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This isn’t our job. Why aren’t you doing it? Cover this shit on your own so we can get back to satire, please.

Washington, D.C.–Tyler Bass reports from the 13th floor of the National Press Club as Wikileaks releases a video that allegedly proves a cover-up effort on behalf of the Pentagon, which says the actions of the soldiers involved were in accordance with the rules of engagement. The engagement occurred in 2007.

“The video, shot from an Apache helicopter gun-site, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of a wounded Reuters  employee and his rescuers. Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded.”

“Come on, let us shoot!” “Sweet!” “Patoosh!” “Nice missile.”

Click here for a transcript of the video

Moments ago, during the State Department’s daily briefing, State Department Spokesperson P.J. Crowley declined to comment on the video, saying that he had yet to see it.

Julian Assange, editor of Wikileaks at this morning's press conference
Julian Assange, editor of Wikileaks at this morning's press conference

Julian Assange, wikileaks editor spoke.

Here’s what happened:

The video footage is from a guy floating around in a helicopter, Crazyhorse One-Eight.

A Reuter’s cameraman, Namir Noor-Eldeen, lay dying in the street, he was 22. A van approaches to help him.

The Reuters cameraman is clearly unarmed.

He looks at the helicopter and sees it right as it begins firing. He tries to run away but when he darts away the gunner follows him, circling the building.

 Wikileaks' Assange looking on, Apache helicopters fire into a crowded Baghdad neighborhood, pilot "Crazy Horse" lamenting out-of-view carnage.
Wikileaks' Assange looking on, Apache helicopters fire into a crowded Baghdad neighborhood, pilot "Crazy Horse" lamenting out-of-view carnage.

Innocents were in this crowded neighborhood that Crazyhorse One-Eight was firing down into, without regard for the possibility of chipping off pieces of this building and harming innocents who were walking all around it. The 30mm cannon levels a building with its gunfire, so this is a very real possibility. He sees the Reuter’s cameraman who is clearly not holding a weapon and has been pierced already by 30mm cannon-fire. Crazy Horse One-Eight can be heard begging him to pick up a weapon.

It’s really obvious it wasn’t a gun. He’s begging him to get a weapon for an excuse to shoot him – rules of engagement.

“That’s just one dude,” Crazy Horse One-Eight, “He’s fucking nuts,” according to our correspondent.

One guy in the video did have an RPG but he’s not pointing it at the helicopter and isn’t the main focus of the leaked footage, although his presence creates tension.

The military said the cameraman wandered into crossfire, a claim refuted by this leaked video evidence.

Saeed Chmagh, the van's driver
Saeed Chmagh, the van's driver

Tyler Bass said, “When the helicopter started firing, nobody was shooting anybody. So did Amir, the photographer, duck into the crossfire? No.”

The military originally reported six murders, which did not include the photographer. The real number is “over a dozen,” according to Assange. Over twice the official figure.

The story continues:

The second incident follows the cameraman. Essentially they chase some guys into the building and collapse it with gunfire, with bystanders walking around outside of it. “They want permission to engage, obviously not paying attention to what is going on – they don’t know who they are, they don’t give a shit,” Bass reported.

 The widow of murdered Reuters employee Saeed Chmagh, whose daughter has had her stature affected by a helicopter attack whose brutality was disclosed this morning.
The widow of murdered Reuters employee Saeed Chmagh, whose daughter has had her stature affected by a helicopter attack whose brutality was disclosed this morning.

A van, driven by a 40-year-old Saeed Chmagh, was under surveillance in a nearby neighborhood, and came to the injured photographer’s aid. Two children were in the van. One man with an AK-47 was associated with the van although the Pentagon originally reported five guns, not one [it should be noted that many non-militant individuals carry AK-47s through hostile territory for personal protection]. Two men try to help the photographer into the van, but the gunner can be heard begging for permission to shoot them.

Crazy Horse One-Eight is the offender here. Two series of shootings were discussed.

“In total what’s surprising about this is people who fire that way don’t face immediate consequences unless something like this comes out,” Tyler Bass said in a cell phone report.

They haven’t been brought out of a combat situation; this gunner’s intentions were clearly malicious; he treated it like a videogame, begging to kill.

Assange said there are good people in the military who need to speak up more on these issues.

