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The Evil Hierarchy of Reddit Moderators

Reddit Moderator

Increasingly, all people are being turned into objects. This is more than a gender issue. This is the death of the Subject. Nobody has truly come to grips with the horrible alienation of Social Media. On r/creepshots, people have entered a sick feedback loop that we all know ends with ragdoll porn and sex doll necrorape fantasy. Sure it’s legal, but so is investigating the identities of the people who moderate it.[pullquote]”What kind of person would want to sit around and moderate Reddit all day?” ~ Viciously Raped Sex Doll[/pullquote]

Adrian Chen is a dickhead who constantly steals his ideas from Chronicle.SU, and Gawker is a piece-of-shit tabloid, but Violentacrez, a person who didn’t even take elementary precautions to protect his identity, cannot be doxed. Just because he’s your friend and he’s being attacked by a tabloid doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the freedom of speech.

In this day and age it’s so common for meaning to be inverted by a small group of people who control media. Just look at the way Christians claim that abortion is an affront to religious freedom. Censoring Gawker in the name of freedom of speech is the same thing. Your bff, Violentacrez, might have been unfairly treated by someone trolling for tabloid hits, but is the answer really abusing your power to censor an entire media outlet? Why’d you even bother with the SOPA blackout?

I’ve had my run-ins with Reddit Moderators in the past. In fact, Chronicle.SU is banned from r/politics. By banning Gawker, a small group of people have ONCE AGAIN proven they are merciless tyrants.


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I am impressed but not surprised that the chronicle was banned from reddit, must be you fishfag. Yet MoralG was the biggest trafficker/supplier of creepshots on these subreddit r/creepshots & r/photobuckplunder , the sweet and cum salty irony
Ps-Isn’t Adrian Chen banned from the chronicle, js (and along with Pedobear, there is an exception to the rule of #FREESPEECH, no pedobears allowed #KEEPOUT!

It really doesn’t take much. I’ve heard of sites getting banned from Reddit just for linking to them.

Some Reddit moderators are seriously out of control. Conde Nasty owns Reddit and Ars Technica. The latter has some good content, better than say… “The Verge”? But certain sub Reddits remove or send Ars posts straight to the spam-moderation abyss. That’s just rude, and stupid. So is doxing. Gawker did it to someone on Friday. But that was one writer at Gawker. I won’t be visiting any time soon, but it doesn’t mean that everything from Gawker needs to be rejected.

Here’s an idea: Reddit could make a banner, like Jimbo does around this time of year for Wikipedia. Except Reddit’s would list which media outlets or columnists were persona non grata. Not likely.

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