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Cult-leader ‘kilgoar’ BANNED from Rust: “Ye fiyed”

I’m cucksec and you’re reading the Future of News ‘Net

After a juvenile, embarrassing and misdirected rant posted to internet hate site CHRONICLE.SU – creators of the videogame Rust banned a player named “kilgoar” who wrote the “BLOG post” seen by millions. A ‘blog is short for web-log which – unlike this news site – is not credible and can be written by anyone.

In his fake news ramblings, “kilgoar” calls Rust a SHITTY GAME that is a WASTE of time, because he sucks at Rust, which sucks now too, he says. He did not say that but we are saying that.

kilgoar’s actions are REPREHENSIBLE and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ON THIS SITE. He has been FIRED, cucked from his place of power by game designers, which means the game is currently being designed with kilgoar’s absence in mind.

‘The cuck rule,’ designers call it, only applies to kilgoar, because he doesn’t understand Rust – having sunk a paltry <400 hours into the anarchy simulator – currently in “Beta” and characterized not by the game’s current development stage, but the people who play it.

A ‘Nightmare Cult’

People close to kilgoar, including followers of his illegal text and audio backchannel, warned me kilgoar’s decisions and movements have become twitchy and possessive.

“He orders us into the asbestos mines like his slaves,” said Ham Sterman, who himself admits to succumbing to kilgoar’s cult of brutalizing tribal aggression. “He asks if we’re cold, but not because he’s concerned for our health. He just likes knowing we’re cold.”

Cuck of week Kilgora the Explora

kilgoar, dressed to the nines, leads exodus to Flavortown, Mass.


By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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… what was that ugly newish f?nt ….
‘Ms. Stone would not characterize the nature of the separation. She said that Ms. Ball, who is in her late 30s, gave birth last Monday to the couple’s second child. The newborn was with her and was “doing very well,” Ms. Stone said. She added that reports of a casual text message sent from Mr. Scaramucci — “Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child” — to Ms. Ball after she gave birth were false.’
#fakenews #NYT


Special Friday Hour Features Rarely Seen Video of Manson, Interviews with Victim’s Family Members And Close Confidants

August 1, 2017 – In a rare, in-depth interview featured in a new “Dateline NBC” special this Friday, Charles Manson’s former parole officer Roger Smith tells Dateline NBC’s Keith Morrison that Manson’s failed music career drove him to find new ways to control his followers. Smith explained, “Charlie was in serious danger of losing ‘The Family.’ He did something that, you know, politicians are masterful at, and that is he creates this horrible thing out there. That there’s going to be a race war.” He added, “I think it was basically used to keep them focused and maybe even divert attention from the fact that he was not doing well in terms of realizing his dream.”
The interview is part of a new, one-hour Dateline, “The Summer of Manson,” which airs Friday, August 4 at 10 p.m. EST.

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