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  1. “what did they do to you OP? Seriously, not the whole fucking town could have wronged you.”

    this was my post haha

      1. our bad, we were trying to figure out the truth and had no time.

        When chanarchive is back up, check the comments section on that. The irc team left links to transcripts of the chat logs, explaining this all.

        ~anon desu

        1. Also, I looked up that name you asked me to, to prove it was bullshit just like I told you it was: I was right. GB2 your “Anonymous” circlejerk innernet detective and leave the real fake journalism to the actual professional satirists.

          Protip: Not even ED would allow your faggotry. I know this because you tried and tried again but they kept deleting it, as a result of your sucking at everything.

          HARDMODE: You admitted to this.

          GODMODE: I now know what shitty music you’ve been trading around with your child porn.

  2. Gawd ugh that looks like shit4braims with the ED comment you made plus the time frame.
    Too funny considering the history that’s happening present day
    ‘leave the fake journalism to the ‘actual professional satirists.’

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