Middle Eastern powermongering lost its thrill, Saudi leaders say

Saudi bombing raids are no longer fun, King Abdullah, leader of the Saudi Arabian peninsula, said after a Saturday bombing raid on Yemen. “We bombed a 1,200-year-old mosque, a 13th century castle in Yemen, we bombed Syria, and today we even saw Egypt’s president Morsi sentenced to death,” Abdullah said. “It’s just not doing it […]

Germany stopped sharing internet surveillance info with the NSA because both nations use the same spy software

BERLIN — Germany’s surveillance agency, the BND, used to spy for the NSA in the the United States. They stopped, however, when news broke they were sharing their communications with USA, which pissed a lot of people off. “A row” following bad press in the German government seems to have put a stop to certain […]

US-backed bombing of Yemen surprises no one

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Literally no one was shocked to learn of a Saudi Arabian airstrike against the Haradh district of northern Yemen on Monday. Angstrom Trodlinyiavic, a chief member of the UN human rights council, said he is surprised the bombing only targeted military installations, when everyone knows it is the barbaric women and children of Yemen who […]