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Giovanna Plowman, “Tampon Girl,” commits suicide at 15

"i'm the queen of the world. everyone loves me, and you guys will do whatever i want you guys to do (; cause i'm THAT famous! (;"
“i’m the queen of the world. everyone loves me, and you guys will do whatever i want you guys to do (; cause i’m THAT famous! (;”

TAMPA, FLA. — Giovanna Plowman’s rise to fame was meteoric, but as she dazzled Internet denizens with feats of amazing fecundity, she also sowed the seeds of her own demise. Just 48 hours into her new career as the Internet’s most famous tampon-sucker, the ceaseless bullying of the heartless masses forced her to commit suicide. Ms. Plowman’s suicide video has since received over 50 million views from adoring fans.

“[G]iovanna just wanted to be famous like all of us. I can’t believe they’d do this to her, just for expressing herself,” said one commenter on YouTube. Fans may have only known her for a few short days, but the hole she plugged in their hearts was left gaping and bloody. “We must stop these trolls! They’re taking our youngest and brightest from us,” said Mothers Against Trolling spokesperson Lindsey Siphers.

This tragic death comes on the heels of a spat of teenage suicides related to bullying, and many commenters have likened Giovanna Plowman to Amanda Todd. “She’s just so brave,” said one fan, “for standing up to those bullies like this. God bless Giovanna.”


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“They’re taking our youngest and brightest from us.”????? She recorded herself sucking the contents of her tampon and eating it and put it on the internet. If that is being “bright” then I must be a fucking GENIUS!!

No kidding. Sucking on a used tampon for attention is disgusting. It’s mental illness. She should have been arrested under the Mental Health Act and treated for a mental illness.

The fact that people are blaming “trolls” for her death is kinda fucked up. If you say, eat your own shit and then people call you a shit-eater and either don’t want you to hang around them or make fun of you for eating your own shit and call you a disgusting being, I think you did that to yourself by MAKING A VIDEO OF YOU EATING SHIT AND THINKING THAT YOU’RE FAMOUS.

Same goes for sucking on a god damned used tampon. Or the girl who talks about how having sex with her dog is better and then goes on to list the reasons why.

Okay, no she didn’t not deserve to die, but how the hell is what she did “bright and talented”? And it’s not like she was getting “bullied” for no reason, she *choosed* to film herself doing something completely screwed up and idiotic, knowing that hey maybe some nut jobs might likes this, but there would also be people that wouldn’t like it, would be quite disgusted with it actually. You can’t post something, especially this idiotic, and expect everybody to be “omg i luv you!!!!<333" No, it's just not going to work like that. I don't even see this as much bulling; what she did was completely disgusting, and I personally can't believe what she did to get "famous".
Anyways, she apparently isn't even dead, she's posting stuff on her twitter account.

I have to say your spelling is on point, NOT go back to school and learn how to spell dipshit. Not saying it wasn’t disgusting cause it was absolutely, but she made mistake and I know your gone say how sucking your own tampon is mistake?. It is a mistake she wasn’t thinking, but say it wasn’t a mistake she still apologized and learned from her mistake, plus she didn’t kill you or your family she did something that hurt her why do you have to be an asshole. Now I know you will say I would never do this or whatever but let’s just say you was a female and you was in her position. I swear on my life you would be feeling like how she did and you would try to defend yourself. Now as for her Twitter that’s not her it’s fake someone made fake one that’s why she lost all the followers cause it was fake. What she did was nasty I was 2 second from puking but forgive and forget cause if God can forgive her why can’t you?. It’s sad this world is focusing on hating and bring others down than to help others and support them.

So what im getting from this is its okay to suck on a bloody tampon but its not okay if people talk shit about it? Even though its posted on a public website viewable by everyone with internet access, what if your kid says to you “mommy, mommy look at this video i found its so nasty” and this is what they show you, bet youd change your mind about how “brave and intelligent” she is, if she really killed herself after your kid had to see that i bet youd be like “good that nasty little hoe deserves a spot in hell” you guys are looking at her death all wrong, had she remained alive these nasty videos would spread and become more abundant which is wrong, people like her deserve to die so we have less sickos in our world corrupting society, and if one of my sisters ever have to see a video like that i would be glad to tell them “its okay shes dead now, and so is every other nasty hoe that posts a video like this” oh and another thing why doesnt anyone blame youtube instead of the bullies? Like if she was never allowed to post that video no one would have bullied her and she wouldnt have killed herself

You know no one deserves to die so fuck off and stop being a bitch who thinks they can give a reason to bully someone so u don’t wanna kid to see it don’t let them search something like tht its her choice to do tht so back off I didn’t know her but tht dosent mean i can’t stick up for her and seriously don’t blame youtube it didn’t bully a girl so much tht she commits suicide

You can take your opinion and fuck off. That dude your replying to or gal is spot on right. This girl was very immoral and terrible… The shit she did was very fucking degrading and shows what kinda society we are turning. I say fuck that

It was vile what did, why would you do that? It’s dirty! Of course people are going to say nasty things its sick but she chose to commit suicide just like she chose to do something so unhygienic.

guys. she didn’t commit suicide. she’s on twitter telling ariana grande that she’s not “on her level.” don’t feel bad. she did all this for attention and doesn’t regret it.

god bless her soul my ass,she fucking ate her tampon and on facebook she’s offering sex for 20$,hand jobs/bj for 10$ and nude pic of herself for 5$.are you on drugs or something?who would ever feel bad for a tampon eating tit showing prostitute??not me,that’s for sure..

fyi she ain’t fucking dead dumb shit

This is the most idiotic thing ive seen on the internet.

