Snowden reveals UFO documents after receiving asylum in Venezuela

According to bombshell documents leaked by Snowden, the government has long known UFOs to be a species more advanced than mankind.

According to bombshell documents leaked by Snowden, the government has long known UFOs to be a species more advanced than mankind.

CARACAS — Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA surveillance documents, was granted asylum in Venezuela on Friday. With safe harbors in sight, Snowden was willing to share shocking and world-shattering exclusive secret government documents with the Internet Chronicle. Snowden’s testimony was as follows:

“The highest levels of government don’t know what to do about UFOs, and the official story that they are all merely weather balloons or natural phenomena have been clearly dismissed. If anything, these documents speak about UFOs as if they are surely guided by an intelligence beyond our own. As it turns out, the most credible and inexplicable sightings are of vehicles which have been spotted leaving the sea floor at hydrothermal vents and directly entering solar orbit. Because ballistic missile tracking systems and deep sea sonar are kept as state secrets, scientists don’t have access to data about these objects. However, most of the contractors at DARPA are sure that there is a species more intelligent than homo sapiens living in the mantle of the Earth . . . It makes sense, if you think about it, because that is the only place where conditions have been more or less stable for billions of years. Extremophiles may live at different temperatures than us, but they have been able to thrive and develop intelligence at a seemingly accelerated rate. That’s not true, because they’ve simply evolved at the same rate, but without many of the vicissitudes which set back surface life . . . The president receives daily briefings about their activities, but analysts believe their technology is so far advanced that we stand little chance of survival in any potential war. The general sentiment is that we are but ants from their perspective, so there is little chance they would empathize or attempt to communicate with us, and the current contingency plan is to detonate nuclear weapons in deep caverns to ‘sting’ the foe we have no hope of destroying in hopes it would discourage further attacks.”

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  • Who shot JR? Who cares.

    Who shot JFK? Tell me more.

    • LeeHarveyBinLaden

      Woody Harrelson’s father was a hit-man for the Texas mafia in the 60’s… He was the one that fired the kill shot behind the grassy knoll! (The things you learn growing up in Dallas…)

    • LeeHarveyBinLaden

      Woody Harrelson’s father was a hit-man for the Texas mafia in the 60’s… He was the one that fired the kill shot behind the grassy knoll! (The things you learn growing up in Dallas…)



    • Posiblemente el “Ditador Americano” sea responsable por su democracia y libertad.

      (Very possibly the “American Dictator” is responsible for you living in liberty and in a democracy).

  • jay ell iii

    Wow, it is great to find out that we did not lose anything. At best, just a schizophrenic paranoiac individual. Even more interesting is the fact that his new home is willing to sit around and listen to these garbage.

    Uau, mi quedo feliz en saber que nosotros non perdimos nada. Ao mejor, solamiente uno individuo esquizofrenico y paranoico. Mas interesante es el facto de su nueva casa estar dispuesta a escuchar tantos chismes. (Espanol non es mi lengua primaria).

    • Soap Box

      Agreed Jay. Total crap. Note that last sentence, its a give away..
      “apparent in the GPR scans will transform public debate about the balance between liberty and security.”

      • Have a lol

        Does it not occur to all you grumpy-pants that he is taking the piss out of all of you. Now you should bow down to the troll who is wiping his ass with your humourless face ;)

    • Mike Dufour

      Keep up your rhetoric and idiotic excuses to try to fool us. People like you make me sick because you are either part of the conspiracy or your eyes are wide shut. So just shut up your mouth and words please. The truth is coming you will see then.

      • Anonymous

        Willy? Aliens living in the Mantle or the Earth? Where the temperature, supposedly, is about 4000-6700 ° F (2200-3700 ° C)? Willy? Willy? Willy?

        And they are living there for millions of years? Willy? Willy?

        Look buddy: if even one of the lego parts don’t fit, the whole structure falls.

        Why don’t you go to the market at the corner of your neighborhood and buy a tin foil hat?

        See yah …

        Oh, …. there’s one possibility: E.S. is, actually, a seed of ours and his landing in Venezuela was planned from the get-go!

  • c. c. sinclair

    the driver of the limousine shot once the man in the grassy nole shot once

  • Hunter

    Let me see those documents

  • This is either complete BS or an attempt to discredit Snowden.

  • Jessica

    Love it!! Finally truth coming to the for front!!! Of course the government doesn’t want us to know we are inferior to anything! Thanks Snowden, you are a hero for reaking free and exposing the truth

  • Fatbaldmiddleagedwhiteguy

    Okay,….Now…What ya got on Bigfoot, where is Elvis living, and about the Lindbergh Baby?!?!

  • Anonymous

    lmao!!! way to discredit yourself and begin the harmless look.

  • For those of us with personal experience regarding alien life, this is suspect of who is really backing Snowden. Some believe he is CIA positioned. In other words still fully employed by the government. For how else might the government release such information while still maintaining its arrogance? BTW, the other species capable of developing technology are not superior, they are only different in their perceptions and abilities just as other long recognized species of life are different in their perceptions and abilities (i.e. dolphins, dogs, monkeys, etc..)

    Our Species is currently at a state of transition as indicated by the world wide protests going on against those who have a history and intent to deceive the rest of us for their only benefit. And this is what does not fit in the civilization of the universe. So when it is said this alien species is more advanced than … those saying this are the lessor elements of a species having a much fuller spectrum of intelligence. Perhaps it should be noted that other species as well have a spectrum of their own levels of intelligence within their perceptions.

    • SandraLouise

      Brilliant, Tim

      • He’s absolutely right. I’ve spoken with Snowden about this. He was not happy with some of my wording. The phrasing “more advanced” imposes teleology and the false idea that there is a single final goal in evolution. The capability of a species to navigate the sea floor and leave the vicinity of earth requires engineering and energy requirements that are far beyond anything humans have developed, but humans have not had to contend with this problem. Study of these objects, however, reveals that their mass-to-energy ratios are such that it is fairly certain the Ultraterrestrials have harnessed fusion reactions or something of equal energy efficiency. This means that each of their craft contain more energy than all of humanity has ever produced, and also that the Ultraterrestrials are certainly capable of interstellar travel. This has raised the question as to whether the Ultraterrestrials are native to Earth, but that’s kind of like asking if humans are native to Earth.

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

  • tracy jo Jaco

    you can be an ignorant fool if you wish to continue to be at the cost of no one but your self…..for if you can NOT see between the lines and hear between the words you will remain in your own ignorance indefinitely…

  • Anonymous

    Google … Hyperborea… Aghartha, Shambhalla and or Hollow Earth :)

    • Anonymous

      Hollow earth theory is completely bogus and does not even remotely stand up to any scientific testing, a race living in the actual mantle of our planet however is far more realistic and incredibly plausible, do some actual REAL research, i will say the one thing that put a nail in the coffin of that theory for me however, in 2004 (i think, it maybe have been 2006) the Russians sent a submarine to the exact North Pole (under the ice caps) and put a flag smack bang on the north pole under water. So where was this massive hole that was meant to go there?

  • Nasvietsdiy

    Mientras más lo protejan a snowden, más es capáz de soltar información, algun día se hará justicia por las violaciones de USA.

  • Brandon J Beatty

    As intriguing and monumental as this may be, we will need to see the actual documents or this story won’t go anywhere. With deception coming from all angles it would be horribly stupid to believe this article without verification. I certainly believe there is extraterrestrial life in the universe, and think it’s highly possible certain species have been observing us for time immemorial, but I won’t believe or share this article until we see the paperwork. It would be irresponsible and stupid for us to hold any credence regarding this supposed leak at this point.

