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Jesus resurrected for Nazi Zombies 2

As it was foretold in the final book of Daniel, Jesus Christ has once again arisen to appear in Treyarch’s Nazi Zombies!

Zombie Jesus
Zombie Jesus

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has returned from the dead, making a cameo appearance in the Nazi Zombies update.

The Second Coming, sponsored by Sony and Red Bull, will feature strobe lights and the surviving members of Lynyrd Skynyrd attempting to cover songs off Slayer’s hit album Christ Illusion. Some analysts expect “mediocre” renditions of Supremist, “at best.”

Long-time fans of the Nazi Zombies mini-game featured in Call of Duty: World at War “can’t wait to shoot Jesus.”

Said little Jimmy Tinsley, “I’m gonna bury that cock-a-roach!” in a Cuban accent.

Videogame experts say Nazi Zombies is “the only feature that makes the game worth buying,” because “the actual game sucks.” Videogame experts are not paid for their work, however, and their opinions are invalid – since no one cares about what oily people living under their parents’ bedroom think.

It’s been a long-standing rumor that Jesus Saves, and XBOX and PlayStation 3 owners will be pleased to discover that killing Jesus will unlock a very useful achievement trophy: the ability to state-save Nazi Zombies – an ability that won’t actually affect the random-item box, but saves asses nonetheless.

Theologian Hunter T. Stockton said putting Jesus in a videogame, in which he resurrects, “The Second Coming,” only to stuff a shotgun in his mouth is horrifying to Christians and likely to result in petitions, protests and possible banning of all Treyarch games worldwide.

Treyarch, who are dedicated to making shitty, broken versions of once-great titles such as Call of Duty 4, said Christians could “stuff it” and ignorantly suggested they “go back to Christania.” What Treyarch’s spokesperson failed to realize is that Christians actually originate from a land of fantastic superstition known as Christland – where all prayers are answered within 24-48 hours, regardless of their effect on the natural progression of life as we know it.

Fans can find Jesus down their sights starting Monday, August 10th, 2009.

29 replies on “Jesus resurrected for Nazi Zombies 2”

Sounds like a great game can you become jeebus and shoot lightning bolts at the living or will you become 500ft tall and smite the peons with a magnifying glass like we all did at one point or just party drinking wine and eating fish with bread while walking on water?

Hell yea. Now I get why there is a so-called “second-coming”. His second-coming is in this game. The hype on this alone will sky-rocket his fame. You know he used to be famous from that book- you know ummmm, oh yea- the Bible. The kids who actually weren’t forced into a religion will now have a new-found opinion of what they had recently thought of Christ. Personally I believe being able to pop a few rounds into jesus would be fucking hilarous

Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas, and oil, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off. We apologize for any inconvenience

fuckin hot game if u ask me … my cock gets rock hard just thinkin about popping some rounds into faggot christ. i’m gonna have my own second cuming just thinking about what i’m gonna do to that so-called son of god! everyone knows he’s really nothing more than the bastard son of the whore of nazareth … what was her name? oh, yeah, mary! lol it’s gonna be fucking hot to see the faggot squirm when he’s in my crosshairs!

He already has: your comments. If God created Hell, then he must have created it just for me, and that means me and Satan should get along okay. Now, I hope it really exists or else I’m going to be sorely disappointed. Still, you have to wonder why, if God created Satan, he hasn’t destroyed him yet. Maybe Satan is better, and hell is the place to be, and the true work of the devil is tricking everybody into going to Heaven, where boundless torture awaits?

God created hell for satan and his followers…take time to look that up…..hey you can google it!…You’re ignorant of Gods plans….and YOUR god…satan…he’s tricking you isn’t he??…the bible says Jesus sits on His throne and laughs, because he sees satan’s time coming…hope you have a blast at that time!![img][/img][img][/img]

To Eric…You’re just the kind of person that satan has a hold on…you say things you will regret, one way or another. Things are gonna start being weird in your life because I’m putting you on a prayer line…:-D …….There’s nothing you or satan can do about that!…and the filth that comes from your mouth you seem to think it’s ‘shocking’…everyone, including myself, has heard it all before, and the worse you try to make it sound, the more ignorant YOU sound….lol…give it a break![img][/img]

To Eric
P.S… least you believe Jesus exists…you can’t call yourself an atheist…you talk about him in the present tense…and know this all of you…I’m not a shaking in my shoes scared Christian who won’t fire back at you…I don’t believe in a watered down message of Christ going on these days…You either receive AND make Him your Lord and do His Will or sit in a lukewarm church and He will spew you out of His mouth…just like you spew filth out of yours…:-D[img][/img]

And I have one question….why can’t we post a picture on here by our name so we can see what each other looks like who are making these comments??…You let Frank Mason post his…right at the top of this page!!!!…talk about unfair!!!!

Thanks Kilgoar…you’re very sweet for a cowardly anonymouse …sorry, anonymous…mous…not mouse!…start again, for a cowardly anonyMOUS dude hiding in the dark!….where satan dwells!

Kilgoar lied!….I’ll post my own pic…yep a 5’8″ older lady will take you all on spiritually….Ya’ll need a little spiritual light in here….praying for you Kilgoar….:-D….Jesus loves you! and so do I….♥♥♥[img][/img]

hey ramona post your contact information so we can chat about jesus, i’m very interested all of the sudden

be very careful here kt. don’t you known, Satan can assume the form of a seductive temptress. this could be a trap.

Oh my my my Cho Cho… that your best ignorant words you could find…..Hey, listen!!!….Ut Oh….your woman found you!!!!…..Here’s some of my delusional words, “I’m putting you on a prayer line!…and there’s no where for you to scurry to….oh, ps…JESUS loves you!!!… for me, I’m having a hard time doing that right now…:-D[img][/img]

Praying for all of you all on prayer chains all over the net…..have a great day…with the Grace of God you will all end up like this when you see your gods won’t and can’t help you…Peace out!!…Later.[img][/img]

This is why I do what I do….try to get people to see the truth…this will probably be deleted but follow the link and watch the Truth…[img][/img]

Father, forgive them, they know not what they do……….

Praying the light of Jesus Christ shines into all of your lives if you think this game is cool and are OK with it.

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