1. shes not dead
2. not talented
3. she is a fucking bitch

I’m not saying that she deserves to die but what she did is just super disgusting, gross, and totally immature. WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE WORLD? Is she that desperate to be famous?

First of all, everyone who made fun of her and called her names, and wished for her to die. are just ass holes and FUCKING BITCHES. and karma bites back she was just trying to be notice. walking down the street won’t make you famous, people have to do crazy shit to be reconize. watch fear factor, or Relieys belive it or not. People even sell there soul to the Devil like 2pac, Emiem, Beyonce, amd so far I know Rihana. So check yourself before you start to Judge. I’m only talking to the ones who pushed her over the edge. So I’m on her side. And I’m pretty sure yall are not inncont.

Can’t tell if troll, or seriously fucking retarded. 2pac and Eminem, sold their souls to Lucifer XD I’m laughing so hard right now, I’m crying. She’s not even dead yet, get your shit straight and gtfo.

Shut the fuck up you fucking slut. Shes not dead.
If youre trolling then 9/10 I raged super hard.
But if youre not, Tits or gtfo. Choke on a dick while you’re at it.

People are idiots, the more you stand up for her the more you get trolled. Who cares who she is, I sure as hell don’t she wasn’t my friend, my family, anyone of interest, she made her own fate. So stop being so sympathetic you dumb fucks. She should of never tampon’d her mouth. And I hope she is living life in hell pretty well. This is almost as stupid as Amanda Todd. Probably worse, she is a attention whore like most fat teenage girls who spread there legs. Who needs another Snooki anyways? Not America. Good Riddance,


It is so sad that this world Iz so crewl all she wanted waz fame nd yall haters are Hateing because she got it y’all were so jelly dat you took this young gurls any one who had any thing to do wit dis bullying stuff best belive that it will come back to you think about how this girls parents life is done they lost there kid just because of some stranger that decided to state there opinion in a negitive manner like for real do u think that it is kewl to bully and hurt others feeling because you are mad that u don’t have something that someone else as why cant people just be happy with what god gave them because every one has a resin for livening and it may not be to be famouse it may be to help someone or something so every out there needs to stop hating at be who they are!!!!!!!!

U Hav all got to be fuckin kidding me. She did somethin that could make her famous but to do somethin like tht was takin it to far n she should of known tht. Don’t sit their n congratulate her stupidity. We don’t need to stop trolling. People wnt to act fuckin dumb n u wnt to say ya Thts fine but Whn we tell it how it is u wnt to say we r trolling. She deserved wat she got cause if she was strong enough to post somethin tht nasty she should of started acting right n mak somethin out of her life. So I don’t feel sorry for dumb people I’m sorry. N ya I may be acting lik an ass but u all should no tht u can’t control wat people do on th internet. If people r tlkin smack just log out.

I’m sorry, but I don’t feel bad for her. She was the one who caused all this. What the hell did she think people were going to say to her video? “oh my god you’re so awesome for eating your own tampon!” NO! What she did, was something socially unacceptable and she knew that or else she would have not done that to get “famous” . She should have braced herself for that one. What respectable girl actually thinks eating a tampon will be okay, that it won’t get any bad feed, and will make people like her? Do you think any respectable person would actually be okay with that? People are such idiots. By the way, people would not have “bullied” her, if she did not put up such a revolting video. Also, people would have no need to “bully” her if she didn’t put that revolting video up.

shes not dead and she probably didn’t suck a real used tampon (i mean who does that)she’s an attention seeking little bitch and look at all the attention and pity she has got – just what she wanted! fuck knows why cus shes a pretty girl with big tits im sure she gets plenty of attention

I’m sorry but there’s a difference from getting bullied for something you can’t help like your size, or if your poor , look weird … You know things that are natural & sort of unchangeable but.. No one told her to suck on a tampon and there is a reason it sick! Weird & EXPECT people to ridicule you or make you feel like crap because when you do stuff like this uncalled for, you put yourself in that situation to be made fun of.

She’s not dead, if she were, more articles would’ve been written on other websites. Plus, this website seems like a joke as well, the articles are all pretty bs IMO. Putting ‘Jesus’ and ‘God’ under the Science section, articles that are obviously jokes everywhere, when will people on the internet stop getting tricked by these stuff? And Raghubir Goyal, you’re one of those idiots getting tricked, or just a really horrible troll.

Just a little note here, to all you twisted little bastards who say she should have killed herself. Do the world a favor and take your own advice and spare the world your continued stupidity.

Thanks ever so much.

I Live in Tampa and watch the news daily. this suicide wasnt on it so its most likely fake… So shut up please

Guys, it was fake. I was talking to my friends about it and one of them saw a bottle of red dye. the video is fake and so is this article. she’s still alive. Idiots. Anyway, I don’t understand how someone could be so desperate for attention. It could have ruined her life and the life of her family, caused her mom’s catering business to go out of business, etc. My faith in humanity lowers more and more each day with these people around.