  • Huge data base of water sitings

    Correction on URL:

  • mark the wilderbeest smith.

    franky ramma lives at the bottom of the cut…wild

  • max

    I’d Love to leave a comment, but I wouldn’t know where to start.

    he he ho ho there coming to take me away he he ho ho

  • Southdelight

    Did not trust this whole Snowden spin and HERE is the confirmation! :-)
    Understand fully now why Putin said “You can stay here in Russia, but ‘ll have to refrain from saying anything else.” !!!
    And why Fulford said Snowden was part of an operation to target the NSA “… now that they don’t work for the Zionists/Illuminati anymore.” …

  • Lavaluna Ocean

    The best advice we can give anyone is to start reading this!

  • bogus

    This story has quickly been determined to be bogus.

    were are the documents?

    were is the original news source?

    why is this article full of errors and typos?

    fake story

  • bogus

    100% bogus story

    If this little blog is correct, were are the documents?

    If this little blog is correct, were is the original interview?

    notice how they dont source this?




  • A ward Snow Den

    There is nothing to fear from aliens unless of course you are a member of the deceiving lying evil banker Cabal.

    • Anonymous

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  • Hans Aplast

    LOL! Like Werner von Braun said 40 years ago: “And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.”

    People will not fall for this, too many people know that they want to stage WW3 and the biblical apocalypse with the fake UFO/alien final to unite the world and have the next everlasting enemy to justify their power. All the UFOs we have seen are army tech.

  • Teresa

    It is true that the “ET aliens” are more advanced than us, but the one that lives withing the mantle of the Earth or in the crust of Earth or Inner Earth are NOT aliens but our ancestors that went underground at the time of Noah’s flood and at the time when Atlantis and Lemuria sank. They are our brothers and sisters and are eager to have a reunion with us. No nuclear weapons are allowed in their realm nor on the surface anymore. What Admiral Byrd wrote in his diary about his trip into Inner Earth is true!

    • I find extremophile-first origins theories more convincing, sorry.

    • anonima

      cierto Teresa son nuestros antepasados nuestros maestros ascendidos de dimensiones superiores y estan mas evolucionados que nosotros porque nosotros somos de 3D y ellos de 5D y 6D son nuestros hermanos de la Atlantida, los Agarthianos y viven en Telos y Shambala. Tiempo al tiempo para los incredulos porque estamos muy cerca de conocerles todo el mundo.

  • Nick

    Bogus on many levels. This story’s illustration is propaganda for one. The Earth is Hollow and Beings live down there and always have.
    Where are the leaked documents link?

  • city

    snowden tweeted about this yesterday. that is how I found this page. He provided a link. follow him on twitter. so, a guy that obviously proved he knows secrets by leaking the NSA surveillance documents will now purposely destroy himself with something like this and not have a way to document it? I doubt that. The documentation is available to him and he can provide it if he chooses to.

  • reads the "about" section....

    um if you read the “about” section, you can make an educated guess that this is a satirical site.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like the abyss

  • Cathy J Kincaid

    Really dumb, Anonymous. Nobody has to go to the corner store to get a tin foil hat. You can make your own designer tin foil hat right at home like I did. If you want my recipe you can’t have it. Just design your own. By the way, Snowden just wanted to be like Julian Assange, who is really hot for a snitch, but governments don’t want to have to deal with that and have people making fun of their spy vs spy games. KGB used to be big,scary initials but now that and CIA and NAS are all SNL fodder and don’t get the respect they think they deserve for being old, pot-bellied, boys club jerks pretending to be real big tough manly men.

  • Rex

    Willy? Aliens living in the Mantle or the Earth? Where the temperature, supposedly, is about 4000-6700 ° F (2200-3700 ° C)? Willy? Willy? Willy?
    Anonymous :
    This comment tells me you still choose to believe everything the government tells you…….I.e. Earth temp’s. You must work from the theory that everything is a lie… Because it usually is. All scientific ‘fact’? Are questionable at best.

  • RaMhotep

    They are always aware of what we do on the surface, and it’s through corporal life that their senses are endlessly lustful. Their reasons for existing is through our sense of purpose and desires for more than we require for our own perpetual existence.

  • Anonymous

    They live in magma? In crushing pressures? In temperature that melts rock and metal??? And some of you believe this shit?? I don’t know who would be worse to start a new civilization… The devils in office or you fools.

  • Anonymous

    :) some of you will believe ANYTHING, this is a freaking satire site!!! You dumb asses.

  • Duped?

    You people that believed this and then proceeded to down talk non believers… This is a satire news site like the onion… You freaking tards.

  • HoussamM

    I wonder how could a species evolve under the mantle of earth, where the average temperature is nearly 3000°C (enough to vaporise iron). I also wonder about what resource they might use to stay alive (what organic form of life may survive on that extreme climate?) unless they’re relaying on mineral resources… witch seems to be quit unreal.

    • Nate

      It states the species within the mantle. The temperature of the mantle ranges from 400-4000 and from what we have discovered at hydro-thermal vents in the ocean, life can live in many places previously believed to be impossible. The temperature at the vents can range from 400-900 degrees. If life could develop there living off sulfur chemicals, why couldn’t live develop other places?

      The mantle is believed to be almost entirely solid despite temperatures reaching beyond melting point. Much of what we believe about the earth is theory because no one has even penetrated beyond the earth’s crust, we speculate based on history and what we see.

  • Skywatcher

    King Of Morocco Asked U.S. For Information On UFO : Wikileaks

  • David

    I have to ask the question. Did Snowden say this or is it an attempt to discredit Snowden. I have been hearing a lot of chatter that there are a bunch of stuff being “leaked” or posted that is not form Snowden but are being tied to him anyway. I think this is damage control and by discrediting Snowden they hope to to discredit any files he may or may not have. But if any of this craziness turned out to be for real we would have to re-write the books on every thing. I have to cal BS for now.

  • anonima

    Esto es real, no es falso es verdad que existen se llaman Agartianos y viven en Agartha y es donde esta el famoso Shambala, ellos son nuestros guias espiritales, nuestros maestros ascendidos son mundos de dimensiones superiores a la nuestra a la 3D y muy pronto podremos contactar con ellos porque es hacia donde se dirige la tierra a la 5D a su dimension
    Ellos realmente en la tierra interna existen

  • Lavaluna Ocean

    The best advice we can give anyone is to start reading this!

  • Cynthia

    Its true. I see it sll arou d me everyday and night. I neverstudied this subject. What I have studied is spirituality. To understand u have to be open to understanding the universe and the spiritual realms. They are here to help fix what we have all watched happen to this world. U have to read revelations and know it is darkest before the light. If u look at any subject of info coming out now in the world wether it be the climate or war or overthrows of corruption u will see. They are for sure here and are already making thingshappen.

  • Anonymous

    If Aliens exist, and if they are so intelegent and so far beyond our race, they would probably catch Snowden so no secret about them wouldnt leak…

  • Bill R

    This story is true.
    I am certain of it.
    My God, If L.R. Hubbard said this was true then it must be.

