Snowden unveils NSA Satellite SAURON Program targeting Citizens

Edward Snowden unveiled SAURON, a network of satellites capable of spying on the entire planet's surface and indefinitely retaining the images.

Edward Snowden unveiled SAURON, a network of satellites capable of spying on the entire planet’s surface and indefinitely retaining the images.

MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who recently unveiled the NSA’s ubiquitous PRISM wiretapping program, unveiled yet another insidious, citizen-targeting surveillance system Friday afternoon, in a chat with Internet Chronicle reporters.

SAURON, or the Semi-Autonomous Ultra-high-Resolution Orbital Network, is comprised of a series of hundreds of low-orbiting cameras that can make out objects on the ground as small as 1 centimeter in size.

There are so many satellites in this network that they are able to effectively monitor the entire planet’s populated surface without interruption. According to slides Snowden shared, taken from the NSA presentation on SAURON, each spy satellite feeds directly into a data bank so large that it is able to retain the captured imagery indefinitely.

SAURON is also a reference to a villain in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, an evil god of discord who appears in the material world as an ever-searching eye.

Snowden, looking as if he hadn’t slept in weeks, spoke with Internet Chronicle reporters in the transit corridor of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. In a near whisper Snowden said, “It is shocking that the U.S. government would appropriate such evil imagery for a so-called security system like this. There is little doubt that this program – I won’t utter the name here – is not concerned with the security of citizens, but rather, it is a bald grab at power for power’s sake.”

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  • scout

    Well, how can we jam them?

  • petrit demo

    U.S government hase implantet me weth mutiply implans ears, ayse, neck ,heart, liver,loung and thro all the the body arms and legs patialy list you can find to implant – i am albanian citisen and i went there for a better life i am still torured near death in dauly bases till this moment from 2001 keaping me disablet for all these years throo horrible mind and body torture .

  • Chainsaw

    I guess we all have to wear sun hats with flat-screen monitors on them facing up. Then, a flash mob could look like a flock of butterflies, or empty sidewalk.

    BTW, does Prism really store all that b3n1s extender spam forever? Now THAT is a waste of government money.

  • Es cierto que nos espían, acosan, torturan, se burlan de nosotros, eso hoy dia te lo puede hacer hasta el vecino de arriba, de abajo y el de enfrente, venden aparatos y muchos artilugios para poderte espiar en cualquier tienda del espia. Cuanto más fácil será que lo haga la NASA o cualquier base científica más cualificada para ello.

  • These satellites and the data they collect are monitored by people. These people go home every night to their families, just like every other minion of this illegitimate, tyrannical government. And that is where you can find them, and deal with the problem – right where they live.

  • CS

    Boy ya think this is what all the Targeted Individuals, who are currently being tortured in America, have been saying our government has been doing to them for years? Gee maybe there is something to this Organized Harassment.

  • Oh I bet it is true, has to be…

  • Wow, I thought it was really true..

  • Sauron

    Please disregard this article… it isn’t true, I haven’t tried to take over Middle Earth for ages!

  • Recce

    I am in the Special Forces and i can very well believe this guy.

  • I believe Malaysia BN Government using satellite technology to manipulate its own citizens mind. I am a victim for 35 years.

  • NSA Man

    Hey, you jackwagons — I’m watching you!

  • tay

    to tyler GOD told man to go forth and multiply, you have to have more christians than sinners otherwise we will end up where we are at this moment

  • CAMERAS ARE ALSO INSIDE – homes, offices, motels. Targeted victims are implanted with oral and monitoring devices, while incapacitated. Once in the home, medications switched, keys copies, combinations written down. Computers are hacked / networked – yes, even the library – there is no getting around those at the core of the massive takeover that began DECADES ago. Every move, every word is being monitored. Reports of chemicals being used to keep the public oblivious, as one of the “leaders” laughs that no one can see what is taking place right under their noses. He carries on that “no one will ever figure it out” – trail of deaths follow this man – City officials prohibit all reports and evidence when linked to the takeover. Stocks are being sold with paperwork scanned /altered – beneficiaries remain oblivious. Jewelry being switched; antiques, heirlooms, etc. Title companies knowingly recording forged and fraudulent legal documents for illegal takeover – even preparing fraudulent loan documents to make it appear legitimate. Properties turned over to those who participate in the atrocities against the public – as the takeover continues.

