I have received the first communication from Sabu since the twisted story about him being a snitch was published by Fox News. As it turns out, Sabu purposefully got himself V&, in hopes that this day would come, fully knowing the way that the Government would try to smear him. But we are Anonymous and we will always find the truth. Tonight, Sabu delivered me the truth.

The FBI was dealt a mortal blow as Sabu used his FBI connections to hack Stratfor and save the world. Sabu knew that the FBI would team up with Fox News to tell us all the lie that he was a rat, but he thought ahead. All those angry rants against snitches? You got it, that was a code. It meant, “I was working as a triple agent every step of the way!” How fucking Genius of Sabu, to purposefully get himself v&! ALL the documents from the FBI are falsified and the testimonials of him getting arrested and claiming to be an FBI agent is yet another fabrication in this extremely convoluted but all-to-plausible scenario. The coup de grace is Stratfor, which could have never been attained had Sabu not infiltrated the FBI as he did. When Sabu’s court day comes you can be sure it will be under Terrorism NDAA guidelines and no one will even see Sabu make the OUTRAGEOUS claim that he actually infiltrated the FBI and then the government, as usual, will enforce a TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT on this story so no one knows how great Sabu really was.

Sabu Saved the World by Outing Stratfor.









OH GOD, OH GOD!!!!!!




[17:33:15] I follow no god                                              
[17:42:33] I know you don’t even follow me :(
[17:42:49] I feel you are negleting our friendship brother.
[17:43:31] yesterday for example, you did not even dare pay attention to me.
[17:44:23] I AM FRAGILE OKAY!
[17:55:05] And i don’t care if you hang with stupid english canadians, every
        greater soul have their own parasites, Richard Stallman for example,
        he hang with Matt Lee.
[17:55:46] so whats up?
[17:55:49] whats your story?
[17:57:29] not published yet, i would be dumb to share it on internet, right?
[17:58:20] but briefly to make a long story short, I am the “annonciateur” of the
        eternal loop.
[17:58:52] destroying me is meaningless as HE will recreate me.
[17:59:00] so you know im stuck here
[17:59:26] yeah
[17:59:27] philosophing about humanity inconscience.
[17:59:34] well nice to meet you
[17:59:39] :)
[18:00:27] have you ever read Nietzshe?
[18:01:10] or Miller?
[18:02:16] Dostoievski?
[18:02:31] Orwell?
[18:02:50] nietzche + orwell. miller and dostoievski nein
[18:03:04] wich Nietzsh have you read?
[18:03:34] Miller was from brooklyn.
[18:03:46] Dostoievski a croatian.
[18:07:21] I think everybody should read “The Gay Science” everyday!
[18:08:15] FREE MANSON!
[18:09:58] MAN SON
[18:10:26] i am a hacker
[18:10:30] also
[18:10:40] but you know.
[18:10:53] i prefer to hack words nowaday
[18:11:34] in fact i beleive…
[18:12:28] that words are much more dangerous than any freakin 0-day, Nuclear
        weapons or any other shits.
[18:12:45] words could be
[18:12:57] :)
[18:13:07] but so far I’ve yet to see it
[18:13:16] Hitler
[18:13:44] he made his own interpretation of The Gay Science and Zarathustra.
[18:13:51] his tactic was fear but there were no eloquence in his words
[18:13:53] seeking the greater race
[18:14:12] he only had 1 testicule
[18:14:33] interesting
[18:14:39] because I have three
[18:14:56] my balls weigh at least a ton
[18:15:07] the assyrians
[18:15:30] haha
[18:15:49] they were gentle kind folk. until the lizard men from space came.
[18:15:56] now they reside in china
[18:16:23] nice
[18:16:25] NICE
[18:16:31] AWESOME BRO
[18:16:46] people called me crazy for saying exactly the same
[18:17:02] :)
[18:17:31] freakin reptilians
[18:17:58] and the tall gray
[18:18:05] at least they are on our side
[18:18:15] well, when it please them.
[18:18:32] true
have you ever see one drinking drano?
[18:18:42] they drink the shit like beer man
[18:18:50] it make them drunk
[18:18:58] haha
[18:21:27] we can say we are truly living a funny era.
[18:22:28] agreed
[18:22:33] even tho you tell and prove to people that they are already owned to
        death and soulless they will revolt and keep asking for more.
[18:23:11] i bet you put a poo in a paper bag with a price on it and some random
        coward will buy it
[18:23:24] but you give them shit for free and they revolt.
[18:30:51] you don’t agree? i mean you are well placed to give me an opinion on
[18:31:36] i have leak shit to public just for the hell of it too
[18:31:40] decade ago
[18:32:05] I was the saint patron of free porn too legions…
[18:32:20] *to
[18:32:33] and fame bored me so i vanish
[18:33:18] when i realized you cannot teach anything to a cow except where to eat
        and where to shit.
[18:39:04] a decade later i realized another thing.
[18:39:17] you can teach people without being famous
[18:39:43] by writing books and hoping someone someday will understand their
[18:40:07] making these people your true spiritual children
[18:40:35] and spreading what they learned from you
[18:41:18] sad thing is it always happen 100 years later when you do so.
[18:41:47] but isn’t taking care of the future of humanity for real my friend?
[18:45:33] WTF! AM I PHILANTROPIAC!!??
[18:46:26] I think so
[18:46:59] fuck me.
[18:48:18] let’s loop on that madafawka!
[18:48:21] haha :P
[18:48:42] lol
[18:48:46] what are you smoking?
[18:48:56] hashish and you?
[18:49:09] music

