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To Anonymous (2.0)

Will Anonymous ever pull its head out of its ass? That’s hard to do when you’ve got an insatiable taste for your own shit.

Gay Fucks Suit
Tea Party Movement

Big new websites are springing up to say the same old shit, big old bad guys now look like mute Bill O’Reillys, and there are still serious problems so large in the political system, human injustices so glaring yet so daunting, no anonymous Twitter feed dare mention them.

Brace yourselves, kids, because I’m about to let you have it. Playtime is over and it’s high time you pulled your heads out of your asses now.

You kids are too stupid to acknowledge the host lest it legitimize the parasite. I’m talking about congressional vote selling, telcoms stealing your internet, campaign finance reform. Attack this shit, you pussies! God damn it, help the real world fucking change something! You can’t DDoS cash incentives. Of course, you won’t be DDoSing SHIT when Cox Communications caps your bandwidth but what do you know about that?

You like to pretend like you’re doing something so controversial your pathetic lives are actually in some sort of danger but you can’t stop anything meaningful, nothing truly sinister, from taking place – or else you really would have a gun stuck in your face at 4 a.m. but you won’t. Because the real world doesn’t fuck around, but you wouldn’t know anything about that either. So you prance around like a faggot in his mother’s underwear behind Twitter accounts, IRC networks, Gay Fawkes masks, and talk about how badass you think you are to 1,000 people doing the same thing.

That’s just your behavior, though. And I don’t care about any of your ideals because I can see plainly that you don’t either. You’re just not passionate about anything except #opBART only because you’ve made that “operation” more about your faggy “anonymous” movement than a boy being shot – than freedom of speech itself. Remember when protests were called protests and didn’t need gung-ho internet terminology attached to them to motivate the youth? Yeah, me either, because my generation’s never had a spine.

The only useful effort I’ve seen put forth by people calling themselves anonymous – that doesn’t appear to be some anarchistic impulse of provocation, that doesn’t appear to be juvenile nor embarrass me on your behalf, is the effort of @AnonMedics. Damn, that’s awesome. You better be glad somebody’s following you around, ready to pull you out of whatever trouble your juvenile delinquency gets you into. Because I sure as hell wouldn’t wipe your ass if you shat yourself at my protest.

Whether you’re #antisec or #prosec – nobody gives a fuck because to onlookers you are full of redfaced angry nerdrage that embarrasses anyone who ever thought there might be this mysterious behind the scenes hacker group making big things happen. Grayhats, whitehats, blackhats – all subjective terminology like ‘terrorist’ and ‘freedom fighter’ except the only people who give a fuck is you and your hapless victims.

Also, I thought you were anarchists? So then why is this pussy crying about an attack on the state? You kids are inconsistent, shameful failures.

Your sweeping general statements about politics and law are laughably reproducible. Your arguments sound like Monday’s Tea Party advertisement debate. Your “news sources” are masturbatory rantholes. Your process of d0xing the non-believers is reprehensible. Your work ethic is slovenly. Your web design skills make me frown and uhh, an Anonymous networking site? *snickers* Your writing skills don’t exist. Like Milhouse, your “movement” is a forced meme that gets you banned from 4chan, only faster.

Your movement is fake.


This article is part of Anonifeld – a series about nothing (Anonymous).

By Hatesec

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SCREW YOU, in the last month, have 1. joined anonymous, 2. had my dox dropped, 3. set up my my own pastebin, 4. set up my own bitcoin wallet, 5. had net sex with men, who put up girl pix (I’m canadian mind you), 6. OpNoPro is my Bro: jelly?

I have no nerd rage, I phonesexed Vince in teh Bay. gb2 my pastebin, yo.

Go to bed kid…and stop seducing dirty old homosexual like Vince. You know in unAmerica we lock you kids up for that kind cyberstuff.

Since your website is based on bull, this won’t get published.. But if it is, let it be known – I didn’t do the earlier post.

This post is licensed under a CANADIAN Corporation, remaining unnamed. Any modification is a violation under Canadian law.

your bull webseit aren’t gonna publish. but my namefaggotry is done for the revolution. plz add bitcoins to support me.

This post is licensed under a CANADIAN Corporation, remaining unnamed. Any modification is a violation under Canadian law.

Also, KForKallisti, I know u use a FightClub image. Wanna cyber? Old leftists with grey hairs r ok with me. LETS DO THIS. fascist americans still like “football” We should skype after shutting down Wall Street on a Saturday! WE MAKE THREATS, NEVER FOLLOW UP, EXPECT US!

Ahoy shitliner. A masturbatory rant about masturbatory rants? Redfaced angry nerdrage about redfaced angry nerdrage? Project much? Save it for somebody who wants to learn.

(PS. game over, irony won earnestness is gay. so just pull up a chair,popcorn and soda up, enjoy the palsied ictus
of apoplectic, wannabe techno-fetishist ,journalism.)

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