    All the Best,

    Ron’s Org

  • Cathy Thebeloved

    Of course they are more intelligent than us, just as Satan is more intelligent than man. These are not creatures from other physical galaxies or solar systems. They’re alien alright, alien as alien can be but they are the fallen angels of the Bible of which Lucifer or Satan if you will is their evil Lord. It should be no surprise that he has fully deceived foolish men who worship him (Freemasons etc) That’s who has corrupted all the increased knowledge of the day that should have been used for the betterment and good of civilization but instead has been used to steal, kill and destroy which is the nature of the beast. Read the Bible much? We are in the Culmination of the ages. It is a war for the eternal souls of mankind . Jesus, the only Savior of the World warned of the coming danger of deception.They have and are ready to perpetrate the biggest Hoax there has ever been upon the inhabitants of planet earth. And what is so frightening is the fact that the masses have been rocked to sleep and I am sorry to say will believe the lie or the Great delusion and be damned. We my friends are caught in the middle of the struggle between Good and Evil. We can’t leave except through death or rapture. Jesus said we are His Witnesses to all the world and as we wait for the Son from Heaven we are to occupy and of course be busy about our Father’s Business. We who understand will be used by Him greatly in this last period to give understanding to the many. So Fear Nothing except Our Glorious God and Lord.

    • zipzap

      I can see you applied the same critical reasoning when reading this article as you did when reading your bible. (Hint : This article isn’t true)

      • Cathy Thebeloved

        Whether Snowden really revealed this or not, we know by the Bible what’s really going on. It may be the government playing one of it’s tricks on us but it makes no difference . We have the Spirit of truth . They have the Spirit of error. You sound like a very educated person. I’m sorry.

        • Jesse Hawk

          The bible is a bullshit story put out by the catholic church to make the people follow the rules of humanity, you know, wrote by the hand of man, not god in him, thats bullshit, snowden knows what hes talkin about, but you can hug your lil story and go to the church every week that takes your money and the preacher spends it, and in return gives you a feeling of going to a better place hopefully, also they don’t pay taxes, the church should, doesn’t everyone else.

          • jimmy bob

            what’s wrong with following good things jesse? Thou shalt not kill, steal are pretty good things to follow don’t you think? or are you too busy wasting your soul following the karcrashians and DWTS?

            • zipzap

              They are indeed good things, but these concepts were not new when the bible was written. The Bible condones slavery, rape, murder, genocide, jealousy, infanticide and innumerable other horrors. These are pretty bad things to follow, don’t you think? or are you too busy wasting your mind pondering only the parts of the bible your pastor tells you about?

          • Cathy Thebeloved

            Sounds like you’ve only seen Satan’s Counterfeit Church (yes Catholic) which the whole world seems to be being led back to just like Revelation said would happen in the last day. But I’d like for you to know that there is a real God and Son, not the One they portray. The Ten Commandments were given to show us how impossibly lost we are an incapable of keeping His Requirements. No one could. I realized at 8 years old that I’d broken almost everyone of them. That’s why we need a Savior and that’s why Jesus came. God’s Holy and demands a blood sacrifice for sin. Someone has to die. We have to pay for our sins Or we have to have a sinless substitute to take our place and die for us. That’s why Jesus came. And as many as will believe and receive His substitutionary work on the cross shall be saved. No Questions asked. You’ll be forgiven all sin and given a new start. He gives you His Rightiousness because any good that we think we do without Him is like filthy rags He says. Tougher times are straight ahead. Why wait. What’s ahead you will not be able to survive without Him. It’s going to get as bad as bad can get. Ask Him to forgive you for your Bad. He’ll add His good to your account.

        • itcus

          the bible is the biggest hoodwink of all time………4000years and man still can’t get right…..really…

    • You are spot on!! Disregard the comment below yours- non-Christians are spiritually blinded … Friend me if you are FB please. Thanks.

  • jimmy bob

    aliens are real, and they are all around us everywhere. There are 40 million aliens in California alone, and obama wants to bring in 50 million more. America was a great country full of smart white people. Now it is a mess of no good for nothing aliens.

  • en el Año 2000 Mes Febrero a las 10pm.Fui Contactado por estas Entidades Espirituales,como dice la biblia fui Raptado en un Abrir y cerrar de ojos,fui llevado a otra Dimension,previamente me dieron una vuelta como a los Astronautas en el espacio del Universo flotaba y me veía como una hormiga,tienen un poder sobrenatural el ser humano no puede o no podrá contra ellos no son Materiales y a mi me pusieron a levitar y no podía bajarme por mi mismo en esa Dimension vi Jóvenes con Apariencia Humana de entre 18 a 22 Años sus EDIFICACIONES SON DE CRISTAL AZUL como de tres pisos de alto yo toque el Vidrio y traspaso mi dedo el Cristal me Recibió una entidad que lo describo Amable,pelirrojo,su tes o dermis muy blanca de unos 70 Años,de 1.75 de esturara Aproximadamente tengo muy presente que me encontraba en una Nave con un Asiento parecido a los de los Odontologos color Rosada y serca a mi una ventanilla que se veia lo oscuro del universo tenia mucho temor cuando me ordenaron una vos que salia de una lus Intensa en forma Ovalada y se encontraba serca a mis pies fue en español y con mucha Autoridad yo no quería salir por que tengo vértigo pero esa vos me ordeno por segunda ves y salí por una escotilla y flotaba como los Astronautas en ese embudo Negro que es el Universo,me pregunte como estoy flotando y miro que tengo un Cinturón con un Sujetador de Acero del cual sale un Cordón plateado largo guiado por una luz,al Sitio que me llevaron me di cuenta que todo se mueve en fracción de segundos y el lenguaje o Comunicación era mental en Concreto me Regresaron sano y salvo afuera estaba unas horas en el espacio o dimension pero cuando regrese había pasado unos Meses en la Tierra es Difícil explicar,tengo la Formula para Contactar con ellos pero no lo e vuelto hacer tengo temor en el fondo que ya no me regresen,es la primera parte,

  • This account regarding Snowden and UFOs/USOs/aliens sounds even more fallacious than the whole disinformational espionage scenario surrounding his exploits with the NSA PRISM disclosure. Whoever is generating this BS material must assume that most people are really ignorant (which they are), but that’s not the point. The people disseminating this crap are trying to obfuscate something far more ominous that what Snowden allegedly did, given that many of us already knew about the Echelon program for more than twenty years, which is the grandfather of PRISM. This whole thing could be to simply test the waters waiting to see who pops up to assist Snowden as a traitorous fugitive? Snowden might have been set up from the get-go to do exactly what he did to ferret out some deeply buried moles throughout the world that have been data mining our own info for many years. Please please, wake up and read. Otherwise, you’ll never really understand what’s going on here.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, just maybe his documents could be false (altho I doubt it) if you don’t knwo that all of the subjects he’s supposedly leaking about are real then you are the one who needs to wake up… Everyone who can’t use their intuition to know that stuff.. big things are happening is totally brainwashed my media influenced corporate America.

  • I forgot to mention one of the most important elements of my prior comment. In my professionally opinion, there are indeed UFOs, and some are clearly originating from more advanced technology that is NOT terrestrial in origin. There are factions within almost every major government on earth that have gone to great lengths to conceal and dissuade their populations from believing that UFOs are real and extraterrestrial. This massive disinformational effort has been going on since 1947, and most US presidents have not had the need to know such highly classified information (perhaps the most classified information in the history of earth!). If you really want a great education into what’s really been going on behind the scenes with UFOS since the late 1940s, the Richard M. Dolan’s excellent books, “UFOS & The National Security State, Volume 1″ and “UFOs & the National Security State: The CoverUp Exposed”, as well as my own book “Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown”. You’ll be utterly amazed by what is already known and the incredible amount of obfuscation that’s been put forth by our governments to discredit such data and evidence.

  • This informations needs to be more thoroughly corroborated and sourced. Simply making the statements you have – does not constitute validity. You have put words from Snowden in quotes – assumably his own words – but everything else is speculation. How was his statement obtained? To whom and when? He spoke with you directly? From where?

