Selena Gomez dead at 19

Fans mourn the loss of Disney’s top-earning teen star Selena Gomez, who died Friday in a drunk driving accident near Santa Monica Boulevard.

Selena Gomez died in a fatal car accident
Selena Gomez was pronounced dead at the scene of a fatal alcohol-related accident.

Los Angeles – Fans mourn the loss of Disney star Selena Gomez, who was pronounced dead in a fatal car crash Friday. According to police on the scene, alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the accident.

Gomez had to be cut loose from the wreckage of her late model Ford Escape Hybrid, which was tangled between a guardrail and telephone pole off Santa Monica Boulevard, authorities said.

“When I see this happening to kids,” explained LAPD’s Deputy Foster, holding back tears, “I wrench up inside. This is a tragedy. They weren’t even old enough to drink or have sex with me.”

Attorneys confirmed profits from Gomez’s new clothing line, “Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez,” are contractually obligated to absorb into Disney, which has outraged family members seeking comfort from the corporation which capitalized so heavily upon Gomez’s image, at the cost of her life.

The teen starlet, who just recorded a song with heartthrob Justin Bieber, was not alone in the accident. Two others died at the scene, however because they are not famous, and never will be, their names will not be printed here.

Uncomfirmed reports of two other individuals have surfaced amid reports Gomez was cheating on Bieber. Unnamed sources close to the couple indicated the two had “been having problems” but would not comment on the accident, or Gomez’s awesome underage drinking “problem.”

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Hello my Fans, This whole thing with me dead is not true. I was in a Serious Minor Car Crash with a few cuts and bruises but I am OK so you do not need to worry about me and thank you for all of your kind thoughts even though LAPD announced that I had died that was a huge mistake. So please carry on with your normal lives and enjoy life.!

Love Selena.x

Is that you Selena Gomez are you alive please say something because Justin beiber loves you he wants you back I promise he text me and he want you back you need go back with him if not I have to go out with him he ask me out and if I said yes to him he come and get me if you said yes good job you got him back but I guess I have to said yes to him

omg you guys need to stop obssesing over this she is alive and well with a few cuts and bruises. People make mistakes and this is one of them. Im not saying it was her fault but honestly get on with your lives already.

Yeah, cause her ‘ghost’ posted a photo on instagram like four hours ago.. This is not true! Can’t belive people that makes these rumors. Seriously.

Tis s utter foolish :) she even released her perfume . The Website owner should delete tis post . Guys if the news is true then post tat r else dont post nd make ppl mad

Who ever wrote this eeds to it take it down. they are giving their viewers false infortmation. Selena is not dead and wasn’t even in a car crash. selena is still laive,happy and healthy

you are good acctress and you should be thankful to GOD that he saved you.GOD has given you one chance to admit your dont be fully drunk while driving

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Im glad you think that but you need to move on Im in love with Justin and I will tell him to be Careful to me and all of what you said ok.


Mohammed, Im feeling Uncomfortable with you saying all of those things about me but its alright that you feel that way about me but can you please just stop im not saying this in a mean way and to my Fans I very glad I have got some people who care about me but you need to know that I do not know you or probably never but please BOYS stop obsessing over me I with Justin Ok and I love him so please let us be.


never mind i will find someone like u and i wish nothing but the best for u , but you are one in a word i wish that u never die

please dont think that i am obsessing you.i was just thinking that whether u will reply or not because i have heard that big actors try to make contact with the people of their level but justin replied me he is really a wonderful boy.

(Sorry) if i obssing u and do this fuking works and i stop write lovely things that i write for u and i start a friendship between a famous person (Selena gomez) and a fan(me)

This is so fake. She didn’t die… Fans of Selena and other people he is making fun of famous people that he hates.. Selena, Akon, Justin Bieber, and any others he said that died he is lying. You’re a liar get a life!!

