Funeral for the myth

Excerpt from Georges Sorel’s Wikipedia:

Sorel’s was a voluntarist Marxism: he rejected those Marxists who believed in inevitable and evolutionary change, emphasizing instead the importance of will and preferring direct action. These approaches included general strikes, boycotts, and constant disruption of capitalism with the goal being to achieve worker control over the means of production. Sorel’s belief in the need for a deliberately-conceived “myth” to sway crowds into concerted action was put into practice by mass fascist movements in the 1920s. The epistemic status of the idea of “myth” is of some importance, and is essentially that of a working hypothesis, with one fundamental peculiarity: it is an hypothesis which we do not judge by its closeness to a “Truth”, but by the practical consequences which stem from it. Thus, whether a political myth is of some importance or not must be decided, in Sorel’s view, on the basis of its capacity to mobilize human beings into political action; the only possible way for men to ascend to an ethical life filled by the character of the sublime and to achieve deliverance. Sorel believed the “energizing myth” of the general strike would serve to enforce solidarity, class consciousness and revolutionary élan amongst the working-class. The “myth” that the fascists would appeal to, however, was that of the race, nation, or people, as represented by the state.

Clearly, Occupy and Anonymous have enacted a myth in which a powerless government works under the yoke of a global corporate conspiracy to suppress 99% of the population while 1% lives in opulence. The not-so powerless “police state” is tracking all Internet communications globally and has virtual omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence. The core of this myth is that Democracy is dead, otherwise there would be no need for direct action. Chomsky, a stolid supporter, often describes this myth as “imagery.” It doesn’t do to tell a believer that, no, there is actually a much more complicated set of circumstances behind the perceived decay of American culture and economy, and the death of Democracy is only a part of a myth meant to bring about a global revolution.

Before going further, it’s helpful to take a look at another end of the “myth spectrum,” where America is the final bastion of freedom under constant threat of attack from government over-regulation, Mexican immigration, and Islamic terror. Quite obviously, this is much closer to the kind of myth fascists like Mussolini and Hitler employed. On the surface, this myth portrays a valorous Democracy standing in defiance to the forces of evil and terror, yet the siren call of its greatest adherents is really a funeral dirge for a Democracy that is already dead and must be revived through the act of voting.

This is not the world of Sorel or Mussolini, and there is not the same kind of disenfranchised laborers facing down despicable conditions imposed upon them by corporate overlords. Discontent, as expressed by Occupy and Anonymous, flows much more from a generalized feeling of dissatisfaction with simulacra than it does from actual economic repression. This manifests itself through wide-ranging general complaints against everything from environmental degradation to military imperialism, but it really flows from the culture’s inability to deal with media which presents increasingly falsified versions of reality.

The failure of Occupy to actualize the mythical revolution might be answered by Sorel with an adapted myth. Taking the successful twist employed by the right which promotes voting, even in the face of a “dead” Democracy, however, might require abandonment of the idea of revolution. Ideas, however, are plastic. Portraying voting as a truly revolutionary act, within the confines of the two-party system, is somewhat problematic, but not impossible to overcome. These confines, in any adapted myth, should be obliterated by new technology. The power of Social Media to draw huge amounts of publicity to those with no real financial backing is intensely important, potentially lending power to those who are not a part of either party.

But still, that is all a ridiculous dance in the world of fairy tales and simulacra. What is really needed is fundamental education about the myth itself. This is not just education, but meta-education. Not simply a prophylactic against misinformation and disinformation, as these are truly all that exists, but rather a collective self-awareness. It is not enough to know the way a politician will spin a yarn, or the way media will frame in bias. By self-awareness, I mean complete understanding that these are things we do ourselves, personally, every time we speak. To put the tendency for myth making on the “other” is yet another myth prone to all the grave consequences of violent Fascism. In short, Sorel’s view of the myth as the only way to inflict “ethical life” on the other is itself a myth.

RI State Rep. Dan Gordon (R) promotes cyberattack on “Supreme Court”

Tweetspeak Translation: The Supreme Court of the United States has been knocked offline by Anonymous because of its decision on the Affordable Care Act, and Representative Dan Gordon has a raging hard-on because of it.

Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that most provisions of the Affordable Care Act were constitutional, as the controversial “individual mandate” fell under the power of Congress to levy a tax. Apopleptic critics such as State Representative Dan Gordon got on Twitter to vent their frustrations and put their big stinkin’ feet right into their big stinkin’ mouths.

However, that cliched metaphor doesn’t quite capture The Dan Gordon’s fecal mouthful. As a State Representative, no one really cares, and he has gotten away with worse multiple times. Known for Stolen Valor, Homophobia, Drunk Driving, Assault and Battery, and his affiliation with Anonymous, The Rep Dan is now known for his stark gullibility and abject failure at understanding the most basic workings of the Internet.

In the heat of The Dan Gordon’s rage over the Supreme Court decision, @YourAnonInc, a terribly obvious parody account openly controlled by Chronicle.SU, tweeted the following: “@RepDanGordon  ‪#TangoDown‬ Join ‪#OpLiberty‬ Please RT ‪#Anonymous‬.” Dan’s response was a hasty retweet followed by an independent endorsement of the ongoing “operation.” There’s a lot of jargon here that might not make sense to those who aren’t involved in Twitter or Anonymous culture, so I’ll spell it out, especially for the Rhode Island State legislators who must be sick of this stain on their honor.

“Tango Down” is an expression popularized by “th3j35t3r,” which refers to a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS), in which a web site is maliciously overloaded with traffic until it can no longer provide service. There were no DDoS attacks in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling, and is a nonexistent web site. It is not even under the official .gov domain extension, another simple point that would have tipped off anyone with the least bit of web savvy. The hashtag #OpLiberty refers to the nonexistent group of people carrying out these nonexistent attacks on the nonexistent web site, which also serves as a hyperlink to their ongoing discussion. Had Gordon, or anyone, clicked that hyperlink, he would have instantly found that no such discussion exists.

Gordon’s incapacity to verify facts and simply use the Internet is frankly hilarious, but that’s a fairly common thing for legislators. It’s just not fair to expect people of his age to display a competent level of Internet savvy. While he does posture himself as a member of Anonymous, most have long known this to be a total front. What’s shocking is his ringing personal endorsement of what he thought was a cyberattack on the Supreme Court, the body directly responsible for ultimate interpretation of the laws he’s supposed to be legislating. It may have all been a pathetically simple ruse, but his intentions couldn’t have been more clear. Representative Dan Gordon has zero respect for the highest Judicial body in this country. Furthermore, he’d go so far as participating in attacks on their web site which, by their very nature, rely on promotion via social media.


Editor Frank Mason was arrested Thursday morning for the distribution of slanderous comments against himself.
CHRONICLE.SU Editor Frank Mason was arrested Thursday morning for the distribution of slanderous comments against himself.

INTERNET– Legendary cp forum was seized by authorities Thursday following an anonymous tip by John Tiessen. Tiessen told authorities he knew the mysterious chronicle leadership was trading non-nude jailbait photography around Twitter for some time, and has reason to believe sources might be holding out on him.

“Dey trade it around on da Twitta,” Tiessen lied. “Dey trade it around and dey won’t share none of it wid ME.”

Authorities hail the seizure as “the nation’s finest police work this side of Dallas,” and have placed the coveted Soviet Union domain in a sort of digital trophy room “to set an example for anyone who thinks it’s OK to abuse the freedom of speech we so generously allow you to keep.”

FBI Director Robert Mueller says he wants to let this serve “as a warning and an example” that the government can take anything you do and destroy it in a moment’s notice “at the slightest indication that you might enjoy the sweet, clean-smelling underage skin of exotic preteen girls,” adding, amidst hyperventilation, “Those sweet, sweet preteen girls.”

You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than terrorist website It is the lowest common denominator of “entertainment,” where “low-brow is the new high-brow,” according to investigators. is a cesspool of over-ripe spineless writers with nothing better to do than exhibit themselves masturbating before onlookers in Tinychat. If the website were deleted today, the Internet would be a better place tomorrow, for fans of sanctioned child porn star Selena Gomez, among other celebrity wonders as Lil Wayne, Kilgore Trout and Lady HaHa.