    It would indeed be tumultuous and a journalist coup to validate what you have stated came from Snowden himself and we truly hope it to be so.

    If he has the information that you report, we can offer Snowden an exclusive world-wide radio interview opportunity from wherever he now resides or when he reaches Venezuela.

    If he is willing and able to – ask him to contact ZlandCommunications (Toronto Canada). We will get his story out to an audience that spans the US and Canada – and, is world-wide over the net. Our radio outlet CAN do this. We can provide confidential and open on-air radio interview time for him – to allow Mr. Snowden to explain and present his position. The Toronto area (GTA) has over 4.5 million people.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Victor Viggiani
    News Director
    ZlandCommunications NewsNetworkj

    • I totally agree with your comment here. You are one hundred percent correct in what you’re saying. I’ve seen no other credible sources discussing this type of ridiculous information coming from Snowden, which makes this sound like a very self-serving agenda. As most of us within the serious UFO research community are aware that most claims of this nature are little more than hype to promote someone else’s scenario, who cares? This feels like someone out there is just trying to promote themselves at someone else’s expense. What else is new?

  • mike mortenson

    im just laughing because anyone with anything more than words on this subject, like documents, would soo dissappear in any airport. i doubt it is just an earthly government who wants ufo stuff kept secret. of course the people who shot kennedy and did 9/11 do not seem to follow the constitution either so if this very selfish group also wants this info secret poof! magic. he’s gone.

  • Jeremy Howell

    Sounds way more likely that the White House is scratching around for any way to discredit Snowden because of what he leaked, and this is what all their scratching surfaced, a made up story released as though it was Snowden when in reality it’s just the White House doing whatever it can the keep Obama from looking like the screw up he is.

  • In my humble opinion, ladies and gentlemen, this whole thing is a fraud, a very well orchestrated FRAUD of the US and its secret services in order to deviate the attention from the internal problems that the country is facing on several fronts, incl. its foreign debt of trillion dollars and the evident decline of that great nation of yours in key areas. Perhaps what they most fear is that the US population rises against the wealthy minority that have destroyed the country with their especulations and irresponsability. In order to illustrate what I am saying, -this would be the right moment- for the american people to claim their country back, to demand that the wealthy elite pays back the debt of the nation from their own pockets and also the right time to regulate the finances with a clear and powerful intervention, in particular on Wall Street. I think that this is what they fear most and are trying to avoid by keeping the people occupied with this nonsens. The sole idea that this could occurre, with people demanding meausurements to hold responsable the elite for the disaster and possible collapse of the US is -the true context- behind this fabrications.
    To demand a terrified wealthy people to return the money -in order to save the nation- they evidently don´t care about is one of the most important concerns of the elite today in the U.S. of A. Be clear about this.

    That would be the proper arrangement to make according to the situation on the ground so to speak, and not to fall in the psychological set up that is beingncreated, including certain aspects of the war on terrorism, which have been carried out to preserve control over the population through fear and FABRICATIONS which in many cases os not ressist a critical eye or a deeper escrutiny.

    Snowden believes firmly that he is right but I think that the young american is being used for a “greater purpose” and that is disinformation. I hope that the american authorities respect the life of this young man and do not make any attempt to damage him. Let him be.

    • Tércio Agostinho Bezerra

      Boa noite meus irmãos.. de fato e certo que não passa de mais uma das arte manhas da NASA,tudo direcionado para um alvo,pelo qual querem distrair as atenções conforme você relata,no intuito de levar um caos as extremas percepção de entendimento retardando,ou seja ganhando tempo para fazer um grande golpe pelo mundo, pelo qual eles não veem saídas se não um eventual caos pelo mundo,pelo qual eles vão ter a saída e a solução,mas toda a humanidade vai ter que seguir as orientações deles assim feito eles aplicam o sistema de controle mundial,eu não caio nessa farsa não!tudo orquestrado por eles para eles,e o povos ferro como sempre!

  • Amar Singh Deori

    Inspite of all the denials about UFO’s by some Governments, their existance is a fact.One type is from underneath the earth and the other from outer space.The books written years back by Lobsang Rampa have detailed imformations about them.

  • What

    What it’s this BS?
    You kidding right?
    Hollow earth? Snowden leaked documents about the Hollow earth? C’MON!!
    Where are the docs, why Snowden don’t say anything about this in his twitter account?


    Show the docs or fuck the shut up
    Shame on you

    Next Loch Ness or Yeti i luv Yeti oh wait and Fairy’s
    Call Alberto Canosa too

  • new

    What it’s this BS?
    You kidding right?
    Hollow earth? Snowden leaked documents about the Hollow earth? C’MON!!
    Where are the docs, why Snowden don’t say anything about this in his twitter account?


    Show the docs or fuck the shut up
    Shame on you

    Next Loch Ness or Yeti i luv Yeti oh wait and Fairy’s
    Call Alberto Canosa too

  • TheTruth

    AND…….. this is why no one takes this subject seriously. Articles like this with absolutely no credible documentation or back up it’s sources. Thanks for helping the effort.

  • Tammy

    You guys read the LEGAL page up there in the linky dinks. This site is NOT A REAL NEWS SITE. smdh

  • Anonymous

    pathetic and ludicrous


    It is only make-belief. Snowden has no secret documents. Ask yourself, what type of contract does Snowden execute for the U.S? If he designs or writes technical programmes, then he is the document but if he works with other peoples design, then those people can overstep whatever intelligence he thinks he has leaked. Venezuela should not rejoice that Snowden will lift them to become world power with leaking Snowden. However, any country that is desirous of jumping to world power should assist to liberate the people of the East in nigeria and associate with them. They are very reliable in ideas and concretizing such ideas. This is real.

  • luoci


  • luoci

    Even if he provided very good friends! Praiseworthy ………..
         Regardless of whether the fact that only people strive to develop good technology to discover what those underground civilization, what ancient civilization ………

  • Curious Roxas

    I think I have finally figured out Snowden.

    SNOWDEN IS AN ALIEN. Yes, he is a reptilian from planet Voltar.

    Now, can we please get on to more important and interesting things?

  • Gavin Curtis

    After a car accident, I had a near death experience (literally hours from death) and was allowed to ask questions to this individual sitting next to me. Would not let me look at his face, nor would he share his name.

    One question I asked was who/what the aliens realy are… if they truly exist.

    I was told that most of the aliens are actually higher order beings appearing in lower order forms… over 30 types of alien. There was a war in space which they lost, they are quarantined here on Earth and forced to reside within hollow cavities inside the Earth. The conditions there are considered to be almost paradisaical to humans; but because the rebellious nature of these entities and their former level of freedoms lost, it’s a prison.

    They caused mass loss of human life by their former activities and were forced to stop, condemned. They were actually responsible for a mass extinction of human life on Mars long ago.

    Now imprisoned in the Earth, they can interact with the world governments on the surface; setting up a unified global government under a single ruling entity. Both alien and human elite work together to prepare for a final battle. Almost all UFO’s are man made machines from knowledge given to them by these underground entities. Part of an exchange program.


    I just wrote this off as a very lucid dream during recovery. Or is there really something more about this?

    Where can one find these so called NSA documents?

  • Brad

    This information is very well timed, given the release of Pacific Rim and all. ::cough::

  • Snowden has not released any details what so ever on UFOs. This story has been made up and is not true. People need to stop fabricating this type of nonsense when clearly Snowden has not and will not even mention UFOs because he has not info at all on them. Get a grip people this article is complete bullshit…

  • Curious Roxas

    I was abducted by aliens last night while I was sleeping. Snowden was in charge of a brainwashing session which the aliens were attempting to do to me. Snowden kept repeating (telepathically of course)”I am not a traitor, I am not a coward, I am a hero”. I didn’t believe him. They gave me a shooter of Russian vodka and sent me home.