Ahaha that’s you fishfag

Part Deux!
[22:59:39] we are friend aren’t we?
[23:00:33] <3
[17:39:28] haha                                                         
[17:39:31] you’re fucking nutty
[17:53:38] FREE AS A BIRD!
[17:54:19] you don’t need to fight for freedom bro. Me for example, i just take
[17:55:20] The world is not asking for a new hero, but for a new Tyrant, you are
        the proof of that.
[17:55:25] haha
[17:56:19] Common bro, You, Me, Kim Jung Un, we can fuck these coward even harder,
        Join Us!
[17:57:38] He is so funny, i call him my favourite dwarf, he is always laughing
        his ass off
[18:00:33] We killed his father together man, it was our setup.
[18:00:48] that’s how we roll nigg!
[18:05:32] hahaha
[18:06:12] coincidence
[18:06:32] we were killing pope for less than that a few hundreds years ago.
[18:07:30] you guys started with Scientology bashing.
[18:07:33] so funny
[18:08:13] but what about Masonics? Rosicrucians? Rotary? just to name a few
[18:09:00] Do you really know what Bethesda mean?
[18:10:34] wow you won’t find it on Internet.
[18:11:05] but it was a temple somewhere, long time ago which had 5 doors
[18:11:22] in bottom of the temple was a source of water
[18:11:33] Water of Life.
[18:11:58] those who drank it just don’t die.
[18:15:41] when money is not an object, time either.
[18:17:41] funny, is every time some historical junkie is about to mediatise
        something credible about small truth no one would believe otherwise he
        disapear and a few month later a movie is released about it in
[18:23:04] HAHAHA
[18:23:06] ok
[18:24:58] You will see, when you will be in Guantanamo, that guards know how to
        hack your security hole. You will end up with a bloody security
        hole. Over exploited.
[18:25:31] i know, easy one.
[18:27:35] no worries they will drug yourself so bad you won’t remember. Only
        small flashback over time.
[18:48:13] when you say “I have a life” do you realize we are over six billions
        others to have one as well?
[18:48:51] and don’t tell me you are from the street, everybody have a street in
        front of their house.
[18:54:13] “i am an adult” yeah i believe it. i also believe you have psychoses
        and paranoia and also bipolarity disorder. This totally explain all
        about your ideas of greatness and ultimate need to prove yourself to
        the world.
[18:54:17] hahahaha
[18:54:48] LET’S DANCE!
[19:00:37] how can you love if you can’t even hate.
[19:25:24] It’s funny some of your guy call themselves Operation Blackout
[19:26:00] It is exactly what the Chinese and Russian are planning to do to
        America, The Big Blackout.
[19:27:43] i believe 99% of people will go nuts when it happen later this year.
[19:31:05] i hope you got your vault ticket already bro else i fear we will never
        meet for real.
[19:32:02] having 3 irradiated balls won’t be enough at this point.
[19:32:24] you will loose them one after the other.
[19:32:29] just like that.
[19:32:39] {:
[19:42:02] bro seriously, we both know us military created the first computer and
        software, they even created Arpanet who became Internet even irc is a
        military protocol, and after that you still believe or want to make
        believe using computer against computer is a revolutionary concept?
        this is totally nut’tard dude. And we both know so either you are shit
        or you are military/government sponsored. If at least you had an once
        of creativity i could
revoke this tho, but you just don’t. :~(
[19:44:37] You know ive been reading people behind computers for almost 2
        decades, and what i read here is shit, pure shit.
[19:44:43] hahahaha.
[19:45:34] you sound just like an e-chat customer service representative, nothing
[19:46:17] either if your a fed or a hacker or both my advice is to go get a gun
        and martyrise your head over the wall bro.
