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Obama and Hillary’s days are numbered

INTERNET — As a vicious thunderstorm pelted Washington DC with softball sized hail Tuesday, Robert Mueller’s office filed High Treason charges against Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton for fabricating the fake news “collusion” scandal and undermining the United States Government.

The nation anticipates announcement from Fox News for the date of the public execution of these traitors and hundreds of others in the Media, including the staff of CNN, as decades of fake news and lies finally come to a close.

This beautiful political purge, reminiscent of Stalin’s gulags, Hitler’s night of the long knives, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution will bring about a citizenry that are completely supportive of their leaders. Under the emergency wall powers granted to President Trump, elections have been indefinitely suspended and the Supreme Court has been dissolved.

All members of the Democrat Party are to report to prison or face execution in the streets by militarized police units. Several so-called “sanctuary cities” including San Francisco are currently under siege by the national guard, and The President is considering airstrikes against neighborhoods harboring illegals. “We’re going to treat them like Waco, very tough,” president Trump announced from his golf resort at Mar-A-Lago. “This is the END of LIBERALISM, FOREVER!”


I bought an iPad, shoot me now. Fresh out of the box, still unmolested. Got this sweet new little droid too. Michael A., Putin that sexy bae & Donald T. makin’ Murica hate great again. Where dat hate radio boyz. Need my fix.

All those annoying April Fool’s pranks you’ll see Monday might help researchers better detect fake news
Plus: A revived hoax on social media leads to attacks on Roma in France, Facebook bans white nationalism, and how “Suspected Human Trafficker, Child Predator May Be in Our Area” became the most-shared Facebook story of 2019.

Hello I am obviously writing this not because I have an idea to convey but rather because I have a reputation as a “writer” to maintain and I have not had any ideas for months

More like a brand to keep in the public eye, potato or potatoes

@YourAnonNews ‘Remember in the 90s when teachers said “you’re not always going to have a calculator in your pocket”? Now literally everyone always has a calculator in their pocket.’


Calculators don’t solve fractional math problems, which anyone who does a trade knows you need construction and/or technical maths. Js.

‘Further, the involvement of nation-state groups has also tarnished the Anonymous name. These nation-state groups, often operated by elite intelligence agencies, have masqueraded as Anonymous to push political propaganda or advance public influence campaigns.‘

**mic drop**

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