  • anonomous FROM AFRICA

    Come on people be brave !!!IF you can stomach it, listen to the preaches 0f
    Pastor James P. Wickstrom and VERY important his talks with Rabi Abe Finkelstein
    of NY.HEAR THE TRUTH FOR THE FIRST TIME WHICH WAS NEVER TOLD IN THE FIRST PLACE.I don’t think you have the guts but for those who have and will go on U Tube
    to listen TRY TO START THINKING FOR YOURSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Monroe

    End of the world in less than 100 years

    The end is near for all or most of us unless major changes within society and mankind are realised. Today is 6th July 2013. Me, I’m really a nobody in the whole scheme of things, and I am in no way some sort of fruit loop, currently I run a small business, I am a single dad most of the time, when I say that, I have my youngest Liam a week on/week off, my other son Caleb (eldest boy) most of the time, and my daughter, who is the oldest child. Amber is almost 18, so she spends her time with each parent as she likes and mainly 50/50. I/we live a ok existence of earth and I have a great bunch of friends and they will be able to tell everyone what sort of person I am if I decide to reveal who I am….and yes, this above is to also clarify that the above is true as at the date specifies.

    Btw I am writing this from start to finish whilst drinking coffee as everything about where we are, what’s happening in the world, and where are we going to end up is all within these readings, how I know all this I don’t understand myself, as I said above I am just a single dad raising my kids the majority of the time and running a small business to try to lead as best a life we can until something in me was unlocked and now I find my coming up with all sorts of stuff in my head that makes so much sense, it’s like I can somehow join lots of dots into mankind, where we are, what’s going on and how the fuck do we CHANGE to get our species back on track.

    So, what did I mean from the above first statement “The end is near for all or most of us unless major changes within society and mankind are realised”

    Up until about 4 months ago I had “forgotten the world”, falling into the traps that mankind had laid down for ourselves, or if you like the “1%’ers” against the balance of 99%. (1% being the Illuminate), but this is NOT about conspiracy theories, although I have come to understand that a lot of that is correct….and hopefully in here you will find out why it is correct.

    They say 2 things are guaranteed in life…that is death and taxes, well….I’m gonna tell ya that there are 2 things in life as we are now that are GUARANTEED….and that death is probably the outcome of my 2 guarantees unless we change (which is explained later).

    My 2 are De-populization or EXTINCTION……

    Again I must state, that I do not know where my thinking is coming from, but a certain few people I know I have told them that my thinking is telling me that it is now urgent…urgent urgent urgent.

    The meaning of life is called “sustainable motion”, to ask the very question of the meaning of life, every human at some stage asks this question to themselves….why? Is it inbuilt into us for a reason? Yes it is and as the generations pass we still don’t know what it means…..Well, the meaning of life as I stated is really sustainable motion….without it, we either don’t exist, or won’t exist…it has to be sustainable, hence this writing and how we can change so that “OUR SPECIES” has sustainable motion.

    This is the “KEY”, I don’t know if anyone has ever documented or has anything similar to what I’m gonna say in here or not cause this is weird to suddenly have this urgency to tell the world something and to think that even what I say is correct or believable, but again I am feeling a urgency and compelled to say all this.

    Everything in nature is/was supposed to work in harmony, giving the earth a “centre point”. Our species (humans) unknowingly has disturbed that nature of balance…due to the unbalancing I’m talking about and that we have/are now perpetuating the problem with industry and inventions etc etc.

