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Litecoin Market Explodes due to single article

These Litecoins are exploding in value.

INTERNET — A single Litecoin article covering increased Litecoin trading sparked a crazed rush on the Litecoin market. Bitcoins take days to transfer and will eventually become too taxing for affordable computer systems. Litecoins, on the other hand, will only become faster as time goes on. Litecoins . . .

NeoReactionary “Anarchist” Psyop targets Police

Tranquilizing dart turrets will be placed in all public places, protecting everyone from a sudden shooting.

INTERNET — Hacker Group Anonymous unveiled that NeoReactionarian Oligarchists in possession of an HBGary “Metal Gear” Persona Management propaganda system on Twitter are steadily brainwashing “Anarchists” into opposing police. The NeoReactionarians are a collection of billionaires with . . .

In Wake of Devastating DDoS Attack, Chronicle Staff Finds Solace in Works of Internet Anthropologists

Hacker collective Anonymous takes credit for decimating the Internet Chronicles servers or something.

INTERNET — The Internet Chronicle was under siege Sunday evening, as packets flooded in from across the globe, shutting down the site temporarily. This tactic is widely known and used by Anonymous, a loose-knit offshoot of Anonymous hacker group known as . . .

Internet Radio Host “addicted” to testosterone supplements

This image, created by Anons Against YourAnonNews, shows Vince this summer (Left) and just a few days ago (Right).

INTERNET — Fans of the hacker ensemble Anonymous have long found a home at Vince in The Bay, an internet talk radio show where anything goes except on-air doxings and swattings (malicious tactics used . . .

Litecoin trading increases in both volume and value along with the Bitcoin

Litecoin shows promise behind sudden Bitcoin inflation. . . .

Sinister Facebook Competitor Challenges “One” Universe Theory

New “One Ring” Operating System terrifies audiences

The One Ring Headquarters (Internet)

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

INTERNET — Do you hear the sound of your mind being submerged in its unconscious? The psychic pulsing . . .

LinkedIn to merge with

“Destroying your own life has never been easier,” said Nottaway. “With the power of LinkedIn, users will soon be able to share their favorite surreptitious jailbait photographs with people they know in real life, at unprecedented profits to us.” . . .


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Gar the Skraelinger

Viking culture was often adopted by an ascendant ruling warrior class in Viking conquered territories such as Ireland. More often, inhabitants were sold into slavery in the Muslim world.

There is an ancient Icelandic Saga, long considered a work of fiction but now backed up by some archaeology, about a young boy abducted . . .

Legitimate Hurricane Event falls flat in Media

Hurricane Pseudoevent in fact a real event.

INTERNET — The world’s largest ever recorded Hurricane smashed into Indonesia on Friday, killing millions of inhabitants and washing entire islands into the sea. What little is left of the area received less than half the attention of last year’s Hurricane Sandy, which struck New York . . .