dank memes win key states in hotly contested 2016 deflection

a sore victory for democrats, hill quinton tastes the gold as she bath her self in tears of the sun.

meanwhile doanald trumpf is on fire at the oscars “but why not a blacks>”

We are also post-dank-meme, I say. Sorry, @hatesec.

— Jaime Cochran (@ACKFlags) March 3, 2016

oklahoma . . .

Diablo III – It’s prettay prettay prettay prettay . . . good

The American gaming male automatically degenerated into an alternating cycle of hardcore gaming and furious, repeated bouts of masturbation Tuesday after Mother Blizzard released her tepid seed into the yawning, fertile womb of jilted fantasy gamers who have already seen enough WoW expansions to make General Patreus reconsider an extensive Iraq strategy.

. . .