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NAMEATOWN, US–A local karate expert injured his hand and pride while trying to prove his strength by breaking a wooden board with his bare knuckles. Thurston Wallace, 19, after seeing elder karate experts nonchalantly break through boards using their foreheads, realized his strength was in question and was quick to saw a fresh board, intending to destroy it. He then demanded a Colorado resident to “hold that [depletive exleted]” and repeatedly attempted to break the board with his hand.
When Wallace was finally able to break the board,

a rip in the space-time continuum was apparently torn open, leaving humanity in shambles. The rest of our footage was thoroughly destroyed and all wax has now broken loose.

More on this story here: Pessimist Saves Universe


o ive been fucking with the layout i dont have time to update, there’s a follow up to this article …i dont remember what its called though. it’s hmmm…. i cant seem to find it

На следующей странице: И. Богданов. История табакерки. Игорь Богданов . в честь Нико; по фамилии Нико был назван алкалоид (растительная щелочь),

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