  • Ed Lantz

    There may well be extraterrestrial (or hidden terrestrial) life forms waiting to be formally discovered by scientists. The truth is often stranger than fiction! However the proliferation of (most likely) false information such as this article claiming testimony from Snowden about UFO’s greatly damages this cause. It might be good for generating internet hits, but it is a disservice to the quest for truth. Please cut it out.

  • Please

    100% b.s. Snowden has never discussed UFOs.

  • aaa

    hi, I would like to have the sources of this news. thanks

  • Leech

    More lies and disinformation designed to discredit Snowden’s disclosures about real events embarrassing to federal officials, who should feel embarrassed to be involved in espionage against innocent citizens in violation of the 4th Amendment.
    Snowden has said nothing concerning UFOs. Amateur hour at the CIA?

  • Curious Roxas

    Eddy’s problem in leaving the transit lounge at Moscow airport has been solved.

    Aliens are going to tele-port him to Venezuela (it seems he is no longer wanted on his home planet of Voltare. Voltare, being a proud society, does not allow cowards, traitors, thieves, or overall little punks to reside there.

    Welcome to earth, Eddy.

  • Steve

    It’s funny how people,hat annoyed with the Alien debate and with so much proof that they do exist. Now…. If this article was to say that Snowdon reveals that God exists you would all be backing it up and saying “there you go we all new that god exists”

  • Curious Roxas

    Please be so kind as to list items of the proof of alien existence. I am referring to actual proof, not possibilities, theory, speculation, stories of eye witness’s, rumors, or folklore. PROOF PLEASE. Guess what, THERE IS NONE. This has nothing to do with gog. God is a separate discussion (that is unless you kneel down before a gray). Give us a break.

    Snowden’s only gods are his Communist handlers.

  • Curious Roxas

    Proof Please, not stories about what people think they saw. PROOF

  • bobandy

    i , for one, welcome our ultraterrestrial overlords

  • Ulaa

    Curious Roxas,who’s your handler, beside money? How about you come out with a PROOF, what did you do beside kneel?

  • To clarify once and for all:

    ===> THERE ARE NO UFO’S (as advanced machines from other civilization(s)) OR ALIENS FROM ANOTHER PLANET(S)

    There is no scientific knowledge of the possibilities of either.

    These are all conspiracy of the scientific community to keep Congress and governments funding science. All and every “phenomenon” can be explained as Earth HUMANS’s caused or produced.

    Get a grip!!!!

    • veritas54

      You state that there are no UFO’s, and you state this in light of my knowledge of people who have seen them with their very own eyes, and who have interacted with them and their intelligences. People of military background, and other people of spiritual merit. You must not have heard about the disclosure project, and or numerous other legitimate studies and platforms into researching extraterrestrial activities, government involvement, and abduction. Your faith is in that of science. Just because ‘science’ doesn’t know it to exist does not mean that it does not exist. Do not be ignorant of the nature of discovery. Need I remind you of the Earth not being flat? I hope my grip has helped you pry your minds eye open a little bit more, to let the light in.

      Peace ~

  • Liam

    As if he would provide documents to this site. Be honest. You are making this all up for attention.

  • will

    The skeptics themselves are unaware that the real reason they fight the truth so vigorously is they cannot psychologically handle the weight of it possibly being true.
    This is why, as I always say, forgive the skeptics and the haters. No matter what you say or do, they will not change their beliefs until they are ready.
    In ordinary circumstances, it may take them a very long time to let go, embrace the “dark night of the soul”, and integrate the ugly truth that has always been lurking in the shadows.
    They are suffering from a sixty-year program of comprehensive, mass brainwashing, which continues to bombard them and reinforce the system on a day-by-day basis from the mainstream media.
    Their minds will not allow the truth to be the truth, because the thought is too unbearable to contemplate.

  • Truth Hurts

    I could not care one way or the other, unless they want to pay my bills or cause a problem for me or my family. Real or not I have a job to do *take care of my family* I’ll worry about what I can see and right now I see crap I don’t need to worry about…UFO’s.

  • Curious Roxas

    Ulaa, Ulaa, Ulaa. Come out with proof? Proof of what? I am not the one trying to prove anything. Can’t you read? I kneel before no one. Search the internet for brain grown hormones please.


  • sandra

    you ppl are so simple minded? do you really believe that we are the only ones? space is infinite, it has no end! and these planets we have found are only because they are in our range of view, think off all the other planets that has yet to be discovered ? if you think we are alone in this world you are dumb!!!!
    open your eyes. there are too many things that are not explained and the government cant even explain to us? please just don’t be so simple minded open your eyes and your mind and soon you will see.

  • Curious Roxas

    I am not simple minded, and I am not some dumb dolt either.

    I do not believe that we are alone in the universe, and I do believe that life exists elsewhere. I do not believe that there exists proof of intelligent, or any other life. Common sense does not equal proof. Can you manage to understand the difference? HUH?

  • Iwritenaked

    For the People asking for proof: after he shared that our government listens to our phone calls , now your doubting about our government hiding UFO’S? Stop being blinded by ignorance. You can’t see air but you can still breathe right?

  • I think this is a really interesting story! What I am wondering about is the UFO/Vatican connection. Considering their vast library of forbidden documents, I can’t conceive of them not knowing what is really going on with ETs and the human race.

    In that light, it would only make sense that they would grant asylum to Snowden since they may want to keep him quiet. Think about it, once he sets foot in the Vatican he is under the Papal law. Think he can’t find himself walled up in a wall 100′ under the Vatican to keep him quiet?. Guess again!

  • WM

    Some have been researching this topic and writing about it for years… Let’s see how long it takes for the debunkers and ridiculers to do their job and crawl out of the mud.

  • Curious Roxas

    Let’s see how many idiots take this crap seriously. Underground entities? WTF. MORONS who forgot to take their meds.

  • Interestingly, for almost two years now, I have been writing my theories on comments to articles of astronomy and physics, explaining why extra terrestrial “ships” or “civilizations” are impossible.

    And, now, INNER EARTH civilization??????????? ha ha ha ha ha … what’s next? Multi-dimensional beens? Oh, wait, the scientific community is already taping that “realm”.

  • Russell Good

    Where’s the source? The alien disclosure is well underway,but articles withóut sources doesn’t help the cause.
    Canadian Government Admits UFO’s & Aliens Exist

  • Curious Roxas

    Shocking revelation!! OBAMA IS A REPTILIAN ALIEN FROM VOLTARE. Film at 100:00 pm.

    Ps. I think we knew this all long.

  • John Doe

    They’re satan angels (demons), secondly underground cities r true, last but not least Obama nd the elite aint shit but puppets on a stri
    ng (satan is their puppet master

  • Curious Roxas

    Ooooo, Ooooo, anything but that. Got the world om a string, Obama in my pocket, la la la.

