Joe Biden victims come forward after 15 year silence


‘Woman 3’ tries to fight off her attacker, Joe Biden, in this disturbing 2014 photograph.

The Vice President is at it again. Joe Biden, who recently appeared in a video whispering sinister, cryptic messages into a young girl’s ear, faces new allegations from an unnamed group of 26 women who are breaking some 15 years . . .

Biden under fire: ‘I’m just about ready to shoot a man in the face’


As Vice President Joe Biden watches his political career slip the way of former VP Dick Cheney, he said he is prepared to do “anything” to shock the public into voting for him.

“It’s always Barry, Barry, Barry,” a lizard-like Biden told the packed West Wing of the White House on . . .

Obama Gun Plan Will “Combat Mass Shootings”

Stan Milton, lead designer for the Obama plan, said the plan will institute software designed to comb through buyers’ histories, cross-referencing prior instances of gun-related crimes against humanity. . . .