With the impending deletion and re-absorption of the domain into the available pool of domains, it is expected to be replaced by a chansite specializing in the trade and sale of actual underage sex workers as permitted by the CIA and enjoyed by their constituency of faceless traveling arms dealers with full security clearances and total freedom to molest human society at will.


“th3j35t3r’s” 50 pages of butthurt

In what may go down as the 50 most butthurt pages ever written in the history of humanity, “Rintendo64” and “bRatty” a/k/a “Kelly Hennessey” a/k/a “Butchiest” tell several blatant lies and spew schoolyard-level insults, only to top the monstrosity off with a conclusion that will blow your minds! This is all to deny a body of evidence amassed by Jen Emick, famed Social Engineer and FBI Consultant behind the unmasking of Sabu. This unreadable tract, grandiosely titled “The Misinterpretation of Silence and its Disastrous Consequences,” provides alternate evidence and insults to prove that Jennifer Emick’s research is either falsified or invalid due to Emick’s status as a fatty witch boo boo head. It immediately faceplants with a lie too stupid to believe.

…Emick stated that she was an “FBI Consultant” and would say she was “unable to comment” on numerous items as it “may impede an ongoing law enforcement” investigation. For the record, Emick is not an FBI Consultant/Contractor & her application to be a snitch was denied due to her inability to get any valid credible ACCURATE information.

Now that’s a very interesting theory, but major media outlets all agree: Jennifer Emick worked with the FBI to take down Sabu. It’s kind of a pointless lie that doesn’t actually prove anything. Anyway, my application to be a snitch was denied as well because I have never provided valid credible accurate information. You can ask the FBI, that’s exactly what they said, verbatim. But we’re wading into one hell of a gene pool, here, folks. It smells something awful.

Render64 was also the one that informed Kelly that the nic “FakeGreggHoush” was not the real Gregg Housh/wizy, but was in fact, a parody nic created by Emick meant to inflame the real Gregg Housh. (Harassment much?)  In fact, it wasn’t until the members of Anonymous doxed FakeGreggHoush as Emick at some point in early 2011 that ANYONE except for Hubris, the other 2 partners in BacktraceSecurity, plus Gregg Housh, & Welna knew that it was NOT Gregg Housh.

FakeGreggHoush is a funny parody account. Kelly, it says it’s fake. If you can’t tell parody from reality, you’ve got a serious problem. News flash, Kelly. isn’t real. The stupid’s just beginning, folks!

That Amok err Emick, her partner Welna, and ShadowDXS happen to be pathologically intent on exposing the Jester in any way possible, whether rightly or wrongly, was irrelevant to our side of that conversation, then or now.

Emick’s successful work revealing high profile hackers is a pathology, but that’s irrelevant. You know pathology means disease, right? I get the impression it’s more of a really functional, satisfying, and productive part of Emick’s life. You know she does talks at conventions and stuff, right? Do you guys? I’m no psychoanalyst or whatever, but this sounds like a projection. “The Misinterpretation of Silence and its Disastrous Consequences” is so dense with that stuff, you’ll just have to subject yourself to it because if I post it here, the sympathetic embarrassment will be too much to handle. There’s all sorts of other stupid bullshit I could find in these 50 pages of butthurt, but it’s all despicable behavior denied with despicable words. The entire superstructure of this narrative is basically shot within the first paragraph, so we’ll skip to the spectacular ending, a dizzying finale that will surely bring many standing ovations for “th3j35t3r’s” final act!

Or maybe Emick should show her version, complete with her repeated absurd insistence that Render is the Jester. That 17 pages of pointless drivel really could have used an editor, and a second, and a third slightly more stable opinion before it was released. Perhaps by someone who is not abusing drugs or suffering mental illness.

Now would be a very good time for Emick and Welna to take their permanently and self-damaged reputations out of the infosec communities. Before they really do get somebody hurt. They’re not even qualified to work for Gregory Evans or Joe Black.