  • Anonymous

    That’s right we’re alone and all those ancient sites all over the world were thrown together by cave men and the mayan calender was a fluke and all those people who’ve had implants removed after being abducted for years are all insane and there’s been 10s of 1000s of them all over the world. And the UFO that my boyfriend and I saw years ago cold stone sober was a two way hallucination. I’m so glad we’ve got that cleared up. I mean imagine a guy dumping his life in Hawaii just to tell us that the US spies. Uhuh yip ok well the day anyone wants to know about the 174 underground bases/cities that the satanic worshipping, child torturing, media owning, war mongering, PR wizzing nutcases who want to bring the population of earth down to a cool 500, 000, 000 just look up Illuminati. We are so gullible they can tell us anything and we will believe it and never ask questions. Nope we’re waking up and its sobering. Welcome to the real reality. However we are loved and not hated and when we meet our star family we will then understand just how HUGE the lies have been and Edward Snowdon’s motive will be crystal clear.

  • Curious Roxas

    I really do have to respect someone who stands behind their convictions. Anonymous? brother, Another one for the fire.

  • Greetings Beloveds; Everything on this MESSAGE IS TRUE~ Even thou the publication might not be. Google: “AGARTHA” “TELOS” “Lord ADAMA”

    Check out:

    Read Actual Messages from BENEVOLENT EXTRATERRESTRIALS Channeling with Human Angels like me :)

    I AM that I AM an Avatar of my Higher-SELF- My Higher SELF is “ASHTAR SHERAN”, highest Commander at the Galactic Federation of LIGHT under the orders of “Lord JESUS 2013″.

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    We wish to address the disbelief in some that Galactic beings can exist alongside with us Masters or with Angelic beings. Humanity has so very much to learn about us souls existing in the various higher dimensions you’re growing back toward as a collective.

    There’s so very much for you to learn about the myriad ascended beings, collectives and civilizations who exist in these brimming higher dimensions, and we and so many others will delightfully be on your world in the immediate time ahead to help you see the diversity of the beings assisting in your evolution.

    Humanity is going to learn so very much, that that the limitations set in place by the majority of souls on your world are going to be, for more or less, diminished.

    An Open-Minded Understanding

    The science-fiction mindsets that have rendered so many ideas or topics so unbelievable on your world will be replaced with an open-minded understanding that nearly everything important for you to know has been hidden from you and given a fictitious mindset.

    Humanity has been programmed to go against ideas that will aid you in your evolution, and this has been assisted by the media as it’s established on your world today. Ideas of the benevolent Galactic beings assisting in the ascension of your planet have been dwindled-down into ideas of scary fictitious alien invaders, or considered as “fringe” ideas.

    It’s unfortunate indeed, as these beings are so very close with your world and have so very much to teach the collective of humanity in the way of advanced technology and understanding the mechanics of your Galaxy and Universe.

    There are numerous ascended civilizations right in your cosmic backyard; stationed right outside of your Earth and anxiously awaiting your understanding of them and your belief in the reality of their presence.

    These beings have so very much Love and compassion, wisdom and empathy to share with humanity, but their presence has been denied and ridiculed. We do not say this in a disconcerting or negative way, but this is simply the state of affairs on your world regarding your Galactic brethren.

    We speak of such things in part to help each of you shine your perceptive Light onto them, as we seek to help you understand the reality of the presence of your Galactic brethren, as well as their interest in your planet for so very long and their desire to help you evolve into purer states of consciousness.

    The Pleiadian High Council wish now to step to the forefront of this communication, and we will gratefully step aside to allow them to come forth and present themselves.

    The Pleiadians Speak

    With immense appreciation to the dear Ascended Masters, we are the Pleiadian High Council. We have been present during this communication, adding our own energies and bits of insight into what the dear Ascended Masters have given.

    We do indeed possess an enormous Love for your planet and for each of you absorbing this communication, and the fact that you’ve been able to break through the aforementioned instilled barriers and find a belief in the reality of our presence, is astounding indeed.

    The Earthly experience has kept many souls feeding into the barriers mentioned by the dear Ascended Maters, as you’ve grown up in conditioned societies and, in many cases, have had your ideas of reality fed to your collective through your mainstream media.

    When an awakened soul looks around your reality, they can see the many things that seem nearly designed to hold them back and keep them feeding spiritually-drained states of consciousness.

    We, the dear Ascended Masters and a plethora of other beings and collectives have focused so very much of ourselves on the evolution of humanity and on getting you to understand your evolution from behind the scenes, and we’ve utilized scribes and channels nearly endlessly to help inform you of your ascension into purer states of consciousness.

    Even plenty of awakening souls who perhaps believe in or could become open to the reality of our presence around your planet, still are not opened-up to the idea that we would choose to communicate with humanity.

    Attempts to Introduce Peace

    Some souls entrenched in mainstream ideologies and viewpoints on your world would assume us only to attempt to make official contacts with developed governments if we are truly real, not knowing that we’ve met with your governments and attempted to help bring-about world peace and prosperity on your world for all, numerous times.

    Numerous times they’ve declined, and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to assist you in your evolution by connecting with as many awakened Earthly souls who can find an open and steady connection to our energies and impressions, as possible.

    The manner in which we communicate with humanity is necessary for your advancement and growth as a species.

    We will indeed be on your world when the veils of suppression and secrecy surrounding our existence have been seen-through by all of humanity, but for the time being, we seek to assist you in your growth by helping you expand your channels, in the form of offering you our energies and impressions.

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    Of course, we don’t discourage absorbing channeled communications, but we and so many others wholeheartedly encourage discernment with everything one is given.

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    You’re the Citizens of the Free and Sovereign Earth

    Discernment is a wonderful thing indeed, and we speak of discernment in part to encourage breaking away from mainstream mindsets concerning so many areas of your society; to be discerning of them.

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    You’re all Lighted

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    We speak of those souls who’ve been referred to as the cabals; the Illuminati; there are various labels for these individuals. They’ve sought to feed the realms of fourth density-negative by manifesting widespread sacrifice and hardship, and have assumed themselves all-powerful and of a purer consciousness than the general populace of your Earth.

    They’re learning in very hard ways at present, that they’re no different from the rest of the souls on your world. You’re all Lighted beings at your core; even those who seem to have extinguished their Light in favor of working for a fallen angel who’s returned to the side of the Light.

    Luciferianism will be understood by your collective in the time ahead, as that belief system has ignited the cabals into doing the bulk of what they’ve done. We’ll forever encourage forgiveness of the cabals and of the cabal-heads when learning of everything they’ve done, as vengeful mindsets will only feed the lower states of consciousness we know you’re all so very ready to grow away from and transmute.

    We’ll turn this temple over to the dear Ascended Masters now, for the conclusion of this communication. We offer you each our Love in every moment, and we’ll be with you far after the issuing of this communication, as expressed above.

    Our Love is of a pure fifth-dimensional nature, and it’s here for you to actively pick-up on and express in any and every moment.

    The Ascended Masters Conclude

    We express the purest of gratitude to the dear Pleiadians, for their energies and the information they’ve given for this message.

    We trust that you can feel the pure energies beginning to descend down unto you now, and as you feel these energies, know that they’re being sent with an understanding of the difficulties that have blocked many awakening souls from finding blissful states of consciousness.

    We’re here for you as well, to offer solace and guidance in every moment. As we make our final impressions for this joint communication, we as well as the dear Pleiadians express that your perception of us and of the realms of full consciousness are only to grow more than they already have, from here on out.

    Feel the Love we’re offering you, now and in every moment, because we send it with clear intent and purpose. We send it with the intention of opening your minds, your hearts and all of your chakras; even those you have no idea you possess.