I like how the people telling her to kill herself don’t have the balls to put their name out there.
people do stupid shit. I have and im sure have. so grow the fuck up and move on. no one should ever tell another person they should die.
im not gonna be checking this so if any of you pussies got a problem find me on facebook
johny cash

Isn’t suicide a sin? Why is she upheld as an angel when she killed herself? It was her dumb fault for 1) Posting that video on the internet, and 2)for trying to exploit it. I’m glad she killed herself, I didn’t want to share the oxygen with some stupid bitch who wanted to be “internet famous.”

i like how you wanna have a dig at people that cant spell but you cant even spell genius! now thats fucking genius – lol

I am skeptical as to whether this story is actually true I have yet to see this as an actual news story or any story that has more details on what actually happened, where it actually happened, how it actually happened, and specifically why it actually happened. Show me some more proof this isn’t just rumor mongering.


i personally dont think that was harsh at all and definitely not worse then sucking a tampon! that is totally disgusting and just wrong, who does that? DUMB BITCHES THESE DAYS!! LOL

Is this a joke? Seriously people defending her saying that she was brave and just expressing herself. There’s a difference between self expression and sucking a bloody tampon. Thts just nasty and she needs help.

No, it is not true-she did not committ suicide, and how horrible is it to post a lie like this! Its an insult to people who have actually lost a loved one to suicide from bullying!

she’s gonna regret having done this. maybe not today, maybe not for the next 5 years. but when she needs a job or when she tries to get a boyfriend; that mistake is gonna haunt her for the rest of her life, dumb bitch.

“The brightest among us” ? Are you kidding me? If the brightest among us is eating her own vag blood, then I don’t want to be smart. Don’t make her look like a saint.

I didn’t even know about any of this, until a checked my email today. Why, because I have a job. In my opinion to all the people against this girl. No one maid you watch it. You chose all on your own. So by all means stay on your high horse. But, ask your self. If its so repulsing, if its sickens you so much. Then why did you move your mouse over and click on it? I have a theory. You did so because More then likely you don’t have a job, you just sit around your home all day feeling sorry for your self. So go get a job, if you have one you still have to much time on your hands. Id even bet you look up some pretty sick stuff. Other wise you wouldn’t have complained about this girl to the point that it reached my email’s new’s alerts. So thank you jobless pricks, for making such a big deal out of this. I truly hate you all. Have a nice time searching the web.

Many of us have jobs, school, children etc. Just because the thought of a girl sucking on her tampon for attention disgusts us doesnt make us the sick ones. I have not watched it & am only aware of it because its “big news” going around. This was not suicide from bullying, she GAVE a reason for people to dislike her, it was a sick cry for attention. What I want to know is “WHERE ARE HER PARENTS?”. This girl was obviously lacking the right parental supervision & seriously should have been sent to a therapist for doing this. It makes me sick that this was a 15 year old girl (I am 20). Im a new mother, & seeing how this is the youth of today makes me sure this world is going to hell.

Im sorry but if u post a vid of yourself doing something that nasty u r just opening yourself up to being made fun of. Have some goddamn respect for yourself she was just an attention whore


Can you people not recognize sarcasm when you see it? “The hole she plugged in their hearts was left gaping and bloody.” “We must stop these trolls! They’re taking our youngest and brightest from us,” said Mothers Against Trolling spokesperson Lindsey Siphers” Seriously? Ya’ll didn’t notice that?

Obviously if you post something as stupid as sucking all the blood of the tampon you should be able to with hold the outcomes you are going to recieve from your so called “fans” The only reason she would even start the rumour is so she could get some kind of sympathy from us…but I honestly don’t care.
If you’re not looking for lashback from people then don’t post somehitng so stupid!

I am in no way condoning her actions but she’s had her twnety minutes of fame ….NOW LAY THE FUCK OFF……

“We must stop these trolls! They’re taking our youngest and brightest from us,”
not fucking likely, she was a stupid bitch XD

Doubt the bitch is dead. Anyway whoever wrote you are either a troll or a fucking retard. I’m going with the latter what a waste for space this article is. She obviously has issues and if her fucking family would actually do something about it for her own good instead of just doing nothing.

“We must stop these trolls! They’re taking our youngest and brightest from us”
The brightest? I’m fucking done xD She posted pictures of herself smoking and she is just flat out retarded. I’m sure she faked suicide to get everyone off her back. But what did she fucking expect from sucking on a tampon? Love? I drank my own piss and posted the video and had hundreds of people hating, but I expected it. She gets no sympathy if these rumors are true.

regarudless if this is true or not what gives someone the right to tell someone to go take their own life? it really doesnt matter what anyone does, how dare someone tell another human being to take their life… yes what she did was gross… doesnt mean she should go take her life.!

First of all, why would she suck the blood out of her tampon? That’s pretty disgusting… Did she really think that was the best way to become famous? Uhm, no I don’t think so. There’s so many ways to get famous but what she did was nasty. Why would she think that people were not going to say anything and judge her? Yeah, we’re human and we all make mistakes but I think she could have prevent that.