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ok you broke my hart i love you too I wish selena gomez is still alive selena Im so happy that you are stIll alive I love your song and I like you. you are so beautIFul I wish I can meet you one day I wish you alls my faver i love you too I wish you are alive I dont what you die i love you you make me cyry

Selena i firget that i loved u. and i dont love u i like u and its hard to forget a angel but i forgot it and i always your fan

i am selena gomezs number 1 fan she is not dead stop lying to me i will email her and ask

don t drive and drink you will dead….. selena is pretty than you girls im pretty more and mommy selenalol. … justin bieber sucks
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é mentira pq a sele gomez esta viva olha vc falandooo ele esta morto vai metira para la goretoo vai toma o seu cuuu vai mexer com a haa montaa a selea é lindaa :D

Yeah Right! Selena Gomez died my ass! She is soooooooooo alive! Just another stupid Internet Death Hoax!

The person who wrote this is an idiot. Obviously Selena is not dead otherwise it would be everywhere not just here. Everyone who sends her death threats need to get a life. Justin loves you as a fan not as a lover; that’s Selena. If you really love him then you would set him free. So shut the fuck up and leave her alone. She already has enough to deal with. Selena is amazing and talented I admit I’m upset WOWP is over but am I mad at her …no. I’m excited to see what she plans on doing. I listen to her music and can relate to it more than any other singer. So everyone who hates her, you should leave all her videos alone and not try to hurt her. At least she has the strength to not give up. I <3 Selena Gomez.

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I’m 14 and i love to act. It’s something I wanted to do since I was 6 and it’s something I have done and am still doing. It’s the only time when all the mean people and all the mean words slip away. What should I do to follow my dreams.

She is Alive!! for God’s sake… stop being so Fucking obbsessed!!! okay? selena gomez is still very alive!!! and stop saying Bad thins about her and justin.. thier motherfucking Normal humanbeings!! okay. and what did she ever do to you guys? why you Hatin? ooh coz youre all JELLO!!
And Mohammed.. Dude Chillax…

Hey..” OmG” I totally agree with you! And HI SELENA!!!! I luv u verii much!! Can you give me sum advice?? I really love acting and I wanna become an actress in the USA… But there is one problem? I live in SA..:( and we don’t have money for a plane ticket?? Can u give me sum advice on wht to do?…. Oh and HI justin!!! I luv u

hi selena,i am frm d gambia in west africa.its a very nice n peaceful place.u n jb r my bst teen artists,i ve ur song collections n ur ‘the scene’ as my ringtone.i hope 1 day u cn cme 2 d gambia 4 a concert wit u pls reply me.n dis s ma phone number +2203189722.i luv u 4eva jb n selena may u live happily eva after 2geda.

I’ll miss you Selena Gomez.You were a super good person and who will be a sudstute when u have to do your shows and movies for’s a poem that i wrote for u ,Dear Dear Selena Gomez as you fain away from us that is not right sorry cant do it,it makes me cry

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Cuz nybdy cood post these things claiming 2 b jb or Selena Gomez if the real jb/sg actually post then I just wanna say that I hope ur ok I loved the shows u were in and u were gr8 as anybody in the world plz reply


Hi selena i was nice to here that u r alive love u so much…. i think selena u should leave jb he’s a pethatic person u should only concentrate on ur own work.. and justin fuck u….. u baster

Hey selena just be cool and dnt think about otherz n0 0ne cares 4 otherz if any 0ne cares is the person himself…. mark these words… <3

Selena if u can see this u deserve better not that asshole JB u deserve someone who loves u 4 who U R girl your Beutiful Girl u deserve wayyyyyyy better!!

i think selina is the right between jb andher.i love her and i will never be with justin or anyone is hates selina.and jb dont deserve gomes
beause she is fabuous and pretty girl.i think jb wasn’t the right boy for selena from the first.i will still love selina if she is dead or not

Oh my god you are so right. I used to really be upset with JB over his “relationship” with Selena but now I think it is just okay that they weren’t right for each other and that, in spite of that, maybe they needed each other to grow.

