George Bush To Retake US Presidency

Future President George Bush a-huntin' them Reds
Future President George Bush a-huntin’ them Reds

A great leader once asked, “How’s that hopey, changey stuff workin’ out for ya?”

America found her answer. Former President George W. Bush announced a plan Monday to “take America back,” starting with a campaign to reignite nationalism in the American people.

“We’re gonna, you know, we’re gonna take America back,” Bush said, with a gleam in his eye, “We’ll return this great nation to its former glory.”

Bush said America needs a new image of strength and prosperity – a picture of change it can believe in. Village elders close to the president have said Bush began his “spirit campaign” two years ago, starting with impressionist paintings.

George Bush's shower painting
This artwork demonstrated that Bush is still a human being.

“I’ve talked with village elders. I’ve spoken to the proletariat. America’s sat by too long watching a womanly president fuck things up beyond recognition,” Bush said. “I think it’s time we took this country in the right direction. Don’t believe me? Look at this way: Are we better off now than we were in 2008?”

New photos surfaced of a strong, bear-like President Bush dressed for hunting, knowing it will inspire Americans to take up arms against the Red menace in the Ukraine.

A protest scheduled May 16 will give Americans their chance to register grievances in Washington, D.C. and call for the overthrow of the Obama regime. Demonstrators said they will call for the reinstatement of a further-right Bush doctrine “that would make the Tea Party look like a six-year-old’s imaginary affair.”

President Bush is expected to take office before the 2016 presidential election if necessary, but insiders caution that he could better secure “legitimacy” by waiting for a “vote” next year.


Snowden and Pussy Riot fled Russia before dumping power point plans for European invasion
Snowden and Pussy Riot fled Russia before dumping power point plans for European invasion

INTERNET — Edward Snowden, famed NSA leaker, fled Russia Monday before dumping a database of power point presentations outlining Russia’s plans to invade Eastern Europe and rebuild the USSR under the new “Eurasian Union.”

Speaking from a hotel room in Tehran, Snowden denounced Putin’s imperial ambitions, saying, “I can no longer stay in Russia with knowledge of the impending invasion of Eastern Europe. If I had spoken my mind on this matter without a safe harbor in Iran, I’d have surely been disappeared or poisoned with polonium like other Russian dissidents.”

Snowden was joined in Tehran by members of Pussy Riot, and Nadya Tolokno also spoke to reporters, saying, “Here in Tehran we can openly wear our masks in public without fear of persecution. We can speak against Putin and the Orthodox church freely and without fear of punishment, so we have joined Snowden in exile.”

Critics of Pussy Riot and Snowden contest that sheltering under Tehran’s oppressive theocracy does their cause little good, while most supporters disagree. Pussy Riot and Snowden fan Jeremy Brown told reporters, “It’s all about keeping the fight going. I wouldn’t care if they were sheltered by Satan himself, as long as they didn’t wind up in some gulag that silenced them. So what if some Iranians practice genital mutilations or brutally silence their dissidents? Do you expect Nadya or Snowden to martyr themselves? That’s so last century.”

Glenn Greenwild bullies internet

Greenwild leers at the audience with sheer hate, because he knows they have been misled their entire lives by JTRIG psyops beamed into their homes.
Greenwild leers at the audience with sheer hate, because he knows they have been misled their entire lives by JTRIG psyops beamed into their homes.

INTERNET — Glenn Greenwild, investigative dispatcher working under the banner of powerful billionaire Pierre Omidyar’s Snowden News Network (SNN), attacked Reddit moderators Friday for intense and directed shilling in concert with British GCHQ JTRIG psychological operations.

According to Greenwild, Reddit’s r/news forum’s repeated and determined removal of his dispatch is a sure sign of ubiquitous JTRIG infiltrators. Moderators at r/news explained that they have a policy against opinion pieces which merely reflects their category and not their bias, although they have made exceptions for Greenwild’s dispatches in the past due to the importance of Snowden related news, which is often exclusively released in the form of Greenwild’s opinion.

Millions of internet bullies, drunk on Greenwild’s rhetoric, descended on the moderators of r/news with predatory personal attacks. Stunned and terrified, one moderator who wished to remain Anonymous said, “I didn’t know the distinction between opinion and journalism could cause such controversy. We do have subreddits where Greenwild’s opinion is welcome, but I didn’t think it fit in our category until my life and ethical integrity felt threatened. Exposing these psychological operations on the part of the British government is far more important than our stickler policy against opinion pieces. There’s opinion in everything, as Greenwild says, so therefore everything is merely opinion. There is no such thing as journalism. I’d like everyone to know I’ve never worked for JTRIG and I support Snowden with all my heart. Please, I’m on your side. I never asked for this abuse.”

Enemies of freedom, however, have stepped forward to accuse Pierre Omidyar of contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to Ukrainian dissent groups, buttressing the West’s most important front in the “new cold war.” Some say that this policy conflicts with the aims of the Snowden News Network and Greenwild’s rhetoric, but of course we all know this stinks of yet more JTRIG psychological operations.