    The unbalancing that occurred unknowingly is that we (humans) should never have broken the “perpetual motion” of life, without it……we cannot exist forever. Some people talk about living forever or internal life…they are “in a way” correct, but not each person……it’s our species that can have “living forever” or “internal life”, not as individuals. These next few words are go against maybe what everyone has thought, yet it is already in place in China. OK..ok…for our species to survive any length of time, as humans we have to “not” leave a footprint on this earth, we can only duplicate ourselves by one, this gives us sustainability as a species…without it, we will be extinct…or as I fear, which is why the urgency, is population control/De-populization. Hence why the US is currently finalising a few more laws etc etc. So when it starts, they have worldwide control of all communication, especially if they do depopulate the world, they need to know everything that’s being said or done…and they are not alone, a lot of countries know and are working with them, the US is only the figure head, they are just playing their part in the cover up. How they gonna do this is through food supply, this is where Monsanto steps in with the GMO food. Everyone can go look at them so I won’t bother going into the lengthy info on this company.

    They understand that we as a species cannot continue down this path and something major has to be done. In the last 103 years we have gone from 1.75 Billion people to now 7.122 Billion, just so you know, here is a copy and paste, from another word doc I did.

    “I want to look back at how many people there must have been on earth 100’s of years ago. Using our growth rate over the last 120 odd years, as this gives a basis of fact.
    Ok so from 1950 – 1990 going by the first paragraph gone from 2.5 billion in the world to 5 billion, one site up above had the population from various sources at 1.75.
    1910 – 1950 1.75 billion to 2.5 billion ^ approx 42% (backwards -30% 2.5 to 1.75)
    1950 – 1990 2.50 billion to 5.0 billion ^ 100% increase (backwards -50% 5.0 to 2.5)
    1990 – 2013 5.00 billion to 7.1 billion >>>>>>>40 years comparison
    In 23 years of the next 40 year cycle above and we are at 7.122 to be close (13/06/2013)
    5.00 billion to 7.10 billion is a 2.1 billion increase (divide 23 years and x it by 40 = 8.65 at 2030
    (records show a estimated 8.2 billion ppl)
    Anyway, in the 40 year period 1990 – 2030 (estimate)
    1990 – 2030 5.00 billion to 8.2 billion (lower # used) ^ 60% increase (backwards -37% 8.2 to 5.0)
    If you cannot understand what I am saying, then please read on! Our planet is already overpopulated, yet each year our world population grows and grows and grows, as an organism or species…we are a BIG virus, what happens when a virus grips something? It kills it…..that is what is going to happen to mankind, we have done above in 100 years…so where are we in another 100 years (I believe unless we change, GONE)
    Anyway, going by above, in 100 years going by the only true method I can, which is work on “known data” is the population growth, so by 2113, the earth would have an estimated 27 billion. There is going to be a point in time between now and then that’s going to stop us reaching 2113 unless something is done, as a species we are out of control. So, here are our options:
    1. The Governments answer I believe – population control/de-populization (within 10 years and maybe as little as 2)
    2. Earth’s answer I believe – somehow earths orbit interrupted (earthquake splitting the earth and increasing circumference of the earth slightly, but enough to make it slightly “off round” knocking it off orbit or disturbing gravity, but however it is, it will happen.
    3. My answer – Sustainable motion: one reproduction per adult, therefore a family can have 2 kids.
    This 3rd answer IS THE KEY to the success or failure of the human race, if 100 years ago this was some form or worldwide “sustainable motion” law. Then think about it…..the population would have stayed around 1.75 to 2.25 billion mark, we more than likely would not have the technology we have so would know, no difference or we may have that stuff, however our forests would be in good shape and this planet would be “balanced”. At some point I mentioned before that the balancing point was tipped over the edge, and I believe that point occurred between 1940 – 1960, why this time frame? Because during the second “40 years period” being 1950 – 1990 we see the greatest increase in population, we also see this point in time as a crossover between wars which increased the need of security, which lead to the vast growth in technology and the world being more accessible which then made our species multiple out of control, and because the dates I gave my head is saying to put down. I also believe this is why we have what we call the Illuminati, part of the bilderberg group meetings etc etc, this is why over the last 60 years the US has been on this mission along with the other 1%er’s to grab and commercialise anything and everything to take control….take control of the 99% of the population. I know what I am saying sounds unrealistic but when you look at what I have just said, you will also find yourself asking the same question.
    As a species, as a human race, we need to make changes so we can have a sustainable population. This is where Governments need to listen……They need to understand that we cannot continue living and increasing the way we are, we all have to understand that by controlling the amount of “humans” on the earth gives us a basis as to what becomes sustainable giving a set number or “between a set number”. As we are at the moment, we are out of hand and out of control, this year we will see a positive surplus of our species, this number is over 60 million, so the world is growing rapidly, to put this in perspective, if there is 400 million in the USA, then our species growth will reach this number in 6.5 years, to keep up with the growth we are currently chopping 18 million acres of forests down every year…this number also grows each year….why?….because the population grows, this goes for everything, Plastic factories, aluminium refineries, mining, draining the inside of the earth of its OIL (which I believe helps lubricate plates within the under structure within our planet…..our marine life, many different species of fish and whales are on the verge of extinction…this is what we are doing and whilst doing this we are multiplying the more there are, the more we need, the more we need the more we need the more we need. Because our species grows so much, it needs more…and it’s that last part that makes us a virus… a world that had other organisms (all other life forms), there was always going to be one that was rotten (what’s that saying? You only need 1 bad apple for the rest to go rotten), well we are “it”. We are that virus and like all viruses they kill everything until it dies itself, they saying we are like cancer….it is so correct. We can correct this but it has to be Sustainable motion, every adult allowed 1 child, this will control our species. This also gives us a basis to gauge “its” needs, with anything damaging the eco system, NOT Permitted.
    We see for most things to operate we have to have a Positive and a Negative, and for our species to survive we too have to have a positive and a negative. Our current system is positive human growth = global industry growth = destruction or for mankind, extinction. We will continue to grow as a organism spreading and expanding chewing up and destroying the very things we need to maintain life itself for short term gain, but it wasn’t you, it was done by the Illuminati, the 1%’ers, I’m not sure if they knew the outcome of what they were embarking on was going to up end doing, but we are faced with the most powerful choices mankind has ever faced, this is what will be “pinned” to the top of history if we get this right as stated above. Anyway, our positive is sustainable motion (or eternal life for our species); the negative is we have the biggest freedom choice dictated to us by nature, the rule of 1 Child per person).
    I know this 1 child per person is going to raise issues, I know that parents split, however the rule stands firm, if your new partner hasn’t had “his/her” one child, then they are entitled to it and yes, you can have that child with that person. We already know that it isn’t advisable to have a baby after 40 years of age, however if a child of yours has died, then you would be able to have another as your “footprint” was removed and has a right to be replaced.

