Chronicle publisher puts gun to head demanding ‘freedom of death.’ What happens next will leave you howling!

BOSTON – Police responded to a grisly crime scene at the home of paranoid, isolated Lebal Drocer founding executive Raleigh Theodore Sakers, Internet Chronicle learned early Wednesday morning. This comes after Chronicle learned of a dangerous plot designed by Sakers to drive away readership in a grotesque act of self-sabotage. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange “leaked” […]

Seasonal Flu Tips From Doctor Angstrom H. Troubedaur

Sup fellow dudes? Have you noticed a slimy feeling in your chest? Does it feel like you got herpes on your lungs? Yeah, that’s you gettin’ sick, bro. It’s probably time to lay down the bong for a minute and just chill out on some acid instead, or something that doesn’t bother your lungs, like […]

New Miracle breakthrough drug containing dead baby flesh “adds years” to your sex life

Seoul – South Korean smugglers caught trafficking millions of pills containing human flesh charged with copyright violations of Lebal Drocer product.