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Is David Icke a Reptilian? Yes, he is a Reptilian

Look at his cold eyes, drained of all empathy.

Firstly, I would like to admit that I am a true believer in David Icke’s reptilian theory. However, as time has passed, I’ve realized that Icke’s increasingly influenced by the very reptilians he believes he is fighting.

David Icke’s visual frequency is not attenuated to his own image; hence, he is unable to realize he is himself a reptilian. Theorists have speculated that Icke’s proven status as a reptilian is in fact a false-flag theory proposed by the reptilians to discredit him. This, of course, is a naive assumption buttressed only by a cult-like admiration for Icke’s manipulative, charismatic and altogether reptilian personality.

Just beyond the thin veneer of Icke’s friendly exterior lies an emotionless obsession for control of others — the trademark of a reptilian. The cold stare in his eyes is an experience many have recounted upon close contact with his piercing and otherworldly gaze. He has absolutely no empathy for those he preaches to, and the ridiculous way he treats the reptilian threat is a classic example of hidden-in-plain-sight strategy. The saddest part of it all is that he, himself, does not — cannot–recognize his own reptilian nature.

On an interstitial plane between dimensions, the reptilians effectively have hidden their agenda through the vessel of Mr. Icke. As with others manipulated by this agenda, Mr. Icke himself is totally unaware of the possessors tainting his bloodline. His manipulative and viral reptilian fear, which he has made millions of dollars promoting, is precisely the favored tactic of the reptilians he so often rails against.

In essence, when one is afraid of the reptilians, they increasingly fall under the power of these Masonic Illuminati forces that permeate our corrupted bloodlines — perhaps our ape ancestors interbred with snakes, as hinted at in the biblical tale of Adam and Eve. No one has blood that is “clean” of reptilian influence, and the fear that has taken its grip on David Icke is proof that he, more than anyone else, is suffering from the pervasive and menacing power of reptilians.

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Reptilians do not exist. :)
Here is the Killumanati, deconstructed. :)

These infographics have explained everything. Where do I find out more about how this ties into the reptilians?

Ooooh science fiction noa on teh chronicle….reptilian are high in protein and they really taste like chicken.

David Icke does appear to be a hybrid, with strong reptilian genetics. However, as an intuitive, I can tell pretty easily that he is guided by factions of strong benevolence. He rarely if ever has any misguided theories. I can spot misguided theories a mile away with psychic abilities, and simple logic. David Wilcock is strongly, strongly, strongly misguided in certain theories, while being spot on in other areas. Wilcock is a false prophet, preaching that we come from universal templates which simply spontaneously create our bodies and minds, and gives no credit to the process of hierarchies of creators, whether those hierarchies are of natural or A.I. origin, but clearly there are creators, no new “soul based” life form is ever accidental and spontaneous based on natural patterns. David Icke bears all the signs of being absolutely possessed, yes, he is driven beyond empathy, because he is acting as a conduit, a channeler, and his mission is clear. He tells it like it is, that he follows information, and he relays that information. That is his purpose. He is not inducing a cult like status at all, because I firmly believe that he himself often has trouble writing coherently (his books aren’t even readable). If David didn’t expose the reptilians, than who would? Knowing about them does indeed create a natural ability to resist them, so exposing them is not in their best interest. I do not believe for one second that David is helping their agenda.

It takes a Reptilian to understand and perceive/detect another Reptilian! All of us, like it or not, have some genes from the reptilians. After all they have created us. One clue: the reptilian brain!
It depends on the level of ‘connection’ how strong or how weak that is. There are also ‘independent contractors reptilians’ in an advanced stage of evolution and interbreeding with other superior, emotionally inteligent species who can operate outside the ‘normal reptilian monsters realm’ that control and feed on FEAR and WAR! If David Icke has the genes, then he belongs in that category and that also gave him access to the world of knowledge and information which he brought to millions. Bravo, David Icke for a job well done. I have been an observer of his work for over 20 years.