You guys are all two face haters. This is dumb how people judge this girl for what she did. Everybody wants to make their dumb remarks but yet everybody likes Steve-O and he does nastier stuff and everybody praises him. Really what’s more disgusting sucking a bloody tampon or drinking your own sweat or drinking your own piss or drinking your own seamen. Leave the girl alone and worry bout your own life.

Steve-O is an adult. A 14 year old girl is no comparison. Yes a bloody tampon is way worse then drinking piss or seamen. People drink piss to survive, and male/females do swollow seamen all the time. As to drinking sweat, I am sure I have tasted my sweat on occasion at the gym as it has run down my face, no big deal. But no sane person sucks a bloody tampon. Its Disgusting, that isnt even the worse part… she posted the video online. What people do in the private of their own home is for no one to judge; but when its posted online, well its fair game. She deserves every nasty comment people made. She wanted the attention…

a 15 year old girl sucking her tampon and putting it on youtube is way more disgusting and just wrong. she is not a millionaire adult prankster with their own tv show who does it as a proffesion and even if she was i really dont think sucking a used tampon would be an acceptable thing to do at all – no one can say that that is acceptable EVER no matter what the circumstances. have you seen steve-o sucking any tampons? no, didn’t think so.

Really? People think she is dead?

This website is the National Inquirer of the Internet …don’t take anything here seriously.

If its true that she died. I say good riddance. That isn’t the way to claim fame, and she was a fucking idiot for doing it. No offence to her parents or anything, but maybe if you had given her more attention or some help she wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Either way, it is good to see that survival of the fittest is still a working part of the world. Now we just wait on lil Wayne to die or commit suicide..

when first heard this and saw the video…i heard she commited suicide and was like…wat..but it most likly isnt true..she died that is…Humans if you are reading stop being so ignorant and arrogent your just pathetic creatures who want attention…if want a life become a humonculis you are all my are just toys for the amusement of the #BestInTheWorld…if you challenge me to anything #JustBringIt you human make no sense worthless

yall make me sick this video that girl coud have died nd yall making fun of her whats wrong with yall . dont laugh or joke bout these things ppl loseing their precious lives cuz yall laugh at them nd bully them STOPPPP cuz someday it will be yhuu

Right, Although bullying can never be justified, what that silly little girl did was not Only disgusting, fake or not, but ridiculous! How on earth will she ever make anything of herself now? She will be stuck to fetish porn for the rest of her life, no man/woman in their right minds will want her, if she ever did have kids, how will she explain that? How will they feel if it got out in school? She clearly knew what she was doing, even at the age of 15 you understand the repercussions of your actions for something on that scale.

I don’t personally think she is dead, I think it is a publicity stunt to either gain more fans for something yet to come, or her way of trying to fix the big mistake that she has done.

Finally, how dare people compare this spoiled foul little brat with the likes of Amanda Todd????!! There is a very clear difference here, A.T made a mistake with one bloke and had issues wherever she went after that and tried her best to rectify the small mistake that so many girls her age do and have done. G.P did this for attention, and it was her who spread this over the Internet and provoked others publicly etc. Clearly showing no remorse for her actions. It is insane to mix the two situations up like this, because if you do then in the future it is only going to create more problems for GENUINE bullied people who are need help and deserve to receive it. Let’s not tar with the same brush, help those who need it and not focus on spoiled little brats who suddenly realised that they may have gone too far and would benefit more from phsychiatric care rather than sympathy from the “bullying”they have received for actions they publicly and knowingly and PROUDLY exposed themselves to.

So I just watched “Tampon Girl”. My God, it was disgusting and she should never have posted it, but… I feel sorry for her. She had a whole life ahead of her. She could’ve done whatever she wanted, and for a small glorious bit of it, she did (which was sucking on a tampon…). She wasn’t sick, though – watch the video back. But I do think she could have gone places, done things, and in the end “Tampon Girls” would’ve been forgotten about and she could have continued her life, work, husband, kids, grandchildren. She had a life. And to all those who helped to end it, shame on you. You may not have ever met her, but you pushed towards her death, and that is something that should stick with you all forever. YOU PEOPLE are the disgusting ones, not her! You repel me.
But it’s not going to stop. Remember Amanda Todd? It was not her fault. There was a life ahead of HER, too! Cyber bullying is just as bad as physical, whether you cunts who told her she should die realise it or not, this was your fault, and don’t you dare EVER say it was hers. You can keep your mouth shut about her, and read this and MOURN. Because you ended a precious fifteen-year-old girl’s life.

Okay, first of all Amanda Todd had it coming for her. Did you read the whole story about her? She FLASHED on a video chat. She had sexual interaction with a boy that she only hung out with for a bit. Yes, she had a life ahead of her but her decisions is what killed her. Same for Giovanna Plowman, she decided to be famous by sucking her own tampon. That’s abnormal and just disgusting. And yes, the bullying and cyber bullying was out of line and ridiculous! But THEY decided to do it.

She dosnt live in Florida You Dumbasses. She Lives In Buffalo.Im not going to name the highschool or anything, But she goes to a highschool near me. And She ISNT Dead.

She isn’t brave. She ate a used tampon. That isn’t brave. It’s attention-seeking and dangerous. She never stood up to any bullies.
Youngest and brightest? Er, no she can’t be too bright if she, I repeat, ate a used tampon. And ‘expressing herself’? SHE. ATE. A. USED. TAMPON.

