Anonymous infiltrates PRISM, intercepts Obama’s Skype

An Anonymous spokesperson claimed to have hacked Obama's Skype by gaining access to PRISM

An Anonymous spokesperson claimed to have hacked Obama’s Skype by gaining access to PRISM

INTERNET — Anonymous hackers claimed to have infiltrated PRISM’s network infrastructure after gaining access to the graphical user interface which was intended only for use by federal agents in cases of terrorism. Because the PRISM system has access to a log of all Internet phone calls (voIP via Skype, Google, etc.) and video chats, Anonymous vigilante intelligence researchers quickly unearthed evidence of high-level collusion between corporate executives and government officials. “We have access to President Obama’s Skype,” said a spokesperson for Anonymous, “and we’re only afraid it’s too absurd to be true.”

Anonymous will not comment on details of the leak until the information has been confirmed and verified. This time, Anonymous is seeking input from government sources so that their final release will be seen by the public as an even-handed nonpartisan attempt at uncovering the truth. “We want to know the government’s point of view simply because it will help us build a more complete view of what’s really going on. Even clever lies, denials, and evasion help us in our pursuit of truth.  We won’t release the information until we’ve run it all over with several officials and received a frank appraisal of its context.”

President Obama has scheduled a press conference for Monday, and the White House has already released a statement condemning Anonymous. “The sad irony is that PRISM doesn’t even exist, but because of hacks like these we need something like it,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. “We will not cooperate with terrorists on any level, and we refuse to comment on illegally obtained confidential information.”

Despite such polemic rhetoric, the general consensus of Anonymous is that truth is still of the utmost importance. “The White House can’t order all 20 million of its employees around. Someone will always talk to us, and help us understand the truth behind these troubling but somewhat ambiguous conversations and other communications. All your PRISM are belong to us, and it’s going to be this way for as long as something like PRISM exists.”

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  • Anonymous

    so whatever happened with this?

  • I hope that Anonymous does somehow shutdown the mainframe servers of this PRISM crap. I heard it has been running ever since 2007, but until recently it became legal by CISPA.

    I do believe that CISPA is an infringement on our personal rights as Americans, not to mention the rights of the people of other countries that America has no right to be meddling with.

    Inshallah, this whole mess can be sorted out, because it drives me crazy, as a proud American, that this is allowed by the government.

  • lala

    Sorry to burst your bubble but i highly doubt obama uses skype…”they”will have some other programs that arent so easily tracked…

  • anonymous

    People need to know how to secure their computers and surf fully Anonymous BLACK-HAT STYLE…

    If for no other reason than to understand how to protect themselves, or sensitive business related data.


    Anonymous isn’t about to negotiate with the worlds largest terrorist organization either, that organization being the United States Government.

  • anonymus

    Dump the dox, if they exist, or this is just bluff and feint. Why run them past “the authorities” first? Makes no sense. Looks fake.

  • Anonymous

    I truly believe in the force that calls itself “Anonymous”. Anonymous isn’t a “terrorist” group. It is a force for HOPE, for TRANSPARENCY, for WORLD UNITY- If their actions say anything, it says, “We Are In This Together”(US; the human race, us little people have to stick together). When a human being suffers for telling the truth via the internet (or anyhow) so does Anonymous, when you are censored in anyway, so is Anonymous. We will never be truly free if we are limited to what we can think, say or express, even do or eat (i.e like vote for someone that’s not on a ballot or try finding something to eat in your cabinet that doesn’t have CORN or SOY in it. Also, it’s no secret that your media is constantly telling you how to think. Anonymous is not only fighting for your internet rights but making people ask questions and inspire real change in the world, along with other “activist” groups, if you will, like The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project, Thrive Movement, and I’m sure there are many others. But whats really important is that Anonymous inspires COURAGE to RAISE OUR VOICES; to CHANGE our IDLENESS, so that others may be delivered out of theirs. Behind ONE Guy Fawkes mask you will find millions of faces. We see through the lies, the phony photos, the fear mongering and we rise against it by banning together, informing and educating the people. When our government cheats us out of having our voices heard or fails to comply with the demands of the people it is our duty as citizens to stand up and fight against it using w/e means necessary. We Are Anonymous!

  • John

    The right wing loons fell for a hoax… and just look at the posts here… loons indeed.

  • How ya like meh now ! lol !

    CARTooNMAN ™

  • Rex Henderson

    This govt is now so corrupt that its all they know. If we were privy to all the corruption that happens on a daily basis we would pack up and leave probably. Its absolutely sickening. I pray that owebamas regime falls and falls hard. Hes a scumbag piece of shit. A closet muzzie bent on destroying America. He has to be stopped before its too late. And by the way fk you NSA!

  • Jack JD Montana

    Well if this isn’t proof the globalists are about to flush Obama what is? Anonymous more like internal ‘we’ve got to get this guy impeached before we all go to federal prison or worse’ U.S. silovik panic mode. PRISM was all Obama’s idea! Yeah, that’ll work!

  • Anonymous

    Marxism, fascism, capitalism, or whatever else you want to call it, they’re all the same. As long as the system stays the same these things will continue to happen. You all need to open your eyes and see that the governments are just pawns themselves. The real power doesn’t belong to them. If tou wanna know the truth check out

  • it’s an illusion to even believe that our society in america is a capitalist society. we are clearly living in the peak of fascism.

  • Richard Smith

    Marism was conceived by a momma’s boy that live in his parents home. He NEVER worked a day in his life and lived off his mother’s inheritance. It will never work in any form other than how it is allways tried, with violence. Bring it on you Assbamma MFers we ready for WAR. Bullet in the head for you lazy fockers.

  • The Truth

    Luke 8:17 – “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

  • Kerri



    OBAMA you PIECE OF SHIT……how do you like it you muslim mother fucker???? FUCK YOU!

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