Giovanna Plowman, “Tampon Girl,” commits suicide at 15

"i'm the queen of the world. everyone loves me, and you guys will do whatever i want you guys to do (; cause i'm THAT famous! (;"

“i’m the queen of the world. everyone loves me, and you guys will do whatever i want you guys to do (; cause i’m THAT famous! (;”

TAMPA, FLA. — Giovanna Plowman’s rise to fame was meteoric, but as she dazzled Internet denizens with feats of amazing fecundity, she also sowed the seeds of her own demise. Just 48 hours into her new career as the Internet’s most famous tampon-sucker, the ceaseless bullying of the heartless masses forced her to commit suicide. Ms. Plowman’s suicide video has since received over 50 million views from adoring fans.

“[G]iovanna just wanted to be famous like all of us. I can’t believe they’d do this to her, just for expressing herself,” said one commenter on YouTube. Fans may have only known her for a few short days, but the hole she plugged in their hearts was left gaping and bloody. “We must stop these trolls! They’re taking our youngest and brightest from us,” said Mothers Against Trolling spokesperson Lindsey Siphers.

This tragic death comes on the heels of a spat of teenage suicides related to bullying, and many commenters have likened Giovanna Plowman to Amanda Todd. “She’s just so brave,” said one fan, “for standing up to those bullies like this. God bless Giovanna.”


277 comments to Giovanna Plowman, “Tampon Girl,” commits suicide at 15

  • addd

    disgusting and she deserve whats coming to her

  • BriAnna

    ok yall are a little harsh!!
    this shit nasty as fuck i get that but if she did or if she didnt commite suicide yall harsh as hell and needa be bitch slapped by a girl… shyyt then maybe yall wont talk bcz u dont kno her story

  • CV

    she comitted suicide but is still alive and healthy, physically anyways.

  • Anonymous

    She did a mistake, but all people does. She dosen’t deserve the hate.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not dead. She’s posting shit on YouTube. And if she didn’t want the hate maybe she shouldn’t have eaten a used tampon. And if it was her mum writing that post there would be no typing errors. And it would have been well planned out and I doubt her mother would have used hashtags lol. I don’t agree with the bullying she gets but she could have done something less disgusting to become famous.

  • Lucas

    People, she did not die :)! I knew this months ago. On April 4, she made a confession video saying why she did that and y’all should watch it. She also made a draw my life video, showed her room and her latest one was posted on August, saying that she got an iPhone 5 and lost her professional camera. She is cute and I support her. The tampon video was actually very funny. By the way, unlike y’all who are full of hatred and/or self-loathing about ANYTHING, the tampon video brought me so much joy and I plan on sucking tampons (or at least try once). Yeah, y’all can say that I’m nasty and psychotic, but idgaf, if normal means being full of hatred, then I don’t wanna be like that.

  • Liam

    sooo, did she kill herself by chocking on a tampon or what?

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