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Supermarkets collect metadata with discount cards, says Snowden

Snowden has proved the insidious discount card programs at Supermarkets track your every move.
Snowden has proved the insidious discount card programs at Supermarkets track your every move.

MOSCOW, Russia – New leaks by Edward Snowden, the whistleblower responsible for unveiling NSA surveillance programs, show that all “discount cards” offered by supermarkets are in fact used as part of a ubiquitous data collection and surveillance program.

“Every time you swipe that card to save a few measly cents,” said Snowden, via collect call, “they collect information on everything you purchase. They know what you eat and drink, and they know how you pay for it.”

Supermarkets fired back at Snowden, claiming that the data isn’t identified with individuals unless it poses a clear and present danger.

But Snowden provided evidence to The Internet Chronicle showing that that was clearly not the case. In documents obtained during his tenure as elite hacker for the NSA, Snowden uncovered a program to profile every individual, including images taken from supermarket video surveillance, which has been in place for decades.

“They watch you pick up every item and can compare it with metadata,” warned Snowden. “Everyone has a file, and I wouldn’t be surprised if shoplifters were prosecuted 10, 20 years down the line when it’s possible to analyze this data in more detail.”

9 replies on “Supermarkets collect metadata with discount cards, says Snowden”

lol for the article
Everybody knows that there is worst than that : e-merchants who store your card sensitive data etc…and that is why e-commerce fraud is increasing with the years!
Only the fact that I leave my email to write this comment enable people to know more about me, and to track me in my daily life. CQFD, as french people say…

God Bless, protect and prosper Edward Snowden, a Patriot! We all struggle along doing the best we see to do at that time and then work with the results! At least this Young Man did something! How many others were in a greater capacity to do more and did nothing! God bless, protect and prosper this Young Man! God Bless Snowden! We don’t walk in his shoes… I cannot imagine the burden of all of our Citizens, troops, Civil Servants, etc. who find themselves in his dilemma! We, regardless of our positions, are Citizens first and our First obligation always is to our Country! To guard and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic! It is pathetic and tragic that our main enemy, islaam is now among us! How stupid and careless can we be!

Mostly I shop at Publix, and Publix doesn’t have a “loyalty” program. Many other stores do. I figure that if these stores really want to know if I eat white bread or wheat bread, hey, let them waste my money. But let Snowden live his own life the way he pleases. As far as I’m concerned, he should be a free man. (So shoot me. You probably will anyway.)

read the ufo leak page. could not make up my mind. followed the link to this page and im glad i did. so…..ROF, my kind of satire. thanks…L

This is no secret- just go to the BBC website and enter “Loyalty card” or “Loyalty program” into their site search and you will find numerous articles how those cards have been abused- but don’t expect to see anything in Mainstream US media. Oh, you may see a report here and there about some people racking up their points by allowing their loyalty cards to be used by others who do not have one, but that is the only “negative” you will hear within the US by US media.

If you wnat to know some of the techniques of how RFID tags and loyalty cards can be used and abused check out

We happen to live in a period of time when just about anything is possible- you could not make things up fast enough for them to remain concepts of fiction for very long- except maybe freedom.

I knew that was going … He is disclosing so much info … Ya know the guy has to know a lot more and is probably saving some really bad stuf in case his life becomes threatened which I am sure it already has ..
If anything happens to him we know its all true .. I think he is a hero .. Why would he risk his life to this extreme for lies ?

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