    You may also not have realised it yet, but this also solves so many other problems, currently because of our growth rate, we have to produce more goods, not 1 plastics factory, we need 100, not 1000 acres being chopped down a year, but 18 million, see we have an unknown need to consume, unknown because its only ever increasing so we are just trying to keep producing to keep up…chit we even force hormones into our live stock so it grows in 6 weeks not months, why…..yes because of money (for the greedy), but sadly because if they didn’t, there would be a truly global food crisis. So we have chicks to chickens to freezer in 6 weeks almost. Other food, again cause of money, but also because of food supply problems, they throw in a cocktail of fancy name with numbers to help keep the food 2…3….5 times longer than it could naturally, that’s so over that time period it would have got used, imagine if it didn’t last as long as it currently does with the population growing….there’s no way we could keep up, unless even more factories were made to create even more chit into the eco system. Anyway, as I starting saying, having a controlled number of people on the earth gives us a constant, which from that we can cater for long term for everything.
    A honest, but reluctant way to look at ourselves, our friends, our co-workers is to look at whats in society, factories upon factories upon manufacturing plants upon smelters upon refineries all creating chit into the atmosphere to cater for us, fast food global giants (most US founded). So we have become fast paced lazy polluters, and all of this you can see as we stare at the younger generations.
    Once as a society we can grasp, then implement sustainable “human” motion, can we then start to prepare for some rocky times, I haven’t yet looked at the species age range to work out from this new rule how many of the world fall into what category, so to work out how to start to get the global population to decline, I am going to see if I can work out any time frames on this, but hoping it doesn’t come down to having no births over certain years and staggering it over the next 60 years.
    This monetary system has shown to be unstable, corrupt and change mankind for the worse. There doesn’t need to be a money system, everybody still works, everybody is given a house when married or “classed” as married. But only ever a 3 Bedroom house as you are entitled to 2 kids only. Solar or perpetual motion cars, all kids are educated for the future (real education)….including our latest history about mankind saving itself from extinction and held Governments accountable…..Some laws were kept, but the laws were Global and reflected mankind’s motto of Sustainable Human motion
    Governments won’t exist, instead I believe I voting of a panel of 12, not 1, no need for MP’s or any other form of Government, the Panel of 12 are voted in each year, they are chosen from a list of Notable people within each country etc etc, there may be 30 or 40 people on the list. 12 of those will be elected and they are the voice for Australia, for Australians (same as in other countries). Voting each year allows the people to change any person on a regular basis without much damage being done. And everyone on the panel will automatically go back on the list, so they can be re-chosen as many years running as the people see fit.
    Every Country has selected roles within our world, we trade goods for goods, our people make the goods, in return everyone is given all they need, of course, to get what you need, you have to put in the effort…
    If other countries want to keep the “money” system, they can, then we make whatever they want too and sell it to them and buy what we need from other countries with our new found sale.
    With the population down to where it should be and the human race “us” running by Sustainable motion we will see the need for less stuff to need and with less people in the world to cater too, this new way allows us to save our species from extinction, bring it down to sustainable numbers without doing any harm, but naturally.

