Lebal Drocer board calls diversity proposal ‘unduly burdensome and kind of gay sounding’

The company, like other big tech firms, has been criticized for being mostly male and predominantly white. Last year, Lebal Drocer CEO Raleigh Theodore Sakers praised a diverse workplace. He said diversity is “whatever, pretty good I guess,” adding that having colored folk around, and women, could improve the company’s image. But Lebal Drocer’s board […]

Dank new product from Lebal Drocer, Inc: lead-free water bottled at shrinking edge of Antarctic glaciers

Wage Jihad on Your Thirst with #ICES Brand Melted Glacier Water   New lead-free, barrel-aged Antarctic glacier water from Lebal Drocer lets you drink CONTINENTS! Lebal Drocer is proud to announce a neoliberal partnership with HAARP, Nestle and corruptresourceful Michigan governor Rick Snyder. The shadowy global weather experimentation agency works with Lebal Drocer to create […]

Lebal Drocer ‘Pain-Spray’ Offers Cheap, Easy Solution to Complex Emotional Trauma

Grieving? Destitute? Has the cruel pointlessness of life got you down? Teachers, preachers and therapists might offer tedious solutions with no guaranteed success. Don’t just sit there and “pray” the pain away. Now you can Spray the pain away — with SprayPain! New from Lebal Drocer Laboratories, SprayPain™ takes the hassle out of overcoming emotional […]