And whether Selena Yomez is died or not, I will always Justin Bieber.

i think selina is the right between jb and her.i love her and i will never be with justin or anyone is hates selina.and jb dont deserve gomes
beause she is fabuous and pretty girl.i think jb was the right boy for selena from the first.i will still love selina if she is not dead at all

Why would people say you got into a accedent if you still make songs lol this is fake crap oh and dont fall for another fake like justin beibers vigina

Hey Selena hope u liked sydeny Australia & if this is the real u omg tell justin i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much & no plz dont have any acedent anyways <3 XOX

I am also a singer but local.selena is my dream girl.I love her & her songs.I KNOW U ARE STILL ALIVE.Buy heart, OH GOD ! caught me forgave selena FOREVER………

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I am also a singer but local.selena is my dream girl.I love her & her songs.I KNOW U ARE STILL ALIVE.Buy heart, OH GOD ! caught me forgave selena FOREVER………

Every single day i see your face and then go to sleep.if the news hadbeen realy done then I am also die.thank god.

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Omg she is not DEAD!!!!! Just some idiot who put crap on here to believe them! She was at the teen choice awards in july

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…Dafuq? I somehow came here, yet i don’t care. Twitter, how the hell did you get me here!? I don’t care if Selena Gomez is dead or not, if Gerard Way almost fell off of a cliff then HELL YEAH i would care!…is it bad if i hate Disney and i’m still considred a child? (i don’t watch the crappy jersey shore either so…O.O) HOW DID I EVEN GET HERE!?

Well this is fake…the date says April 6th…She was alive at the teen choice awards in July, I cant tell if everyone is joking but if not.. wow…just. wow

I care alot about this so called death of selena gomez. She was my inspiration and hopefully to others she made my not be shy by the fact I can singquite well I actually hoped one day I could follow in selena’s footsteps with the whole singing and movie thing. I really don’t think selena gomez would drink and drive theres no way to be completely sure but winning the hearts of her millions of fans to just basocally bail put on us like that would mean that the fans that she earned would be absoulutey devastated

THIS IS SOOOO FAKE!!!! FIRST OF ALL SHE ISN”T 19 YEARS OLD SHE IS 20! They wouldn’t mess up something like that! :

She must not have been much of a star. She’s been dead for four months and no one else has even noticed yet.

lol why do you guys even believe this? she was alive at the teen choice awards in JULY, and the kids choice awards in late april. this would be all over the news if it was true.

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It’s Selena Gomaz and im not dead. im still alive send me stuff. Im in florida with justin beiber. He’s so great and sweat.

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by my thinking u r realy selena or not thats not meater,because i dont see u face to face,so that i belife thats u r.u r my heart.i know that i cant see u but i feel u r with me at all time.when i am sad i see your that where ever i see your name i feel you r there and its real.I dont like anybody say that u r lire.u r real or not i dont know and dont want to know,i just want that god will save u from all prob,and your life feel full of happyness.your all prob is send to me by god………

Your not ass Selena Gomez and Selena broke up with fuckin beiber and you can’t spell your fuckin ass bitch name

I am also a singer but local.selena is my dream girl.I love her & her songs.I KNOW U ARE STILL ALIVE.BuT heart OH GOD caught me forgave selena FOREVER.