Chmagh's little boy's injuries
Son of Reuters Saeed Chmagh's orphaned son's injuries from 30 mm Apache fire. As evidenced by footage released by Wikileaks this morning, his attacker begged for the chance to fire on the van which his father had stopped to collect an injured colleague.

This whole exposé was possible thanks to Baghdad Reuters confirming details they have. Wikileaks got those kids’ medical records. There was footage of soldiers running with these children; later our military handed them over to the Iraqi hospital, where they received inferior medical treatment, even though the military did this to them. “The guy in the van was just trying to help somebody, loading up the cameraman,” Bass reported as the video rolled before his eyes.

“It was really hard to watch, just really awful,” our correspondent said.


Important notes:

Assange produces a quote wherein one of the soldiers said they couldn’t approach in humvees because of all the bodies. But one of the guys in the helicopter actually laughs when he sees that the younger employee’s body has been run over.

“It’s really shocking, the man’s disregard for basic human dignity,” said Bass, our correspondent. “It’s not surprising at all that the Pentagon has waited this long to release the footage.”

In the video that they show, the guys in the chopper say that he shouldn’t have brought his kid into a battle. Crazyhorse One-Eight knew he shot a kid.

The children were turned over to Iraqi officials, a shirking of responsibility for what the military did to them.

Chmagh's little boy's injuries
Chmagh's little boy's injuries

The photojournalist’s death was not reported until Reuters demanded an investigation.

The number of dead originally reported was false and did not include the photographer.

Crazyhorse One-Eight was not punished, even though he violated rules of engagement.

The most important thing about Apache pilot “Crazy Horse” is that preferring insurgent kills not captures violates stated policy.

“He fucking laughed. Why is the guy who laughs at bodies being run over operating the machine gun? There is just a basic existential question there obviously some people involved in this didn’t want you to ask about the idea of this guy laughing at all of this. Frankly, the hiding of this for this amount of time is an expression of sympathy with this very sadistic individual.”
-Tyler Bass

Chmagh's little girl is now shorter as a result of the attack. "It has changed her stature," reported Assange
Chmagh's little girl is now shorter as a result of the attack. Assange reported that it has changed her stature


…that would be “sadistic.”
That’s very disturbing. Sounds like he was hooched-up on “go-pills” or something. Americans are in total denial that this war is even happening.

Just another drop in the bucket; another day in the illegal war in Iraq.

If former LA County Prosecutor (who only lost 1 out of 106 cases during his 30-year term at that post) has his way, there will be the beginning of justice for this, soon. He’s written his case for The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, which was already a NY Times Bestseller and the feature film based on his case/book will be released in a few weeks:


Great work guys!


Let me get this right, just in case I don’t understand.

1. US troops are under attack.
2. A group of armed men congregate, then move towards the fighting. Some are carrying AK47s, and at least one has an RPG. That called aggressive behaviour.
3. A gunship engages legitimate targets. (If you carry a gun in an gun fight, you will get shot at)
4. A van that was already under surveillance, and from which one man had emerged carrying an AK47, drives up and attempts to pick up the insurgents. That makes it a legitimate target.
5. The idiotic, moronic, stupid brain dead father has his kids sitting in the back!!!! This is in the middle of combat, and he is picking up and dropping off guys with weapons.

What am I missing here?

I love you so much. Please comment more often. I will offer you a job with our glorious establishment through Lebal Drocer (Inc.) if you can put forth such hard-pressed critical thinking from now on. Let’s get to the bottom of this!

I would like to comment on this video. It is unfortunate that the journalists were killed. However, there were armed men in the group. These gunships are only called in when you are already in contact, or are already in a fight. Its easy when you know he has a camera to see a camera. When he was crouching by the wall, and peering around, the camera was obviously mistaken for an RPG. Like all bleeding hearts, you take an engagement totally out of context, and take a couple of quotes to paint your picture and voila, these guys are a bunch of idiots. It is easy to sit in an arm chair, rewind, zoom in, point out all of the little details and be horrified. Try being one of the guys on the street. In short, there were armed personnel. The camera guy was acting sneaky, oh and guess what? Insurgents love to film stuff. Grow up. Typical arm chair generals. I bet none of you have ever been in the military. Also, whoever wrote the quotes; he has looking for his “terp” making sure the other guy had his “terp” or interpreter. That was so obvious! How could you get that wrong! Maybe I just caught it because I watched the video a few times.