She ate a tampon! Amanda Todd was girl who was Bullied cause she made a mistake. But this girl decided to make a mistake and put it on YouTube

I’ve looked through a few of these comments and thought wow you people are fucking assholes! It doesn’t matter what Giovanna did. It’s that fact that people fucking bullied her to death! So she sucked a used tampon? Yea its rachet as hell but there is far more nasty things people do in this world and post it on youtube. Amanda Todd is my inspiration to joining anit-bully team at my school. Yea she flashed on webcam. A TON OTHERS DID TO! It just so happened that someone took a picture of it and killed her with bullying. All the dumb fucks who bully deserve to know what I feels like to get bullied. Its not fun! Grow up a little will ya? These ignorant comments shouldn’t be aloud to be posted!

Its you fuckin people that say stupid shit like most of you are sayin that made her do it. I hope your fuckin happy. You urealize she was probably treated like shit and wanted to be known?!

I truely I’m sry I am one of those people hope you forgive me I did not think of how she feels every day that could be frustrating she just wanted one friend to tell her it was ok and we all let her down.

THANK GOODNESS THE BITCH IS DEAD!!!! STUPID PEOPLE NEED TO DIE LIKE HER AND SOME THRISTY BITCHES.. MANY PEOPLE NEED TO STOP DEFENDING LOW CLASS, AND WITH NO COMMON SENSE. Think before you do stupid shit cause you might kill yourself like other stupid people that believe they would be loved.. Your just going to amuse many other cold hearted people that don’t give a shit like me Michelle :)

What’s wrong with you she dies and your happy!? I guess it would be okay that when you die people celebrate and talk sh!t about you? Yeah she made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean she has to die.if you don’t care then don’t talk about it, simple as that.

She took her own life. Nobody took her life other than herself. So shut your fucking mouth, and stop acting like you fucking care.

What is wrong with you!?!?!?!!? yeah she was stupid and gross for doing that but NO ONE deserves to die. If you are so happy about this watch! I bet you one day you will be the one who does something really stupid and you will be in her position. Then who would be happy now? NOT YOU!

Seriously, they said that “…They’re taking the youngest and brightest from us”

People who suck on their own used tampons, or any tampons at all, are not the brightest.

Fucking gross

I wish this was fucking real. Anyone that sucks on tampons or fucks dogs or eats shit just to be ‘famous’ or even just for attention needs to fucking die. I fucking hate what my generation is coming too. Hopefully someone with a half decent fucking brain will see this and agree with me.

I’m totally against bullying but this girl deserved every bit of it… May she rot in hell for having such a stupid brain.

your a bitch and your fucked up for sayin that i hope you burn in hell and may satan atke your soul when you sleep stupid bitch!1 i hate people like you your fuckin illiterate and rude as fuck for that!! i wish death upon you and i hope it comes soon

There are a lot of things that were screwed up in that nasty ass video that she made…but it wasn’t her fault…I see it as her finding a way to express herself. It wasn’t the best way and she became infamous but she should have been raised better!!! It’s not her fault!! It never was!! Y’all bitch niggaz that blame her…leave her the fuck alone and let her rest in peace!!! Y’all want something to do with your pathetic lives??? Go blame her parents…..the people that were supposed to be there for her…the people that were supposed to mold her into a responsible woman!!!!! They failed miserablely and it cost them their daughter!!! They could have at least got her some counseling..they could’ve whooped her…damn!! They could’ve even looked in one of those dumbass parenting magazines!!!!! Fuck them and their stupidity!!!!!

to summarize

she’s not dead! how could you say that?! I hope you die!

I think she’s pretty smart. Faking “that” event is a surefire to way to gain notoriety, and it’s a lot easier than starting a website and writing fake obituaries about people who do such things. so bravo to this young star, her future is bright. and bravo to the writer, as you’ve proven fame cancer does actually exist, and it’s killing daily

Im sorry but it says says taking our “youngest and brightest” since when was sucking on a tampon smart, the heath risks in that crap is just scary!

is giovianna really dead because some people are saying she is and some people are saying she’s not.

I love how it said the haters “forced” her to commit suicide. She made the choice, and it was a selfish one.

People should not be bulling the girl I know it was gross but people really do not know what she was going through people just leave her alone people do not relize that people kill there over silly let us all take a moment off our time pray if do not have anything good to say then keep it to yourself you people do not know what bulling is if these stupid people make fun of kids guess what is going to happen just let her alone let’s all take a moment to pray

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I don’t understand why though? It was HER decision to post that video of her eating a tampon, and if she actually commit. It was HER decision. Not a very good one. But it’s what it is now….


Who fucking cares if she committed suicide. All you people who say that we should leave her alone, and don’t hate, and that bullying her is wrong because she’s just being herself I have some stuff to say to you: Stop making stupid excuses for the stupid cow. Stop being sentimental to someone who was just trying to get some attention by being nasty. I was bullied, but you know what? I turned out better than anyone else. I tried to kill myself a lot of times, and died not by my own volition but by a seizure. But I’m not an attention seeking freak. People pick their poison, and should be judged accordingly. She is just as sick as the freak at Newtown, except she inflicted it on herself. And the Newtown fuck wasn’t even bullied! What I’m trying to say is that who cares? You shouldn’t. Did you know her personally? Probably not, and even if you did there is something wrong with her, and you knew something bad was going on so why didn’t you talk to her. And finally: We’re all just as sick as her. You think you’re any better? You’re not. You will do it if you were put anywhere near a bad situation, such as being bullied everyday, neglected, parent issues. You will pick what you choose and that will decide whether or not you become a public freak.

