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Terrorist Edward Snowden May Walk Free

What you don’t know about Snowden involves his diabolical scheme to escape into the lawless hands of Hong Kong, landlocked by the irrevocable sin of mainland Communist China.

CHRONICLE.SU– NSA whisteblower Edward Snowden betrayed fellow Americans by revealing critical national secrets to our fascist enemies.

HONG KONG– You may already know the dubious tale of 29-year-old Edward Snowden, the anti-American ex-NSA contractor-turned-defector who recently leaked valuable national secrets to our enemies.

But what you don’t know about Snowden involves his diabolical scheme to escape into the lawless hands of Hong Kong, landlocked by the irrevocable sin of mainland Communist China.

Although Hong Kong is part of a “one country, two systems” situation, China can veto extradition requests, contradicting the extradition treaty the weak government of Hong Kong has held – since 1997 – after the city was returned to the totalitarian regime with which Snowden is now aligned.

From behind the Great Firewall of China, Snowden hopes to be whisked away by Chinese authorities who may “press” him for precious national security tips, but not before growing famous enough to garner public support for his supposedly “heroic” acts of anti-American aggression against innocent Americans.

A toxic ideology of reverse “patriotism” is now spreading which led Private Bradley Manning, whom Snowden called a “whistleblower . . . inspired by the public good,” to publicly reveal military secrets to our enemies.

Snowden, a master of exploiting legal loopholes, roots around in a broken Communist system of asylum-seeking perpetuity.

He buys time for himself, moving between hotels, racking up exorbitant room service bills with total disregard for the Americans whose national security he’s thrown to the wind.

CIA agents voraciously track Snowden through back alleys of Hong Kong. May God be with our brave soldiers, and may He have mercy on our souls.

3 replies on “Terrorist Edward Snowden May Walk Free”

How has Mr. Snowden thrown the U.S. national security to the wind? Who has he put at risk? The program he exposed hasn’t stopped. The only change is now the people of the United States are aware of what is going on and can make their own decisions.

Before believing ANYTHING the author writes, have a look at HATESECs twitter introductory statements next to the image of his face.

“Cisgender internet user, no different from you plebes so try to treat me with equality. #FEMEN and TeAm #hatesec droppin’ d0x | Fuck the police and America”

IF THE NSA WAS CONDUCTING BUSINESS IN A LEGAL AND ETHICAL MANNER, IT WOULD HAVE INFORMED ITS ALLIES. THE ACTIONS ARE OUTSIDE THE NATIONAL INTEREST AND MORE ABOUT POWER. IF IT IS LEGAL BEHAVIOUR, WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO ACCESS THE INFORMATION, WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE IF INFORMATION IS TO BE USED? You have a government acting outside its own apparent interests. That means that you dont really know what its interests ARE. You need to look at the United Nations Humans International Rights Charter before you can decide if its LEGAL. As the information gathered is not confined to the USA, unless I am incorrect.

Therefore Mr. Snowden was acting in accordance with the interest of the global human population via United Nationals Human Rights which should always outweigh any national interest.

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