Bernie Sanders refuses to stand for Pledge of Allegiance, in a protest backed entirely by dank memes

bernie promises new economic standard. “memebacks” to replace worthless currency “the dollar.” After Bernie refused to stand for the pledge at Sunday’s 9/11 rally, the best pepes, the rarest pepe of them all have pledged allegiance to Bernie, and said “fuck the troops, specifically.” the dank memer himself, bernie pepe is like “bring Snowden home […]

I Am America – A Herman Cain Fanfic

Herman Cain crouched down over the woman, who was now bloody, disheveled and used, and he asked her politely if he might take her out to dinner sometime, and if he can get that phone number.

UBL Died for the Sins of Lebal Drocer

SCAPEGOAT! This is just a friendly reminder that if United States President Barack Hussein Obama happens to be reelected, this is why. Osama bin Laden died as a martyr, but not his way. Bin Laden died at the hands of Seal Team Six in the name of everything he ever hated. Incidentally, he died to […]