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Editor Frank Mason was arrested Thursday morning for the distribution of slanderous comments against himself.
CHRONICLE.SU Editor Frank Mason was arrested Thursday morning for the distribution of slanderous comments against himself.

INTERNET– Legendary cp forum was seized by authorities Thursday following an anonymous tip by John Tiessen. Tiessen told authorities he knew the mysterious chronicle leadership was trading non-nude jailbait photography around Twitter for some time, and has reason to believe sources might be holding out on him.

“Dey trade it around on da Twitta,” Tiessen lied. “Dey trade it around and dey won’t share none of it wid ME.”

Authorities hail the seizure as “the nation’s finest police work this side of Dallas,” and have placed the coveted Soviet Union domain in a sort of digital trophy room “to set an example for anyone who thinks it’s OK to abuse the freedom of speech we so generously allow you to keep.”

FBI Director Robert Mueller says he wants to let this serve “as a warning and an example” that the government can take anything you do and destroy it in a moment’s notice “at the slightest indication that you might enjoy the sweet, clean-smelling underage skin of exotic preteen girls,” adding, amidst hyperventilation, “Those sweet, sweet preteen girls.”

You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than terrorist website It is the lowest common denominator of “entertainment,” where “low-brow is the new high-brow,” according to investigators. is a cesspool of over-ripe spineless writers with nothing better to do than exhibit themselves masturbating before onlookers in Tinychat. If the website were deleted today, the Internet would be a better place tomorrow, for fans of sanctioned child porn star Selena Gomez, among other celebrity wonders as Lil Wayne, Kilgore Trout and Lady HaHa.

With the impending deletion and re-absorption of the domain into the available pool of domains, it is expected to be replaced by a chansite specializing in the trade and sale of actual underage sex workers as permitted by the CIA and enjoyed by their constituency of faceless traveling arms dealers with full security clearances and total freedom to molest human society at will.



Reddit is the world’s largest child porn website

Fans of Reddit often see their servers overloaded with child porn.

Preliminary polling of Reddit users has revealed a shocking statistic – over one third of Redditors are in fact registered sex offenders. A recent post on SomethingAwful, the internet’s best source for gore, rightfully accused Reddit of being the primary hub for trading of hurtful child pornography.

The vast majority of content on Reddit is composed of self-made images by teen and preteen girls. The community often goes out of its way to coerce young women into posing nude and performing sex acts on camera, and the vast amount of this kind of data continually taxes the resources of Reddit.

Formerly, /b/ was decidedly the most depraved web site on the internet. However, /b/’s gore and porn obsession has turned into revolutionary anarchism because endemic egomania brought about the self-mythologizing Anonymous cult. It seems all the disillusioned pedophiles have fled to the welcoming atmosphere of Reddit.

If you don’t want to go to prison and be labeled as a sex offender by association, stay off Reddit.


Hate News

Th3j35t3r’s lie

Feels bad, man

On Sunday, Chronicle.SU was attacked by th3j35t3r, noteworthy Anonymous pedophile. On Wednesday, Chronicle.SU rose from the dead – kind of like Jesus over there, except this really happened. Now, while th3j35t3r is carrying out yet more superficial attacks on WikiLeaks, we’d like to share with the world exactly how petty and powerless this “jester” character really is. Read on, citizen.

During our outage, sockpuppets for th3j35t3r claimed that we had not, in fact, been attacked. They demanded our former host force the removal of any and all references to th3j35t3r and assumed that is what actually happened. Actually, our host refused. But when the Chronicle went down from th3j35t3r’s subsequent attack, his child porn ring claimed victory because they’re really just that dumb.

The real attack, a distributed denial of service,  proved that a traditional botnet is a functional part of th3j35t3r’s arsenal. We reported accusations of th3j35t3r violating children – and the computers of children – which provoked him to flat out attack us. He attacked us because it was true and we are a threat to him. We are a threat to his pedophilia. He stated several times that he didn’t attack us, and that he didn’t use a botnet. He lied.

Isn't she just so damn sexy?

Th3j35t3r commits libel as routine, d0xing anyone who looks like they might be LulzSec, peace be with them. He d0xed us, implying that we should fear the consequences of exercising the freedom of speech. Implying that we are criminals, for speaking the truth.

He abuses the infrastructure of the internet and breaks the law for personal glory and fame. He’s not helping anyone out, and especially not soldiers at war.

What kind of sheltered first world dildo would believe that th3j35t3r’s attacks are demoralizing or debilitating terrorists? More to the point, what kind of terrorist sits at his computer, trying to refresh some fucking forum before he goes out to kill infidels? “Gotta Jihad but first f5 to make sure we’re still game.” The same kind of terrorist who sits in Northern Virginia eating Hot Pockets refreshing 4chan, discussing the same old revolutionary bullshit that’ll never happen. Noko! 404.

Th3j35t3r is all misdirection. He’s a living lie, if you can call that living. Every time we’ve called him on his lies, he’s doubled down and socks a threat or five, claiming that each one is the “first and last” – retweeting his own faildox to a miserly 300 views. This internet try-hard has no power he doesn’t fake or take. That is, none of it is earned anymore than you earned access to the Chronicle.SU today.

Hey jesterfag, you just lost the game. Or, has the game lost you? Since reporting on th3j35t3r, the Chronicle.SU has enjoyed no increase in traffic although we did pick up seven Twitter followers – or 700% of living, breathing followers who know what “th3j35t3r” is. If there is anything to be learned from our coverage of the declining child pornographer and pseudo-hacker (scriptkiddie), it is this: The Jester is officially completely utterly irrelevant.

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On the phone: James K. Galloway

James K. Galloway
Yep, James K. Galloway is Old Brutus. So what?