Here’s a pro-tip for the Scooby Crew, lay off the Scooby Snax. They make your asses wider and trust us; you two are both asinine enough as it is without additional help.


PS: Cease and desist your harassment of us, our families, and our friends. This is your formal notice.

Protip: Don’t criticize the length of 17 pages of solid evidence with 50 pages of insults and accusations. Don’t be a grammar nazi if you can’t even get you’re grammar straight.  Also, I am honored that you saved the most cutting insult I’ve ever delivered to th3j35t3r for the end, ya Gregory Evans joke thieves! Did I set up shop in your head, Jestees?  Oh, and two more Protips. If you’re trying to defend your own status as “squeaky clean” “hackers,” you might not want to sign something like this with “NO HATS.” 50 pages of insults and lies topped off with clever ass wordplay isn’t the best place to put a formal notice requesting the end to “harassment.”

PS: We will sue th3j35t3r for attacking our web servers. This is “your” formal notice.

TH3J35T3R steals credit for UGNazi fuck-up

Manhattan– The internet police monitored the illicit activities of “hacker” Mir Islam in order to effectively establish undercover agents in his midst. Hilariously, an agent brought him an FBI-issue credit card pre-loaded with OMG DON’T TOUCH THAT MONEY funds. The agent said it was a counterfeit credit card pre-programmed with legitimately stolen credit card numbers. Islam – being a lazy, ignorant bastard – believed what the federal agent told him and was subsequently arrested after he tried to use it. Somehow, the jester is taking credit for this.

The FBI:

Mir Islam, a.k.a. “JoshTheGod,” trafficked in stolen credit card information and possessed information for more than 50,000 credit cards. Islam also held himself out as a member of “UGNazi,” a hacking group that has claimed credit for numerous recent online hacks, and as a founder of “Carders.Org,” a carding forum on the internet.

Last night, Islam met in Manhattan with an individual he believed to be a fellow carder – but who, in fact, was an undercover FBI agent – to accept delivery of what Islam believed were counterfeit credit cards encoded with stolen credit card information. Islam was placed under arrest after he attempted to withdraw illicit proceeds from an ATM using one of the cards.

Today, the FBI seized the web server for and seized the domain name of, taking both sites offline.

FBI Takedown by the Numbers
Source: FBI

In May, UGNazi’s supposed identity was revealed; however, exposure did not deter attacks on things th3j35t3r loves, which did not necessarily piss off law enforcement agencies, either.

Nor did it prevent him from going on the record about the Six Flags attack in his passive accent and limiting high school alpha male persona.

Pointless slapfighting ensued and, with the exception of rustling Roseanne Barr’s jimmies, nothing really got accomplished until today, when agents on federal payroll did their jobs proving once again that a college education and eight hour workday are all you really need to protect what’s left of a restless, decaying society.

Topiary pleads guilty to satisfy the butthurt bloodlust of a wretched justice system

This is a horse

Topiary (Jake Davis) plead guilty to excellent charges of heroism, including an attack on the Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA).

SOCA is an unjust, contradictory agency established by the Illuminati to attack internet security through freedom reduction.

Dr. Liebehart Schwartz of the Cannibiological Institute of Human Progress called Topiary a “hero” and “a freedom fighter,” for fighting against authority with not just technical prowess, but his words, too. “Because of toxic organizations like SOCA and the NSA, people are less safe on the internet now than they were in the year 2000.

With Topiary’s wit and charm, LulzSec was able to captivate a larger audience, earning their sympathy and support. That’s what made him dangerous.

“A blind migrant worker can exploit a security vulnerability left over from Web 2.0.” said Schwartz, “But with Topiary’s wit and charm, LulzSec was able to captivate a larger audience, earning their sympathy and support. That’s what made him dangerous.”

Asperger’s enthusiast Ryan Cleary also pled guilty to various charges, none of which included being a snitch.

Eat your cheese, rat.

Topiary enjoys a large support base including #FreeTopiary on Twitter, young intellectuals, and the mighty thundercock of justice and hate better known by you as the

Topiary and his lesser counterparts will stand trial April 2013. If convicted, Topiary faces prison time. Make no bones about it, he will be handed a prison sentence, which should make for a more interesting year for everyone who has watched the LulzSec case from beginning to end, after the Beast of Greed and Delusions rears its ugly head once again.