What The Hell Is Wrong With You..?
Giovanna Didn’t Die Anyways Douchebag.
You Should Just Stop Hating On People And Start Caring For Your Own Self.
Fuck You.

I wish noone to die but Im sorry: SHE ATE HER OWN TAMPON for goodness sake!
What did she expect people to do? Give her a pat on the back? Become her best friend or adoring fan?

All you guys are so immature, yess maybe she is dumb or w.e in posting that video, but grow up… She doesn’t deserve to be treated like this…I mean come on who are you to judge her, your the one that has problems, all of you are the bullies.. Just leave her alone, shes free to do watever she wants..

Fuck all of you who don’t have respect for Giovanna. I have the most respect for her than i have for anyone. She is so brave to stand up to all of those bullies. I wish i could meet her to give my respect too. You guys are saying you dont believe in bullying but then gain your doing the worst of it. Just shut the fuck up and leave her alone. Its her life not yours. If she wants to get attention, let her. Your being the most judging person for saying such rude things.

I know she wanted to be famous and all… But the crazy girl ATE HER OWN TAMPON. Who does that? She is like Amanda Todd but… Not. Geez, I mean, I feel bad she died, but “Brightest” girl? Nope, You don’t eat your tampon.

People shouldn’t tell people to kill there self who cares if she didn’t it not like she raped she’s dead.. ):

sorry that she is dead but she should of thought of the consequences for doing such a disgusting thing she brought the bullying on herself there are others that get bullied for no reason there the true victims

you are a bunch of fucking bitches and fucking is fun. i did it once. oh and i have a bunch of hot sexy boyfriends

Ummmmm she did not deserve watt she did i hope all the ppl dat is sayin datt she should burn in hell. Yall should burn in hell fir this she just wanted tooh bhe famous just like almost all of us so she dont need all of yall negativity if yall cant say nun nice ghen dont say nun at all cuz this dont make any since n she is an beautiful girl if u are so geliouse den stop it cuz u are not so perfect neither okayy keep all ur bad comments tooh ur self okayy

Maybe people should stop doing absolutely vile things, then we’ll respect them. I’ll shoot you a question, would you eat your own tampon? Wouldn’t you find that fucking gross? Imagine it.

First of all, who the fuck cares if she ate a tampon or not. Like you don’t want to be judged. And she didn’t kill her self. And yeah, she needs self respect but with the society today, can you blame her?!?!?! NO look up all these tampon challenge videos on YouTube. Do it. Mmmkayy, bye bye(:

1 * What she did was gross. Ok, everybody got that. Don’t like it? Stop Watching.

2* Good now that everybody knows why don’t we just let it cool down? Why don’t we go back to mocking Taylor Swift, that emotionless girl from twilight, like good old times? They are famous, they are rich, they wont kill themselves. They can survive bullying. Pick ur enemies right people.

3*Now she’s dead. Or not. Either way this works for proving that bullying is a serious matter. Honestly, if I could, Id kill all the children and teachers from my childhood cuz I was the chubby gamer girl who didnt like Britney Spears.

4*Done? the subject is over. Now go look up some betrayal among the famous people to entertain urselves.

Mwahahahahaha she was a dumb fucktard. Did she think any guy would kiss her after that! Fuck I wouldn’t even stick my dick in the dirty fucking rats mouth. Did she kill herself, maybe but probably not, do we care? Do we fuck.
As for those that say she was just being herself, what the fuck lol yeah I’m being myself so I’m going eat my own tampon to try be famous, that ain’t being yourself that’s being a dirty fucking rat that deserved every damn (troll) comment she got.
If she is dead I hope to to high heaven every other fucking freak in the world follows in her foot steps and end their life too as this world would be so much better with out these fucktards

Thank you. Finally, someone who is saying the same as me. I’ve said this a hundred times. I don’t give two shits if you are just “expressing yourself,” you don’t eat your fucking tampon.

You express yourself through art and music, not tampon sucking. If you want to express who you are, go grab a guitar and start playing. Thank you for your time. :D

No one is perfect one of us has done worst stuff thn her but u guys didnt post it on youtube like she did. Anyways the tampon has blood have u dumb asses used u brain? U guys dont know if it was actually blood or not cuz yall mother fuckers didnt see that tampon coming out of a cuca so please before u insult someone u life better be the best w no mistakes be careful cuz u never know what u kid,brother,sister,cousing could b posting shiit in the future

If she can’t assume what she did she is not brave at all. You do something bad, you “suck” up all the consequences. It would have been really bad and sad if she was bullied for no reason, but she did something ugly. I am a girl, and after watching her video, I was disgusted on how someone who was supposed to be gracious and stuff did that. On the other hand, she did a mistake, and everybody make mistakes. We shouldn’t judge her, but again, you make a mistake, you assume the consequences.

