind. Actions are discussed democratically, with no clear leader except knowledge and majority. Anon has no manipulating entiry, except for the money Legion wishing it to be so.

I’m not Anon. I’m not Legion!
Anon is Legion. And they are many, not one!

And several newfags were pwnt on this day. Obviously this guy is writing controversial material deliberately to draw attention to himself. You all lost the game.

@KILGOAR… Good job! You did exactly what you set out to do, get attention. Listen, I am no where near capable of hacking at the same level as many of the anons around the world. But the fact of the matter is, the hacking has become a fraction of what the community has become. You mention all of these one sided statements that I cannot really take without a grain of salt. You mention the wrongs of anonymous. You mention the “invisible hand.” You mention many aggressive criticisms about anonymous. But what is the underlying theme in this article? Well, it seems to be all about you. How YOU tricked the mighty anonymous. How YOU are smarter, more capable, and more powerful. Well if you are, I don’t really see why you took so much time and effort just to get your laughs. It’s a little perverse. You see a community that is fighting for a greater good, a community that is gaining IMMENSE amounts of attention and support, and you want to find a way to make it your story. Well you got my attention and many others’. So, on that level, good job. But I’ll be damned before I decide to take this post of yours as the truths about anonymous. I am anonymous, and I fight for freedom of speech and action. I fight for truth… and I am not corrupt. I am one with this community. I inform others. I spread truth and news. This is becoming an increasingly large aspect of anonymous. Get your facts straight.

You took this story much too seriously, and you’ve made some accusations about my intentions which are only half true. Maybe you’ve forgotten where Anonymous comes from and the sense of humor which once defined it. There is a blindly self-righteous attitude which has come to define the new Anonymous, and if anything, that is the story which I wanted to tell (all while getting some laughs, of course).

You’re right about Anonymous. It is a community and not the hacking collective depicted by the media. I go through great pains to bring attention to this matter, while people like Barrett Brown (who actually does want to make Anonymous his story, and cash in big time), continue to peddle myths, threats, and lies about Anonymous for personal gain. I have gained nothing except a few lulz promoting some mind-altering fiction writing which anyone would be a fool to believe.

good im glad you had fun with the people who believe in anon and their ideas,but remember its not one plan its many, its not one group its many,and im not one man, im someone who can change things.

i disliked the article becuase you are to one sided and have tunnle vision point of view. i wont on the other hand tell you to shut up and not express your self even tho that it seems you are just crying for attention becuase i believe in freedom of speech for everyone.. even you. that is one of the things anon is fighting for laws like PIPA SOPA and ACTA aim to take that away. if you look back in history you find people that have fought and died for change for the thought of being free and haveing freedom of speech. imo what you are doing with this artical is saying that people that want to keep what so many have died for are morons that are being brainwashed by an invisable hand that plays god behind a keybord eating cake with one hand and mostlikely masterbateing with the other. i am not with anon but i do suport them and i will try and do what i can to fight for my freedoms.

Interestingly enough, Kilgore Trout has described the sensation of tunnel vision while writing some of his most intense work. What would unnerve me seems to energize him. Astute observation, Daret.

As far as all that other shit you said, tl;dr start a blog

I came expecting something good against anonymous.
All I read was a big waste of time indulging in someone’s frugal attempts at calling themselves a “troll” while telling everyone all the stupid shit they did.
You haven’t been on the Internet long enough, buddy.

You my dear, are a ignorant, piece of work. (:
Everything you wrote proves it.
First of all, you are paranoid, thinking all teens are anons? I’m eighteen, I read about their work, I think they’re doing a good thing. But I’m not one of them. Nor are the majority of the teens I know, in fact, the majority of the teens I know, don’t even know anything about Anonymous, they know they are a group of hackers, that’s about it though. So like I said, you’re paranoid, & In most cases, if someone is paranoid enough to believe everyone around them is part of one big group, that means you’re crazy, the actual name for that is Paranoid Schizophrenia. & From reading the article you wrote, it really sounds like you might be one of those people. (:
Also, the way you word things, make’s you sound like a complete moron, just thought I’d let ya know.
” They make Anons feel part of something not only important, but bad ass. These kids go and tell girls at school that they are Anons in the hopes it will get them some action. Hell, it might even work. Oh, baby, won’t you wear that Guy Fawkes mask while we dry hump? ”
Do you seriously think that’s how things work? The people who are a part of Anonymous don’t go and tell girls at school, cause they don’t go tell people, they keep it to themselves, & if they were to go tell girls in school, the girls probably couldn’t care less. Because the fact that, if a teen guy walks up to a teen girl and says ” Hey, I’m part of Anonymous. ” I can pretty much guarantee the girls response would either be ” Okay? Good for you. ” Then she would walk away, or it would be ” I don’t even know what the hell Anonymous is. Go away. ” It would be something to the effect of one of those two. Because most girls are too shallow and conceited to care about this stuff, they focus on their pretty face, and their pretty friends, to them, the world revolves around them, so they know nothing of Anonymous. They are completely unaware of pretty much anything going on in the world around them. Or if the girl does know what Anonymous is, she will more than likely think the kid telling her he’s in the group is a pathological liar, because most high-school kids, are way too dumb to be a part of such a complicated group. So she’s not going to ask him to wear the mask while they dry hump. Because he doesn’t have a mask. & Even if he did, that would be fucking creepy. Plus teens, don’t usually dry hump, they straight up fuck, teen girls now, are usually sluts, so they don’t care whether or not some guy is ” bad ass. ” or in some big group. If he has a penis, she’s all over that.
The things you said are completely illogical. & You either look too deep into things, or you don’t look deep enough into things. & Both are pretty bad.
” It is a kind of personality cult constructed around a hyperconsciousness that is lifted straight out of science fiction. ”
Anonymous is not a cult. Anonymous is a huge group of some of the only level headed people left in today’s society, they are activists, they are starting one of the most important movements that have happened in a long time. & They laugh at idiots like you.