i must admit his talks make it very hard to remain positive.. i feel torn between believing him to be helpful ,and keeping us in feeding us with fear and stress in his own way. His eyes are chillingly cold and i also struggle with clearly narcissistic nature, but when i put that aside his messages seem to be genuinely trying to help awaken us. I have heard every talk he ever did, and am still listening… however im not sure of the true agenda of whatever is posessing him.
Although i am now very awake to all thats going on in the world, its made me depressed and paranoid. I used to be simply awake, and not a sheep at all… making vry careful life choices and not buying what im told (ie big pharma) now im overwhelmed by knowing the extent of the evil on earth. i just cant take it, its just too much

hahaha thats about the most bat-shit crazy thing I’ve ever read! I mean, the reptilian thing is complete cod-shit anyway, but that’s the icing on the turd-cake!

All one need do is look into this “I am the son of the God I claim doesn’t exist” brainless bozo’s eyes to see just how scaly stupid he is. What pisses me off the most is how he makes a joke out of a deadly serious matter.

All one has to do is look into this brain dead bozo’s “I am the son of the God I don’t believe in”s vacuous eyes to know he’s a asssssnnnnnaaaaakkkkke!

I think the question itself kind of neutralizes the sting of existence of anyone who is a reptilian hybridized person. It’s meant to humanize people who are still essentially, people. It would disturb me greatly if people who have lived good lives lost their rights or became targets for persecution because they had some genetic links to reptile. This would not be right. The other issue is to see things more broadly in terms of elective belief system. Everyone born into a Mormon family may practice a religion for a time and then walk away for their own reasons. I think cults of secrecy are really dangerous because the costs to pledge loyalty is high enough to legitimately endanger their lives and end relationships with families. Snake cults I would think are not different from other cults, in that respect. I do not believe there is an automatic policy consensus on ANYTHING exclusively based on genetics. That is why if Icke is some sort of “self-hating” reptilian hybrid paying a type of penance by exposing the reasoning flaws of deeply entrenched families in global leadership positions, I forgive him. We all do this in our own way. We all find ways to rebalance things that disturb our sense of morality, ethics and conscience. He’s living in a way to create peace for himself and others. He shows us things we didn’t know.


I don’t know where to start.. I’ve been deceived for so many times. First I’ve found a church, I really felt comfortable there and for me it was like the only place apart from home wich I trusted but it ended up being a cult called universal church of Gods kingdom. Second I’ve read books from Eckhart Tolle and listened documentaries from Abraham Hicks, wich I now see on the internet that they are Illuminati puppets. I don’t know if that is true but I’ve read alot about them and I conceive that they all tell lies mixed with a little truth. And now this David Icke guy comes up, talks about quantum physics, Illuminati and that they are shapeshifting aliens/reptiles. Even this guy I can’t trust because I saw a video on youtube where he himself was shapeshifting. And if the story is true then it does back up the video. But for me it’s like what is the REAL TRUTH?? Being deceived for so many times makes me distrusting every information source, I’ve only replied to this one because I believe the story. I know what you guys are thinking, this guy is very naive but I’m only looking for truth, freedom and enlightenment.

There is no one in this world, as we know it, to trust. If you do not have ‘your agenda’ by now, well, you should be patient and wait for the 3%(out of 8 billion) to gather their forces and make a move. Afterwards, you can join their TRUE cause because this is the “TRUTH” which you are seeking. Good luck in your quest and be comforted in the thought that you are very near.

Thank you. I think people like us have good intentions and wanna make the world a better place. Let us search for truth and don’t be deceived anymore, so we can make a change hopefully.

If you are looking for truth freedom and enlightenment, then put an end to all the bullshit and just look Within! That is all there is to enlightenment. To thine own self be true. Almost every Church in existence is there to control your mind to bilk you out of your money so that you will not create individual free thought. Look Within and you will find it almost immediately every time.

Please do not get all defensive, I not trying to pick you apart or anything, just give me a yes or no and 1-3 sentences why, thats all. thanks

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