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Herman Cain plans secret divorce with infuriated wife

Herman Cain’s wife is mad as hell that she hasn’t been the target of sexual harassment in nearly 15 years. She’s filed for a secret divorce, under pressure from militant Tea Party militia men acting as Cain’s personal guard and trying really hard to prove that they aren’t racist. Secretly, they loathe Cain because he has more money than them. . . .

President Obama OKs Plan to Remove All Curvy Profiles From OKCupid

“Nobody wants ’em anyway,” added the President.

That people corner all the fungus in your frame

take it easy

I wanna live a life in vain

Make it women

god damn humanity vortex

You sit there with your fucking smartphones (smarter than you are), eyes sucked into them like a god damn humanity vortex. Is . . .

Sunday Prayer for the Internets

Let us pray. . . . Leader “Done In” collapses amid missing leader. Who will pick up the pieces? . . .

As a friend, Barrett, please take a look at your life

As a fellow Representative of Anonymous and friend of Barrett Brown, I have been shocked by recent statements he made in regards to #OpCartel. He posed an open threat to the notorious Zetas, timed perfectly to coincide with news of a major book deal with the decidedly anti-Wikileaks corporation Amazon. While 99% of Anonymous clearly . . .

Alfred Allwyn: Leader and spokesperson for the world

“I’ll go after that drug cartel and I’ll have more fucking money, glory, and pussy than a single man can handle,” he thinks. Alfred does a lot of meth. The book deal will buy him more meth to fuel his efforts in outing members of a drug cartel who are working with the Mexican government. . . .

Barrett Brown, Barrett Brown, everybody knows what’s goin’ down

Barrett Brown has come out to support the latest Anonymous operation targeting members of a Mexican gang that allegedly kidnapped and released an Anonymous member. Brown claims to have access to e-mails giving information on the Zetas. From CNN: Brown, the Texas man, said he planned to use a computer database to methodically sift through the e-mails he receives, verify them with the help of an experienced journalist and a cartel expert and then possibly release names — or entire e-mails — in small batches over time. . . .

SungYun67: mmmm yeah…u like that..mmm you tiny titless hot bitch..mmmm

Many years ago, in the days before Omegle, there was AOL Instant Messenger. AIM was one of many great places to find masturbating people who want to have cyber sex with a stranger. Participants in cybersex explore fantasies with random strangers as long as they know the secret answer to ASL (Age/Sex/Location). It is of . . .

What is the Chronicle.SU?

The is what would happen if websites could have babies. It is what would happen if the Huffington Post had a four way around the world with, and but we don’t know who the parents are.

We’re integrating like a motherfucker baby.