Police Collecting License Plate Data in Parking Lots; Photo Confirms

KENOSHA, Wisconsin — It has come to my attention from a dear twitter follower and fellow presidential hatemail author, @HerObama, that local police are not only utilizing visible light communications to transmit rays that not only sedate it’s victims, but collects data on their license plates. I had my skepticism, obviously, being a level-headed veteran journalist […]

GOP Shills for Farm-Subsidy Welfare Queens, via @TimAlberta

WASHINGTON –  Tim Alberta reports for National Journal that the “Republican Study Committee [RSC]—a group of 172 conservative House members—has barred Heritage Foundation employees from attending its weekly meeting in the Capitol.” Heritage, a fiscally conservative Washington think-tank, has traditionally been involved in the closed-door meetings but no longer. Through the summer, Heritage insisted that […]

Syrian Electronic Army Intel Leaked by Snowden

MOSCOW, Russia – In an unexpected turn of events on Wednesday, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden outed a supposedly rag-tag group of Syrian rebel hackers as a sophisticated persona management project. Little has been known about the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) since inception, but most believe them to be residing in Damascus, Syria. Aside from a […]