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by my thinking u r realy selena or not thats not meater,because i dont see u face to face,so that i belife thats u r.u r my heart.i know that i cant see u but i feel u r with me at all time.when i am sad i see your that where ever i see your name i feel you r there and its real.I dont like anybody say that u r lire.u r real or not i dont know and dont want to know,i just want that god will save u from all prob,and your life feel full of happyness.your all prob is send to me by god………

you guys she is so not died they just say that and she just came out with a new song so i dont beileve that they need to stop lying nobody is going to want to wach your videos selena if your workers dont stop.i am a big fan i always will be the same with justin bieber i dont care what other people think about you becaus you sing good and everything else im mia i tryed to call you to but they lyed bout your phone numbers to

To All my Fans Im not Really Dead Im Soon acting In a Disney Movie Called Starlight Im A 16 year old Girl Who Finds Passion In Music


if only this were true. The bitch needs to go. Bieber needs his freedom from the one and only living Selena Gomez. Hate her enough to wish the car accident happened months ago but it’d be even better if it were years ago. Sorry but I hate her for ruining Bieber’s life. And I believe she cheated. There’s no way a girl like that wouldn’t cheat. She’s done it before. ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER!

Is this true? ’cause I can’t believe it! What’s happening to thw hollywood world now? There’s a lot of scandals… But why is it a big deal for everyone? Don’t you have a heart? If it’s really true, why in the world simeone like you guys say suchi things to her, bad things about them. I wish things would turn back to a lot of you! Go rot in hell! It’s their problem, not yours. They already had their consequences, and you’re not perfect to judge!!

Yeah! So true! A lot of people give bad comments to these stars who had their problems. They’re just humans! C’ mon they’re just teenagers!

21 Sept 2012 I don’t think Selena Gomez is dead well if she is then I wouldn’t believe it at first because she is my role model.But if she isn’t dead someone sick made up this website

This is totally weird because on the letter they say Selena was found dead friday night in Sept but most of these letters are wrote in June , July, and August so how could you have known Selena is dead in June because she just died friday night and she came up with a new song weeks ago so all you people whos letters have been wrote in June believes this sick joke before it even happened

The report says Selena died in sept but most of the comments were posted in June,July,and August so how did they know selena would die but before that time they already posted letters about selena’s’death .So all the people that posted their letters before this accident believed this sick joke before it happened and selena came up with a song two weeks ago so how can this be true .If it is true i am truly sorry for all of us fans

that is not true because they may just be trying to make it look like she is dead because she does not want any more fam or fans

i do not thinck she is dead because on january i went on this website and it said the same thing and she is cheting on justin with percy jacksen

Guys Selena Gomez isn’t dead, if she was don’t you think it would be all over the news? She is NOT dead! She’s happy and alive.

what are these fucking news.if she dead i kill selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you selena so much and oneof the my hops is that i can see you are always in my mind and my haert……

O M G I cant belive she is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O M G SHE IS DEAD READ THIS !!! Police Take Selena Gomez Death Threat Seriously

Published October 18, 2011


Selena Gomez (Reuters)

Justin Bieber’s girlfriend Selena Gomez has received a death threat that is so serious the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is on the case, and Selena has obtained a restraining order, TMZ has learned.

Thomas Brodnicki, a man with a criminal history of stalking, allegedly told his shrink he was going to kill Selena.

HOT SHOTS: Selena Gomez

According to the declarations of Selena and her lawyer, Blair Berk, Brodnicki told the shrink he traveled from Chicago to L.A. to meet her, visited her workplace at least 3 times and has told people he had conversations with God about killing her Selena says she is in “extreme fear,” believing he will carry out his death threat against her if he isn’t stopped.

Brodnicki was picked up for mental evaluation last month for allegedly threatening to “scratch people’s eyes out on the street.” While he was being held for mental evaluation, he made the threats to the shrink.

According to court docs, LAPD detectives are taking the threats “extremely seriously” because of Brodnicki’s history of mental illness and making criminal threats.

Read more:

shes dead.she said stop playing or listening to her music. she is suffering in hell..
please watch the video of Angelica Zambrano, true story. relevant to this message.

No I think we shuld post how we feel about something no matter what the subject. If we don’t like it, to bad.