I’d suck the tampon out of her. And you can watch me suck it out. it would be a pleasure for a young woman i think

I’m sorry but how is a girl that suck on her own bloody tampon “our youngest and brightest” I mean come on

Okay , I just wanna say this . Yeah she did something that was Nast as fuck, but why be so ride about it ? Honestly I have the up most right respect for her even tho she is dead. That girl did what she thought would get her famous. And did it ? yeah it sure did make her famous. She became famous and that’s what she wanted to achieve. She set out a goal and did what she had to do to achieve that goal . To the person who said I wouldent even stick my dick in her mouth. You sound so fucking dumb lol. You obviously have no common sense . You fuck a chick after she is on her period . She’s not on it anymore . But she did at one point have blood coming out of her vagina . So shut the fuck up . But honestly why do all of care that she did this ? It’s not ur life. No one u actually knew in person. Yeah the video may be discussing . But all the bullying that was done to her was worse that what she did in the video . It lead her to suicide . How do u think her family feels because she committed suicide over this , because all of you guys bullied her for what she did . At least she didn’t sell her sole to the fucking devil to get famous like some stars she found a different way , and honestly I think the way she did it was better than the ways some others got famous .

Many people are saying “She’s not dead!” And they’re right. Go to the Facebook page “R.I.P. Giovanna Plowman” and look at the posts. Pretty much everyone is saying that she didn’t die. Who I am assuming is Giovanna even said that she was alive. She wrote this on the page “Are you serious? I’m well alive…” It’s pretty self-explanitory. Anyways, if you want her off of the internet, just ignore her. If your friends come up to you and say “Have you seen that video of that girl eating a tampon?!?! OH MY GAWD I LUVVV HERRR!!!! IMMA FOLLOW HER!”, follow these easy steps:
Step #1
Slap/Punch/Kick/Talk some sense into your friend.

Step #2
Stop giving her attention. Ignore anything you hear/read about her. She’s just an average attention whore. You’re feeding her by associating with her/her fans/fan pages/whatever. Starve the attention whore of attention and eventually the world will forget about her.
Anyways, she’s not considered “strong” in my opinion. Strong famous people (the type of person she probably delusionally thinks herself as) don’t do cheap things like making sex tapes or for say, eating a tampon. They express their TALENTS. They don’t do anything like this for attention. Sure some do stupid things, all people do! But you don’t fucking make a girl eats tampon-no tampon will ever be safe again type video (sorry, I had to make the joke. Anyways, back to seriousness). This girl is a joke and a disgrace to humanity. Know those people who miss-use the term “Y.O.L.O.”? She’s one of those swaggots who do nothing but spend their parents money to do drugs and party. By the way, if you’re one of those people, PLEASE STOP. PLEASE MAN. I BEG OF YOU. STOP IT. JUST. NO. STOP.
Anyways (for the 1,000th time), thanks for reading this. Have a nice life.

Many people are saying “She’s not dead!” And they’re right. Go to the Facebook page “R.I.P. Giovanna Plowman” and look at the posts. Pretty much everyone is saying that she didn’t die. Who I am assuming is Giovanna even said that she was alive. She wrote this on the page “Are you serious? I’m well alive…” It’s pretty self-explanitory. Anyways, if you want her off of the internet, just ignore her. If your friends come up to you and say “Have you seen that video of that girl eating a tampon?!?! OH MY GAWD I LUVVV HERRR!!!! IMMA FOLLOW HER!”, follow these easy steps:
Step #1
Slap/Punch/Kick/Talk some sense into your friend.

Step #2
Stop giving her attention. Ignore anything you hear/read about her. She’s just an average attention whore. You’re feeding her by associating with her/her fans/fan pages/whatever. Starve the attention whore of attention and eventually the world will forget about her.
Anyways, she’s not considered “strong” in my opinion. Strong famous people (the type of person she probably delusionally thinks herself as) don’t do cheap things like making sex tapes or for say, eating a tampon. They express their TALENTS. They don’t do anything like this for attention. Sure some do stupid things, all people do! But you don’t fucking make a girl eats tampon-no tampon will ever be safe again type video (sorry, I had to make the joke. Anyways, back to seriousness). This girl is a joke and a disgrace to humanity. Know those people who miss-use the term “Y.O.L.O.”? She’s one of those swaggots who do nothing but spend their parents money to do drugs and party. By the way, if you’re one of those people, PLEASE STOP. PLEASE MAN. I BEG OF YOU. STOP IT. JUST. NO. STOP.
Anyways (for the 1,000th time), thanks for reading this. Have a nice life.

Who is anyone to talk crap about her if u don’t know her sooo how u gonna talk and not know

This is dumb y’all talking about some one that can be you or one of your family members
That can hang them self god is looking down upon every one who judge her and
you all are fucking muders but what goes around comes around 10×fold
and may god have mercy on your poor
lost souls fel bad for your kids if god let’s yo
Sorry ass have any oh they might die with your parents y’all then pissed me off

Yeah she famous y’all still on her dick even if she is or not y’all still gone be on her dick
So “R.I.P. Giovanna Plowman” bitch you famous they on yo dick girl.