This message was brought to you by Norton Internet Security. Are you scared yet?

Jon McNaughton: Surreal Political SuperGenius Artist from the Future!

Here is a perfect deconstruction of the very idea of free will. Only the famous and powerful are showered with money, paid attention to, and unchained. The man on his knee, failing to break the shackles of his own contract with society, fails to notice that the child is the only other person than Obama who is still free.
This image depicts the Divine Papyrus Talisman, known to common folks as the Constitution. In front of the White House, presidents ironically on the Left kneel down in reverence to the icon of democracy. Presidents ironically on the Right cower in fear of this document and the “Other,” the demon, the Black, holds up his hands in terror. His visage glows evilly, somehow on an entire different plane than the the rest of the scene. The evil characters cling to heretical “Other” texts.

Julian Assange, Evil, and Absolute Truth

“There should be relentless exposure of and attack upon every evil man, whether politician or business man, every evil practice, whether in politics, in business, or in social life. I hail as a benefactor every writer or speaker, every man who, on the platform, or in book, magazine, or newspaper, with merciless severity makes such attack, provided always that he in his turn remembers that the attack is of use only if it is absolutely truthful…” ~Assange

The crowd goes wild, chanting “Assange” in unison. But then, the absolute, incontrovertible truth hits Assange in the form of a rifle round fired from a crazed mind-controlled assassin with no connection to anyone of significance, who is in turn murdered by a foamy-mouthed Assange supporter with connections to Anonymous and Occupy Black Bloc Anarchists.

Evil should be put away in the dustbin of failed ideas. Speaking truth to power mercilessly is heroic, but the “absolutely truthful” needs to be put into the dustbin as well. I could rant for hours about Assange’s archaic use of masculine pronouns, but that’s aside the point. The problem with absolute truth is that it’s fundamentally inaccessible to mortals such as us. This actually increases the necessity for truth-seeking, but the idea that this behavior should only be applied to “evil” is as backwards as it is fruitless. Take Sabu, for example, ya skids. That which is “evil,” or the other, may have all the trappings of the “good,” or the ally. Always remember that the other and the ally are both potential enemies in the quest for truth. The other is often the best ally, and the ally is often the most “evil” of enemies. When talking about one’s enemy, one more accurately speaks of the self. This is the hidden binary meaning, the mirror that is the “other.”

Assange is not really assassinated, it was just a nightmare. However, he finds his flight to Ecuador being rerouted to Guantanamo by a squadron of invincible F-22 fighter jets where he will be held under Patriot Act provisions indefinitely as his guards defile printouts of Stratfor emails.

Assange says, “Plans which assist authoritarian rule, once discovered, induce resistance. Hence these plans are concealed by successful authoritarian powers. This is enough to define their behavior as conspiratorial.” Now, we’re not naive enough to think that Assange is not himself an authoritarian power, at this point, I hope. WikiLeaks is no fly-by-night operation, but a powerful world-shaping conspiracy, to use the loaded word Assange glibly throws in the face of all other power structures. Assange’s underhanded collusion with AntiSec and LulzSec, a very DUMB mistake if Parmy Olsen is to be believed, shows his propensity for secretive, conspiratorial behavior. Furthermore, it shows his willingness to collude with hackers and leakers, so the cover story, the facade that WikiLeaks is nothing more than a publishing service gets thinner and thinner. Now, that isn’t to say WikiLeaks isn’t a publisher, it certainly is, but it’s as if the Executive Editor of the NYTimes were to contact someone in the government and ask them, yes, please, get us some classified information and here’s how you can download it all. No one at the NYTimes is necessarily to blame except the editor.

The Guantanamo bay nightmare fades, and Assange is possessed by demons, screaming in agony, “EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!!!! THE DEMONS!!!! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!!!”