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she is not dead ok doseint mean she is dead doseint mean yall have to be mean and justin i love u and i am so sad for u. his girlfriend is dead. i hope u com to petetsbuerg cause i want to talk to u so i hope u come.bye this is your fan cierra

Selena is not dead. She broke up with Justin Beiber (congratulations to her). She is alive. She has been in a car crash thought. She is now making a wizards of waverly place movie (the final one). This coment was wrote on the 11th Nov 2012.

I bet she used her big weiner to fuck Justin Bieber in his asshole. I wish she was alive and could fuck my manHole.

she not DEAD so shut the f***** up an ur gross i kno thts not rely jus biever soooo quit fukin actin lik him no im not sayin tha cuz i lik him i actully HAT=E HIM hes ugly and he loooks like a girl no fence to those out there who do lik him

Nope Selena Gomez Is Alive… She turned 20 now. No reason to make stupid websites about people and post them on the internet okay? Shes alive and is very happy and turned 20. I`m a Selena Fan LOVER I know all about her. Her latest news too, and that dos`nt include her dying. So please dont ly on websites bout the girl k?

Hey faggots! Just want to tell you all gay fags that this is fake. However that slut is dead bc I fucking shot her. That slut wanted broke up with me so i fucking beat her ass than chit that hoe. She’s burried where no one can find her. Hope she is hell. Damn slut for breaking up with me. No one breaks up with me.

People make this stuff up because they are jealous and “justin beiber” if that was the real one he would have spelt his name correct so if you wanna make up this shit go be childish in a kindergarden cos we don’t have time for you’re shit okay. And if you believe this shit. You’re a coward. If she died it would have been all over the world and I am not even a fan but I know this so GROW uP woUld U!!!!!

Selena Gomez pass way she did not pass way if she pass way she need to be in the news and everyone need to talk about that but no she did not pass way she have her life

Oh realy so you think that we will belive that huh,come on
How we going to belive that she is a live and she is having fun in her live
So just leeve the girl by her silf

All of you are fucking idiots. Why would the LAPD officer say that they werent old enough to drink or even have sex with him. That’s fucking retarded. Most of you dumb ass’s cant even spell right. This is a joke..

You know what! You are all haters! Selena never did a thing to you! If that was your sister or brother you would be bawling your eyes out!Now i don’t know if this is true, but if it is then if you hate her so much stay off the site! I love Selena! No I am not an ubsessed fan! I am just a music lover! Really people! God would be ashamed of you all! Just remember that! if tht was u! U woodnt want all these horrible comments! Try sleeping on tht tonight!

I was fucking drunk and high you stupid cunt. That’s why my name was spelt wrong. I also misspelled words too. So stupid cunt u better fuck off and believe me when I say Selena Gomez is fucking dead. I shot her and buried her. Before that I fucked her dead body the cut her to pieces. Her body parts are buried everywhere. Good luck finding that stupid cunt. That bitch I warned her if she broke up with she be dead. Now my stupid gay fag fans go die. I am quitting the music business bc I’m tired of stupid fags like u all. Go suck bull cock and die bitch!

boss magar legal dept editor admin of moderator here. This is in fact Kilgoar confirming Raghubir Goyal confirming Justin Bieber is indeed Justin Beiber.

She not dead I will be sad if that was true :(
But she not dead because she is 20 year old
And there it said at 19 year old she is past way
She it not if she was dead she will be at news
:) I SOO happy because she not :) :) :) :)
If she was dead I will cry and be sad :( :( :(
Selena gomez I love u

Anyone (especially the person minus a brain that said all of the angry, morbid things because he needs anger management) is currently under investigation as to where these originated from.
Good luck when you are arrested and spend Christmas locked up in a ward being evaluated.

I understand that my posts were wrong and is not in anyway funny. As I stated already I am deeply sorry for what I said. Please will you accept my apology and call off the investigations. Bann me from the website if you must but please accept my apology. It was a terrible thing to do and I am an idiot for posting such things.

