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Grady Warren in 2012

Gary Warren is a Tea Party Conservative, and winner of lifetime achievement awards.

Grady Warren
Grady Warren

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you the official Chronicle.SU endorsement of Grady Warren for President of the United States of America in 2012!

Grady Warren, Florida Community College alumnus, is a Sporting Goods Professional living in Jacksonville, Fla. and is a member of the American Tea Party.


Why Grady Warren?

  • He wants to deny all minorities the right to vote. Everybody knows that it takes a majority vote to win, so why should minorities vote?
  • He wants to send blacks to re-education camps to learn how to become Americans. This is an important step in national politics because it is no secret that nearly every American inner-city is jam-packed full of black people. Most of them have probably never even been camping!
  • We agree with Warren that blacks are an issue, even here at the Chronicle. For example, you have probably noticed that our site is overrun by multiple shades of black. Thankfully, the reason we type so much is to get all the white onscreen as we possibly can.
  • Warren seeks deportation based on religion, specifically of Muslims. Groundbreaking! We really wish he wanted to deport all religions, but we consider this a valid compromise; because, if we can at least open up discussion on the deportation of one religion, Islam, maybe down the road Americans will be more open to deporting other religions like Christianity and Buddhism.
  • He believes it’s not racist to love Christmas. With this statement, we agree on every level because Jesus was black.

Finally, Warren dares to ask the question, “Is it racist to love Sarah Palin, because she’s the female version of Ronald Reagan and to millions of men, she is their fantasy wife?”

The female version of Ronald Reagan
Fantasy wife of millions of men, including the honorable and infallible Grady Warren.

“Sarah is all about what’s great in America.”

“This guy is an important ideological leader.”
-Tyler Bass
Washington insider, Chronicle.SU correspondent

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Old Brutus does Grady Warren

20 replies on “Grady Warren in 2012”

Grady is very blunt (I am a boy scout upside of Grady) but I think that his very informed words will speak volumes about the problem of Muslims in America, Mexican Illegals and the Obama Administration.
We simply have to take the threats against “domestic tranqulity & our personal freedoms” seriously. We have seen by allowing Radical Muslims to gain a foothold in France, The Netherlands, Great Britain is a terrible mistake.

Semper Fi,


Ron, you are most correct. Grady Warren makes some pithy comments with no punches pulled. I expect he’ll have a hard time running for President but “Grady Warren for Congress” might be a first step. The Lord knows we desperately need some no nonsense tell it like it is and “protect America first” kind of people.

Geo Hotx3,

What’s your problem? Did you just run out of ideas? You liberals crack me up. If it’s not the race card or hate card, it’s “…kill yourselves”. What incredible intellect!

i love how everyone on this site thinks they are at the peak of human intellect. smoke some weed, you’ll realize you don’t know everything. if that doesn’t work, drop acid. that is the only way to achieve hyper-conscienceness.

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