NullCrew Ups the Ante With Valentine’s Day Release Threat

Two weeks. Two weeks until you’re either drinking wine, snuggling (or worse) with your loved one; or cowering in fear as the NullCrew‘s latest SQL injection information is dropped for all the world to see . . .  or at least a couple of hundred people. As the “Doomsday File” craze hits the Web with […]


This isn’t our job. Why aren’t you doing it? Cover this shit on your own so we can get back to satire, please.

Black hole unlocks quantum secret to cosmos, accretes Earth

This evening, a black hole instantly spawned inside our solar system. The event occurred so suddenly that scientists have not been able to determine its preconditions, but more presently, they are concerned with how humanity will go about tackling this catastrophic phenomenon of rapidly-impending doom. Two brave Elf Waxtronauts Commented Stan Stientenblauer, the Pentagon’s leading […]