Despite the clear importance of Anonymous in bringing down the Church of Scientology criminal cult, something that the authorities have so long failed to accomplish, Kilgoar makes several legitimate points, lambasting and prodding human weaknesses to which we are all prey and none of us immune. There is an intrinsic conflict of conscience, when the choice seems to be between the risk if power madness in action by questionable means or else impotent in bystanding in the face of ruinous injustice. And these are matters for civil discourse and critical thinking, not the indulgence of lulz.

“Yet it doesn’t take a lot of insight to see that the true feature of an Anon is not activism or defiance. It is submission.

I’m an expert troll with over a decade of experience.”

thank you for helping me understand that you will subconsciously admit to being-full-of-shit!

/blog career

lots of activism – the question remains, what is the best form of activism for a world arriving at its moment of absolute uncontrollability? Certainly not pure cyber [although so many have been so mis-educated for so long that consciousness building and provision of valid info must play a role]. Certainly not just ‘boots in the street’ [a riot is not a revolution but can evolve]. Both -and more-depending upon world and local social conjunctures.

Do not imagine non-violent — a ruling class [not fit to rule] will not step down peacefully [please no Ghandiesque notions – they do not fit the real history]
Imagine the best possible future, it can be made. But not by Anon alone.

March 11, 2012 at 5:20 AM · Reply
oh hai jester! i see you think you an ub3r h4ck3r. i wil put that to an end while i leave in in the t0x1c trap! you caught my eye because you think you are a genius. well i guess its time you learn your place, i will devote my time alone when my wife sleeps to construct a plan so elegant and DESTRUCTIVE you shall learn the meaning of “FUCK WITH THE BEST DIE LIKE THE REST” i am done with hex as of now ive gotten a lil kick in thar, but now i haz some new fagz to getz! jester you sir are my first target as i have doxed you and i am planning some fun for you tommorow(; 3/11/12 if you keep talking shit after you receive your punishment i will not stop and i will be relentless, i will destroy your life like i did to richard and i will have you begging for mercy! so after you are owned tommorow admit it and move on because you dont want to have the same fate as richard who beg me for mercy, well as i promised heres your dox
      Ryan, Thomas  [email protected]
      Provide Security, Inc.
      86 Amber St
      Staten Island, New York 10306-2022
      United States
remember anons and brothers, get trusted TRUST NO ONE. dont trust me or anyother hacker if you want to stay anonymous or you WILL end up like lulzsec

Ahahahahaha he was just running his mouth all over twitter tonight. Looks good on that stupid fuck. Hope the terrorist come and get his ass #JhadiMOTHERFUCKER$

Lelz, the last time I checked I still don’t have a wife & neither does John Teissen anymore, haha. Hey BUT we do have gay marriage now, so who knows … John ‘pedobear’ Tiessen/Teissen is such a tryhard. Remember the time he DMed me on twitter saying he was gonna find me, murder me and chop me up after I ownd his paranoid child mouthrapin’ ass. He then blamed his son the next day lol

So much asshurt it this man might as well have tried dry anal on the anon community at large.
Welcome to Anonymous.
Know where we came from?
Getting lulz.
Know what this guy did?
Got his lulz.
He is a true embodiment of a troll, even if he did go a wee bit tryhard and asshurt even me a bit at the end.
If nobody ever questions you, how can you ever improve yourself?

It’s always interesting reading articles on subjects that the author of clearly doesn’t understand the first part of.

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