I’m only 12yrs old. My dad died of cancer when I was 7. I don’t want to go to jail. Please forgive me. I kno I done wrong ANC sorry for it. It was a stupid joke and shouldn’t have done it.

I apologize for impersonating Justin bieber. Wasn’t my intention to start anything but to joke around for fun. For anyone that took offense to my comments I am deeply sorryz the things I stated were wrong and went overboard. Didn’t think anyone would take my comments so serious to actually call the cops on. Selena Gomez is not dead and this article is fake.

Don’t apologize this is a free country for fucks sqke, I FOUND THIS FUCKING HILARIOUS AND GENIUS!! Don’t say sorry because a bunch of preteen Selena Gomez fangirls got their bitch britches in a bunch. Suck it up you pussies. It’s a joke.

listen guys your all full of it!
that kid who keeps saying that he’s justin bieber GET A LIFE DUDE!!
and Selena gomez is NOT dead!
now ALL you guyz qiut commenting on this its stupid!!

What are you some crazed fan? Maybe you should Get a life. I mean what are YOU doing here Mr. Lies Lies Lies?
Yeah haha.
Let ppl have their fun it’s a free country.
Defending some celebrity by bashing someone else who has freedom of speech???
You should get a life, have a nice day.

Lololol haha yeah, right. She’s famous, she doesn’t give two flying fucks about some stupid (amazingly hilarious) Internet article. Damn, she doesn’t need a crazed fan protecting her, it’s America god damn it, We make fun of autism for Christ sake, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Your comment made me laugh, and I like Selena (kinda) but I still found this genius.

Nobody thinks this is true -_________-
It’s obviously a joke,
It’s annoying hearing
STOP HATIN ON SESE, or something like that, like geesh, it’s just a joke,
*imput face palm*


selena hope you are fine and good with hooever you are with hope you have a good life and good luck with your baby.justin hope you are ok too my sis is like your #1 fan she LOVES you hope your fine with hooever u are with and good luck with your baby too.everyone just leave selena alone and selena and justin just leave them alone they dont know what they are talking about and its non of there a big fan selena and like your songs justin hope you guys have fun with the babay

Dear selena,r u really lesbian? Cuz I don’t think u r and if. Ur in the hospital “QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA”means “God bless u”in spanish by the way can u give me ur phone number please? And send me a video. That ur in the hospital

Hahahhahahahahahah she’s not dead hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahajajhahajhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)=):)=)::):):):)):):):):)

u lot r stupid r u actually thinkin this person claiming to be selena is her ? plz if she’s alive dnt u think she would be in hospital or doin something better than bein hre replying to all of ur ballshit or chattin all this crap ?? who ever’s behind that screen pretending to be selena; sorry yhh… i wonder how boring ur life is 4 u to get to this point i can imagine u got no friends bt 1 advice; this deffo aint the way foward and if u got the gutts reply with ur real name u fucking retarded prick!


This blog is fucking cancerous, we need to get it off the Internet. Troll is not clever, you’re just stupid, FUCK OFF.

listen this is so not the real selena and its just prob someone haking into things ok selena is lots of things that you guys dont know so stop talking shit that you dont know what the hell your talking about so selena who ever you are just stop this nonsense its rediculess this is really stupid.

We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with useful info to work on. You’ve performed an impressive task and our whole community
will be grateful to you.

This disgusts me at how can make up complete LIES especially when pronouncing someone dead. Websites like this should be shut down. Those of you saying you don’t care if she’s dead… well I think that’s sick. And yes, she is 20 so this website obviously knows nothing about her.

