Satire Authorities Raise Fears American Satire Is Dead

Marijuana is a natural panacea. Vaccines rewrite your DNA.

By Mark Ames, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and R. Crumb — Satire is dead. Practically no one will pay for it and no writer is even capable of delivering a satiric effect to American audiences. Trust me, I tried. It’s a losing investment every . . .

10 Celebrities Who Were Never Vaccinated

Civil rights activist Jenny McCarthy is often credited as bringing vaccine opposition to the forefront of pointless shit for Americans to oppose.

Since actress and civil rights pioneer Jenny McCarthy exposed the truth about vaccines – specifically, that they are a way for the government to keep a grip on people by poisoning . . .

New England Patriots forced to forfeit after #deflategate: SUPER BOWL CANCELED!

There will be no Super Bowl this year

FOOTBALL — Sunday morning, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ruled that the New England Patriots would be forced to forfeit the Super Bowl after announcing that the intentional deflation of footballs nullified their AFC championship victory. Goodell told stunned reporters, “There will be no Super Bowl . . .

The importance of satire for a free society, by Barrett Brown

Anonymous leader Barrett Brown is serving five years in prison for revealing America’s possession of a Weapon of Mass Manipulation (WMM) propaganda “atom bomb” known as Metal Gear

THE SLAMMER — Back in middle school, when I’d won the Ayn Rand essay contest and founded the objectivism club, I knew that I was . . .

‘Illegal’ Cuban intranet sponsored by US backers

Cuba's defunct Presidio Modelo, the only true "panoptic" prison facility true to the vision of utilitarianism founder Jeremy Bentham

A Cuban defector shows off his illegal network setup. He was never seen again.

Havana – As the decadent West declares Internet access a ‘human right,’ our Cuban allies have not fallen prey to such hubris. Castro has stood ever firmly against Capitalist frivolities such as ‘connectivity’ and ‘liberalization,’ preserving the untamed power . . .

Michael Moore enlists in US Army as apology for American Sniper comments

Experts predict Moore could turn on his drill instructor in a Full Metal Jacket spectrum emotional breakdown, ending in a murder-suicide that will color the remaining plot of his 2015 buddy comedy.

Flint, Mich. – After calling American Sniper hero Chris Kyle a “coward,” and “a camping faggot,” US filmmaker Michael Moore issued . . .

Black feminist twitter: #gamergate is “clueless”

Black woman’s attitude talks down on #gamergate as a waste of activism.

THE TWITTERVERSE — What the fuck is with these white bitches at war with video games? YEA WE KNOW YOU WHITE BITCHES WANNA JOIN THE WHITE BOY CLUB ALREADY. There are millions of pervert creeps out there, how sheltered are you . . .

Mitt Romney cancels presidential bid to pursue dream of underage polygamy: GOV’T OFFICIAL SPEAKS OUT!


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump says “No way” Bush or Romney could win in 2016. Hillary Clinton says she’s already purchased the job. But none of that matters to would-be presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who has informally announced to his staff he will step down from the 2016 presidential candidacy, one of his . . .

My Barret Brown Opinion Piece, By Jaime Cochran




hatesec you’ve got some trollsplaining to do

The True Facts about Barrett Brown’s Sentencing

Barrett Brown was sentenced to five years in prison

OBJECTIVE JOURNALISM — WikiLeaks spokesperson Julian Assange praised Barrett Brown’s unique Hunter S Thompson Style, while others referred to Brown as a gonzo journalist or satirist, an impression of his work that is as popular as it is uninformed. This is probably a symptom . . .