[19:46:24] :)
[19:52:02] you see, in the 90’s on internet people were still fighting other
        people thinking and were still able to adopt a sense of critics. after
        2001 the masses, including yourself were mentally colonised, their
        soul was extracted, they lost theses faculties. Now that nobody own
        his soul they also lost personality. So people tend to unites for any
        freaking reason hoping to find a new personality. Unfortunately they
        won’t they also believe it is
okay to ignore the critics and to follow some random anonymous coward
        dictatorship. because they loose the faculty of following themselves.
[19:53:51] (insert your penis here: (_o_))
[20:23:22] you sound mad bro
[20:27:18] NEVER!
[20:27:48] what is your angle anyway?
[20:28:16] one day I joke with you, next day you’re having mental breakdowns on my
       screen. then the next day you’re blogging on twitter that you been
[20:28:35] Je suis toujours vif et joyeux, vil et dégueu!
[20:29:04] french people seem to be such drama queens
It is all bullshit and false mayhem
[20:29:12] hahahaha!
[20:29:32] how about you suck on my mental dick for a moment before speaking…
[20:29:47] :):
[20:30:49] who tell you i am French?
[20:30:51] you’re so insecure and full of complexes. you lack any mental capacity
       really. everything you say or do seems to revolve around me. like some
       celebrity-stalker or a fanboy
(This last sentence was pre-recorded, obviously.)
[20:30:52] me.
[20:30:56] What am i?
[20:30:59] you?
[20:31:16] don’t reflect your mental state over me bro
[20:31:21] i am made of Teflon
[20:32:03] you’re made of tissue
[20:32:06] you’re soft. hence why you’re here
(keep talking, sound so smart…)
[20:32:09] you first said you loved me so fuck off Sabu
[20:32:10] :)
[20:32:18] I love you <3
[20:32:28] I rape your mind :)
[20:32:32] like a Sir!
[20:32:39] mainly because you’re infantile. I noticed how retarded you were from
       the moment you started hitting me up
(No Need to explain anything here, as you may have already noticed.)
[20:32:52] because we are bro!
[20:32:56] <3
[20:33:01] haven’t you noticed how I’ve paid you literally no attention?
I tend to ignore idiots, et al
[20:33:08] and when we did speak it was mainly out of boredom
[20:33:11] haha
[20:33:17] which reminds me, brb
[20:33:19] just like me.
[20:33:27] HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:33:40] go make a hole in your bedroom wall in my honnor!
[20:33:41] :)

oh hai jester! i see you think you an ub3r h4ck3r. i wil put that to an end while i leave in in the t0x1c trap! you caught my eye because you think you are a genius. well i guess its time you learn your place, i will devote my time alone when my wife sleeps to construct a plan so elegant and DESTRUCTIVE you shall learn the meaning of “FUCK WITH THE BEST DIE LIKE THE REST” i am done with hex as of now ive gotten a lil kick in thar, but now i haz some new fagz to getz! jester you sir are my first target as i have doxed you and i am planning some fun for you tommorow(; 3/11/12 if you keep talking shit after you receive your punishment i will not stop and i will be relentless, i will destroy your life like i did to richard and i will have you begging for mercy! so after you are owned tommorow admit it and move on because you dont want to have the same fate as richard who beg me for mercy, well as i promised heres your dox
      Ryan, Thomas  [email protected]
      Provide Security, Inc.
      86 Amber St
      Staten Island, New York 10306-2022
      United States
remember anons and brothers, get trusted TRUST NO ONE. dont trust me or anyother hacker if you want to stay anonymous or you WILL end up like lulzsec

Ahahahahaha he was just running his mouth all over twitter tonight. Looks good on that stupid fuck. Hope the terrorist come and get his ass #JhadiMOTHERFUCKER$

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