    You have at your use, so many links to the higher dimensions and to us. Recognize your ability to pick-up on our impressions and communicate with and exist in the higher dimensions, for you’re making your triumphant return to these realms after lifetimes spent in perceived Earthly solitude.” via: Ashtar Sheran Archangel ~ *Saturdays with Ashtar Avatar in JULY & Lord Ashtar Radio Worldwide* Sign-up Free~ Volunteer~ Local~Nationwide & Worldwide at: Or SPONSOR the LIGHT@ &

  • Anonymous

    As a wise man once said “It’s good to have an open mind, just not so open that your brains fall out”

  • mr. baldswyrthe

    so is this a distraction to discredit snowden’s info? (“wacky” ufo news! haha) or is there any truth to it? you have to admit that this story isn’t flashing across the headlines of major news sources.
    it’s also interesting to note how many truly are desperate for this to be real! let’s all take this info in, process it, breathe deeply, and then react. who knows what might come of this? it could be good…

  • Richard Prichard

    It’s not clear to me how the earth’s mantle would have any benefit to evolving intelligent life. The only life detected in the crust are microbes.

  • Liberal

    Want to know if this garbage is real? Your answers are here on this website. Start with the “about” section.
    This is a poorly put together troll site.
    Shit like this is why we can’t have nice things.

  • carlos

    Would Snowden give this “world shattering exclusive” to some random website or to a big non-american news agency like RT or something like that? That’s how real this is.

  • Mr Dude

    Bring on the alien invasion I will be less bored that way :)

  • 007

    No UFOs!! it is not true!! Snowden is a USA spy, his unique objective is Julian Assange, he will meet him and then kill him!

  • Anonymous

    Snowden makes a startling revelation.

    Today, master wanna-be spy, coward, and traitor, revealed the existence of reptilian aliens. Apparently, last February, while taking the shuttle train from Times Square to Grand Central Station, here was a power interruption. Passengers were forced to walk the rest of the way through the subway tunnel to Grand Central Station. This occurred in the very early hours of the morning and there were few passengers. Snowden, who was heading across town to hopefully replenish his dwindling supply of crack cocaine then came upon the reptilians. While exchanging some of his slut girlfriends pubic hair for the cocaine he was told of the reptilian plot to take over the world. Part of their plan involves using crack heads as heads of government (much like Obama).

    Film at 11 ,

  • Curious Roxas

    Snowden makes a startling revelation.

    Today, master wanna-be spy, coward, and traitor, revealed the existence of reptilian aliens. Apparently, last February, while taking the shuttle train from Times Square to Grand Central Station, here was a power interruption. Passengers were forced to walk the rest of the way through the subway tunnel to Grand Central Station. This occurred in the very early hours of the morning and there were few passengers. Snowden, who was heading across town to hopefully replenish his dwindling supply of crack cocaine then came upon the reptilians. While exchanging some of his slut girlfriends pubic hair for the cocaine he was told of the reptilian plot to take over the world. Part of their plan involves using crack heads as heads of government (much like Obama).

    Film at 11 ,

  • hydrothermal

    Hmmm, there are lots of credible sources speaking out about ET’s and UFO’s. What he is “revealing” is pretty common knowledge among those of us who have been researching the topic for a few years. He is saying that the government only knows a little bit about the phenomena of UFO’s, and that’s where it ends. Come on, we aren’t idiots. Either this is a fabricated story, or something weird is going on. Then again, all the things he told us the NSA is doing are common knowledge to anyone who can use google.

  • Chrissy O.

    I’m pretty open-minded, but I don’t think this is true because this wouldn’t so much be a US govt. secret. It would be a world secret. Where in the Earth’s mantle do these beings live? The earth does not just consist of the U.S.

  • Curious Roxas

    There are real things going on that should concern all of you. I suggest you all get a grip and remove yourselves from this preposterous conversation. You should note that this is a satirical site.

  • Gordon Bennett

    Having contacted the DOJ, I can confirm that the ‘stand your ground’ law is applicable to these ‘others.’

    I was informed that if you should suspect that your molecules are about to disassociate, due to some mind-weapon, then you are free to shoot it through the heart – if you can locate it.

  • dblhelixman

    First of all, these “wacky” ufos have been witnessed by, studied and corroborated by an innumerable amount of private and public scientists (the latter ranking at least as high as brigadier general). Secondly, psychologists have known for decades that using predictive programming labeled as science fiction is an effective tool to condition the masses to disbelieve truth consequently enabling the powers that be to operate in plain sight because anyone witnessing clandestine projects, etc., by people like you will be labeled mentally incompetent while you take a bar of soap and head to the showers to meet your demise after those in the know have tried in vain to protect you. This is not anti-semitic when uttered by someone of Ashkenazi descent. Third but not least had you done ANY research you might realize that more than 80% of the mass media is owned by 5 military industrial corporate megalopolies thus you are spoon fed what the military industrial complex wants you to believe. Therefore you will probably never see an alternative and perhaps real truth in these media let alone see it “splattered” across page 1 of so called respectable media. Do you remember that Connie Chung was fired because when asked how the news line up was decided she replied “That’s easy, we tell people what Washington tells us to” paraphrasing. So, I suggest you break ranks with the great ignorant yet opinionated masses and educate yourself. Oops, I forgot – obtaining knowledge curses all of mankind forever and we are to remain part of a worldwide ignorant mob instead of studying the atrocities of foisted upon us by the control mongers and joining hands with and supporting our human brothers and sisters who risk their lives to protect us and then label and shun them. If you knew what is really going on to control you an turn you into an obedient robotic slave you would probably burst a cerebral artery. It is no wonder we continue down the path of self obliteration as your opinions probobly reflect those of the great masses of sheeple who take the propoganda issued by the big 4 networks and affiliated print and electronic outlets as the gospel truth. All you have to do is research the incorporation of the U.S. into the U.S., inc., the establishment of the Federal Reserve and fiat currency and the BACK of an original U.S. birth certificate. Then research the terms “bond servant,” “fractional reserve banking,” read the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Authorization Act and as many Executive Orders written since Eisenhower, focusing on those by both Bushes, Reagan, Clinton and Obama. If after this your tune does not change then sadly you may well suffer the consequences of ignorance far beyond anything that any of us wants to imagine. You may also want to read our Constitution and Bill of Rights and ponder how the acts and orders mentioned above could even be pondered by our chief executives let alone become law. Yet our current president is billed as a Constitutional Law scholar. We now are subject to unwarranted search and seizure, detention without due process, denial of our privacy rights and a host of other things that are guaranteed us by virtue of citizenship. Continuuing to legitimize information because it is delivered by the military industrial oligarchy and refute information because it is not delivered by these sources is tantamount to trusting the fox as guardian of the hen house. I rest my case.

    • yvonne

      AMEN to Dblhelixman’s comment. Truth in a nutshell Wake up people

    • Defiant

      Ugh…that’s just TOO long a rant to read all the way through. Especially since (like most believers) you seem to confuse the concepts of correlation and evidence with the concept of proof. I’m actually a believer in ET life, and that they are visiting Earth. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll latch onto ANY bizarre tale of shared bases and some huge presence of creatures that (for a myriad lame reasons) just won’t reveal themselves. I mean, come on. We can be open minded without being suckers.

  • Curious Fellow

    What absolutely stupid and puerile horseshit this article (and the vast majority of this site) truly is.

  • Hi, I’ve been recently a lurker around your blog for some months. I enjoy this article along with your entire internet site! Looking forward to reading more!

  • Joe

    I’m sorry, but I have to call it as I see it. This article is a load of crock.
    This news is old…Very old. The U.S. have already gone into contract with some of the extraterrestrial species, and have designed new crafts for military use. The E.T’s have been given land by the U.S. government, for use as Bases for their own craft. Lots of People know the truth, So government isn’t fooling anyone except the ignorant and naive.

