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North Korea grants asylum for Snowden

Hackers around the world have been searching for a home for their wayward comrade, Edward Snowden. Finally, it seems, they have settled on North Korea.
Hackers around the world have been searching for a home for their wayward comrade, Edward Snowden. Finally, it seems, they have settled on North Korea.

SEOUL, Republic of Korea – In response to a formal application for asylum on behalf of Edward Snowden, Kim Jong-un issued a statement offering the whistleblower not just asylum, but full North Korean citizenship. Snowden and his entourage, staffed mostly by WikiLeaks employees, were ecstatic at the news of a safe haven after 14 other countries had denied their applications.

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea promises to allow Edward Snowden to continue to leak anything he wants. We will provide him with many of the best top-secret hacking tools available in North Korea,” said a representative from the North Korean military.

“We are just so relieved that Snowden has finally found friendly shores,” said Glen Greenwild, the reporter who famously interviewed Edward Snowden in a Hong Kong hotel.

Snowden issued a statement written in Spanish, thanking North Korea for their commitment to freedom.

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So North Korea is the only country in this world who is not afraid of the U.S.? Germany, India, and Netherlands just rejected his requests for asylum. Is this news really true?

North Korea is as guilty as any, including us. They started this long ago when they took the USS Pueblo.

North Korea went on to say:
Those Americans, wow, I mean sure we spy on all our citizens, deny them rights
And abuse them, but america? They take it to a whole new level. We are out of their league. We in Korea are envious of their
Spying technology, war drones, and the ability the put down protests from people not with tanks but
Just running an episode of the khardashians and offering free donuts.

Even we in Korea couldn’t stop a plane carrying a head of state with a wave of a finger.

America as the new king in town of bullying arseholes, we North Korea salute you.

I for ONE am grateful that he FINALLY DID GET Asylum AND can speak up…. I’ve been a Targeted American Individual for nearly 6 years now and am 1/2 dead because of it…. Let Freedom Ring… To ME, Snowden a HERO n NOT A ZERO!

OMG!!!! and you think that we are the only country that has spy’s???? Snowden made the big mistake of betraying his country by opening his mouth and disregarding a oath. STUPID…. He is not a hero in my eyes …only a traitor. Other countries have Spy’s and if anyone believes they don’t…they are fools. Sure we are having to give up some freedoms…But, since 9/11/2001 EVERYTHING changed and we no longer in our Country live in the World we were so use to. Sad. So, we have to go deeper and weed out the bad people who have no regard for life…and you better believe I will give up my right to privacy for that. Proud to be an American!!!

I’m glad Snowden had the balls to expose the administration’s dirty, secret tactics. If there’s nothing to hide why keep it hidden secrets from the American taxpayers? I’m only sorry that the so called “whistle protection” does not cover him and that he had to leave a country that he loves and protects. Obama’s administration lacks the transparency it promised.

Its better to be Free in North Korea, than eating a poisoned sandwich in a U.S.
Federal Prison.

Now Snowden is gonna unleash a hell of leak, rather flood of info to the world. A blow to America – equivalent to a million megatone of Atomic bomb. Gee what an interesting time to be alive!

I would like to say his majesty Edward Snowden whom to billion people is an idealist and hero and to a few handful of elements he is an impostor well mr.Snowden is a man of humanity,he is a freedom fighter.Now that the democratic people’s of north korea did not soley grant him a sanctuary but a full north korean citizenship and rest assured him to resume his work and they will provide him they highest secret tools to execute his job.I for one am extremely grateful to this young step he has taken.Infact he is religious warrior today the oppressed people around world should in bliss that our oppressors are being divulged.The most powerful nation on earth is now in shamble and limbo intense of security and privacy.The world must protect mr.Snowden so he will free us from slavery,imperialism,colonialism,oppression and reppression and the removal of our freely and democratically governments.All hail mr.Snowden,God bless you and your lovely family the oppressed
love you .Africa doesn’t have any power i for one i would’ve granted you citizenship straightup.Now that you no longer an american citizen,you are now with the oppressed so fight back.

Hackers? He don’t even understand the word CLASSIFIED..

I am not American working in America and I do believe that this country is fair.
So sad that some people are not looking at the bigger picture.

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