    • OpiumCornucopia

      That was one mind-blowing post.Awesome!

    • anon

      definitely made me see things from a different perspective…never thought about it like this.
      makes so much sense, us being a virus…makes me laugh really. we blame so much else, when we’re the root to our problems.
      haha thank you for sharing this Tyler.

    • Robert

      Wow and i started to think i was the only one that thought this way, i have been thinking exactly what you posted. However there is one small thing i would add to what has already been said and that is the population of non carers of the planet needs to be decreased. I personally would be happy to forgo having all the luxuries to save the planet. The ones i think there needs to be ALOT less of are people that have no respect for life, no respect for nature and in essence no respect even for themselves. Personally i can certainly do without all the trees being chopped down and all the oil and gas ripped outta mother earth, there is absolutely NO REASON for oil or gas at all. Power can be gotten from the sun and plain water can be used to produce any fuel that may be needed, hemp can be used for clothing, oils, ropes and building materials, so as you see there is no need to continue killing are planet. The only ones that continue to do so are the ones that don’t care and should be stopped, not the ones that are willing to go on without killing the planet. There isn’t many people out there that wouldn’t be able to look after themselves without the need for oil rigs and so called natural gas pipelines since the same thing can be done with water, hemp and the sun. Thanks for you time. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Oliver Hardy

    I’ve had just about enough of this blowhard Patricia woman … people like her are the reason why people wake up in the morning and decided to go postal on their spouses … the ongoing, incessant, bantering with smug, pretentious and disrespectful remarks were ridiculous and childish at best. Some of her remarks were uneducated and emotionally driven I might add which are usually the factors that cause a woman to lose credibility in any negotiation … she should have just acknowledged the fact that people disagree with her smart ass, uninformed opinions and just walked away with some dignity but she apparently was never taught when to shut the hell up … she further disgraces herself by writing out a lengthy essay on how she doesn’t care if they see her on facebook talking about her doggy or wishing someone a Happy Barmitzvah which only a pretentious idiot that loves to hear their own frigging head vibrate would feel a necessity to explain. I found her opinions worthless and her demeanor loathsome and nasty.

    • Patricia Houghtalen

      Really got you thinking Oliver. I still say you are not in the end times. You are just in the changing times. Of course people don’t like to be spied on or monitored. That does not make it go away. It will not go away. Contrary to my opinions being uneducated that is not the problem you have with me. It is just that my opinions do not agree with yours and a few others but that is fine, that is what makes us free thinkers. Would you feel better if everyone came back on and said Oliver you so right? Lets keep watching and see what else comes out of Venezuela with Mr. Snowden.

  • anonymous

    Patrica, u jumped in being condescending, ridiculing and name calling. there are appropriate ways to conduct discussions and stimulate thoughts. Go back to sleep.

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