Have a nice day people :)

you are not lesbian because in youtube there was a video about you doing sex with justin bieber in a hotel so haha and in goggle there was pictures of you and justin bieber kissing and you were touching justin bieber’s privet part and that is his wenir

i’m really sad please tell me the truth because selena gomez is my favourite actor in the whole world so please tell me the truth pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with a cheary on top

i don’t think selena gomez is dead is it ture that justin and selena had a kid and did you know what you guys know what i mean later

If there was news on selena’s dead I would be crushed but deep down I know she isnt dead coz I just know so dont lie bout that, it is wrong wot bout if I put a actric on ur family is dead u would not like I am just saying but It is true selena isnt dead

Sooooo sorry to put u in a downer sorry
But it is true
Coz there has been no news on it, just a fake mag with lies
I love selena she is amazing but if theres no news I dont believe it sorry but I don’t
Also sorry for the swearing on the first comment SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fyi you can say whoever you want I could put my name as marilyn monroe send pictures of her from varies sites and make a while profile to “say” that is who I am are you going to believe it?

This is totally different to what I heard! So fuck it cauz I know this is fake rumour about her death

once i heard this, i said this is not true. i can’t be, she is so young. i don’t know who to believe. :(

this is so wrong, if selena was really dead then why was she in the movie spring breakers when they filmed that in 2012 and it says she died in 2011!!! bullshit;(

Hey guess wat, it takes bout a year or so to make a movie and bout 6 months to publish it. She probly died after the movie was made and befor it was published.

This is BULLSHIT!!! I mean come on!!!!! Just because you’re a hater doesn’t mean you can spread a rumour like THIS!!!

You people are dumbasses. This website is all fake stories. And this one is olddddd look at the date on top. From 2012! Lol yoh kids.

It’s all fake she is not dead she is coming out in a movie this year (action/driving type movie) saw the trailer couple weeks back on YouTube so yeah) this is all fake

But they even say it on YouTube that Selena is dead. She took some drug because of Justin bieber. Justin bieber is so bad….

Why are you people still wondering if she’s dead or not when this article was posted over a year ago…

No she’s not this is totally fake between last sentence and police officers words. And obvi this was made in 2012 it’s 2013 and come and get it and her album stars dance are hits of 2013!!!

come one PEOPLE SHE IS NOT DEAD! I BET Justin. b told the to write this thing up plus…… look at when this thing was posted.

She will live forever in our hearts and minds. The worms crawling into her eye sockets, however, have a different opinion. :(

PS Beware of Disney clones, they’re sneaky like that.

Bro . Selena Gomez Isn’t Dead . This Fan Hating Bullshit Is Getting On My Nerves. She Made ” Come And Get It” In 2013 . That Fake Article Was Printed 2012 . Like Really ? Half Of You Guys Are Posting Stupid Stuff Like ” She Will Live In Our Hearts , RIP, Etc.” Come On Now . And You Guys Posted The Comments In 2013 . Like Wow . Common Sense People . Crap Like this That People Put on the Internet Saying She’s Dead And Stuff Is Getting me mad . My Baby Sister Started Crying When She Read This . And Why Do You Even Search Th

Bro . Selena Gomez Isn’t Dead . This Fan Hating Bullshit Is Getting On My Nerves. She Made ” Come And Get It” In 2013 . That Fake Article Was Printed 2012 . Like Really ? Half Of You Guys Are Posting Stupid Stuff Like ” She Will Live In Our Hearts , RIP, Etc.” Come On Now . And You Guys Posted The Comments In 2013 . Like Wow . Common Sense People . Crap Like this That People Put on the Internet Saying She’s Dead And Stuff Is Getting me mad . My Baby Sister Started Crying When She Read This . And Why Do You Even Search This Shit up ? . Im Done

are u kidding?!she won’t die till she kill all of people.she isn’t dead but i hope she was dead but i didn’t have chance to see her can u like her? she’s not worth it.she is voodoo that she make u like her.don’t be blind open your eyes and see what is the fact.she is just an insane person . she couldn’t study and finding a job according to her major because she is dimwit so she decided to be singer and however she don’t have beautiful sound she magicked u.u should be mad or s.t that u like her.don’t be silly plz.

