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Rick Santorum: top 5 unorthodox views

So brave! Chronicle.SU Christian Scientists analyze the various ways in which Ricky Santorum demonstrates his Christian bravery. . . .

Giorgio Tsoukalos: Project Blue Beam Agent

Blue Beam agent reverts to namecalling when confronted with the truth.

Jesus of Occupy, Anonymous Messiah

Just another incredibly lame Jesus archetype but this time applied to the modern world in a sad way. . . .

Those Sandusky Boys – A Major Motion Picture

Penn State’s Coach Jerry Sandusky molested little boys “for teh lulz” and now stars in his own movie about the heinous crime! . . .

Editing reality: Sabu down the memory hole

[<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “Editing Reality: Sabu Down the Memory Hole” on Storify</a>]

What the fuck is this!?

So today I signed onto Chronicle.SU and saw fucking porn ADS popping up all over the place. What the shit has this place become?

Just a couple of days ago I read a really great article and I thought Chronicle was finally making . . .

Has WikiLeaks become a tabloid?

When Julian Assange revealed the collateral murder video in Washington DC, I was so incredibly glad that someone had finally brought light to the horrors of war. After learning the effect that such reporting could have from the Vietnam war, the US government has essentially taken complete control of war reporting. I was less . . .

important message from the staff at


it has come to our knowledge that many many of you do not know of the radio show that is on air nightly(radiohate) . also we have a sister station (butts2butts live)

below are the links for

the 1200am show.

and the 1230am est show .

call in . its . . .

Rhode Island State Representative Dan Gordon’s cell phone hacked

Representative Dan Gordon's dog photos have been liberated. Transparency for all.

Lone-wolf astroturf hacktivist th3j35t3r recently placed a malicious QR code as his avatar. This image, once scanned by a smart phone, forwarded users to a web site designed to exploit a vulnerability in the Android operating system. Th3j35t3r gained backdoor access to . . .



I have received the first communication from Sabu since the twisted story about him being a snitch was published by Fox News. As it turns out, Sabu purposefully got himself V&, in hopes that this day would come, fully knowing the way that the Government would try to smear him. But we are Anonymous . . .