They on yo dick girl…? Thank you american school system..even the people who should be killing themselves are not… do you live with youself cassandra…..I’m sending you a dictionary, an encyclopedia set and a thirtenn loop noose to hang yourself

You think she’s nasty? You must never watched Jackass you fucking hater ass bitches. Y’all haven’t said that Karla & Latifa…meaning the bitches from 2 Girls 1 Cup. This is sad, even sad for the haters. Go fucking assassinate yourselves, you dumb broads. R.I.P. Giovanna Plowman!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. THAT TWITTER ACCOUNT IS FAKE! The thing Ariana Grande said is true but ItsGiovannaP account is a fake and Giovanna says so herself on a youtube video. Not saying I like her, but I hate seeing people hate someone about something that isn’t even true. Yeah every single mean thing, “Giovanna”, said on that page isn’t true because !NEWSFLASH! That isn’t her, get over yourselves.

she totally could have gotten famous in any other way arinna grenade didn’t bully her she shouldn’t have posted it it was her own fault its not like she was expecting good comments or anything and if she was she is crazy did you know that while you are reading this teens are doing drugs ,alcohol, cutting themselfs, killing themselfs … it was stupid she shouldn’t have done that people could have said nicer things but .. it was just gross and disturbing

People have a lot to say
I don’t think she is pleasant but I don’t think people should bully her too the extent that she wants to kill her self
Not saying I like her

Some of use r dum point is dont post stupid things if theres a bad thing going to come from it may she rip but im right

Yeah I kinda noticed that in the first sentence “her rise to fame was meteoric” yeah right sure why would she even have fans

Hey Giovanna had your taste of fame? Why don’t you ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE,INSTEAD IF SUCKING ON YOUR OWN PERIOD JUICE. I’m amazed you even know how to use a tampon.

And your little princessy quote below your picture, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME DO ANYTHING AND I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, THE PRESIDENT? look what society has come to, now some idiot girl eating a bloody tampon is famous. wtf who cares?

She didn’t commit suicide…I know her personally, she posted a video saying she was sorry for making a mistake lol, whoever wrote this article obviously didn’t research very well

true true, but still, well yeah i didnt want to see some fat 15 year old eat a tampon and hey if she wants to die she can kill herself she already did. shouldnt, shouldnt, shouldnt, did, and now we get over it. am i right?

i think is sad how people can be so mean in this world if shes deador not doesnt give people the right to talk crap about her shes a human being like everyone else honestly people are horriblein this world with no hearts at all

I don’t want to sound to overly mean but she did this to herself. If this girl never ate a used tampon and did a less disgusting video chances are she’d still be alive. So it’s all on her.

dear Hatesec,that’s cruel,no respect for the dead and btw she aint fat she has a medium build ,like me,im fat,she aint,got it,yeah she did wrong,but if i had known she was going to commit suicide,i would do a reply vid and done the same,all she did was suck a used tampon,its not as bad as failing a test and having your parents find out,is it,if my mum or dad found about the test i’d failed,they’d kick me out and im only 14,there laying down hard on me,so if i were you i would stop hating and see life through as me or any other famous suicide like Amanda Todd and this girl,they were bullied for shit they did,i have been bullied for shit i’d done and i dealed,those countless teenagers couldn’t deal with it

People, she did not die :)! I knew this months ago. On April 4, she made a confession video saying why she did that and y’all should watch it. She also made a draw my life video, showed her room and her latest one was posted on August, saying that she got an iPhone 5 and lost her professional camera. She is cute and I support her. The tampon video was actually very funny. By the way, unlike y’all who are full of hatred and/or self-loathing about ANYTHING, the tampon video brought me so much joy and I plan on sucking tampons (or at least try once). Yeah, y’all can say that I’m nasty and psychotic, but idgaf, if normal means being full of hatred, then I don’t wanna be like that.

She’s not dead. She’s posting shit on YouTube. And if she didn’t want the hate maybe she shouldn’t have eaten a used tampon. And if it was her mum writing that post there would be no typing errors. And it would have been well planned out and I doubt her mother would have used hashtags lol. I don’t agree with the bullying she gets but she could have done something less disgusting to become famous.

ok yall are a little harsh!!
this shit nasty as fuck i get that but if she did or if she didnt commite suicide yall harsh as hell and needa be bitch slapped by a girl… shyyt then maybe yall wont talk bcz u dont kno her story

You all need to grow up and get a life…instead of posting your thoughts on the subject being completely horrible to the girl…yeah she made her bed yeah she should lay in it but everyone is different…everyone has feelings just coz she did something stupid doesn’t mean she cant learn from her mistake…this should be a lesson to her to never do anything like it again…worry about your own life an let her get on with hers…that’s ofc if she actually still is alive lol.

You all need to get a frickin life an grow up instead of posting your thoughts on the subject whether or not she killed herself faked eating a used tampon to get attention was her choice yeah she made a bed yeah she should lay in it but everyone makes wrong choices an mistakes at some point in life. This should be a lesson to her an other ppl to not do anything like this again that will cause public embarrassment for herself. Have more respect please ppl commit suicide coz they have too much pain to endure and wish to end it…or maybe they wanted to be with a loved one…however i think cyber or any other kind of bullying should not be tolerated its disgusting! Have more consideration to other ppl fgs

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