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Soulja Boy Reveals Illuminati Association

YPSILANTI, MI–Early Wednsday Morning, Soulja Boy announced his affiliation with the Illuminati while at a party with Lil Tunechi, Sabu, Nicki Minaj, Topiary, Barrett Brown, and many others. The new album “Souljanati” will explore his Masonic rites and explain the reason why Michael Jackson had to be removed from the fold.

Lil Tunechi and . . .

Gangnam Style Touches Every Part Of Our Lives

Of human existence, Gangnam Style leaves nothing untouched. . . .

The Evil Hierarchy of Reddit Moderators

Reddit Moderator

Increasingly, all people are being turned into objects. This is more than a gender issue. This is the death of the Subject. Nobody has truly come to grips with the horrible alienation of Social Media. On r/creepshots, people have entered a sick feedback loop that . . .

Curiosity Rover finds Fossil evidence of life on Mars

Here on Earth, the hole in the ozone layer is “bleaching” coral reefs, killing them in a process that turns them white.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Tuesday, scientists at NASA were shocked by images of a Cnidarian fossil beamed from Mars. The Curiosity rover, which has been surveying an ancient riverbed, unearthed a . . .

Is David Icke a Reptilian? Yes, he is a Reptilian

Look at his cold eyes, drained of all empathy.

Firstly, I would like to admit that I am a true believer in David Icke’s reptilian theory. However, as time has passed, I’ve realized that Icke’s increasingly influenced by the very reptilians he believes he is fighting.

David Icke’s visual frequency is not attenuated . . .

#SockPuppet Apocryphon

Netizens have long wondered about the secrets of Metal Gear, and the Beleaguered and Imprisoned Leadership of Project PM have decided it is time to reveal the secret Barrett Brown has hidden for so long. As sacred leader of the secretive and mystical Project PM, I have created a holy Sockpuppet Apocryphon that JUST MIGHT . . .

“Serious Discourse on the Internet”

[View the story “Serious Discourse on the Internet” on Storify]

New Elf Wax album Shelf Hax IS that KaosCoreChillKnaveShoeNice-Step.

We are The Number 1 KaosCoreChillKnaveShoeNice-Step google youtube result.