  • mankind

    I thought this site originally showed the author of this article was “Edward Snowden” himself, as it were contributed by him.. But the name looks like changed by now. Low level

  • hello

    i am from china

  • The Allies of Humanity have been monitoring the Alien presence in our World for over 20 years. They have given a Set of Briefings to the Human Civilization, To Warn, Prepare and Protect our Race, for this Intervention has taken place in their Worlds, they come not to interfere but to just give the information. It is free for all Citizens of Planet Earth.

    They have given a Declaration of Human Sovereignty to the Human family to protect us from the Alien Intervention. The Aliens are strong in the Mental Field, and are influencing Humanity at this time in our collective evolution. They have a pacification program on going at this time. The Aliens will have to leave if 10% of the population of Earth, can collectively demand they adhere to the Declaration of Human Sovereignty, which gives us all the power over our World and Solar System.

  • Interesting article. Of course we are not alone. If you learn spiritual things, you will see many astral things. God not only create human being.

  • Curious Roxas

    Hey yusuf,

    God also created morons. THIS IS A SPOOF WEBSITE. THIS ARTICLE IS FAKE.

  • Who pays you for publishing this disinformation?

  • I don’t think it is true

  • it’s true ,i think so.

  • I came here from a facebook link. Interesting but comical at the same time.

  • This is hilarious, I wonder if this is really true and they have the documents. I mean it would be pretty cool if it was true.

    • Papa bear

      Not really, cos it would take the existing social ladder and put everyone one step lower. What would have been cool is if they had documents about beings from other planets. Earthlings stopped being bizarre after I’ve seen the cuttlefish fish and that “mermaid” which could have been one of these things..

  • Benni Elohim Adonai

    Oh how the masses use their “free will” to perpetuate their naiveté. It is so sad to see a world full of so many “sheeple” who anchor themselves to this materialistic plane of existence. The only way to prove that Snowden lied is to let time tell. Why not believe it and wait to be proven wrong. There are trillions of microscopic life in and on your body, does it mean that it does not exist because you don’t see it? Have unprotected sex with someone who has HIV, since you do not believe in things you cannot see. For those that argue well you can see it with a microscope. There are mass sightings caught on camera by thousands, physical evidence such as skeletal remains, artwork thousands of years old with these beings and ships drawn in them. Its sad that all people believe in these days is the “almighty dollar.” Naiveté is not an excuse.

  • Anonymous

    onde estao este documentos e onde estao as provas materiais? descola ai um endereco, uma caixa postal ou me manda um telegrama pelo correio ou carta com um selo postal la do caribe com duas gatas do lado tomando tequila quase nuas num postal pra mim.

  • mohamed

    Étant musulman je crois en l’existence d’autres êtres créés par dieu disséminés dans tout l’univers comme le dit le saint coran expressément dans la sourate ECHOURA (le conseil) verset 29 “Et parmi ses signes la création des cieux et de la terre et la dissémination (dans les deux) d’espèces (qui se déplacent) et dieu est capable de les réunir (faire rencontrer) s’il le veut (29)”sic soulignant que nous aurions des rencontres avec eux selon la volonté divine, donc rien n’est impossible et dieu (Allah) est grand et omnipotent et l’univers regorge de ses créatures.

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  • Lavaluna Ocean

    The best advice we can give anyone is to read this ~

  • Timmy B

    There are intelligent beings that live in the earths’ mantle. They are not of extraterrestrial origin. So called “flying saucers” are actually flying submarines. These are humans that evolved under different circumstances than the rest of us… hence the gray appearance of the skin and the very large eyes. Don’t ask me how I know this, because you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. They are in possession of very advanced technology. They offer no threat if we leave them alone. Fuck with them and it’s a different story. Remember the Indian Ocean Tsunami? Ask the Indian Navy how that little foray into the mantle worked out for them.

  • Sure, this is credible! And maybe Bigfoot lives by the creek behind me too! Oh my! Please, sounds like typical Alex Jones babble.

  • 这是来自大洋彼岸的声音,说:好假!

  • Subterannean Eskimo

    The critters living in the mantle only feed once every thousand years. They allow humans to reach a population level ratio that is in sync with their own, so that there are enough human “snacks” for everyone. We are rapidly approaching that crisis point. We are thier food source. Humans who smoke weed however do not taste good to them, so typically they are the only ones left after a millennial “snacking” of these creatures.

  • billy burp bottom

    I just had a shit and am too lazy to get out of bed.oh my later will do.must go trs s!!!!!!

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous


  • плохой русский

    вы все мудаки

  • вова путин

    holy crap i can’t sleep anymore

  • Papa bear

    The mantle; according to my 4th grade science teacher, is molten lava( hard metals in liquid state) unless these “humans” include Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, etc. I can’t imagine having a swim through non transparent liquid metals doing much for brain storming… Sure maybe it’s all true but the chances of it being so are the same as there being Martians living in Mars’ mantle.

  • Лалита, Киев

    Это все правда, у меня есть фото .

  • DonutFestival

    well…that’s the transciption of the supposedly interview… can anyone show me the real video of the interview? SURE NOBODY CAN’T COZ DOESN’T EXIST

    We needt facts and solid evidence otheriwse is science fiction

  • kenorb

    Any source? No any documents were released anywhere, so it’s fake.

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  • Anna Nakki

    The only evidence I’ve seen linking Snowden with UFO claims was a sound clip about the Shock and Awe campaign that sounds like “those UFOs” when played backwards. (Didn’t Queen sing about it being fun to smoke marihuana if you played one of their songs backwards back in the 80s?) I have heard there are several highly regarded texts about sentient beings living in Middle Earth, however, so don’t lose heart. They were written by one of Britain’s top scholars, and you’ll find full backing to my claims if you search the internet. :-) Of course, it is a good idea to keep the popular meme being circulated in mind any time you see a story like this: “‘Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.’ – Abraham Lincoln”

  • 60young

    100% agree with Teresa about advanced civilization under our feet (which saved our planet at least twice – in 1908 and in 2013 – from deadly asteroids). Google the guy by the name Valeri Uvarov and ask yourselves, why is it illegal to go alone to ANY cave, even on your own property, and also, why we are not using free energy discovered by Nikola Tesla.

  • BULLSHIT where is ur source?….. rt? fff

  • Anonymous


  • wsquix58

    What a vague load of maybe’s this is. For heavens sake go to the Disclosure Project Website and watch the May 2001 Washington Press Club Disclosure Event rcording, or listen to former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Helier’s comments on the known existence of ET’s visiting earth, or listen the recorded, documented testimonies of hundreds of credentialed witnesses. Next, ponder your trusted Big Medias coverage of any real facts on this topic and “Give them the Finger(s)”. If all that fails, think for yourself. If your questions are: “Why don’t they contact our Governments? Or Are they hostile? then, you’ve really got some serious and deeper thinking to do. One final note: It matters not one iota what I believe, know, or may have witnessed. The only valid “evidence” that general public need consider is the cumulative evidence from many diverse, and trusted sources where information is corroborated by independent witnesses or findings. Pictures of lights in the sky, flying saucers etc. posted by whomever are just that for the most us. Without corroboration you have no way of knowing for sure if such photos, individual stories are true, false, semi-true or downright planted mis-information, and there is plenty of that, Cheers.

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  • Peter Jackson

    This bullshit is actually their interpretation of said phenomena? It’s not the only possibility. Not all natural phenomena are explicable yet, so who can rule anything out yet? Maybe they’re souls released from Purgatory for all you know. Why does everyone pick the same color from the spectrum over and over for a favored unproved pet theory?

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