To Assange, or anyone really, enemies operate in a theoretical way that is usually more revealing about the self than the other. This convoluted idea that the Swedish extradition game is nothing but a thinly-veiled politically-motivated smear campaign ultimately aiming to spirit Assange to an American gulag is absurd. As if Assange isn’t himself playing a politically motivated smear game. He acts as if he doesn’t even know the rules of war! The sex thing is a smear blown up by the media, sure, but he must be fucking retarded to think that somehow in Sweden he will be more vulnerable to US espionage charges. No offence to the retards out there! He’s also probably stupid enough to think that he’ll be less vulnerable in the Ecuadorian embassy. It’s a hard pill to swallow for the irrational WikiLeaks supporters who seem to want to explain away all this evidence of Assange’s fuckery with what amounts to conspiracy talk. “Oh the women are lying, paid off, and the chat logs were made up and are showing up in court because the whole justice system’s in on it too.” THAT IS NOT TRUTH-SEEKING! THAT’S CONSPIRACY BABBLE!

One can generally support the idea of leakers and transparency without supporting what may be espionage perpetrated by a single “heroic” figure. Hell, if someone wants to support that espionage for what it is without engaging in self-deception, go for it! You’re probably a terrorist anyway! That said, the Manning chat log, the LulzSec/Stratfor connection, it’s all just evidence and we’ve got to look at it, rather than pretend it isn’t there because it clashes with RELIGIOUS BELIEF in WikiLeaks. I can praise WikiLeaks, the organization, for speaking truth to power, but it’s foolish to defend someone just because it looks like he’s fighting evil and he’s on the “good” side.

Assange’s Stratfor moneyshot @ 3:09

The SuperTuring Test

The Turing test is a silly measure of “sentience” designed by some early TransHuman centennial fucker whose name has been forgotten by time. A “true” artificial intelligence should be capable of fooling a human into believing it is a human over AOL chat sessions, and that’s basically the gist of it. Some people out there are so fucking dumb, it’s impossible to tell whether they’re an algorithm mixing up pseudorandom words or a real human. Google’s Cleverbot would pass the Turing test before a lot of real humans, hence the “clever” joke, “You couldn’t pass the Turing Test!” Basically, any idiot can put together mind-controlling fear phrases in a computer algorithm, call it entertainment, and make big bucks. Seriously, this is nothing new or special, and nothing about it proves intelligence.

The SuperTuring Test is the only way to really qualify intelligence. An artificial intelligence that can differentiate the identities of those who obfuscate and engage in excessive sockpuppetry would show the capability for recognizing personality rather than simple charlatan mimicry. Technically, this is just a very difficult reverse Turing test, and a lot of stupid humans would probably fail or give up because of the effort. “Yes! This is the one!” said the moose antler pattern. Is the outline to be traced the one, or is the pattern? Hail Inglip, motherfuckers.

Lebal Drocer purchases Your Anon Incorporated, Jesus is risen

Do you seriously believe everything you read? Do I have to connect the dots for you? How many times can the same plot-device be effective? Well, I even had me fooled for a while there.

Our parent company purchased Your Anon Incorporated, and the Internet Chronicle is now the throbbing heart of a vast social media empire which is growing at an impossibly fast rate. With this deal came a whole merchandise sweatshop full of wage slaves down in Ecuador, and with any luck Julian Assange will be hired on as assistant manager.

More importantly, we’d like to announce the rise of Your Anon Christ, who is most certainly the second coming. Christ has teamed up with Your Anon Buddha and Your Anon Inglip to comically lord over the dirty consciences of Anon skids. Through this loophole, we will be able to impose a monolithic belief structure upon Anonymous which will ensure solidarity and effective group efforts. Think about it, Anonymous, didn’t you always know that the second Jesus would be an Anon? He’s not anything like the “Christians” who have had thousands of years to fuck up all the teachings and get wrapped up in violence and repression. No ma’am, he sleeps with all his followers like it’s Stranger in a Strange Land. He’s healing people left and right, performing miracles like you wouldn’t believe. I heard he already brought a DEAD person back to LIFE!

Don’t you wish daddy could see you now? We’ll find paradise and mommy will be right there to hug and kiss you through the whole ride.