You know, I watched the video a couple of times myself, and I’m not sure that our portrayal of it was entirely accurate. As The Elf Wax Times, I don’t have to give a fuck. As a writer talking about a serious matter, I have to tell you this is a question in my mind too; and really it’s less of a question than it is an absence of evidence. To take your point one step further, the video footage we see here includes this van coming out of nowhere to rescue the photographer. A fact I can not ignore is before the video footage started, that van was already being watched in another area, according to intelligence reports also released by the Pentagon with this video. So, there is a real possibility that camera man was working with insurgents, filming stuff; or else how would the people driving a suspicious van know to come rescue him? I too noticed the other men appear to be carrying weapons. I can’t be sure but for at least one part of the video, at least one man does appear to be carrying an RPG. I mean really, it looks like that. Other men appeared to be carrying small arms. Maybe tripods, maybe weapons. But that would be a lot of tripods for one or even two cameras. And why would that one guy peek around the corner like that? Just good questions, man. Those guys probably had to fire on ’em. Still sort of bothers me how bloodthirsty Crazyhorse was, but that’s war for you. If the job is to kill, they need people who are eager to kill. Killers, not robots who don’t want it but do it anyway.


I’ve broken down that entire video, frame by frame (converted into frame stall pics) so that NOTHING can be missed at all, not even the smallest detail; then enhanced every single pics.

1) Troops where NOT under attack at all.
2) There is not 8 or 9 person on the scene, but 18 in total in the open road.
3) The first man identified as carrying an AK-47 is in fact carrying a square bag of 14 x 11 inches dimension (far to little for an Ak-47.
4) The second man identified as carrying also an AK-47 is in fact carrying a Camera with a lens.
5) The man crouching and identified as carrying an RPG is clearly holding a Canon EOS with a 70-200mm lens.
6) NONE of the 18 mens where carrying ANY weapons!
7) The man exiting the “goodsheppard” van is also NOT carrying any weapon and also none of the 2 other guys carrying the body where armed.

NONE of the 6 men entering the “hellfired” building are carrying weapons, so is the bystander at the first shot and so is the second one during the second shot.

During the shoot out of the van, one of the bushmaster operator scream in the background to stop and is cute out.

After the smoke clears up, you do not see ANY weapons on the ground (maybe the dead have hidden them? Lol!)

Crazy horse one-8 is a psychopath and a murdered.
Bushmaster main operator is one too.
All the Pentagon, including that General are guilty to cover up multiple very serious crimes.

I will release those images in front of an international jury so that all the CRIMINALS involved, from close to afar be TRIALED and EXECUTED by HANGING as they should be.

You people are retarded. These guys who did the shooting apologized. So you, “someone who hasn’t been there,” — yep, someone like me — is trying to say that they’re the frontline heroes. well, maybe you should consider your context.

Don’t tell me theose soldiers couldn’t tell the difference between cameras & weapons because they could that’s cold blooded murder right there.

Common sense – you are a complete halfwit. Had you actually red the article you would have read:

Common sense, you are a halfwit. Had you actually read the article you would have read:
One guy in the video did have an RPG but he’s not pointing it at the helicopter and isn’t the main focus of the leaked footage, although his presence creates tension.
One guy in the video did have an RPG
One guy in the video did have an RPG
One guy in the video did have an RPG
Morons like you make me sick.

From Wikipedia:

WikiLeaks said in the preface to one of their videos of the incident that “some of the men appear to have been armed
In the video on the morning of July 12, 2007, the crews of two United States Army AH-64 Apache helicopters observe a gathering of men near a section of Baghdad in the path of advancing U.S. ground troops, some with AKMs and RPGs.[8][12] The crew estimates the group is twenty men.[13] Among the group are two journalists working for Reuters, Namir Noor-Eldeen and Saeed Chmagh.[8][14][15][16][17] (While the two are carrying media cards, they are not wearing distinctive clothing identifying themselves as such.)[18] A crew member requests authorization to engage after seeing five or six of the men, some with AKMs and RPGs moving in the direction of U.S. soldiers

And common sense, I assume you showed those frame by frame photos to an international jury?

Or would you mum not give you the bus fare?

I take it right now you are in Syria trying to prevent people killing each other. Or is it only the USA you don’t like doing it?

Meanwhile Assuage was too busy doing a bit of rape to do much other than make comments, and he isn’t showing s lot of guts right now is he, hiding away in a back bedroom?….

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