I can be totally honest with you I don’t care for Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez because there is one obvious thing about them. They don’t sing my type of music


Who fucking cares if she did. Stop wasting your lives making stupid people famous you bunch of fucking morons. Your going to wake up one morning and not have a life anymore.

she’s not dead! if she ere dead, how could she have released “Stars Dance”? you people need to get a life!

She is not dead the headline is “Dead at 19” People she is 21! Common sense! Like seriously, get a life, the ppl tht made this were obviously bored!AND COOKOO FOR COCO PUFFS!!!!they did this for publicly and to try to take Selena Gomez down,well not gonna work now is it? she has millions of fans and millions of hatters but hey that’s what you sign up for in show biz. This person is a hater and hungry for publicly. Thanks.bye

If Selena Gomez died Kilgore would kill himself for sure. Guy is way into her and any preteen girl who looks like her or same age or younger. poor guy needs a girl friend. So if you know of any one who does not care about looks, personality, money or cleanliness post it in here for him. Lets save our young from this freak and find him a ho to stick it in..

Are you all retarded? This just some bull cr@p posted here so all you fools would give the site advertising money! Shes not really dead!

hey SELENA GOMEZ is NOT DIED,but she sometimes copy songs or just makes a cover in her way but is still the same words in the song
BTW if yall don’t know its by the way this mg is from JAMINE GUADALUPE

Will selena is alive everybody knows that. If you think Selena Gomez died just tell me on comments. And selena Gomez alive because I saw her in tv singing a new song that just came on. thank you. and SELENA GOMEZ IS NOT DIED

hey all of yall that think that SELENA GOMEZ is died that means that some girl I know did it lol jkj lmao

fake, that is not true she is still alive go SELENA GOMEZ :-D

hey this mg gose to all of yal that think SELENA GOMEZ IS AWSOME yall are losers y b/c BEA MILLER is soo much beter than SELENA GOMEZ if u don’t think thatthen search bea miller cover songs, like roar by katy arry, we cant

I think she was a slut an I dont like her music any way an she should never have ben drinking in the first place an let alone have ben driving well drunk having said that I dont think she should have lived she was to young

She is not did not died because on the new they said that is she going to die at an early age because she has a illness and that she is going to die at an early age!!!!!!!!!! B

Well I saw her on tour
She is fine. Look on a website if it
Says she’s alive then I’m right…I hope.

HELLO EVERYONE! Do any of you realize that this was posted in 2012? There are so many comments from 2012, 13, and 14 that it’s crazy. Com’on guys, read the entire article. STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS.

GET A LIFE YOU TEEN TWIT. how CAN YOU IDOLIZE A JUNKE LIKE Bieber? Get some maturity in you. Just too bad it wasn’t Beiber that was killed for real. I doubt anyone would miss him. Your so stupid. Maybe your parents should have been killed, for not explaining to you not to idolize that parasite.

hey kids stop fghting please SHE IS DEAD DID YOU READ THE STORY OF HER DEATH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay guys look up that date : APRIL 6TH, 2012.. That story has been written in 2012 whereas she gave shows all around the world in 2014. So please guys stop reading that fakes stories. –A

OMG how stupid can people get this is fake they have pulled this hoax on about fifty other celebrity’s also what I don’t get is why you people are so interested in celebrity’s lives and not focusing on your own life is too short to do stuff like that……………..I’ll be leaving more comments of wisdom on other sights I’m not some god like figure I give people advice due to my own expiriences and mistakes in life.

selena Gomez isn’t dead she just performed at the ammas and no police would say he wants to sleep with a 19 year old girl

Selena I am worrid about you b/c I love you more than any ting in the world.please say some ting are you in life??

I love your songs selena and I hope u are still alive I love u and I can’t loose someone else I love because i lost my dad when I was 4 and I’m 9 now I miss him? I wish he was still alive I pray for him ??????

For my dad in heaven??????????????❤?????????✋??❤??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

For my dad in heaven??????????????❤?????????✋??❤??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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